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"What are some drills to practice proper diving technique as a goalie?"

For a goalkeeper its necessary to address explosion,reaction time and core strength.
1) jump squats in forward, backward and lateral directions
2) One-legged box jumps
3) One-legged lateral hurdle jumps
4) Lateral resistance walking
Reaction time:
1) With the keeper on his/her knees, throw tennis balls to their left or right at different heights. This drill will address their upper body position for diving in multiple directions.
2)With the goalkeeper facing the goal, the coach will call "shot" and the goalie will spin around and the coach will volley the ball in any direction/height and the goalie has to react with a save.
1) Front planks, side planks and rotational planks are key for diving strength and for protecting the body from hitting ground after every dive.
2) Rotational cable crosses in the gym are also very helpful
3) Cobras/Ball Cobras
4) Side planks with knee tucks will develop core and explosion for diving also.

Neil B.

Fitness | San Francisco, CA

June 18, 2016
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