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USATF Level 2 Coach; former Division I athlete with running experience from the 100m to the marathon; head track coach at Wakefield HS; NSPA certified speed & agility coach. View all coaching experience

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  • Georgetown University (DC)

  • 2 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Vertical Jump, Shuttle Run, Cone Drills, Broad Jump, 40 Yard Dash

  • Vertical, Lateral Quickness, Footwork, Explosion, Acceleration


  • Georgetown University (DC)

  • 2 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Vertical Jump, Shuttle Run, Cone Drills, Broad Jump, 40 Yard Dash

  • Vertical, Lateral Quickness, Footwork, Explosion, Acceleration

More About Coach Sam

I am a USATF Level 2 certified coach in endurance events, USTFCCCA certified Jumping Events Specialist, the head cross country and track & field coach at Wakefield High School, and former assistant coach for track and field at School Without Walls High School in Washington, DC, working primarily with distance runners. I am a member of the US Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association and hold CPR/AED/First Aid certifications from the American Red Cross. I help runners and team sport athletes improve their endurance, acceleration, technique, and strength. In addition to track athletes, In addition to track athletes, I've worked with lacrosse, baseball, basketball, football players and gymnasts. I am a certified Speed & Agility Coach by the National Sports Performance Association.

I have competed in events from the 100m to the marathon. I still hold several school records at Cincinnati’s renowned Moeller High School. An achilles injury ended my competitive running career at the University of South Carolina with personal bests of 1:54 for 800m and 15:57 for 5K. I have won races or age group honors on the track, road, grass, and dirt. I started competing in USATF Masters Track meets in 2021. I'm a 7x National Champion, 9x Regional Champion, and 9x All-American.

Workouts begin with a light warmup and introduction to the day's training goals. After completing dynamic running drills to dial in form, we begin the running workout. Before cool down, we'll go over tips and exercises to complete before the next session

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Client Reviews

Coach Sam is an amazing professional! Great advisor, very positive, I absolutely recommend to meet with him at least one time and judge for yourself. He has been helpful to my teenage runners with form, agility, motivation, clarification of myths about training, some unique challenge and in so many ways. More than that he has been helpful to me (one of those not talented in running) as parent to understand running and be able to be supportive to my athletes.

Very positive first session! Looking forward to more for my 11yo son. Coach Sam was able to help him understand how to get faster in his first hour.

Great coach, good listener, provides tips to teen. Very knowledgeable

My daughter enjoyed working with Coach Sam. He was very knowledgeable and was very motivating. My daughter is looking forward to her next session.

Coach Sam is amazing. My 16 year old son is finally learning about form, and is learning how to protect his body. Coach Sam gave him exercises for his weak ankles as well as drills to help build muscle, mobility & form to minimize the liklihood of injury. He is knowledgeable & great with my teenager. We’re so glad we found him!

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My son took a lesson recently with Coach Sam and it was amazing! He was energetic, friendly, and exceedingly knowledgeable. Unlike some coaches who just stand around and talk, Coach Sam demonstrated all of the drills and ran with him to ensure that he had a visual example of proper technique, which was a highly effective way of coaching and a great way to get to know the athlete on a personal level. My son said it was one of the more fun coaching experiences he's had. Highly recommend!

The feedback, and very detail oriented. Looking forward to the next session

Coach Sam was awesome! He quickly identified areas that my 15 year old baseball player could improve his 60 and immediately got to work. He made his recommendations easy to understand and my son looks forward continuing to work with him!

Great first session and looking forward to the next one!

Coach Sam is excellent. He is very relatedable to kids and teens, and my duaghter was motivated by his training sessions and saw improvement quickly. Don't hesitate to use him to improve you or your family member's running performance!

Coach Sam did a wonderful job working with my son and working with him for his specific sport. We look forward to working with him again

Coach Sam is amazing to work with. He has been working with my young son to improve his form and overall gait. His experience and knowledge show and he is friendly and fun. He is able to clearly articulate his guidance to my 12 year old in a way that he can fully appreciate!
I would highly recommend Coach Sam to any athlete looking for professional guidance to improve their running.

My 14 year old learned so much from his first lesson with Coach Sam and looks forward to many more. As a parent, I loved how many practical tips and exercises my son took away with just one session. My son was hesitant to try spikes or ask for advice from his school coach, but loves the one-on-one feedback that's just hard to get with a large track team. Hoping to stick with him throughout the year to give tips with cross country as well.

Excellent first session with my 13 yr old son. He walked away with key technical concepts and looks forward to future sessions

Great first session

(no details provided)

My son is 10 years old and loves to run XC and middle distance! Coach Sam was amazing! He gave him great tools for racing and training! He ran with my son during the session which made it so much fun! Coach Sam makes training fun, very beneficial and confidence building!! My son is so excited about future sessions! Thanks again Coach! My son said he wants to be a coach like you when he gets older!

Our first session with Coach Sam was great. He helped my son a great deal in just one session improving his technique and teaching him why those slight changes can make such a big difference. I really appreciated that Coach Sam was so knowledgeable about other sports too, like football and basketball. I highly recommend him.

We are very pleased with Coach Sam. He did a full diagnostic of my son's running stride and style and had recommendations for improvement. He also talked about conditioning geared toward my son's goals. Coach Sam has a good demeanor so what he taught was received well.

Coach Sam is a fountain of knowledge! He's professional, enthusiastic and kind. I was worried going in, not having a super clear objective, but I learned so much in just one hour! Super grateful for his time!

Excellent coach. Great with young athletes.

