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Was a standout wing player for the Abilene Christian teamRanked the #1 fastest rugby player at the UTSA rugby showcase View all coaching experience

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Light Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package with Coach Tj. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$60 1 session + applicable fees

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  • Abilene Christian University (TX)

  • 1 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Forward, Back

  • passing, Try, Touch, Tackling, Sidesteps, Scrum, Running without the ball, Running with the ball, Receiving a pass, Picking up the ball, Kicking, Handling the ball, Handling, Catching


  • Abilene Christian University (TX)

  • 1 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Forward, Back

  • passing, Try, Touch, Tackling, Sidesteps, Scrum, Running without the ball, Running with the ball, Receiving a pass, Picking up the ball, Kicking, Handling the ball, Handling, Catching

More About Coach Tj

*Rugby Trainer for 1 year
*Certified Referee for 2 years (2016-2018)
*Trained my college teammates to be more explosive and faster in our rugby off season

Attended Abilene Christian University (2014-2016)
Was a standout wing player for the Abilene Christian team
Was ranked the #1 fastest rugby player at the UTSA rugby showcase

1 Hour Session Plan Consist Of:
1) 10 Minute Stretch & Mobility Exercise
2) 10 Minute Cardio / Conditioning Exercise
3) 10 Minute Footwork Exercise
4) 10 Minute Explosive Exercise
5) 20 Minutes Skills Training

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Client Reviews

Excellent. First lesson was focused on building foundation. My kids enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next one.

Coach TJ is so patient, dedicated and professional! We are forever grateful for finding him!

(no details provided)

Great coach!

The rhythm of his training is amazing. We drive one hour from the city, 3x per week, for my kids to train with Coach Tj with no regrets. His style is unique and not found anywhere else.

Coach TJ is a great coach and so are his sessions.

Coach TJ was a great coach. Really pushes each athlete to reach their limits and elevate their game. Can’t wait to keep workin out with coach TJ.

Coach TJ made the first session comfortable for myself and daughter, at the end of the session my daughter asked that’s it? Can we please do more. Will be sticking to the commitment program.

Coach TJ is the real deal! He is extremely positive, but very honest and stern. He takes the time to focus on each individual and work with them on their strengths and weaknesses. My daughter Bailey says it every time she completes a session with him; “he’s such a good coach.” Very pleased and would highly recommend.

Very good coach

We are having a great experience with coach Tj. He makes training more enjoyable for kids and keep them interested in learning and improving. He is also very prompt in communication and very helpful.

Good experience

(no details provided)

My son really enjoyed his first two coaching sessions and we plan on signing up for more coaching.

(no details provided)

Coach TJ is absolutely amazing! He is extremely dedicated to ensuring that his players excel. My daughter has been working with him for the past 2 weeks and I have seen so much improvement in her basketball skills. I would definitely recommend Coach TJ.

Coach TJ is amazing. After just 3 sessions the confidence and improvement we have seen in our daughter is amazing. If you are looking for a coach who will push your player to their maximum potential and build not only their skills but their work ethic as well coach TJ is who your looking for.

Coach Tj explains and demonstrates the techniques methodically and encourages until my son gets it right. It’s very inspiring to watch coach Tj quick movements and ball handling strategies. I have noticed that he breaks down each technique in a slow motion making it easy for my son to observe and learn. Coach Tj covers everything from shooting a basketball to having right footwork. He always pushes the envelope and encourages every way to try your best, and appreciates you for that.

Coach TJA is a detailed oriented coach, I think my son will learn a lot from him

Coach TJ is a great coach. He's full of knowledge, and really pushes my daughter to the next level. He really motivates her, and she goes home excited to practice everything she learned. I highly recommend him!

(no details provided)

TJ is great!! He is super organized, has great communication skills, and last but not least makes a huge impact on your player. My son has grown so much in such a short time.

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(no details provided)

Coach TJ worked with my 13 yo son on speed and agility. His program is difficult and he pushed my son to his limit. Coach expects commitment and 100% effort, and my son definitely benefited from it. Coach respects his athletes and motivates them to their full potential.

We’ll be reaching out to work with Coach TJ again in the future!

Tj is the absolute best trainer EVER! He's like the annoying big brother I never had haha! I've been training with Tj since my sophomore year of high school and now I am entering into my senior year with a few college scholarships and that's 100% because of Tj. Even though he would tell me, it's because of my hard work. I know in my heart if I never met Tj and started training with him there's no way I would be the athlete I am today. Tj will push you to your limits and expects nothing less then 110% effort from you and trust me he has a way of getting that extra 10% out of you that you never thought you had. And I feel like that's what I never really appreciated about him at first when I was a sophomore because in my head I thought he was just being mean but now that I'm older and more mature I see the method to his madness it was to instill toughness and grit into me that eventually made me the player I am today.
Your not going to find a more determined, motivating, genuine, caring trainer like Tj! If you tell him the basketball goals you want to accomplish he's going to do everything in his power to make sure they become a reality but don't get it twisted he's going to expect some blood, sweat, and tears in return.
Thanks Tj, for seeing the potential in me and believing in me even before I saw it!

