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Played at Davidson & Overseas. Former Swarthmore College Assistant (2015-20, #1 Ranking 2020), now Head Coach at JBHA. Ranked #1 in PA. More found at www.ryananselbasketball.com! View all coaching experience

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In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package with Coach Ryan. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 minute

$85 1 session + applicable fees

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Pro Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

5 session package with Coach Ryan. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 minute

$415 5 sessions ($83/ea) + applicable fees

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Elite Package
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10 session package with Coach Ryan. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 minute

$780 10 sessions ($78/ea) + applicable fees

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Partner Session (2 -3 Athletes)
In-Person Training for up to 3 athletes

1 session with Coach Ryan. 60 minute sessions length.

Session Length: 1 hour

$100 1 session + applicable fees

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Intensive Shooting Workout
In-Person Training for a single athlete

I offer intense shooting clinics, where athletes learn the proper technique and muscle memory in order for them to replicate the correct shooting form each time. For more advanced shooters, the intense shooting clinics wil... See More

Session Length: 45 minutes

$100 1 session + applicable fees

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Film Breakdown
Online Training for a single athlete

I will review your game film before providing feedback and analysis. I will help you design a program that will help you to take your game to the next level. I believe it is important for you to be involved in the developm... See More

Session Length: 1 hour

$45 1 session + applicable fees

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Online Training Consultation
Online Training for a single athlete

Start a training program with Ryan and take your game to the next level. There is a week and month long option that will be designed for you, with 24/7 access to a coach and on-going video calls. Includes: Goal setting cal... See More

Session Length: 30 minutes

$55 1 session + applicable fees

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  • Davidson College (NC)

  • 7 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Center, Guard, Forward

  • Rebounding, Pick and Roll, Moving Without the Ball, Shooting, Reading the Floor, Post Moves, Passing, Footwork, Defense, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim, Agility


  • Davidson College (NC)

  • 7 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Center, Guard, Forward

  • Rebounding, Pick and Roll, Moving Without the Ball, Shooting, Reading the Floor, Post Moves, Passing, Footwork, Defense, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim, Agility

More About Coach Ryan

I am now the Head Coach at Jack Barrack Hebrew Academy. Previously, I coached at Swarthmore College. Each of my 5 years we had the best record in school history. In 2020 we were ranked #1 in the country for the entire season. I have coached boys and girls teams in the US, Ireland, Sweden, South Africa and more, at a variety of ages and levels. I have coached at and been a guest speaker at countless camps and clinics throughout the country.
I have worked with athletes on strength and speed training at Overachieve Sports and Speed.

I played Division I basketball at Davidson College, before continuing my career professionally in Ireland. I was the captain of a team that claimed a National Cup Championship in Northern Ireland and won the league title.

I focus on all fundamentals, often with an emphasis on ball handling and shooting. As I get to know my athletes I tailor their program according to the skills they must refine to take their game to the next level. I carefully develop a detailed practice plan for each workout, in order to use the time on the court most effectively. I plan sessions to develop skills, while also enhancing strength and stamina, so that the athlete can compete at a high level and fight through fatigue, both mental or physical.
I provide real-time video analysis to assist athletes in understanding the proper shooting form, and allowing them to see their own form in order to correct and perfect their shooting technique.

I offer intense shooting clinics, where athletes learn the proper technique and spend 45 minutes developing the muscle memory in order for them to replicate the correct shooting form each time. For more advanced shooters, the intense shooting clinics will be focused on the proper footwork and speed at which they are able to release their shot. As you get older and play at a higher leel, you must develop a quicker release, and I will help you develop that without sacraficing accuracy.

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Client Reviews

Coach Ryan has the knowledge and skill set to help get to the next level. Easy to work with, even with challenging school schedules.

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My son and daughter (ages 9 & 11) had their first session with Coach Ryan and loved it! Ryan is great with kids and very encouraging. They had a lot of fun and picked up new skills just in the first session. We already booked our 2nd session and are looking forward to them improving skills while also having fun. It’s money we’ll spent.

Great coach my son is learning a lot

If I could give 10 stars I would. Amazing details when teaching. Very encouraging as also detailed when demonstrating. Knows exactly what he’s teaching. I felt a big improvement on my jumpshot ALREADY just by him simply tuning up my form. I’d recommend him for anyone in need of training. Best trainer I’ve had in a while & it was my first time working with him. Definitely feel like he can make a great impact for aspiring athletes like myself! Definitely Going Back for more!

Ryan has started working with my 14 year old son. Ryan is very responsive after training to what they worked on and areas to continue to work.

Very pleased with Ryan and will continue to work with him.

Coach Drew was very patient and detail driven.

Coach Ryan is a great coach. My 10 year old is more confident now and appreciates the game better. I would highly recommend Coach Ryan.

Fantastic coach!

My son hasn't practiced in over a year because of the pandemic! He definitely lost some of his basketball skills and needed improvement. After training with Coach Ryan a few times a week he has been able to focus on the main skills he needed help with. Now he's feeling more confident and becoming a better player! Coach Ryan is the best!! HANDS DOWN!!

Coach Ryan is awesome. The amount of improvement my daughter has had in the past three weeks is amazing. She loves working with him.

