Middle School Winter Skills Clinic (6th-8th grade) - coed


3601 Ridge Road, Durham, NC

Past sessions

$35 /athlete
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Event Description:

The focus of the winter clinic will be on individual development in an environment with a small player to coach ratio. Each session will include elements of technical development and tactical decision making, as well as speed, agility, and injury prevention. Player will receive feedback regarding form and decision making. They will be provided with tools to continue their development independently.

There will be sessions held for both elementary and middle school aged groups - consists of 8 sessions total $199 (or can register for a single session)

Elementary School (3rd-5th grade) -

  • Sunday: 4:00-5:00pm

Middle School (6th-8th grade) 

  • Sunday: 5-6pm

Please reach out for additional information before registering: mollie.pathman@gmail.com