Coach Tj is the goat! He’s like the Michael Jordan of basketball trainers he’s basketball IQ and knowledge for the game is insane. He has taught me so many high level NBA go-to moves that have literally helped me separate myself from the rest of my high school competition. I went from averaging roughly 11.6 points a game as a sophomore to ending my senior season averaging 28.4 points a game and racking up a few college scholarships. Words can’t describe how grateful I am to have Coach Tj in my life as a big brother figure and trainer he has taught me so much on and off the basketball court!
And I just want to say man if your looking for a REAL trainer who really knows his stuff and knows what he’s talking about and can back it up too Coach Tj is your guy. I’m a 6’5 combo guard and he still gives me that work sometimes (on my bad days of course 😂) But yeah man Coach Tj is the best trainer in Houston hands down so get at him if you want to get right!

#1 Trainer In The Nation For A Reason!

Tj is the best basketball trainer I have ever worked with hands down! I’ve been working with Tj all summer and he has helped me improve my overall basketball game, basketball mindset, and has helped me find my basketball identity again. I feel like a new and improved basketball player and can’t wait to use everything I learned with Tj in my upcoming college basketball season!

Thank you Tj, for an amazing summer training session looking forward to our Christmas session, already have it marked on my calendar!

(no details provided)

I’ve been trying to convince Tj to train my AAU team for years now and after countless pleas and my daughters persistence he finally agreed lol and it was so worth it! We hired Coach Tj to train all 3 of our boys & girls teams (14u,15u,16u) for our upcoming tournament and his energy was infectious. His presence commanded respect and all the kids were bought in immediately. He had are kids go through some NBA level drills and I could just tell by the look in their eyes and body language how excited they were to do drills and moves they’ve never done before, and couldn’t wait to try the drills out and improve their skills!
After the full week training session with Coach Tj, I could see a totally different team in all our boys and girls we were more confident, lively and had a swagger about us I never saw before and I think a little of Tjs energy and swaggier rubbed off on them. And it carried out into our tournaments each of our teams except our 16u boys and girls team won their tournament and I honestly give all the credit to Tj!
Thanks again Tj for the impact you made in our kids lives!

Coach Tj is by far the best basketball trainer in not only Houston but I strongly believe in Texas if I could give Coach Tj a 10 star review I would. Coach Tj has been training my daughter for 2 years now from her beginner stage all the way up to her starting on varsity as a sophomore. Coach Tj is by far the most organized and calculated trainer I have ever met he has a basketball system from Level 1-75 and as he was explaining it to us and how it works in my head I was just ridiculously impressed with his overall passion and determination to make athletes excel at the sport and his CoachUp bio is true if you follow his basketball system you’ll be great and my daughter is living proof she went from not being able to make a layup to starting on her high school varsity team at only 15 years old that’s crazy to me. And he’s not only a great trainer he’s also a great role model, leader, and mentor he took my daughter under his wing and always encouraged her and gave her positive and uplifting criticism to help improve her game. Coach Tj is basically the big brother she never had and I love that they have an amazing relationship we’re she can tell him anything. As a parent I love that she has a great male role model. Coach Tj is definitely a rare find and I’m telling you if you want not only a GREAT Coach but a GREAT Role Model for your child Coach Tj is DEFINITELY your guy. Love You Coach Tj And Beyond Grateful For What You Have Done In My Daughters Life As Well As Mine!

Coach Tj is by far the best coach/trainer I have ever had in my entire life and I’ve been playing basketball since I was in 1st grade and now I’m in 10th grade so that says a lot. The greatest thing I love about Coach Tj is that he truly and genuinely cares about me it’s bigger than basketball with him he not only wants me to be a great and successful athlete but also human being. I’m not going to lie when I first starting training with him I was shy, reserved, and quiet and it translated onto the court because I would play nervous and scared but he helped break me out of my introvert shell and helped me become an overall aggressive, confident and a pinch of cocky athlete lol. Which has helped my game tremendously because now I play the game of basketball fearlessly and free and that is because of Coach Tj! And thanks to Coach Tj I already have 3 offers to play college basketball which I would have never even thought of or could even imagine happening to me. So for any girl and even boy that wants a coach/trainer that will help push you to your limits on and off the basketball court and hold you accountable to be a hard working individual and drive you for success Coach Tj is DEFINITELY the Coach for you. Thank You Coach Tj for everything you’ve done in my life your the best!

I like to joke with Tj and tell him I’m his first ever basketball client lol. I’ve known Tj since are freshman year in college and he has seen me at my best and definitely at my worst. Going into my sophomore year of college I tore my ACL and it was a very low point in my life. And he was one of the only few friends to check up on me and encourage me to not give up on my basketball career when I was seriously contemplating it. But just knowing that he went through a similar injury and came back to not only play 1 sport but 3 different sports in college was wild to me and I knew I had no excuse or reason to pout or beat myself up about my injury. So once my doctor gave me the ok to start training again there was Tj lol ready to help me get back into basketball shape. When I tell you all we did was eat breath sleep basketball all school year that’s all we did was train, train, train, morning, afternoon, midnight. And this was while Tj was balancing his rugby career as well as school which looking back now I can truly appreciate it and can’t believe he did that, just to help me accomplish my goals of playing college ball again. But that’s just a testament to Tj's character, always willing to go the extra mile to help out a friend. Tj is one of the most encouraging, genuine, and positive human beings you could ever meet and I’m glad to call him my best friend!

I just want Tj's future clients to know what type of trainer your getting!

