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Tyler G.



Assistant Coach at Wesleyan University. 2 years professional playing experience in Spain. Personalized and engaging workouts designed to improve players' skills and mindset. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
  1. Walnut Creek, CA

Coach is willing to travel up to 50 miles

  • Claremont McKenna College (CA)

  • 6 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Center, Guard, Forward

  • Post Moves, Shooting, Rebounding, Reading the Floor, Pick and Roll, Passing, Moving Without the Ball, Footwork, Defense, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim, Agility


  • Claremont McKenna College (CA)

  • 6 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Center, Guard, Forward

  • Post Moves, Shooting, Rebounding, Reading the Floor, Pick and Roll, Passing, Moving Without the Ball, Footwork, Defense, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim, Agility

More About Coach Tyler

Currently, the Assistant Men's Basketball Coach at Wesleyan University
5 years of personal skill development training
3 years coaching Branson High School summer camps
Assistant Coach for Mission City Maulers 8th grade AAU team
Assistant Coach for CYB 7th grade team in Claremont, CA
Counselor at Nike Basketball Camp at the San Domenico School

- 2 years professional basketball experience in Spain.
- Professional basketball player for CB Morón in Morón de la Frontera, Spain.
Collegiate Career for Claremont-Mudd-Scripps:
- 1st team All-American
- 2-Time NABC All-District West Region 1st team
- 2-time Conference Player of the Year
- 3-time 1st team All-Conference
- Scored 1,594 career points
- 2-Time Team Captain
- 4 year starter
- 4-time Conference regular season champion
- CMS record most 3’s in a game without a miss (9/9) vs. University of La Verne

My goal is for every player to leave my training session feeling 2 things:

1) Inspired by their progress and motivated to continue to improve
2) Self-confident in knowing they are putting in the hard work required to achieve their goals.

I believe that basketball is a tool to cultivate our best self. It is NOT a measure of our personal value. As such, having a positive attitude, a growth mindset, being coachable, showing mental toughness and self-compassion are tools that trump any basketball skill that I can possibly teach. I do not sacrifice personal character and integrity to teach basketball skills.

I believe basketball is as much a mental game as it is physical. As a result, I help players reveal their untapped inner strength by providing physically and mentally taxing workouts designed to push their limits, develop self-confidence, and overcome other mental hurdles such as fear of failure and embarrassment.

I come prepared with written workouts that are timed down to the minute and specific areas of improvement for each training session. My goal is to maximize the amount of quality reps per minute. Practically, this means eliminating drills that make inefficient use of space and effort.

For a player to reach his full potential, they must be able to perform fundamental skills. In all my sessions, I relentlessly insist on proper fundamentals on every repetition so that players form good habits and a solid foundation on which they can build. I teach these fundamental skills, which include footwork, shooting, ball handling, defense and passing.

Every workout includes some form of competition (either against other players or against themselves) to bring out players' best effort and prepare them for the competition of games. Competition comes in the form of small-sided games such as 1 v 1 off of a side-closeout or shooting drills that record makes and time to chart progress over time.

Depending on the players' individual strengths/weaknesses/tendencies/habits, I create a personalized workout plan that is designed for maximum efficiency toward the players' goals. If the player's goal is to earn more playing time for the upcoming season, I focus specifically on the fundamental skills that will get him playing time in the context of his team, situation, and personal ability. If the player's goal is to play at the collegiate or professional level, I use creative, open-ended drills that teach more advanced read and react skills required to play at the highest levels.

Concluding each training session is a cool down stretching program and a breakdown of the efficacy of the workout. We discuss things players did well, things they can improve on, and things they learned. Before players leave, I give them a homework assignment to complete before our next workout. These assignments range from studying a similar professional player on YouTube to practicing a specific drill on their own to writing down 5 positive self-talk phrases that the player can use to improve their confidence.

