Girls U13+ Group Training (13-17 years old)


4955 Peony Lane North, Plymouth, MN

Past sessions

$30 /athlete
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Event Description:

Specialized group training for U13 & U17 Girls (12-17 years old) on the Turf Practice fields (not stadium). Review of US Soccer Developmental Framework for 11v11:


  • Shoot
  • Pass or dribble forward
  • Spread out
  • Create passing options
  • Support the attack
  • Create a 2v1 or 1v1
  • Change the point of attack¬†
  • Change the pace/ rhythm
  • Switch positions
  • Transition from Attacking to Defending


  • Protect the goal
  • Steal the ball
  • Get compact
  • Stay compact
  • Pressure, cover, balance
  • Outnumber the opponent
  • Stay involved
  • Mark the player and/or mark the area
  • Transition from Defending to Attacking