Coach Tj is AMAZING! He is hands down the best basketball trainer I have ever had! He has helped take my basketball game to another level that I would have never thought I could get too! He’s a very detailed oriented and calculated trainer and an overall perfectionist when it comes to the basketball moves he teaches you. But besides that Coach Tj helped me find my love for basketball again and helped change my mindset to the point where I play free and have fun playing basketball again. The best advice I got from Coach Tj that has really made a huge impact in my overall basketball game is he has me sit down for 3 minutes while listening to peaceful music and visualize myself dominating my competition and it really helped because I did it during my AAU tournament this past week and I averaged over 25 points per game for the whole tourney! (Before that I was only averaging about 10 points per game)
And most importantly my team and I won the tournament, now all my teammates want to train with Coach Tj after seeing such a huge transformation in my game and confidence lol! Thank you Coach Tj for helping me find my basketball identity your the best!

Me and my 2 high school daughters have gone through several trainers and coaches trying to find the right fit that was going to help take my girls games to the next level. And one of my daughters teammates recommended Coach Tj, and I couldn’t thank her enough because Coach Tj was INCREDIBLE!
Just from the 1st session alone my 2 daughters loved him and learned so much. He is such a positive, fun, energetic, and knowledgeable trainer! Everything he said my daughters did without hesitation and that was a pleasant surprise because they unfortunately have a history of talking back to coaches and testing their authority because for some reason they feel entitled. So it spoke volumes of Coach Tjs character that they respected him enough to not talk back and just do what he says. If he said run they ran, if he said dribble harder and faster they did, if he said go 110% they tried their best to do so. And I just had to record this rare event and send it to their dad lol😂. Because I’ve never seen my daughters be so bought in and engaged with a coach or trainer like that before and I feel like it’s because of the way Coach Tj carries himself with such confidence they know he’s the real deal and that he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to basketball.
As we were driving back home they couldn’t stop talking about how much fun they had and how much they learned from Coach Tj and they pleaded with me to book him all week. I don’t know about all week but I will definitely be booking as many sessions with Coach Tj as my bank account will allow me too lol! Coach Tj is a rare find and its such a blessing to have him train my daughters. I 1000% recommend Coach Tj for any parent looking for a great trainer for their kid! Definitely the best trainer my daughters have ever had can’t wait to see how much their game improves in the next few months❤️

I can't thank God enough for bringing Coach TJ into my life. Tj has helped me build a stronger relationship with God, helped me become a better man, and has helped me accomplish my goal of playing college basketball.

I’m entering into my junior year of high school and I was in desperate need to find the right trainer that could help take my game to the next level so I could receive a basketball college scholarship. And I almost gave up on using Coachup because I couldn’t find the right trainer that I felt comfortable with to really help improve my basketball game because many of the trainers here go through basic beginner level basketball camp style trainings which wasn’t cutting it for me. But I decided to give Coachup one last try and that’s when I found Coach Tj. Coach Tj is honestly the best trainer on Coachup and I’m not just saying that his other reviews speak for themselves. I’ve gone through a couple of trainers on here and nobody and I mean nobody has the coaching style and regimen that Coach Tj has. Coach Tj has not just a system but the system. My first session with him just like my other sessions with previous Coachup trainers I was skeptical and reluctant because of my past experiences. But all that went away when Coach Tj started explaining his basketball system to me. I was just in awe of his overall knowledge and passion for the game. And in my head I just knew Coach Tj was the coach I’ve been looking for this whole time, to help take my game to the next level. Coach Tj is extremely detailed oriented and I loved it because that was the type of coach I desperately wanted and needed in my life, someone that could dissect my game break it down piece by piece and tell me what I’m doing wrong and not only how to fix it but how to excel at it. And just from the 1st session alone I walked out of there feeling like a totally different player not only physically but mentally. I can’t wait til my next session with Coach Tj and I can’t wait to see how far my game grows and improves with him. I recommend Coach Tj to any kid who wants a coach that will hold them accountable to the highest standards and will force your greatness and potential out of you if that’s the Coach your looking for Coach Tj is the Coach for you!🤷🏻‍♀️😁✌🏻

Coach Tj has been training my son and daughter for 6 months now and I have seen there game transcend in front of my eyes to a level I could have never imagined. They went from both making their middle school C team in 7th Grade to both making A team their 8th Grade year. And that’s all thanks to Coach Tj! Before training with Coach Tj, I highly highly highly recommend Coach Tj to any parent who needs a trainer to instill confidence and a sense of work ethic in their kid!

I play college ball at GCU and will be playing pro ball oversees next year. I’ve been desperately looking for an elite trainer while visiting my family in Houston to keep my game on point. One of my old high school teammates referred me to Tj and said he’s the real deal. But I was a little hesitant because in my head I was like what can a guy 1 year older then me really teach me. And to my surprise a lot lol. Tj’s basketball IQ is on a whole other level the way he’s able to break down basketball moves and when and how to bait your defender then attack and how to really effectively use your change of speed and direction was insane to me. And really had me questioning how much basketball I really knew and thought I knew. And the thing that impressed me the most was he wasn’t the type of trainer that would tell you to do a move that he couldn’t do. Every high level move he wanted me to do and master he was able to do which impressed me and earned my respect because most trainers are all talk and no bite and can’t even practice what they preach. Tj more than exceeded my expectations his knowledge and teaching for basketball is on an elite level. I have been training with some of the best trainers in the world and Tj is up there with them. I never thought I would leave the training sessions learning something new that I could use to elevate my game. Tj is the Real Deal!

