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Training Locations
  1. Tyler, TX
  2. Dallas, TX
  3. Arvada, CO

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One on One in person session. My specialties are running, swimming, and cycling. I have a experience as a former personal trainer as well. This is offered in the Tyler, TX area, unless I reach out to one of my associate co... See More

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Online Triathlon Silver 1:1 Personal Coaching
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Online Triathlon Gold 1:1 Personal Coaching (Associate)
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  • University of Texas--Tyler (TX)

  • 11 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Swimming, Running, Cycling

  • Transitions, Pacing, Injury Prevention, Drafting, Breathing


  • University of Texas--Tyler (TX)

  • 11 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Swimming, Running, Cycling

  • Transitions, Pacing, Injury Prevention, Drafting, Breathing

More About Coach William

I have over 10 years coaching and training athletes at all levels from the beginners, intermediate runners and triathletes to a high level from high school cross country/track runners to aspiring and professional triathletes. I coach with Fly Tri Racing as the owner/Head Coach. In addition, I'm the Head Cross Country and Boys Track & Field Coach at Cumberland Academy. My specialities coaching triathletes (sprint triathlons to Ironman) and Runners (typically 5k to Marathon, from Beginner/Intermediate athletes, elite amateur's and some pro's. Also, I have a speciality in cross country / track (400/800m & up). The coaches I partner with include Sarah Hankla, Kevin Green, DJ Ivie, Jaeden Miller, Kike Osorio, and Bryce Fluker. They are all certified coaches.

Fly Tri Racing, LLC , Head Coach/Owner
Kinesiology & Health Bachelor's Degree
USA Triathlon Level II Long & Short Course Coach, USAT Level I Youth & Junior focus area
USA Track & Field Level 2 Endurance Coach
Ironman U Triathlon Coach
USA Cycling Level 3 Coach
Tri Sutto Coaching Certified
TrainingPeaks Level 2 Coach
TrainingPeaks Power Certified Coach

Lifelong Runner / Triathlete since age 12.
5 X USA Triathlon All American
2015 Ironman "Gold" Athlete
70.3 PR 4:19
Olympic Distance PR 2:02
5K PR 15:58, 16:11 @ 34 Year old
3200M PR 9:58, 10:02 @ 33 Year old
Half Marathon PR 1:15:20
Former NCAA DIII Cross Country/Track at ETBU & UT Tyler

My background is strong in the endurance sports world including 25 years competitive experience competing in endurance sports, particularly triathlon, running, and some cycling. I started competing in triathlon in 2007 as a novice after collegiate running, moving up the ranks racing in the elite-amateur division in triathlon. I still run competitive and I began running when I was just 12 years old on a consistent basis. All of my coaching is detailed and based on the individual, which includes an extensive athlete assessment, combined with years of experience and coupled with knowledge to help you reach your goals. Throughout the duration of your training we will meet and talk in person or virtually for performance and technical analysis. With this comes knowing my clients inside and outside the sport rather than just giving them a plan. I am more a of a hands on coach and getting to know my clients through their training sessions and feedback. Communication is the key between the coach and the athlete to reaching goals and staying injury free. My commitment to you is to do all I can to help you reach your goals.

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Client Reviews

Coach William was excellent! He is truly an expert at athletic training in general and especially at Triathlon training in particular. I came to him as someone who had no training and had barely ever run a 5k race and only recently had run a couple of half-marathons. The training that I received through him made it possible for me to complete my first marathon. I learned about running form, discovered the importance of hydration/fueling during long runs, and received a tailored training program that built up a solid running base while providing enough rest to avoid overtraining. Overall, he helped me improve my aerobic conditioning so that I went from running at my max heart race to running the whole marathon at a 150 bpm rate.

We have had such a great experience with Coach Ritter and Coach DJ. There times have decreased by 2 minutes each and I can’t wait what they will do before their senior year. Thank you guys for such a great experience and daily interaction with my kiddos.

Coach William and his team are great. Friendly, knowledgeable and gave me good insights from the first call.

I had a 1 on 1 session with Coach William. He was able to see what needed to be correct on my running form. Taking his advice, I got on the treadmill again and can see the difference! Looking forward to having him coach me for my first half marathon. Would definitely recommend Coach William!

