Flex Reaction & Awareness Training (Ages 14-17)


11514 Pyramid Dr, Odessa, FL

Past sessions

$125 /athlete
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Event Description:

*N.B. These sessions are only for competitive players not beginners.

Flex Reaction & Awareness Training is aimed to help the players execute basic technical skills with the ball, implement reaction & field awareness drills and motivate players to perform under game realistic pressure.

The session will be 1 hour and focus on:

Technical skills like:

  • First touch on the ball
  • Passing & Receiving the ball
  • Controlling the aerial ball
  • Dribbling with the ball
  • Running with ball
  • Turning with the ball


  • Speed, Agility, Reaction and Awareness
  • Acceleration & Deceleration sprints
  • Game realistic activities and games


  • Positive motivation
  • Mental preparedness
  • Assessing the field and preparing to receive the ball

NOTE: This event will initially only be offered as a package for $125. If spots remain open then they will ONLY become available the day of the event on a "pay as you go" basis ($40 per session).