Even though I’m a former pro athlete and college coach my 3 boys are at that age and stage in their life when there done listening to their dear old dad haha. So the biggest compliment and validation I could give to Tj is allowing him to train my 3 boys. But I first had to make sure he was qualified, knowledgeable, professional and experienced enough to really teach my boys because I hold my boys to the highest standard of excellence and greatness so whoever is training them whether it be football, basketball, or track I hold their trainers to the same standard of greatness. And I’m not afraid to let their trainers know what I think about how their training my boys and how they can improve in training them it’s just in my nature. And let’s just say Coach Tj checked all my boxes. Every hard question I threw at Tj he answered it without hesitation with great professionalism and confidence and was right on the money with all of his answers. His knowledge of the game is A1. I was really surprised and amazed he had such a organized and detailed oriented basketball system that breaks down every single move and aspect of basketball and broke it down into levels from beginner-elite. That was the real selling point for me! It blew my mind that a young man like Tj had that much basketball knowledge and IQ for the game. If I was still coaching I would hire Tj on the spot as an assistant coach he has more knowledge and understanding of basketball than a lot of my former assistants. Highly Recommend Tj👍🏿

I’m a Division 2 Basketball Player and I was a little reluctant having a trainer that was basically the same age as me. And Tj picked up that vibe at are 1st training session. So to brake the ice he had us play 1 on 1 and I’m not going to lie he let me have it and showed me why he’s not only a great basketball trainer but player (he could still be playing pro ball somewhere in my opinion if he wanted too). His overall knowledge and IQ for the game is ridiculous. He showed me how to read a defenders body language and what counter attack moves I could use based on how the defender is guarding me. He also helped me take moves I “thought” I mastered and executed well like for example a crossover or between the leg and showed me how to do it in a more effective and elite way. Which blew my mind because I realized I’ve been doing basic basketball moves all wrong my whole life. It was an awesome first training session and Tj definitely wiped away all my doubts and worries about training with him. Definitely worth the 1 hour car ride. And will definitely book all my sessions with him going forward. I can’t wait to use everything he taught me in my upcoming season!

Coach Tj is a dope trainer, he’s been training me and a few of my teammates for a while now and has honestly helped elevate all are games to a higher level. The biggest thing I like about Coach Tj is he treats his boys and girls the same, he always says I don’t train boys or girls I train basketball players and I love that so much because he pushes me and my friends the same way he pushes his boys whatever drills he has his boys do, he expects us to be able to do them as well. When we play 5 v 5 with some of his high school guys he expects us to win every game, he doesn’t take us being girls as an excuse and I respect that so much. Coach Tj has helped me and my teammates all average double figures on our AAU team and if you are a basketball player you know how hard that is to do and I pray we can carry that momentum to our school basketball season!🤞

Good Coach

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

My son has been training with TJ since the Fall of 2021. The reason was that he was struggling with his performance in his 12u AAU games. The one-on-one sessions were very effective to improve his skillsets. More than that, TJ is very strict to technical details and pays a lot of attention on his mindset development.
My son likes training with TJ a lot. We are looking forward to see more breakthrough in both his skill and his toughness on the court.

Great training sessions. I love his work ethic and am already seeing improvement in my son’s skills after only a few sessions.

He’s a good coach. He’s got Nice drills routines

(no details provided)


Very good

(no details provided)

Coach TJ is the most accountable Coach I have ever met. He has done more than I ever expected. Empowering and training the kids that have ambitions and dreams is the thing I appreciate the most .

Excellent coach
My 14 year old loves going and has been improving a lot
Coach challenges the kids a lot to be their best

It has taken me a moment to write this review about Coach TJ because it has been difficult to put into words all of what I think and feel in regards to my experience with him. Growing up in a small town in Louisiana in the 80s (born '77), sports were more than something we just happened upon or engaged in as a past time. It was our way of life. When we had nothing else, we had our love for the game and our coaches invested in us. The sport itself taught me soooo many life lessons. Outside of my father, I attribute much of my success today to my coaches bc they instilled in me self discipline, work ethic, being a team player, and having that hunger for the things in life that I desire. They were more than just coaches. They were mentors, educators, the preacher, disciplinarian, doctor, lawyer, and my biggest critic/supporter. They saw value in me as a person and an athlete and not a means to collect a check. It was my coach that enrolled us in college and community basketball camps, then made sure we got there; not our parents. They couldn't afford it. Our coaches, most volunteers, had us up on Saturday mornings in local Rec centers at 7am doing shooting drills and working us out, FULL COURT, and we knew better than to miss a morning practice or be late. I've found it hard to find that same passion in coaches/trainers nowadays. No, I'm not saying it doesn't still exist, but in my experience thus far, it hasn't been that. Instead, most want your child to show up WNBA/NBA ready bc they don't want to invest, have the patience for, or choose to make time for athletes that's not already at a certain level. Nevertheless, in the case of my daughter, she transitioned from private school (Christian) to that of the public system upon entering high school. I began to notice a drastic change in her self-confidence, self- eastern, skill and mindset, as well as her motivation to play the game. I later found out that she was being bullied (by some teammates), but by this time it had taken its toll. She had buried her love for the game. After handling that situation, I decided to look for a personal trainer/coach in hopes of providing her with an avenue to regain her confidence. I was quickly saddened at the thought bc I knew that she would probably never have what I had growing up.. that investment into my mental and emotional well-being and strength, not just my skills, so that I could go out on any day and dominate the court. I began talking and praying to God about it while I searched. I reminded Him that my daughter was His child and that He knew what she needed and if I had to drive for hours each day to make it happen, then I would. He led me to Coach TJ. I've been praising Him ever since. I drive a little over 2 hours twice a week so that she can train with Coach TJ for 1hr each session, then we're back on the road. I'd do it daily if Coach had the space to take her.. even if it meant taking on another job bc what he's doing for her, money can't buy. I had never met Coach TJ prior to CoachUp, and even though I had trainers showing within .05 miles of where I lived, I listened to and trusted God and here we are. Honestly, I was literally in tears (internally) after her first practice. God had listened. I heard TJ pour into my child in a way I could not (bc I'm momma and parents don't know anything), and on our long drive home, she talked to me about basketball as she had previously. For the first time since 8th grade, I saw the love in her eyes as she talked about her session with Coach TJ. "Momma did you hear what he said (so forth and so on)? Or "Hey mommie, did you see that move today? Coach said I executed it perfectly and that he was proud of me". Still makes me emotional. From day one, Coach TJ showed up.. and not just skill-wise, but mentally and emotionally by encouraging her, getting on her butt and calling her out when she's subpar, by pushing her, and helping her to realize and find that love again. And the funny thing about this entire story is that to this day, Coach TJ has no idea of our story, our path to him, or the impact he's had on our lives. God is amazing; He never disappoints; and He's always on time! Thank you Coach for continuously nurturing my daughter in ways you could have never imagined. I've sat silently with my thoughts for a while and now it's time that you know just how special you are!

