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5 session package with Coach Sharlla. 30 minute session length

Session Length: 30 minutes

$186 5 sessions ($37/ea) + one-time fee

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1 session package with Coach Sharlla. 30 minute session length

Session Length: 30 minutes

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  • Western Illinois University (IL)

  • 20 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Kids, Teenagers

  • Catcher, Infield, Outfield

  • Baserunning, Fielding, Hitting


  • Western Illinois University (IL)

  • 20 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Kids, Teenagers

  • Catcher, Infield, Outfield

  • Baserunning, Fielding, Hitting

More About Coach Sharlla

I have been giving private hitting lessons in the Chicagoland Area since October of 2005. I have worked with fastpitch players from 8U through Division I. During 2004-2005, I was the hitting coach at Viterbo University (NAIA) in La Crosse, Wisconsin where I helped the team to demolish several offensive school records.

I earned my Master of Science Degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Sport Psychology from Western Illinois University in 2004. While at WIU, I spent one semester as an assistant coach with the Division I softball program, and spent two semesters as a Graduate Assistant, teaching exercise activity courses.

I will combine individual goals with my expertise to recognize any biomechanical weaknesses and go from there. I will observe and correct any biomechanical errors in order for the players to have the most efficient movements possible. I believe there are linear and rotational aspects to every swing. Unlike many other instructors, I also incorporate mental strength and visual mechanics into lessons.

Two Varsity Letters at Morningside College (Division II)
Four-year starter in high school (Minnesota):
*Two All-Region & Two All-Conference Awards
*All-State Honorable Mention

This is a breakdown of the player's evaluation lesson:

1. 8 - 10 warm-up swings off a tee
2. Video swing using iPad mini / Review swing using Coach's Eye
3. Find bat speed using radar
3. Check her stance (if you start in a good place, you will end in a good place); focus on the two mechanics that will improve her swing the quickest
4. Review terms and techniques
5. Give her Softball Homework

The first lesson is mostly an evaluation--I must see what needs to be done to improve her swing. I use a tee and soft toss for the first 1 to 2 lessons. I will work up to front toss, but it varies for each player. Once a player masters a drill, I increase the difficulty level... I like to push my players so they can improve more quickly!

On my own time, I will review the video and break down her mechanics. I usually find a couple more mechanics that need to be adjusted. Then, I will create a lesson plan specific to that player.

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Client Reviews

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(no details provided)

Coach Sharlla is a great coach, and my daughter really enjoys working with her. She explains things really well and make the sessions fun.

Coach Sharlla is very good at explaining why you need to adjust things, and quick to point out what mechanics are wrong and how to fix it. After her first session with my 13 year old daughter, it is clear to me that she is a great coach and pays attention to detail. She can answer questions about anything and always has a good explanation.

We recommend Coach Sharlla

(no details provided)

Coach Sharlla is amazing! She is exactly what we were looking for in a private softball coach for our 12-year-old daughter. She’s very knowledgeable, personable, patient, and as our daughter said “inspirational”. She goes the extra mile to ensure our daughter is engaged and enjoying each and every lesson. I highly, highly recommend her!

Sharlla is super professional and great with my 12 year old daughter! We’re really looking forward to working with her.

Another great session. Coach Sharlla’s simplicity and consistency in her methods make her a great teacher. Instead of overloading, confusing and frustrating the student with new adjustments or issues, Coach Sharlla reviews what was previously taught then introduces something new. This was our 5th session and absolutely can see the difference Coach Sharlla has made. Looking forward to the next five.

Coach Sharlla was excellent. Really broke down my daughters swing and told her what to work on for our next session. Looking forward to booking again with her.

(no details provided)

Coach Sharlla is amazing with our 10 and 11 year old girls!!! You notice her knowledge about what she’s teaching right away and seeing that makes me know we made the right decision in working with her!! Our kids look forward to their training sessions every week!!

Very personable and knowledgeable ! Look forward to having my daughter continue to work with Sharlla.

5 stars!!!!!

(no details provided)

Awesome coach great experience!!

Sharlla was great, my daughter is 10 years old and needed help with hitting. She videotaped her swing and broke it down frame by frame and analyzed every minor detail and is making the changes needed to get her swing on plane and with the right extension. Excellent teacher, my daughter loves her personality.

We were extremely happy with our session. Coach Sharlla's assessment and evaluation of things she needs to work on were very helpful. She was very easy to work with and made my daughter feel very comfortable. Very informative to her and also to myself.

Coach Sharlla is exactly what we were looking for in a professional coach. Our 10 yr old daughter was struggling with making contact or even swinging after being hit by several pitches last year in 10U softball. After only a few lessons, she is swinging and connecting with pitches much better and standing in the batter's box with confidence. Coach Sharlla not only connects with her students with a very positive and upbeat attitude, but she teaches them about the mechanics of a swing with constructive feedback that sticks with the student week after week. We could certainly allow our daughter to go to any trainer and just go swing 10,000 times in a batting cage, but it's Coach Sharlla's feedback after every single pitch that is helping our daughter become a much more solid hitter. We (and our daughter) are very excited for her to take her talents into a game this spring.

