Weight Loss Boot Camp / Group Fitness + Nutrition Advice


Glendale, CA

Past sessions

$9 /athlete
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Event Description:
The organizer of this event Adam From Obese To Beast, has lost 200 lbs in 14 months and has since also helped countless athletes lose thousands of collective pounds in his fitness practice.

This class runs for up to 65 minutes in legnth and includes a 5 minute warm up, 40 minute workout, 5 minute stretching, and up to 15 minute Q&A (questions about nutrition / workouts / health and answers given by Adam & the From Obese To Beast Team). If there isn't enough time to respond to everyones questions at the end and you didn't get your turn, just send an email to adam@fromobesetobeast.com and ask no more than 3 very specific questions, and we will respond to them as part of your class admission cost. If you like what you got from the class, any additional private coaching, advice, training that you might want can be purchased seperately or you may look out for our next class, we usually run them a couple saturdays each month.

This is a fitness and weight loss bootcamp, but it's not just about working out, it's about teaching students everything they need to know, from the nutrition standpoint to various workouts they can do that will enhance their weight loss strategies. This event is in a group setting providing an upbeat encouraging, and supportive environment in which participants can feel comfortable starting their journey. Everyone is encouraged to join, whether you have 20 or 200 lbs to lose, or any fitness level, we can make changes to your workout so that it remains something you can do within your fitness level yet remains challenging.

The max participants is 8, so rest assured you'll have a good deal of personal attention, and if there are more than 6 students signed up I will have an assistant trainer with me to make sure everyone has more attention on their workouts. After you register, you'll have my cell phone number and can text me 24 hours prior to the event with any questions, or on the day of the event if you're having trouble finding us. Texts / calls will not be answered once the class has started so try to come early!