(no details provided)

Our 15 year old sprinter and jumper just had his first session with Coach Sam. He was everything we were looking for! He gave a lot of good instruction and also reviewed form and technique using videos he took on his phone. We’re excited to continue working with Sam for the rest of the summer.

Such a great experience! We purchased the ongoing training program for this summer and my daughter is super excited to have a coach help her perform better for the upcoming track and field seasons.

My son, a 16 yr old, was extremely happy with his first session with Sam! My son is determined to get his 60 yard time under 7 - very important metric in the baseball world. He is looking forward to his next session with Sam! Overall, a very positive experience!!

(no details provided)

My son needed help learning how to use starting blocks and an overall better understanding of how to approach his races. He's had/has coaches for basketball and soccer and he said Coach Sam was the best coach he's worked with and we will be scheduling additional session! Thank you!

Coach Sam was great. Would definitely recommend, I'm in the process of scheduling more sessions for my daughter.

In just one session Coach Sam helped our daughter gain a lot of confidence and significantly improved her high jump. We look forward to working with him again.

Coach Sam is a great, great teacher. Well worth it. I feel motivated and optimistic about running a marathon. Thank you!!

Great coach. He did very well engaging with my son, who has a hard time interacting with new people, and teaching him the Triple Jump.

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(no details provided)

Great session with Coach Sam. Personable, knowledgeable, demonstrates drills and explains things very well.

GREAT SESSION! By a GREAT COACH! Coach Sam immediately pinpointed my son’s weaknesses and helped him make the correct adjustments . A true professional , and a exceptional communicator Coach Sam hit the ground running with my son. SOLID GOLD! ⭐️Light years ahead of his time! AWESOME! Way better than advertised. Cannot wait for the next session!.

(no details provided)

Coach Sam is terrific! My daughter loves coming to his sessions and is eager for each one. We are enrolled in the ongoing training sessions and are so thankful to have found such a great coach.

Very engaging and experienced. Highly recommend.

My ten year old immediately took to Coach Sam. He’s engaging, approachable, and inspiring. After a great workout he asked when his next session would be. He can’t wait to get back out on the track with Coach Sam! Thank you!

Coach Sharp is fantastic! He is a very involved coach. He demonstrates all drills and exercises. He is extremely knowledgeable in the field of running, providing assistance with all distances and types of running. Not to mention, he’s incredibly personable, fun, and easy to work with.

Coach Sam did an amazing job with my 7-year-old daughter! She can be very timid, especially when out of her comfort zone, but Coach Sam is so personable, and fun-he had her practicing her victory dance on day 1! He did such an excellent job encouraging her, which helped her gain more confidence in her ability!
After my daughter’s first session with Coach Sam, she told me that she enjoyed it more than any practice she’s had with her league!

Great session. Coach Sharp was very personable and welcoming. He was able to evaluate and help my son with some good training drills. This gave him confidence to compete on the field.

Coach is amazing! Very patient training my 7 year old in track and field. He has a lot of different techniques and methods that helped improve my child times in his track meets.

Coach Sam has done a few sessions with my 10 year old son. He was patient and calming immediately and my son loved the sessions and we can already see the benefit out on the soccer field.

Coach Sam did a great job working with my daughter. She is a high school freshman and plays softball, She wants to work on increasing her speed. Coach Sam communicates well with teenagers and has great knowledge. My daughter was very happy with what she learned and is looking forward to her next session!

Great workout Coach Sam is very informative patient and kind he jumps right in from start to finish with an amazing routine with all the knowledge and tools for greatness this was my son’s s first session and many more to come we both enjoyed ourselves I see nothing but progress and success in my 6 yr old’s future

Great first session. Love positive feedback and your focus on the basics.

Sam is an excellent and attentive coach. He has helped my son exponentially after only a few sessions. We are extremely grateful to have the opportunity to work with him!

Coach Sam is very knowledgeable and super attentive. My daughter loves the way he was coaching.

We will be working with coach Sam!

(no details provided)

I came to Sam with an unusual request - get faster for Dog Agility and he has gone above and beyond in helping me. He familiarized himself with agility so he could provide me with training and exercises to help me achieve my goals. He is patient and encouraging and keeps the sessions fun. I cannot say enough good things about my training with Sam, I’m so glad I found him and have started getting serious about my goals.

Coach Sam has been a huge help. My son is learning so much from Coach Sam. We're two sessions in and I can really see a difference.

Coach Sam is an excellent coach. He coaches both of our kids and we saw improvements after just one session. He is a master motivator and clearly knows his stuff. It’s been a blast working with Coach Sam.

Coach Sam is dynamic! Sam is personable and caters his sessions to the client's need. Coach Sam is friendly and easy-going in personality style- it was natural for my son and Coach Sam to build rapport. My 12-year-old is looking to improve his technique, increase his speed, and "explode" on the football field. I liked that Sam has experience working with a variety of athletes- not just track and field athletes. After his 1st session my son replied that Coach Sam was "really good " and that he learned alot. My son was able to tell me takeaways that he learned from his 1st session. We are looking forward to future sessions with Coach Sam!

Coach Sam has been fantastic with our 12 year old daughter. She’s a gymnast and her goal is to improve her running technique to achieve powerful vaults. Sam is a great listener and he also took the time to explain the basics to our daughter and provide concrete feedback. I’m writing this with my daughter and she says - “he’s nice and he did good drills!”

(no details provided)

Sam is an amazing coach. He is training our daughter, and she is enjoys it so much. He is patient and makes the sessions fun while being really effective. Her goal is to improve her speed and agility on the soccer field and we are already seeing the difference both physically and mentally. He has a very positive attitude which is rubs off on the people he trains.

Great session for the kids! Timely, thoughtful, technical and accommodating.

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