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Ryan R.

7 Year Professional Pitcher with Years of Coaching Experience


Bedford, TX





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University of Texas--Arlington (TX)

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10 years

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Qualified_coach_badge Qualified Private Coach

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Adults, Kids, Teenagers


Outfield, Infield, First base, Catcher, Pitcher


Throwing, Stealing, Sliding, Sacrifice bunt, Pitcher cover first, Pickoffs, Leading off, Holding base runners, Game rules, Fielding, Bunting, Hitting, Batting, Pitching

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Yes; up to 3 athletes


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60 minutes

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More About Me

I was a professional baseball player for 7 years. I have acted as the head coach for the Premier Baseball Academy. I was pitching instructor for youths at Top of the Order Baseball Academy. I have ran hitting and pitching camps for Arlington A’s. I am currently at the University of Texas at Arlington working towards a Bachelors in Kinesiology .

In 2006, I was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals organization. Playing with the Cardinals, I worked personally with their head trainers where I gained knowledge in a wide variety of fitness and therapy techniques that helped me throughout my six years of professional baseball career. I have been coaching boy’s baseball since high school and have learned a large range of skills to help players succeed and prepare for their future. I acted as the pitching coach for the San Angelo Colts while being their starting pitcher. I was responsible for leading the Colts both on the field and off the field. In assisting the pitching coach, I learned skills to further excel my career as a coach. I excelled in team communication, team building and leadership skills which I plan on passing to my athletes. I was a professional instructor at the Premier Baseball Academy and was head coach of two 14-16 year old teams. I ran individual and group pitching lessons, batting lessons and conditioning drills. As a trainer, I have learned the techniques of rehab and recovery. I plan on passing all of my knowledge to your athlete so the are a well-rounded healthy athlete. I am CPR Certified and a Certified Personal Trainer.

In High School, I was a successful pitcher and was chosen twice to 1st team all-district pitcher of the year, Star-telegram all North-East area 1st team and named Pitcher of the Year. I played for Dave Acton of the Arlington A’s.

In College, I played for Kevin Darwin at North Central Community College in Gainesville, TX. I was starting pitcher and had a 7-2 record with a 2.70 ERA, struck-out 51 and walked just 10 in 59 innings. I played for the Liberal BeeJays, in Liberal Kansas. In 2006, I played at UTA under head Coach Jeff Curtis where we won the Conference tournament. I set multiple conference tournament records and was named MVP of the tournament. In 2007, I played at Texas Wesleyan University under Head Coach Mike Jeffcoat, former Texas Ranger. I had a 9-0 record with 1.88 ERA in 72 innings. I hold the school record for career ERA and was selected as a 2nd team all American.

I played professional baseball. In 2007, I was picked up by the St. Louis Cardinals as a free agent. I played that summer in the New York Penn League at Batavia and had a 2-1 record with 19 strike-outs in 21 1/3 innings out of the bullpen. I played on several team as a starting pitcher including the Ft. Worth Cats, Grand prairie Air Hogs and the Chico Outlaws of the North American League. In 2012, I was starting Pitcher/pitching coach for the San Angelo Colt professional baseball team

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Client Review Baseball

Although it was the first session with Coach Ryan, my son feels he is very in tune with his needs. Thanks Ryan!

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