What I would like for everyone reading this review to know is that, you never know someone's story so we should always keep that in mind. Be nice, be gentle, and take time out for our next generation of student-athletes if coaching/training is your REAL true passion. Your love, attention, time and effort may be the one thing that changes their lives. They're already dealing with a lot. Trust me, personally and professionally, I know❤

Licensed Psychotherapist

He’s amazing, relates well the kids, slows things down and educates all the while still inspiring…

great coach

(no details provided)

Great coach, got me on a path to great heights

He is so so good, so far the best I have seen.
My child was at a level where he did not know how to shoot but now in 6 month he is playing like a someone trained for 6 yrs…

He address each child’s strength and weekend as he understands each child is unique.

He uses all training equipment to train the kids at all his own expense ..and they help a lot..

He is a passionate coach .

Gob bless Tj!!

Great coach. Super organized. We drive an hour and it’s worth the drive!

Coach Tj is patient and well equipped to teach ( train) anyone. If your searching for someone to train you, welll search no more come check him out!

My son is getting a lot from Coach Tj that he was not receiving from the basic school trainings. I would strongly recommend his services and expertise. I love the interaction and rapport he has with the children of all ages. Keep up the good work Coach!

I appreciate Coach Tj's responsiveness to all my questions and concerns. I was impressed with his training style, he's prepared and knowledgeable. I would recommend this program for anyone looking to improve their basketball skills...be ready to work!

Great coach

Amazing coach! The kids love him. He is very caring and professional.

Keeps the kids engaged. Always at work.

Best trainer in TEXAS 🚫🧢

Ok it’s fine we can do at 10 am

(no details provided)

EXCELLENT! He is very worried about child’s basketball skills development. He is a true coach. It is visible the passion that he has to teach and mentor new talents. He is a must-have basketball coach.

Very knowledgeable starts from the ground up

Really impressed with his knowledge on the game. His skills are on point!! Highly recommend!!

Coach TJ is absolutely AMAZING!! Exactly what my 12 year old daughter needed. She comes out of every single practice feeling more and more confident. His focus and training techniques really improved my daughters skills.

Great job!!

Great 1st session.

Even though it just been a few lessons in, my son has improved drastically already and always excited to go training. A+ Highly recommended !

Excellent and very helpful coaching

My son had great sessions with Coach Tj! He was more confident after taking sessions with Coach Tj! Thank you so much!

(no details provided)

Great sessions so far. My daughter is enjoying the coaching and learning new skills.

Great coach!

Best coaching. Thank you

Great Job!

(no details provided)

Awesome workout!!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

The reason I give Coach Tj five stars because of his profession on both physical and mental training. My son at the beginning felt not very confident and easy to give up. With Coach Tj’ s training, he has started to enjoy and become more and more physically and mentally tougher. Even sometimes the training is very intense, my son can finish with very positive attitude. In the meanwhile, the agility training is very professional and helpful on my son’s leg strength and basketball footwork. He is getting better and better. It really helped my son a lot. We all like Coach Tj and will continue for sure.

The first session was great and my daughter is super excited to learn more and get her skills better. Thank you!

Coach TJ is amazing at identifying those areas where your child needs to improve. I am very happy to have my child working with him.

Great Coach. We will continue sessions with you.

Can’t wait to see the progression. Coach TJ is very patient and motivational. We will be back in a weekly basis!

(no details provided)

Great Coach

(no details provided)

Coach TJ brought my son out of his shell in just one session. I have never seen my son work so hard or look so confident. He made him feel comfortable and corrected his shot in a matter of minutes. Incredibly impressed.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Excellent service. Great coach

Coach TJ is a great coach. He is very knowledgeable and pays attention to the small details which made a huge difference in my son's performance. His training and techniques are effective. I would recommend Coach TJ to anyone.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Tj trained my son for last 5years. I see a huge improvement in my son's skills. Tj is highly dedicated coach who provides
undivided attention to athletes growth. He follows his students practice routines outside the coaching sessions and make sure his students are applying them.
Highly satisfied with Coach Tj. I will recommend him if you want your kid to become better basketball player.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Good experience

(no details provided)

Good job TJ

Coach TJ is a good coach! Responds promptly to text and punctual to sessions. Addresses the need of his clients.
I would recommend TJ!

