Weight Loss Training Camp - Nutrition & Workouts


Glendale, CA

Past sessions

$17 /athlete
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Event Description:
This is a weight loss bootcamp, but it's not just about working out, it's about teaching students everything they need to know, from the nutrition standpoint to various workouts they can do that will enhance their weight loss strategies. This event is in a group setting providing an upbeat encouraging, and supportive environment in which participants can feel comfortable starting their journey.

The organizer of this event Adam From Obese To Beast, has lost 200 lbs in 14 months and has since also helped countless athletes lose thousands of collective pounds in his fitness practice.

The exact location changes from parks, to gyms, but will remain in the Glendale area, the exact location is announced to group participants once the minimum number of 3 participants has been reached, otherwise the session will be cancelled and a refund will be given. It is very uncommon that 3 participants will not be found so rest assured, most likely the session will commence!