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"I'm a 5'11" basketball player in the 9th Grade and I play at a beginner level. Where do I start."

Beginner basketball player needs help with skills. Want to make 9th grade team,
Well besides choosing from one of the many qualified coaches on coachup, I would suggest starting to play pick up games around your neighbor or town if you know safe places to go. Joining a YMCA league is a good way to build your game. You also can play intramural basketball for your school or find a park district league to join. All should help raise level of play if you take them serious. Which ever you decide I would definitely suggest that you get in at least 4 hours a week of practice if not more since your just beginning and in high school. A lot of the really good players have been playing since they could pick up a basketball and "live basketball". At your age and height I would suggest a couple hours a week of strength and conditioning routines as well.

Terence M.

Basketball | Chicago, IL

July 18, 2017
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