Coach William has made running fun for me again. It's easy to stay consistent with the workouts when they stay varied and fun. For the longest time I thought that running hard and fast during EVERY run was going to produce the best results but in the 2 months that I have been working with him I have felt and seen more growth through the data than before and with no "burnout" effect. I look forward to continuing my training with him.

Quick positive review about Fly Tri Racing as your running coach. In two years with coach William Ritter my Half Marathon improved dramatically, from 1:22:40 to 1:18, and I achieved my first marathon in 2:53, then a faster 2:47. Beyond the personal bests, the team's support through race tips, monthly Q&As, and regular check-ins has been invaluable. William's personalized training plans turned my specific goals into achievements, proving Fly Tri Racing's approach to training leads to real success.
I can’t say enough about Coach William. After I decided to fill a bucket list of competing in a full Ironman, I knew the next thing I needed to do was find a coach. After a few conversations with Coach Ritter, I knew I found the right one. Coach was thoughtful in his approach, probing time constraints, family support, my health, and my athletic background. In short order, he delivered a plan. It was November 2023, and next thing you know, I was signed up for the 55-60 age group division for the Texas Ironman, which was in 5 and a half months. While I was a recreational swimmer, I have never run a road race as an adult, nor had I ever ridden a road bike. We had a lot to do and a short time to get there. We embarked on the journey together under Coach Ritter’s constant guidance and motivation. Each day, Coach set my plan based on my recent performance data, working around my work schedule and how I physically felt. The months flew by, and my performance improved. Coach seemed to be intuitively knowledgeable about when to push and when to dial back on my training. While the physical training was ongoing, so was the mental training. Coach taught me about the sport, transitions, gear, and the all-important fourth discipline: Nutrition. April 21, 2023, finally arrived. The work was done. I was prepared for every detail. I even met the time goals that Coach prepared me to race for each discipline. If you’re looking to fill a bucket list, learn something new, test your limits, and be part of a great group, call Coach Ritter!
I’m so grateful for finding Fly Tri and coach William Ritter. While living in Texas my friend told me about them as I felt I hit a plateau in my running post D1 track/XC and have big goals for the marathon and OTQ. The biggest testimony came from how well Coach Ritter and the coaches on Team Fly Tri built my training up from a double hip arthroscopic repair I had after a traumatic car wreck and brain injury that I sustained in 2020 from a drunk driver. I had my hip surgeries in 2021 starting from scratch with my base in running and strength to then putting together a cross training program to ease me back into running and a year later ran my first ever marathon healthy, sub 3 hrs, winning overall female. I’m thankful God brought me coaches that emphasized running healthy, trusting the process & building me back stronger. As an NCAA athlete at a D1 school I didn’t get this kind of attention to my training and importance of helping me run at optimal health from heart rate zone training (has made one of biggest impacts in my running) specific variety of running workouts, building mileage smart, recovery, strength training, circuits, etc. This past year running for Fly Tri, I improved my marathon time by 11min, with The Boston Marathon 2023 being my second ever marathon, in 2:46:40, and finishing in the top 60 females on a day with less than ideal weather conditions. A couple months later I hit another PR in my half marathon of 1:18:47 placing top 3 in an elite female field at the Missoula half marathon 2023. Earlier this year I ran my first sub 5min mile & 36:06 in my 10k. Had another top 5 elite female field finish at the Fresh 15k 2023 Tyler, Texas with another PR of 55:13 for 15k. This has also been the healthiest I have been when it comes to common overuse injuries that plague runners. We have continued to have a training plan that has fit my pregnancy this summer/fall and winter and I’m excited to hit the ground running postpartum this spring of 2024! It is rare to find coaches or teams who care this much and have your back every step of the way toward your goals. I found the perfect coach and team now that supports my Olympic trials goals, dreams & belief. I’ve ran faster not only post college but I hit PR’s last year in every distance from the mile to the half marathon and full marathon. What I’ve learned from my coach and Fly Tri has also helped make me a better coach for my husband who has been a D1 football player turn distance runner and it’s been so fun to see him smash his goals one after another. I tried out a couple other teams & coaches before I got to Fly Tri, but they didn’t compare when it came to the personalization of the workouts and the coaches really taking the time to not only get to know me and build relationships but learning what works and doesn’t work for me in a training cycle. Talk about a coach that will perfect the formula for the individual. It’s a science, art & talent as we find what marathon training plan fits in my busy working mom life. If you are looking for a coach and team that will support you, encourage you, challenge you, and train you smart to reach the best athlete you can be no matter where you are starting from, you will get that here and more! It has been amazing to watch my teams’ high school athletes go on to sign for collegiate running teams, from people new to running, experienced elite athletes, and all the way to those still wanting to crush goals in triathlons & running (track/road/trail) in their golden 50+ years!
