Winter Technical Development Training (Ages 11-12)


3601 Sullivan Trail, Easton, PA

Past sessions

$195 /athlete
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Event Description:

Winter Technical Training (10 Weeks) is focused on individual technical possession, with our coaching staff working on ball mastery, ball control, change of direction and individual speed of play and intelligence via sessions designed to demand high repetition and high intensity from every player.

All sessions will be directed and lead by USSF A Licensed Coach and Owner/Founder, Lee Bakewell who brings over 20 years of experience in player development.

Why our Technical Training Program?

All sessions are focused on the individual player, regardless of current level, our goal is to elevate a players confidence and competence with the ball through maximizing touches on the ball. Through high repetition exercises, we work on building technique using different surfaces of the foot, change of direction and close control.

Session Structure

Activation: Focused on every player with the ball, introducing, refining and building individual ball mastery techniques and control.

Technical Challenge: Each week, we will create an individual technical challenge that players can then repeat and look to beat their time and/or challenge themselves against an opponent. We focus on the techniques to help increase speed of play with the aspect of competition.

Shadow Exercises: Every player continues with the ball but we challenge awareness and decision-making with the ball to help develop the holistic player, with technical ability and game intelligence in 1 v 1 type shadow exercises.

1 v 1 Duals: The sessions will end with 1 v 1 individual challenges and duals, this maybe in the form of 1 v 1 games or technical challenges to finish the session with some fun via competition.