Coach Ryan is flat-out awesome. He is extremely knowledgeable, has a true passion for the game and has developed a great balance between hard work and having fun. Any player who is lucky enough to work with him will not only improve their game immensely, they will also have a great time doing so. I highly recommend him for players of all ages and experience!

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Coach Ryan is amazing! He is helping my son gain confidence, and enjoy the game more. He takes his time with my son, recognizes his weaknesses and works with him diligently to ensure he has a full understanding of where he needs improvement. My son looks forward to his practice every week and continues to express how much he appreciates coach Ryan!!

My son and his two friends benefited from Coach Ryan’s expertise. Their skill-level as a whole increased considerably after working with him.

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Awesome! My son had a great first session with Coach Ryan. We are very excited for more.

Coach Ryan has a keen understanding of the game and what makes players better. I've seen an immediate improvement in my (13y/o) son's game, especially weak side skills. Thank you!

Coach Ryan is a great coach after 1 session my son has improved so much

Coach Ryan is a very great positive coach. After one session I can tell that I got better at my weaknesses .If you want to get better and expand your game to the next level Coach Ryan is definitely the best candidate. He is worth every penny spent I would definitely recommend.

Coach Ryan was a great coach. My kids loved his training session. I think he did a great job, very professional and would recommend him.

Excellent Jasper had a great workout he loved it!

Coach Ryan is an excellent coach, great motivator, and very organized administrator. My 16 and 12 yr old sons are doing combined work-outs with Coach Ryan who is able to create a training plan that is equally productive and challenging for both player's skill level. Moreover, Ryan's keen attention to detail in shooting, ball handling, footwork, etc enabled him to ID/fix issues improving both of my son's games. Last, Ryan's enthusiasm on the court is infectious where he is able to extract a high level of effort from my kids in a positive environment. I would highly recommend Coach Ryan to other players / parents.

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In one session Coach Ryan was able to help my son with his shot and give good feedback on what to practice on in between session. We will be going back for more sessions!

Coach Ryan did an excellent job with my 17 year old athlete! After one session, I noticed a difference in my son’s game already! My son enjoyed utilizing the skills (dribbling) during his basketball game!!! I look forward to hiring Coach Ryan for many more sessions!!!!!

Coach Ryan and Drew are great! We’ve had about 4 sessions and my son has loved every minute of it. He’s never been worked so hard at basketball practice before. He’s learning a lot of technical skills to better his shot and dribbling drills to further his skills. My son was struggling to make his shots in the older leagues. Now he is doing much better and racking up points on the score board. He’s playing more confidently and demonstrating MUCH better form. I’ve had parents come up to me and say how much better he looks. He’s also doing better dribbling and not being called for traveling or carrying the ball. He’s making much cleaner steals and not getting called for reaching. He’s running faster down the court on breakaways and dribbling accordingly so he doesn’t have to slow down to dribble. I’m so happy with this personal training. In just 4 sessions my son looks like a completely different player. He’s loving the game again and feeling more confident every week. Thank you so much, Coach Ryan!

Coach Ryan has already helped my son after 1 session. He feels more confident and his shot form has improved. We will be scheduling more sessions soon!

My son has had multiple sessions now training with Ryan and it’s been a great experience for him. Ryan keeps him moving the whole time and encourages him the whole way. You can see his skills developing during each session. I would highly recommend Ryan for any young player looking to further develop their skills and take their game to the next level.

Coach Ryan genuinely knows how to break down your game to you, and show you what’s your strength and what’s your weaknesses, and tell you how you will need to improve on your weakness to make it very hard for opponents to find a flaw in your game. He also is a good role model off the court making sure you stay on track of what you need todo on and off the court. He is a great all around trainer who knows what he’s talking about your time will not be wasted he is the best coach I’ve ever trained with.

Today was our first session with coach Ryan and my son Andres and I were both very impressed with his knowledge, athletic skills, and most importantly with his style of coaching. We can’t wait to go back!!!
It was super fun and super useful for my son. I’m certain this will make a huge difference in his performance as a young basketball player.

Coach Ryan has been very helpful. He’s been helping me work on my jumpshot. Each session, I’ve gained more confidence with my overall game. It paid off. I made my high school’s freshman team. Looking forward to more sessions with Coach Ryan. I would highly recommend him!

Great first lesson today with Ryan and a few other kids. He is patient with the kids but also pushes them to be better which is exactly what I was hoping for!

Coach Ryan has been great. We are seeing a confidence building in our son. We believe that this training will help him be the best player he can be. The number of shots and the amount of ball handling he is getting in an hour is amazing. I can’t wait for the season to start so we can see how this elevates his game.
Thank you!!!

He is a great and I feel I can learn a lot from him. He is very skilled and has much experience.

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Thank you Coach Ryan for your quick response to the request for coaching!

Coach Ryan responded to my inquiry and wishing 10 minutes I had my son’s first session scheduled Ryan was flexible and patient as we sorted schedules. My son came home with several drills to work on. I immediately purchased 5 more session!

Coach Ryan was fantastic. He was clear with his directions and expectations and knew the exact right amount to push. We highly recommend working with Coach Ryan.

