Hoop Drills For Skills Basketball Tryouts Preparations Group Classes


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$30 /athlete
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Event Description:

You’ll be accommodated by a qualified, experienced coaching staff. We don’t use volunteers, parent coaches or unqualified referees for games!

  • Perform conditioning drills every session until team tryouts
  • Find at least one practice partner. ...
  • Practice the skills required of the position you are most likely to play on your team
  • Practice ball handling skills such as a change of speed dribble, crossover dribble, and a spin dribble.
  • Shot Development - layups, mid-range and three-point shooting, practice a jump hook, drop step to the basket, and a turnaround jump 
  • Improve your defense, play 1-on-1; 2-on-2; and 3-on-3 defensive drills with footwork drills
  • 3-on-3 Game Play - half-court games
  • 5-on-5 Game Play - full-court games
  • Daily Contests & Skills Challenge
  • Be a great teammate – Great attitude and sportsmanship required!

Hoop Drills for Skills Personal Basketball Training is dedicated to developing the overall skill level of players of all ages and stages of development. Our private training sessions are 1 hour-long lesson designed to maximize the individual player’s skill level, with focus on specific weaknesses; including shooting ball handling, passing, defense, and footwork. 

We are committed to helping you improve your game!

Coach Rob Worthington