Event Closed - Basic Handgun Disarm and Retention Workshop

Martial Arts

Malabar, FL

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$40 /athlete
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Event Description:
Basic Handgun Disarm and Retention Workshop

Event Time: 9 AM to 12 PM

Address: 6525 Babcock St SE, Malabar, Florida 32950

Host: Armstrong's Construction & Restoration

  • This workshop is a must for anyone interested in self defense.
  • You do not need to own or carry a handgun to participate.
  • What would you do if you are caught with a gun pointed at your face?
  • What if you are a "good guy" with a gun and a bystander mistakes you for the active shooter?
  • Are you versed in handgun retention of the holster?

With the harsh cold reality of today’s environment, everyone (professionals and citizens alike) needs to prepare for the unexpected. This workshop is open to all skill levels – no martial arts background is required.

In addition to addressing a sudden handgun threat from the front, we will discuss, and practice options for “good guy with a gun retention”. Carrying a concealed firearm is not enough. In the chaos of drawing your firearm to respond to a threat (plain clothes officer or CCW holder), you could be targeted as the problem and not the solution. What is your plan is someone grabs your gun?

Workshop Topics
  • ·        Basic strikes (Punches and Kicks)
  • ·        Basic handgun disarms
  • ·        Basic out of the holster retention
  • ·        Principles of small movement vs fast movement
  • ·        Transitioning to your own firearm (optional)