High Performance Soccer Clinic and Evaluation


3516 President Barack Obama Parkway, Orlando, FL

Past sessions

$99 /athlete
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Event Description:

Unlike most soccer fields and clinics, the High Performance Soccer Clinic and Evaluation provides in-depth feedback on the skills that have been observed through App Athlete.

We understand the importance of evaluation to improve motivation and speed up the evolution process of the young athlete besides bringing parents closer to encourage their children in classes and training.

Also according to FIFA, through his "Youth Football Training Manual", systematically evaluating his performance in matches, the player and coach can see the results and progress of the work done in training.

During the first 30 minutes of our agenda we give young people a general idea of the work that will be done, its dynamics, the attributes that will be developed and how the evaluation process works. 

After that, we use 2 hours of the agenda to go through each attribute, developing the work in the dynamics of "orientation - training - evaluation" until we go through all the programmed content.

Finally we finish with activities that complement the process but that are also very fun, such as the game itself and the use of the Air Soccer table.