Coach TJ listened to our input as parents and conducted his own self evaluation of our son’s skills. He was prepared and personable. Our son immediately felt comfortable and engaged. We are pleased to have found Coach TJ and plan to continue working with him. We anticipate that our son will make excellent progress under Coach TJ’s guidance.

Coach TJ is an amazing coach. My daughter just started her sessions and she’s loving them.

TJ is a fantastic coach. I notice a drastic improvement with in my kid after few sessions and i recommend TJ for basketball training.

Coach TJ is awesome! Keeps the drills fun and interesting, but also challenging. My 8 year old son loves Coach TJ’s workouts and is improving his skill-set!

Great Coach!

Great session. My daughter loved the energy and motivation from coach TJ.

(no details provided)

I am very pleased to have coach TJ as my son's coach. His training has helped my son improve his skill significantly and the techniques he teaches have been very effective in the growth of my sons basketball skill. I would really appreciate if Coach TJ continues to workout with my son because his training is very beneficial to my son's improvement.

Very good! Strongly recommend!

A great coach. A good balance of encouragement and feedback. Good structure.

TJ is a very good coach.

He’s a great coach and my son is enjoying the experience. He’s getting better with time.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Very active and professional
Young and hardworking
I wish all the best for him and I am sure he will have very bright future

Excellent, patient with my child, very encouraging.

Excelent coach! Feedback 100%! My kids love him!

Very patient and thorough. Gave the kids homework and spent time after the class making sure they understood the exercises to practice daily for their homework.

Great work!

Great coach!
Teaches skill essential to produce great players
Great system, trackable and clear.

(no details provided)

Coach Tj is an excellent coach. He's very thorough and patient with my son, my son loves him! My son's skill level has also really advanced in just a few short weeks of being trained by coach Tj. I would definitely recommend his services, they are outstanding.

I think he has practice at that time but let me check with him and will get back to you... alternatively would earlier work by any chance ie 8-9?

Coach TJ has the knowledge, skills, determination & patience to guide any basketball player-beginner or pro- to perform at their optimal best. He is tough, yet encouraging & really seems to develop a profound connection with each student-pushing them to excellence. TJ is hands down one of the best overall coaches I’ve had the pleasure of working with in my years of coaching, as well as his mentoring of my own young athlete. If I could give him more stars on his rating, I would do so.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

He is very knowledgeable about the gaming skills. He gave my son the blue print of the game of basketball. Coach TJ has all it takes to win the game. I will recommend him anytime and any day.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Tj is great! He is teaching my boy all the skills he needs to be a successful basketball player. We are very happy with him.

(no details provided)

My son’s first time training and he was happy with session and had fun.

Coach TJ was awesome, very informative and professional, my kids enjoyed the session. Thanks

The coach was excellent and very helpful . Highly recommended

(no details provided)

Great coach!

(no details provided)

Coach TJ provides very structured training - both my 11 and 10 year old kids have improved their ball handling and shooting skills within couple of months of starting training. Happy with the coaching.

Coach Tj was great, he did an excellent job with teaching technique, conditioning, form and my son was extremely impressed with his skills. He was very respectful and worked hard the whole time, motivating my son and keeping a positive attitude. I highly recommend this trainer no matter what stage you are at with basketball performance.

(no details provided)

I’m a college hooper and train with a lot of guys through out my career and Tj is definitely up their with the top tier trainers in the world! His basketball IQ and knowledge and awareness for the game is phenomenal. The way he’s able to break down drills into a science was very helpful and mind blowing just to see how just a simple move like a crossover can be used to get past your defender in different variations! Tj has definitely helped improve my overall game and knowledge of basketball! Highly Recommend 🗣💯

(no details provided)

Coach Tj is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! In just a few session with him he fixed my jump shot helped improve my ball handling and coordination and overall my basketball confidence on the court! Best trainer in Texas hands down!

Coach Tj is an absolute game changer if you want to see quick results in your child’s basketball game and confidence! Just one session in and I could already see a drastic improvement in my daughters jump shot and confidence! I was truly surprised how fast she was able to break her shell and let Coach Tj in and they communicated as if they knew each other for years. Which was amazing to see will definitely be using Coach Tj for a long time! Highly Highly Recommend Wish I could give Coach Tj more then 5 stars but oh well 😂

Coach TJ has been a great influence on my son, he provides the necessary mix of encouragement and patience.

Coach Tj is a great coach. I already feel like a completely different player on the court, and his coaching style/techniques really push me to succeed.

Coach Tj deserves 100 stars best trainer ever!

Coach Tj is the Yoda of basketball! His basketball IQ is off the charts. He is very detailed oriented and a perfectionist when it comes to the basketball drills he has you do. His knowledge of the game is incredible. Best basketball trainer / coach I’ve been around 👌

Coach Tj is the best trainer in Katy hands down. I love all the different basketball drills he has me do there always fun and different but still effective drills to help me improve my overall basketball game. He can be tough at times but it’s just because he cares. You can’t go wrong with Coach Tj he’s the best trainer on this app!

