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"Every time I hit the ball off a T, it goes straight to left field. Why, and how can I improve? (Im a righty by the way) "

Hi Brandon,
You may need to work on a few things, but let's assume you have a good bat path. Your point of contact with the ball should be essentially where the ball crosses your left knee in the step, since you are a rightie. If you make contact with the ball further back , it is likely to go to the right because you swung late. And if further forward, to the left because you swung early. With the T, since the ball isn't moving, your step is too short, meaning your starting point is probably too far back. Move your starting point to adjust this and not hit the ball out front.
You can also control the ball by the direction of your step. If you step towards third base, you will "pull" the ball to the left. If you step towards the pitcher, it will go more towards center, and if towards first base, it is more likely to go to the right.

Hope that helps from track coach who also coached high school baseball.

Coach Phil

Phil Orr

Running | Riverside, CA

January 11, 2018
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Hitting the ball to left field? you cloud also be stepping toward left field on your swing catching the ball in front of the plate and pulling it to left. When you step in the batters box take your left foot and move it just a little towards home plate. you want your toe of your right foot to be in the instep of your left foot. now when you swing step toward the pitcher with your left foot as you make contact with the ball.

Michael M.

Baseball | Linden, NJ

June 14, 2023
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