King Of The Court Tournament


Boston, MA

Past sessions

$5 /athlete
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Event Description:

Tournament Info


$5 entry fee


10:00am - Elementary School Division (4th-5th)

11:00am - Middle School Division (6th-8th)

12:00am - High School Division (9th-12th)

1:00pm - Adult Division (18+ y/o)


May 20th @ Ringer Playground (85 Allston St, Brighton, MA)

June 10th @ Back Bay Fens Basketball Courts (100 Park Dr, Boston, MA)

July 8th @ Smith Playground (235 Western Ave, Boston, MA)

August 12th @ Riverside Press Park (River St & Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA)

Game Rules & Instructions

-Games played to 7 by 1's and 2's

-First three players to 7 from each group advance to championship round

-Championship Game played to 12 (1's and 2's)

-10 second countdown with unlimited dribbles after checkup/defensive clear

-Each possession is one and done (no offensive rebounds/putbacks)

-All change of possessions (steal, turnover, missed shot) must be checked first before play

-Score = stay on offense (new defensive player rotates in, old defensive player rejoins back of line)

-Referee will check ball before new matchups begin

-Foul calls will recheck possession at top of key

-Three consecutive fouls will forfeit the possession and player must step off to rejoin back of defensive line. Offensive fouls forfeit possession and player will join defensive line while defense swaps to offense.

-Referee/Staff members will keep running tally of player scores during game on scorecard