Shooting and Dodging Clinic - High Scool


226 Main St, East Windsor, CT

Past sessions

$150 /athlete
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Event Description:

Hight School Grade Athletes Only: Grad Years 2020-2023

** Space is Limited - 10 Athletes

Our Shooting & Dodging series concentrates on fine tuning the skills you need to maximize your direct scoring abilities. Each age group will be limited to a small number of players to maximize reps. The following is a list of some of the core fundamentals we will teach and practice throughout the sessions:

1. Shooting on the run with accuracy

2. Becoming a better finisher around the net

3. Understanding how goalies think and react so you can beat them

4. Dodging strategies from X, Wing or above restraining line

5. Stick angles to increase shooting and finishing accuracy

6. Superior foot positioning to become a better dodger and shooter

7. How to read the defense to dodge effectively as well as how to escape trouble

8. Re-Dodging to set up your “signature” (go-to) move

9. Weak hand dodging to set up strong hands