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Hello, I'm Coach Wilde. I have 16 years of basketball coaching experience, 12 years at the collegiate level. I'm passionate about helping athletes reach their potential. View all coaching experience

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1 session package with Coach Ryan. 60 minute session length

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3 session package with Coach Ryan. 60 minute session length

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This package provides longer sessions that will enhance skill development. Each session will be 2 hours long, and allow for individualized attention in areas like footwork, shooting, ball handling, scoring from different ... See More

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  • Springfield College (MA)

  • 13 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Guard, Forward, Center

  • Post Moves, Pick and Roll, Shooting, Reading the Floor, Passing, Footwork, Defense, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim, Agility


  • Springfield College (MA)

  • 13 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Guard, Forward, Center

  • Post Moves, Pick and Roll, Shooting, Reading the Floor, Passing, Footwork, Defense, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim, Agility

More About Coach Ryan

Hello, I'm Ryan Wilde. I am the Head Girls Varsity Basketball Coach at Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences in Santa Monica, CA. I recently finished up my first season at Crossroads, after moving to CA from the east coast. We had a great year, advancing to the CIF SS 3AA Championship. Our squad won 9 straight games at the end of the season, culminating in the most successful playoff run in recent Crossroads Girls Basketball history. Due to our team's success, I was named CIF Southern Section 3AA co-coach of the year.

I was the Associate Head Men's Basketball Coach at Eastern Connecticut State University (Willimantic, CT) for 9 years prior to coming to CA. Team record from 2009-2017 was 171-65, Little East Conference Champions 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017.

Previously, I have worked as the top assistant coach at Wesleyan University (Middletown, CT) and Norwich University (Northfield, VT). I have 13 years experience coaching college basketball, and 16+ years working camps, clinics, and working with young men and women on skill development. I have worked with a broad range of women and men at camps and clinics, where I am passionate about teaching the game and helping players improve and develop.

My teaching / coaching style brings fresh cutting edge drills to workouts in order to challenge athletes and keep them stimulated to work hard and improve. I enjoy teaching all parts of the game, but I am a specialist at fundamentals - especially improving shooting form and technique, offensive skill development, as well as improving footwork, speed, and agility.

I have many coaching accomplishments and certifications, and I am CPR / AED certified.

I have played competitive basketball for my entire life. I played 4 years of collegiate basketball at Springfield College, acting as co-captain and helping lead our team to the NCAA tournament 2nd round. I also played 4 years of high school basketball, earning 1st Team All Conference in a very competitive league in Connecticut.

Career 3 point shooting percentage of over 40%.

I design workout sessions with the athlete in mind. I prefer to get input from the athlete so that we are on the same page with skill development and our workout plan. Ideally, we will turn weaknesses into strengths while also fine tuning strengths and further developing overall skill, mobility, and athleticism.
*Example of a workout is below. Specific workout sessions can be designed and reviewed by clients as well.*

“Progress is impossible without change!”

5-5:08 Introduction and Expectations / Warm up
• Be attentive / Ready to learn
• Work Hard.
• Energy and Passion
• Have Fun!
Dynamic Warm-Up - With a basketball, begin actively engaging the mind and body

5:08-5:18 Ball Handling Series
Individual Points of emphasis
• Athletic Stance
• Bend at Knees / Not at Waist
• Chest and Head up / Backside Down
• Balls of your feet, keep feet moving
React to cues, become comfortable with the basketball without looking down

5:18-5:25 Ball handling w/ Racquetball Series
• Free Hand
• Occupied Hand
• Change-Overs
• With movement & fluidity, dribbling basketball and reacting to racquetball, dynamic movements, challenging physical and mental focus

5:25-5:30 Sprint, Slide, Closeout Drill
• Focus on explosive movement / staying on balance
• Proper technique on the defensive slide / closeout
• Quickness / Agility - without sacrificing form
• 3 times through

5:30-5:45 Let's Talk about Shooting
Points of emphasis
• Form / Fluidity
• Footwork / Preparation
• Importance of Identifying your target and being aware of your surroundings
• ‘Listening’ to your body – correcting mistakes
Form Shooting / Spot Shooting
Correcting mistakes and identifying bad habits
(Possibly take film of client on i phone and break down shooting form to show to client and discuss necessary changes in shooting form, shot preparation, release, follow through, guide hand, etc.)

5:45-5:52 9 Shot Drill
• Make 15 foot jumper / Make Pull up jumper / Make dribble drive
• Attack off the dribble going to right & left - depending on my instruction or defensive stance - attack high foot of defender
• Footwork / Preparation on the catch / Proper footwork on the dribble drive
• Challenge - shooting a high percentage when fatigue is setting in

5:52-6:00 Individual moves and scoring off the dribble
• Identify which moves are comfortable for the client
• Discover 'go to moves' and counter moves
• Maintain proper footwork and explosion when taking it off the dribble

6:00-6:10 Game Moves
• Agility and explosion with ball handling / scoring
• Maintain proper footwork and explosion, game like situations stimulating the mind and body

6:10-6:15 Huddle Up and Review
• Learning is KEY!
• Ask questions. Offer suggestions to work on individually / next sessions.

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Client Reviews

Coach Wilde is a fantastic trainer! I was only in Santa Monica area for a few days and he was great with flexibility and communicating! He is very passionate and knowledgeable. Any player looking to get better should set up training with Coach Wilde because players will see drastic improvements quickly, from knowledge of the game and the fundamentals!

Very patient with Andrew and we were able to walk away from the session with tangible things that we can work on at home.

Coach Ryan is a knowledgeable, prepared, and motivating coach. After my 13-year-old son's first session, he provided feedback on areas for continued practice and improvement and suggested drills to support his development. My son enjoyed the session and is looking forward to more sessions in the future.

Coach Ryan was energetic, patient and worked well with a 2nd grade team. Communication was also quick and friendly. I am going to use him again.

Best coach on CoachUp and we have tried a few...professional, motivating and connects well with our son. Really great teacher

Coach Wilde is a terrific coach who recognized my son's strengths as a player and provided him the knowledge to improve his basketball skills on the court and individually on his own. I would recommend Coach W. to any parent who wants to find a top notch trainer to help their son/daughter improve as an athlete.

Coach Ryan is a true professional. My 12 yr old son is getting a great workout, as well as top notch skills training. Coach is incredibly knowledgeable about basketball and relays all instructions in an easy to understand manner. I highly recommend him as I see progress & improvements made in each session.

Coach Ryan provided firm and clear direction that helped yield immediate and noticeable results.
I would recommend to anyone looking to help their son/daughter improve.

Coach Ryan was great! He was able to immediately recognized my sons strenghts and areas to improve. He is knowledgeable and invested in what he's doing. We will definitely book more sessions with him and I would recommend him as a coach to anyone.

Coach Ryan has done a great job working with my high school sin to improve many facets of his game. He provides great observation and attention to details for developing Opportunities that exist. Coach Ryan's feedback is not only detailed but also motivates players to work hard at both their strengths and weaknesses. Recommend his coaching to anyone looking to improve as a basketball player!

Nobody breaks down the fundamentals of shooting better - Coach Wilde provides players with the knowledge to improve quickly if they are willing to listen. My kids can't wait to have their next training session with Coach Wilde!
Coach Wilde is an experienced coach and clinician. He is passionate about the game and he connects well with athletes of all ages.
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