Knowledgeable energetic motivating Can’t go wrong with Coach TJ

TJ has been an asset to my son’s athletic abilities. TJ individualizes each workout to exactly what my son needs at the time to develop his basketball skills. My son looks forward to going to each workout.

Gheara Nemons

Coach is the best trainer I have ever had he is a perfectionist and very detailed oriented when it comes to the basketball drills he has you do and pushes you to give your absolute best effort and I loved every second of it can’t wait til are next training session.
Thanks Coach Tj

Tj is an awesome coach!!! My son is learning so much from him not only physically, but mentally. I would definitely recommend Coach Tj!!!!

(no details provided)

Coach Tj is the best trainer in Houston and the best trainer my kids have ever had and they’ve had a lot of trainers ! He has helped all 3 of my high school kids make there school team! And helped improve there defense, shooting, ball handling and their overall game throughout the summer! I’m forever grateful!

Coach Tj is the best trainer on the CoachUp App don’t waste your time looking anywhere else!

Coach Tj is the best trainer in Texas highly recommend you won’t be disappointed!!!
He’s not for everyone though he’s going to be tough on you and push you to your limits but it’s definitely worth it because he’ll get the best out of you!

If I could give Coach Tj 10 stars I would by far the best trainer my 3 daughters have ever had by far!!!!!

Coach Tj is an amazing trainer!!!! My daughter has never had a great jump shot and just 20 minutes into are first session Coach Tj fixed my daughters jumpshot and most importantly boosted her confidence!

Tj is an awesome trainer. My son looks forward to his training session with him.

Coach TJ is wonderful! He is very thorough with his Training Sessions. He has a great positive attitude! I asked him to go over Specific Drills for my Son to work on for his School Basketball and he did just that ! He has a Great mindset towards Goals for your Child’s Training ! Great Coach altogether!

(no details provided)

Coach Tj was great with my daughter. For the first session she went from shooting air balls to shooting 5 or 6 in a row. I as her mother loved watching her transform from the first drill to the last can't wait to see her bloom in the coming weeks! She said she was very comfortable with him coaching her and has been asking everyday when her next session is!

Coach Tj definitely has the majic touch.. I wish there were 10 stars to be given. My son had a great 1 on 1 session...I have booked more sessions with him...

He is probably one of the best

TJ is the truth!

Coach Tj is the best basketball trainer my daughters have ever had and most importantly he is an amazing male figure in my daughters lives. He has helped take both my daughters game to the next level and instilled confidence in them they desperately needed. My daughters always looks forward to his training sessions because they know it’s going to be a great workout and their going to get 1% better each day as Coach Tj likes to say.

Coach TJ has been an awesome addition to my son's life! He's an amazing coach and gives them homework and holds them to it. He also gives them the necessary discipline and encouragement needed! Thank you coach TJ!!

Coach Tj is the best basketball trainer I have ever had!

Coach Tj is the best trainer in Katy!

Coach Tj is the best trainer in Houston and it’s not even a debate!

(no details provided)

Tj ROCKS! Tj trained me and my best friend/teammate Michelle all summer and has helped both off us improve our basketball skills tremendously! Training with Tj all summer was by far the toughest but most rewarding workout sessions I have ever gone through in my life. What I really loved about Tj is he pushed me and Michelle out of our comfort zone and expected nothing less than 110% effort in every drill we did. He never treated us as girls playing basketball but viewed us as basketball athletes which I really appreciated. He would have us workout with his other college boys and the same way he trained and talk to them is the same way he trained and talked to us. If you where just a bystander you would think he was crazy the way he yelled at us sometimes but I loved every minute of it😂.
Thanks Tj for the best summer workout sessions I’ve ever been apart off can’t wait til Thanksgiving 😇🦃 🏀

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Best coach.

Great introductory session with coach TjA, awesome young man, quite knowledgeable and good eye and assesment to youngsters who love the game; I would recommend coach Tj A to anyone......Cheers!

He is a good mentor and he knows basketball very well!

My son had his first lesson today with Tj, and really enjoyed the experience! Tj is positive, encouraging and a great coach!

Coach TJ is Awesome! I have a 35-40 minutes drive to get to his training place but I don't mind because
I know that my son is in good hands, I can see the good results after each training session. I would recommend
coach TJ - 100 %

My sister recommended coach Tj and I honestly had to call her and thank her! Tj was great and my son really clicked with. He was fun and energetic but to the point. Our appointment was at 4 and he was there and ready to go on the dot.

My son has been talking about him all day and he can not wait to get back on the court with Tj.

coach TJ is awesome he teaches the kids skills that will help them be more precise in their shooting and how to guard effectively their opponents! My son has enjoyed Coach and knows that he is doing his training to help young men be successful’

Not only is Coach TJ helping my son improve his basketball skills, he is also helping him improve his mindset. After just 2 training sessions, my son dominated during an AAU tournament. I asked my son what changed and he said Coach TJ told him to visualize himself dominating and that motivated him. I can't wait to see what's to come!

Great Coach

My daughter has moves he broke it down for her to master the moves. Set up your hips and legs to adjust player and speed, then explode into your move around your opponent.

Ever since I started training with Coach he has pushed me to try my hardest and always makes sure that I am always going at his drills 100% to improve my ball-handling and shooting form.

