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"How does playing in the rain effect gameplay?"

Good question Gabe,
The most noticeable difference is in the faster speed of play. With the wet ground, the ball will skip across the ground. This means that players must get behind the ball quicker to make sure it doesn't skip past them. Another thing to watch out for is big puddles because when the ball hits those puddles it will stop very quickly. It is definitely a different playing experience. Good luck!

Scott and Michaella H.

Soccer | Citrus Heights, CA

May 26, 2016
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Playing in the rain makes it difficult for the players on the field due to many factors. Ball control suffers due to the soccer ball being slippery, so dribbling the ball with the sole of the foot is more difficult. When playing in the rain, Coaches should encourage players to keep the soccer ball on the ground as much as possible. Many air balls will end up skipping forward on the grass and in most cases out of bounds. Players are also at an increased risk for injury due to slippery surface and the increased slide tackling in the game. Depending on the field quality, some fields will have holes that will fill up with water, making the soccer ball stop suddenly in the puddles around the field.


Armin S.

Soccer | Murray, UT

May 26, 2016
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