Thank you Coach Sharlla for being an amazing coach!

Very happy with the coaching my daughter received. She was friendly, knowledgeable, and provided good feedback and helpful advice. Every minute was well spent in the session.

Coach Sharlla connected right away with my daughter. Was an excellent communicator and was very knowledgeable.

Coach Sharlla is amazing! We just had our first session and my daughter, Riley learned so much already! Coach Sharlla made an instant connection with Riley and provided her with positive feedback and guidance. I really appreciate how thoroughly Coach Sharlla evaluated Riley's skills - Riley is so excited for her next session!

(no details provided)

Coach Sharlla was amazing with my daughter! She can't wait for her next session!

(no details provided)

Sharlla has a strong expertise in the fundamentals of the. movements & skills for softball. Her approach with my daughter was key in creating a fun learning environment with great engagement & no intense pressure. Sharlla builds new skills from week to week at a good pace. Definitely a good investment of time & money getting the right fit coach to enhance my daughter’s skills & ability. Great mentor for a young girl.

We had a great first experience and worked great with our daughter. My daughter has been talking about the session all day and felt very comfortable! We are looking forward to working more with Sharlla!

Just from my first time going to a lesson with coach Sharrla, I have already learned and taken in so many things to improve on in my slapping. She is a very good coach and I definitely will be going back for more lessons to have her help me improve my hitting skills.

Coach Sharlla has done a great job with my daughter I have seen a big improvement in her hitting and her confidence I would recommend her to anybody who needs a hitting coach

Coach Sharlla was amazing to work with. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her session and received great tips that she was able to utilize in her next game. She made my daughter feel extremely comfortable and we look forward to more great sessions with Coach Sharlla.

(no details provided)

My daughter loves Coach Sharlla. Made her feel very comfortable and relaxed. She gave my daughter some great information to improve her hitting. Would recommend Coach Sharlla to anyone needing some help.

Coach Sharlla is very informative and makes you feel comfortable very quickly. She gave my daughter a couple homework assignments and followed up with during the week to see if she had worked on the assignment. It's been such a pleasure working with her. I will be scheduling additional lessons.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

I really did like Coach sharlla. She knew what she was doing the moment I started my session with her. Was very chill about the session and I recommend her to anyone !! Love the fact that she really broke down my swing for me to really see what the different areas are like from a low pitch to an outside pitch. Great advise she was giving me for varsity tips as what I want to be going in. I enjoyed the first session and I am looking forward for more with her!

Listening, watching, reviewing, smiling ... giving feedback all the way. Definitely all of the characteristics a coach should have. I've only been with her once and I cannot wait to go back!

Very knowledgeable and relatable to my daughter in a way that made her feel comfortable. During the session Sharlla quickly discovered the root cause of an issue and recommended approaches for better performance.
My daughter was really pumped up after the session

(no details provided)

We hired Coach Shaarla after my daughter decided to try out for softball after not playing for 4 years! Sharrla made her so comfortable and gave her so much direction which caused her to have the confidence she needed to try out! We will def hire her again and highly recommend her!

(no details provided)

Had our first session with Coach Sharlla, working on hitting. In 1 session, my daughter had a very thorough evaluation of where she stands, given good instruction, and several drills she could use to improve her hitting skill. We are looking forward to subsequent sessions with Coach Sharlla!

When I initially signed up my 16 year-old Daughter (Who does not have much experience playing softball) for CoachUp, I was a bit apprehensive but decided to give a try. Was I glad I did! Coach Sharlla Rentschler has exceeded my expectations. Coach Sharlla possesses intangibles that every Coach needs: Passion (Love for the Game), Knowledge, Patience and the Ability to Teach. Coach Sharlla could be best described as follows: Great Communicator (Not only with my daughter but with me as well. She listens and fosters great communication, making it easy to interact with her) ; an Innovator (Someone who thinks outside the box, utilizing various techniques to teach a skill); Encouraging (She has definitely boosted my daughters self-esteem and has Inspired my daughter to do more than she thought that she could do as a Player. My Daughter "Believes"); Supportive (Someone who points out mistakes in a respectful manner and uses these instances as Teaching Moments) Flexible (Not only with scheduling but also in terms of trying different approaches to reach and teach my daughter) and Personable (She is easy going and fun) to name a few. She has created an atmosphere of learning that is loose and relaxed that in turn helps my daughter to peak performance. I Highly recommend Coach Sharlla to anyone who is looking for an Exceptional Coach.
Adrian A.

Coach Sharlla was wonderful! She really knows what she is doing. My daughter has some trouble taking what she does in a cage to a game. Coach talked approach with her. Its nice to have someone that can talk about the mental side of the game also. She was hitting better then I've seen in a long time. I would definitely recommend Coach Sharlla to others.

