All-Around Basketball Skills Clinic


Past sessions

$20 /athlete
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Event Description:

Learning the fundamentals is the first step in becoming a great ball player! Some players will progress through this stage quickly, while others will need to spend a bit more time to correct some bad habits. Our clinics are geared towards changing the mindset of athletes while working on various drills to reach the next level.

Clinic Focus Areas:
  • Proper positioning (athletic stance-triple threat)
  • Making the first move, the best move
  • Attacking the basket and creating space
  • Understanding how distance and time affects speed
  • How to create shots from various dribbling combinations.
  • The mentality and body positioning to shoot quicker shots.
  • Proper footwork for different situations and positions on the floor.

Age Group Requirements
Ages: 11-14

Clinic Duration:1.5 hours