After signing up to run the Chicago marathon I knew I wanted a coach so I could train with the intention of running a sub 3:45 and finishing without getting hurt. I had just run the Houston marathon that January 2023 at a time of 4:02 with no coaching and it was a miserable race for me. Between injuries not having a training plan and hitting a wall at mile 18. That upcoming May 2023 I started training up for the Chicago marathon in October 2023 with coach William Ritter. We had the next 5 months to prepare. His training not only got me to achieve my goals, but I ended up running a 3:28, which is a Boston qualifying time and 34 minutes faster than my last marathon. I would recommend Fly Tri Racing to anyone who wants to achieve a running goal. Whether that be couch to 5k, state high school cross country meet, or running a marathon major. Coach Ritter is personable and knowledgeable, but most importantly truly cares about his athletes.
Coach Ritter has made a tremendous difference for me. I just completed my first Ironman and the training plan Coach Ritter developed for me had me as prepared as you can be. I made so much more progress and felt so much less sore than when I was training on my own. Worth every penny, the best investment you can make over any piece of equipment.
FTR preps you like no one else. After struggling through 70.3 Waco I hired William Ritter and team and waltzed through 70.3 Galveston knocking 47 minutes of my time. The training schedule is science based and support is always available. Now I’m taking on full Ironman Nice and would have no one else prepare me but FTR.
Great supportive team with an awesome coach! This team is packed with knowledge, as we share more than our results and race experiences with each other. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, so we all share parts of our strengths like nutrition/running shoe advice/recovery tips and such. To hit on the coaching side of things... The swim use to be my strongest leg of a triathlon, until I dropped the ball on training for a while. I had tried to get myself back to my old swim shape, but kept winding up mid pack in the water. Within the first month of training under Coach Ritter I had gained my strong swim back. Now I haven't left the water without being in the front pack. Other than the swim I've increased my bike average by at least 3mph in the span of maybe 3-4 months. William is incredible at making time to work with his athletes and at pushing them to reach their goals.
When I decided to do a full Ironman distance race, I knew I would need a great deal of help from a patient coach. Turns out I picked the right one. Coach William has helped me get over chronic lower leg/ shin pain. A pain that plagued me for a 1 ½ years and nearly stopped my running completely. He has also been really patient with my swimming. I do not have a swim background, and had only just learned to swim a year prior to hiring him. I’ve yet to see him roll his eyes or sigh at my lack of technique, and in fact I believe progress is being made. I know that I will toe the line in 10 months healthy and prepared for my race, because I hired the right coach.
I wanted a plan that had proven results and I wanted to flexibility and knowledge that a coach could bring to the table. He has provided a detailed and structure plan to my training. Prior to training with Coach Ritter, I was an avid runner who had tried many online plans. The online plans either lacked detail / flexibility or didn’t provide the results I wanted. Coach Ritter’s plan adapted and evoked throughout the training process and helped me to run injury free and to reach my goals.
I have enjoyed being coached by Coach William for 3 years, after 20 years of doing triathlon. He has enabled me to stay healthy and to improve my performance and reach my goals. Coach William provides excellent guidance and feedback. He pushes me but not to the point of over doing. I can also seek advice on training and racing and he is always available. I would highly recommend his services!
When I started with Coach Ritter, I could barely run a 5k. Now I am doing half Ironman distances and have completed 4 in 2 years. This is from a nonathletic background and starting over the age of 40. I could not have done it without his guidance. Definitely worth every penny!
As a busy college student, I was worried that my schedule would prevent me from achieving my athletic goals. Coach Ritter has worked with me and personally designed a training plan that fits my life, and the results I’ve seen in only 4 months have been unreal. Definitely would recommend FTR to everyone who wants their training to be engineered for them.
Hey Coach Ritter! Yesterday I ran at the National Cross Country meet for NCAA Division II where I got 170th and my team got 24th. I wanted thank you for everything you did to help me to get to this point. Your coaching made it possible for me to run at the next level and helped me find Mississippi College where I feel so at home. I'm truly grateful without you this never would have been accomplished.