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Client Reviews

I booked a session with Tyler for my son, who absolutely loved it. Tyler was patient and engaging, and was really able to connect with my son. Most of all, Tyler had a wealth of basketball knowledge and was able to introduce my son to a variety of new drills and techniques to take his game to the next level. As soon as his first session was over, my son was begging me to book him another one. I highly recommend Tyler to any player looking to improve their skill and approach to training and playing basketball.

When I originally contacted Coach Tyler, I wasn't sure what I was looking for. Actively participating in both Travel and AAU basketball, my son felt as though he had plateaued and was no longer improving. In a short time Coach Tyler has significantly helped my son sharpen his game. Coach's patient and encouraging approach works well and the techniques my son has learned quickly renewed his drive to get better. I would recommend Coach Tyler to anyone looking to take their game to the next level.

Coach Tyler was exactly what I was looking for. He is experienced, professional, organized, and has a manner that is perfect for my daughter. I look forward to more sessions with him

I had my first session with Coach Tyler. He listened to how I wanted to improve my overall game and then we got to work. He is very positive and pays close attention to detail. He immediately saw flaws in my jump shot and made some minor adjustments for me to work on. I am excited to continue my sessions with him.

My son had his first session with Tyler and it was perfect. He started by talking with my son about his goals followed by assessing his skills, strengths and weaknesses, to see how they aligned with my son's goals. Tyler then transitioned to helping my son better understand his shooting and how best to perfect his shot. As I watched my son was fully engaged and improving. The session was very dynamic and positive. Tyler has an amazing ability to bring out the best in an athlete. When the session ended and we were driving away my son said, "This is the coach we've been looking for!"

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

My 9 year old son had his first session with Tyler yesterday. Tyler has an incredible coaching ability. He came well prepared. He used many different strategies to correct problem areas. He focuses on fundamentals, having fun, and creating great habits. That is exactly what I was looking for. My son loved working with him and after just one session my son was making left handed layups with proper form. I never thought that was possible in one session. Tyler gave specific things to work on between sessions to create a path for success. I'm happy to order another 10 sessions with confidence. Thanks Tyler!

Coach Tyler is an excellent coach to work with. He's always lifting you up and finding the positives in you in each session while still focusing on your negatives to help you become a better player. Each session is crafted around you, the player. There is no generic template he uses on every player per session, it's specifically based off of how you play and what you want to get better with. Coach Tyler is all down to business but really does care about you and makes the sessions fun while still getting a good work in. Even after the sessions he still wants to know how you're doing and hear how you've been playing in your games. I can definitely see myself getting better as I train with coach Tyler and I always look forward to practicing with him!

Great coach for my son to work with. I am very please with his approach to basketball and what he is working on with my son. We just started, so Coach Tyler and my son are just getting to know each other. But Coach Tyler's openness to gearing his sessions to my sons needs is exactly what I am looking for. And my son is enjoying the sessions too! I must explain, my son was not really excited about meeting with a personal coach but after 2 sessions he is really into it. I would highly reccommend Coach Tyler! And I will write more later, because like I said we are just getting started.

We were referred to Tyler via another trainer out of the area and only knew Tyler through his reputation as a top player in Marin County. Because we were unfamiliar with Tyler and he was relatively new to training we were a bit concerned about his ability to transfer his knowledge effectively. Boy were we pleasantly surprised. Tyler is a very conscientious trainer who came prepared with custom training agendas designed specifically for my son's skill set and positional needs. Tyler utilizes challenging drills that focus on every detail, and he makes sure you know why you are doing the drill and that you are performing it correctly at game speed. Tyler has a vast knowledge of basketball gathered from working with top coaches and trainers, and transfers that information utilizing innovative drills that I had not seen previously. And not only does he provide very effective training but is also a very engaging person that truly cares about making the player improve and reach their potential. I would highly recommend Tyler for anybody that wants to be challenged and move their game to the next level, but come prepared to work hard.
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