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My purpose is to mentor and train student athletes. American Council on Exercise Professional Trainer/ over 18 years experience coaching hundreds of student athletes. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
  • Texas State University--San Marcos (TX)

  • 20 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Kids, Teenagers

  • Forward, Guard

  • Post Moves, Rebounding, Shooting, Ball Handling, Passing, Defense, Footwork, Moving Without the Ball, Reading the Floor, Agility, Attacking the Rim, Pick and Roll


  • Texas State University--San Marcos (TX)

  • 20 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Kids, Teenagers

  • Forward, Guard

  • Post Moves, Rebounding, Shooting, Ball Handling, Passing, Defense, Footwork, Moving Without the Ball, Reading the Floor, Agility, Attacking the Rim, Pick and Roll

More About Coach Coach

Since 1997, I have had the passion to coach and mentor young people. I started coaching with the YMCA as a volunteer at the age of 17. My first team was named after the 90's rap group, "Outkast". This team was grouped with male players that were rejected by other teams. They believed in themselves as well as one another and played with heart. This team was special because they did not accept what others thought of their potential and didn't care that they were being coached by a female. Together we overcame many challenges.
San Antonio College
1st PE/ Coach Position
Intramural Basketball- Schick Champions
City of San Antonio
Recreation Center Supervisor
(Copernicus and Meadowcliff Community Center)
2nd PE/ Coach Position
Started business Jewel Athletic Scholastic Institute, LLC (JASI)
1st JASI student athlete graduated college 2013
Dozens of JASI student athletes are currently in college on academic/ athletic scholarship
Started and is serving as President of JASI Jayhawks organization- Coach
North East Independent School District-Teacher, Coach
Certified American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer
Certified National Academy of Sports Medicine Performance Enhancement Specialist
2017- Present
American Council on Exercise Sports Conditioning Specialist
2019- Present
ACE Weight Management Specialist
Judson High School- Coach

My past has molded me into who I am today! Please view the journey....
Churchill High School Graduate
Team Captain- basketball
3 year basketball letterman
1 year track letterman
Second Team All District
San Antonio College
1st PE/ Coach Position
Intramural Basketball- Schick Champions
Texas State University
Bachelors Exercise Sports Science, Minor Business Administration
Semi- Pro Basketball
Intramural Basketball- TSU Woman's Champions

Pre- Assessment
Implement goals
8:00PM Warm Up
8:05PM Conditioning: w/ vest
2x10 court crosses (Goal: 1min) 1 ball
Rest 1:55
2x12 sideline crosses (Goal: 45sec) 2balls
Rest 1:25
8:12PM Water
8:15PM Form Shooting w/ heavy ball (drop/pick up/shoot) 10/10/10
Mikan Drill x 3 1min Goal 25made
Ball Fake Drill w/ dummy (fake shot from elbow, drive opposite low box l/r x10/ middle of free throw line x 10)
8:25PM At Least 20 in 30 or Less
Score 20pts in 30 or less shots. 5x 3 pointers (3pts), 5 free throws (1pt), 5 two pointers (2pts) x 3
Around the Whole World
Have 8 spots, must hit 3:5, unsuccessful after three tries, must go back to spot 1

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Client Reviews

Prasan really enjoyed and learn few things feom Coach. Overall we like the way she trained and like to thank her for coming to our nearest location for training.
In future, sure we will reach out to her for additional training.

Coach nurse was awesome. Logistics were the only drawback. We live on the other side of town.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Professional, knowledgeable, dedicated to teaching fundamental skills (first time lessons for my child), and respectful to students as well as parents. No complaints from my child. Should I say more?

(no details provided)

Coach Winter was awesome. After one session, my daughter was immediately able to apply what she learned and is very eager to going back for more sessions. Its obvious Coach Winter has a lot of passion for mentoring students and was able to quickly build a good repoire with my daughter.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

I feel very confident that my child will be successful with coach's help. She looks forward to attending the sessions because she said coach gives her great pointers.

FABULOUS!! With a capital FAB!! We drove over 2 hours and it was sooooooo worth it! Coach Nurse, you Rock!! We will continue our drive as long as you will take us.. She had the connection with my daughter that is pretty hard to achieve, cause to be honest, my daughter isn't the most talkative person.. But we really did love it..

Coach is very knowledgeable. The session was very helpful for my daughter and helped her understand.

Coach Nurse is an amazing Coach she pushed you to the limit she doesn't give up on you she believes is you she care about you she is just an amazing I am so glad that I can call her my coach

My 9 year old son has his first session with Coach Winter yesterday and all I can say is WOW! I was very impressed with the training he received. She is very patience and has a lot of skills to pass on to my son. He rates her as a "10 billion" on a scale of 1 thru 10.

We are so happy we found Coach Nurse. We had looked at a few coaches and personal trainers but I thank God he directed us to Coach Nurse. What an amazing transformation I am witnessing in my child. She is a great influence for my daughter and she teaches her athletes to work hard. My daughter is learning so much, it would hard to find a better coach. Do not pass up the chance to schedule your child for training with Coach Nurse. She has great morals and she knows how to inspire child athletes.

Coach Winter is very dedicated to your improvement. She is very hands on and will definitely motivate you

(no details provided)

My daughter has seen Coach Winter three times and we see a huge difference. For the first time she has confidence on the court and blew us away last game. We drive 25 miles to see her and she is worth dealing with the hectic traffic. She is a wonderful woman who truly loves children and what she does!

Coach I really like working with her right now, she's really helped and even given me some really good advice that I've tried to follow.

My daughter really enjoyed her first practice with Coach Winter. I could tell how excited she was about what she learned in just her first session! She looks forward to her next practice with her!

Coach Winter is amazing......She has a gift training and communicating with my daughter like no other coach has...we are truly blessed!!!! Coach Winter is the Bomb :) Thanks Coach Winter!!! Kim and Lauren Calvert

I have been training with the Nurse's for nearly 3 years and I can say that Coach Nurse is an incredible coach as well as an individual trainer. She has shaped me into being a better player overall and motivates me to keep striving for better than my best every session. She is truly a coach who cares about your improvements, achievements and overall well being. Coach Nurse, her husband, and her assistant coaches have had such a positive impact on my life on and off the court. I would recommend them to anyone.
-McKenzie Riley

Markea enjoyed the one on one session and looks forward to working with Coach Nurse again soon.
Over this last year our daughter has progressed so that she made 1st team all district (26 5A) for basketball and working towards going to the next level- college ball.
The impact was immediate and noticeable not only to us as parents but to other parent on the team as well.
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