Over the past 4 years I have been an athlete coached by William and a young coach developing under his guidance. During the time of being his athlete I always had a busy and hectic schedule balancing school, work, training, and Corps of Cadets activities at Texas A&M University. He was always exceptional at listening to my last minute and sudden changes of schedule. Then when my training needed adjusting due to those schedule changes, he was great about making those adjustments right away. As an athlete this made me feel of importance and encouraged me to get the workouts completed. On another end of things he took a decent athlete in both the running and swimming disciplines and turned the individual into a professional triathlete. This was a goal that I didn’t realize I wanted until being coach by William Ritter. He was able to unlock a potential that I didn’t even recognize in myself through great athlete development skills. While working with him as a colleague he has consistently gone that extra mile, or done whatever was needed to get the job done in a most professional manner. I was the first coach he brought on under his independent FlyTri Racing brand, so I have seen the hard work he has put into this company in order for it to be where it is today. Though he possesses many great traits, what’s most impressive is his can-do attitude, always positive, taking initiative, example of a true servant leader at FlyTri Racing. William is a person of the highest integrity and work ethic. He has and continues to always puts the needs of others before his own.
Coach William Ritter has been my coach for the past year and a half now. Without his guidance I would not have reached the success I had this past high school track season and I would not have the knowledge of running I obtained. His extensive awareness of the running world is constantly growing as he continues to gain more insight into the sport. I admire his willingness to go above and beyond to further advance himself in the running community. The knowledge and wisdom he has already imparted on me has made me substailly smarter on the course and in my own life. Through the use of Training Peaks he has taught me the value of consistency and attention to detail in my training. Coach Ritter has always uploaded workouts in a timely manner and has always been flexible with my personal schedule to ensure I reach my maximum potential. The workouts Coach Ritter composes have impeccable detail that are personalized for each athlete through the use of running zones, descriptions, time intervals, and any resource available to him. A stopwatch doesn’t lie and this year alone my time in the two mile has dropped by a full minute and I qualified for the UIL State Track meet. However, I am not the only one making progress and passing limits. Coach Ritter coaches a numerous amount of athletes. Some are in high school trying to compete at the next level like myself and others are adults trying to run a marathon, complete a triathlon, or better themselves by becoming more active. No matter the situation Coach Ritter has each athlete’s best interest at heart and under his instruction are guaranteed to reach their goals.
When I started training for my first marathon I got nervous about being able to finish. I visited with a few other coaches before going with William. Initially, I was looking to only being able to finish the marathon but in the two short months of training I have PR'd my 5k and my half marathon twice, two months in a row! I'm gaining confidence each weekend that I'll be able to cross the finish line of my first marathon that has been my goal for 2015 after really just starting to run this past year. Can't wait to see what the future holds for Fly Tri Racing.
I have loved your coaching. You are timely with planning workouts, you are easily reachable for answering questions, and providing quick feedback from workouts. You prove very individualized instruction and coaching and not just plugging from a generic plan. Your swimming instruction has been terrific! You really broke down. my issues and dramatically reduced my swimming workload to what I could actually do without having a huge struggle. You taught me how to race. You got me faster and stronger, and of course I have made significant improvements at all distances. We nailed most of the 6 month plan to the marathon. I love the fact you don't mince words! I appreciate direct and to the point communication and you fit the bill perfectly there.
Before i worked with William I had a plan that would change based on my mood or what I felt like doing that day. If I was lucky I might get the workout right. The whole key with William as your coach is he is not your typical coach. He wants you to succeed and has the gift to call you out. I won a raffle with William but scored a million with William as my coach. He is someone I can ask questions to and I know he will lead me in the right direction. It is not like he knows it all, but he does have a broad knowledge and continues to do his homework to know what you need when you need it. I like having the accountability as my partner/coach like William because he has my best interest at heart. I considered other coaches and one whose camp I went to and I felt like the kid behind the 8-ball, because I did not know or feel like i was getting to know what training was all about. I recommend William whenever I can.
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