Coach Sharlla made a great first impression with us. She was very knowledgable and positive making my daughter feel very comfortable. She noticed a few things right away and gave her stuff to work on at home. I look forward to seeing my daughter improve working with her!

Knowledgeable. Friendly. Encouraging. Personable. Coach Sharlla was on point with my 12 year old daughter. Coach instantly connected to my daughter, who is inherently shy, and made her feel very comfortable while in a learning environment. In the first 10 minutes, she corrected 2 major flaws in my daughters swing that had gone unnoticed by myself and other coaches for years. We couldn't have asked for a better first session and my daughter left with a smile on her face and asking when her next lesson would be. It's a shame we only have a couple of weeks with Sharlla but we'll get in as much time with her as we can while we're in Illinois.

Sharlla is an excellent coach. My 14U daughter had two 60-minute sessions with her and enjoyed both. More important, the feedback she provided was extremely useful. Sharlla used video and an IPad app to break down the components of my daughter's swing to show her visually how to adjust her body to improve her hitting. She then ran my daughter through a series of drills and provided more feedback. Sharlla is an excellent communicator and knows how to work with young girls. Highly recommended.

My dad booked Coach Sharlla for me cause I wanted to work on my swing during the summer break. Once I met her I knew it wasn't necessary for my dad to come along for future sessions. I felt really comfortable right away. She recorded my swing with a tablet and played it back using an app that helped me understand what needed to be corrected. I liked the drills we worked on too. I've already been practicing the drills on my own. I'm looking for ward to more sessions with Coach Sharlla.

Coach Sharlla, is fantastic. She made my daughter very comfortable right from the beginning.
She was able to evaluate and break down flaws in her swing. She slowly brought them to attention with drills which corresponded to each flaw. She's able to communicate with my daughter directly in which she can understand.
My daughter was very impressed by Sharlla. I gave my daughter a key word if she wanted to continue to work with Sharla after our first session. She enthusiastically wants to work with her. So am I. Definitely take a session with Coach Sharlla. Your kids will love her.

Sharlla is awesome! After the 1st session she identified what my daughters needed to work on improving. My daughters were so impressed and on the ride home they could not stop talking about her and how she was much better than previous coaches. I was impressed and how she not only discussed with them what needs work but also built up their confidence in the process. Thank you Sharlla we are looking forward to continue working with you for as long as my daughters need you. LOL Oh and did I mention Sharlla is patient as my youngest likes to goof around but Sharlla knows how to bring her back on track.

5 Stars for Coach Sharlia! She was able to quickly identify areas of weakness. This ensured that the training time was used efficiently to help improve those specific skills.

After one session with coach Sharlla my daughter learned more about her swing than she did from 5 or 6 lessons from her last hitting coach. We look forward to more lessons and are very confident she is the right coach to learn from. Very impressed.

After just one session, my daughter already wants more. She thinks Coach Sharlla is awesome, and I have to agree. She has a great way of explaining what needs improvement without discouragement. In fact, you can already tell she's the kind of coach that would boost her players confidence. Five stars all the way, if I could give more I would.

(no details provided)

Coach Sharlla is so patient and nice.
She has such a great way of giving instruction to my daughter and physically shows her and explains it.
In the 1 st session coach Sharlla made my daughter feel confidant and comfortable right way. I noticed improvement in the very first session.
At the end of every session she provides you with feedback and tells you what and how to work on some skills at home which is so helpful.
We love coach Sharlla she is fantastic and is the perfect fit for my daughter.

Coach Sharlla has been great with my daughter. She has improved her swing and confidence. I would definitely recommend Sharlla.

We knew after 5 minutes we found the perfect coach! Coach Sharlla jumped right in and made the most out of the 30 minutes. She had an amazing ability to read our daughter and focused on what she wanted to improve. They hit it off immediately and we are looking forward to continue our lessons. After 10 years in this sport and numerous coaches, its very easy to see Coach Sharllas knowledge of this game is vast, and she will be a huge benefit to our daughter and her pursuit of playing in college.

I purchased a personal coaching package as gift for a family member. Coach Sharlla's knowledge of softball was expansive and her ability to evaluate strengths and weaknesses of talented players was impeccable. We did not waste any time reviewing skills that had been previously mastered, instead Coach Sharlla focused in like a laser on subtle improvements and minor tweaks that resulted in immediate improvement in the batter's box!!! We'll most certainly use Coach Sharlla to work on other areas of improvement in the future...she's a secret weapon:)

We've had a few private lessons and none have jumped right in like Sharla did, a lot done in 30 minutes while having fun and making sure my daughter understood clearly, great stuff!

Coach Sharlla is outstanding, a great teacher of softball skills. My daughter (10) looks forward to going to lessons with her and that's exactly what we were looking for. We are delighted with Coach Sharlla.

(no details provided)

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