Coach TJ, you are the best. I am so glad l found you. Coach TJ is knowledgeable and patient. My daughter, Stacy just started basketball training yesterday but she learnt a lot. I booked another session today and the training is ongoing. I will be updating the review from time to time

Excellent coach , pushes you to the best, best trainer in Katy!

Coach TJ is awesome! Excellent trainer! I would definitely recommend him to anyone who has a child that wants to elevate their basketball skills. Very friendly and knowledgeable.

Coach TJ is a great coach to work with. My daughter has already shown improvement within a short amount of time. She looks forward to training even though it is tough, you will get a great session in every time. We really like that Coach TJ has a system in place for success and accountability and makes sure you follow his program. That to me, is really impressive. He works out with our daughter and explains all the drills and gives her moments where he explains the why and when she needs to do certain moves. Another thing we really admire about Coach TJ is his passion for the game and his passion for helping his clients who train with him. You can tell he loves what he does and expects nothing but %110 percent from you. He want you to succeed! He is very positive and encouraging and leads by example! He is a wonderful trainer!

I love having my son work with Coach Tj! In a few short months, my son’s ball handling has improved dramatically and his touch and shooting ability continue to get better and better with each session. Coach Tj is organized, gives great feedback to parents and has a gifted way of relating to kids, He is able to positively motivate them to work hard during and outside of training sessions and improve their confidence in themselves. Great attributes to have brought out in in your child. Coach Tj is a game changer for kids who want to get better!

My son, Fred, is enjoying his training sessions with coach Tj. Fred is learning more technics and improving his skills with coach Tj. I recommend coach Tj for anyone looking for an excellent basketball coach.

Coach Tj is a great coach my son has learned so much since training with him hands down the best trainer Katy💪🏿👌🔥

Coach TJ is an excellent coach. He has all the passion and skills for basketball but most importantly he is very organized and methodical in his coaching.

Coach Tj is really great at what he does. My daughter has improved within only 2 days of working with him. Training with Coach Tj has boosted her confidence and desire to want to play and practice on her own. Working with him is the best decision I made for my daughter. He has guaranteed great results and I believe him!

TJ is really good coach
My son was hesitant at first but TJ broke the ice, they have a great relationship. My son has learned so much already & looks forward to training one on one training with TJ each week.

The first session for my 2 boys was outdoors and full of unique drills to keep them engaged. Coach Tj has a wonderful way of assisting them to meet the challenge while still having fun. I appreciate his consideration for their skill differences and willingness to try new approaches. My boys had fun and look forward to training with Coach Tj this summer!

My son was so happy after the first class. I never saw him this much happy with any of his last coaches

My son has been training with coach TJ for about six months not and it shows. His basketball IQ and handles have greatly improved while training with him. Best trainer in Katy hands down 🔥🔥🔥

My daughter loved her first session. She is ready for her next practice. He is very attentive he responds to his messages asap. My daughter is eager to learn from him. I will be booking all my daughter's sessions with Coach TJ. He has what it takes, rare find!

Coach Tj was very patient with my daughter and allowed her to learn after she messed up. He also created a fun environment for my daughter to not feel embarrassed when she would have to start over. He kept her hyped up and would crack jokes here and there. He is very observant and knows what to work on to make my daughter better. We will definitely be following through with Coach Tj and we can’t wait to see how much my daughter improves this season.

Coach Tj is super great and the perfect basketball coach no matter what age or skill set. My brother who is in high school is currently training with him, his skills have progressed so much and it's only been two weeks. My brother says his favorite thing about TJ is how he cares about his clients. He regularly checks in on him and makes sure he is practicing at home. He is also very patient. His energy motivates you to try harder and push yourself, all while having fun. When our current session ends we will be signing up for more! To anyone looking for a coach, please give TJ a chance, you will be anything but disappointed.

Very good and patient he worked with me with no trouble he showed me what I was doing wrong and helped me to change it coach Tj pays attention to the player and their goals and helps in areas that needs improvement I'll schedule all my sessions with him for now on

Coach Tj is an excellent coach. I was very impressed. He is very knowledgeable in identifying what my son needs to take him to the next level. Great first session!!

He works on your dribbling a lot lol

Coach TJ is a very nice coach. My 7 years old son really like him after the first class of training and can’t wait to go back for the second training. He knows the way how to train small kids. I can’t wait to see my son’s progress in the following sessions.

My Daughter Courtney has trained with Coach Tj 3 times so far and I can see her improving already. I am so impressed with his coaching skills and training. I look forward to Coach TJ Getting my daughter ready for the upcoming basketball season. I highly recommend him. My daughter is being taught things that her High school coaches don’t even teach.

Coach TJ is awesome! My son likes the way he train , he learn a lot on his 1st session 😁😁😁

Tj is awesome!!!! The first session my son was ready to come back. That is great for me. That meant he learned something and had a great time. My son loves how Tj teaches and communicates with them. I can’t wait to see my sons progress with tjs coaching!!!!

Coach TJ is wonderful.Only after one session I could see the difference in my son.Looking forward to more sessions with TJ-Thanks TJ

I had Coach Tj to teach my 1st grade son a couple of times. Coach Tj is a fantastic guy. He has great experience to teach young kids. He is patient and always full of energy during the teaching. My son told me he likes Coach Tj a lot. I can also see my son's big progress of his basketball skills. I definitely will use Coach Tj on regular basis.

Tj is a great rugby coach hands down the best in Katy
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