Kyokushin Mountain Training Camp

Martial Arts

757 Spring Mount Road, Schwenksville, PA

Past sessions

$25 /athlete
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Event Description:

In the spirit of Mas Oyama and his time spent training in the mountains come join KUSA's Kyokushin Philly dojo at Spring Mountain this summer for some unique intensive Kyokushin Training!

All sessions are held at Spring Mountain and include running up and down the mountain, Kihon (basics) training, Kata (forms) as well as Kumite (sparring) combinations.

Be warned however, the mountain consists of LOOSE GRAVEL paths as well as gets upwards of 90-100 degrees in the mid summer and so training is not for the faint of heart.

Sessions are $25 and slots are available Monday-Thursday throughout the Summer until the end of August.

For questions or retails contact Sensei Justin Hagen at: aequitasofficial@yahoo.com


Kyokushin is a FULL CONTACT martial art with INTENSE training that carries a risk of potential injury. Practitioners must sign a waiver and will not hold the instructor liable for any injuries that may occur.