Coach Ryan was very professional at first introduction. I want my son to have a good foundation on basic forms, dribbling and passing, as well as increase endurance. Coach wasted no time in working on all these at our first session. At the end of our session my son was more motivated than ever. I have signed up for more session and can't wait to see my son's progress.

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Coach Ryan is a GREAT COACH and a wonder person underneath. His passion towards basketball and dedication to kids is an attribute indicating who he really is. This shows as he works with the kids. I'm so glad we found him on this site. I can see his wealth of experience is invaluable. My 14 yr old son has done 1 class so far. I've seen much improvement from just this one. He is excited about doing his next. I'm 59 yrs old. I'm thinking of taking some classes too. Good ole dad needs to stay competitive. Thanks Coach Ryan. Me and Maxx appreciate your time, TS

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Ryan has been a great coach to my son during the 5 sessions. His lessons have helped my son get more of an understanding when on the court which has made him feel comfortable when playing with his teammates. Ryan continues to push him to get better each session. I highly recommend Ryan and because of that I will be scheduling more sessions with him.

We had our first session with Coach Ryan. Workout was great with emphasis on proper shooting stance and release. Then went into intense ball handling drills which showed how much we need to continue our workouts with Coach Ryan. Thx coach was a great workout!

My 11 year old son has enjoyed working with Ryan. Even after the first lesson he learned techniques and drills to better his game. I would recommend Ryan for the challenging and fun learning environment he creates. He will help you get better at basketball.

My two kids just did the first session with coach Ryan and they both are so happy with him. They felt he was very detailed and helpful. We are waiting to find a time slot for the second lesson. Looking forward to it.

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You can see the progress my son has made in just the initial sessions with Coach Ryan - coach has a great demeanor and he is teaching the right attitude and work ethic - looking forward to our path ahead!

We would recommend Coach Ryan. Our son felt his lesson were positive and helpful!

Coach Ryan does an excellent job of assessing and improving the areas that will help my son the most. He has been able to help my son make a noticeable improvement in his mechanics. Coach Ryan is also very good at presenting information to help with game situations and basketball IQ.

Great group training session

Coach Ryan is excellent, my 12 & 13 had a great 1st session. Both boys love the situational plays instructions and attention to details during drills. Looking forward to the next session.

(no details provided)

Coach Ryan is great coach! I find that Coach Ryan is passionate about the game and brings this energy into the training sessions. After attending a few sessions, my son's ball handling skill, free throw percentage, and low post drives to the basket have improved which shows during game time. I would highly recommend Coach Ryan.

Coach Ryan has been great with my son! We signed him up to get ready for High School tryouts. He has had 4 lessons so far, and there has already been a huge improvement in his skills! The lessons are challenging and Coach Ryan pushes him hard- which has been very beneficial! My son really looks forward to his workouts every week! We would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to improve their game!!

Coach Ryan is a really great coach . We feel so lucky to have found him . My son loves going to him and getting better each time he works out with Coach Ryan. I highly recommend Coach Ryan !!

Coach Ryan is an excellent coach. He's very knowledgeable, displays patience with my son and explains techniques thoroughly. We would definitely recommend him to others.

Ryan is an excellent coach. My son loves his workouts because he really pushes him to his personal best! My son also feels like he takes a personal interest in him and really understands his goals for basketball and feels Ryan is just as committed as he is to obtaining them. Ryan is really motivational and he really knows basketball. I highly recommend Ryan! If you have an athlete who has a lot of potential and serious work ethic, I feel like you will really appreciate Ryan’s expertise and you will feel like you see results.

Coach Ryan is one of the most thorough and detailed coach that i've encountered in the last 10 years of me looking for training help for my son. He gets every minute out of the workout and is very informative with his coaching approach. I would HIGHlY recommend him to anyone who is looking for their son or daughter to train at a higher level of basketball.

Excellent first session. Couldn't have asked for a better experience. Worked on shooting and handling skills. Ryan really made me believe and feel that I can significantly work on my game and be a better all-around ball player.

Exceptional trainer! Ryan knows his suff. I would recommend him in a heartbeat.

(no details provided)

Coach Ryan is very enthusiastic and hands on. The drills are great! Coach Ryan is very experienced and very motivational. I would definitely recommend Coach Ryan!

My son has been to three basketball camps so far this summer, but he gets more out of his personal training sessions with Coach Ryan! I would highly recommend anyone from beginners on up! Great for those wanting to develop good shooting habits early on. Ryan also emphasizes to kids to have a positive attitude to take into the game which is really important. Ryan was great with keeping my son focused, hence making their training sessions very efficient.

Ryan is simply a great coach and mentor to our son. Brett has improved greatly since working with Ryan and we will continue working with Ryan going forward. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ! Thank you Ryan!

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(no details provided)

I am 100% very pleased with Ryan A.

Ryan has helped Jackie in every facet of her game and has provided Jackie with the understanding in why should you do what she does.
Ryan has helped Jackie with her dribble. Before Ryan starting working out with jackie, Jackie was lost and confuse in what to do with her dribble. She did not understand the foundation of dribbling the ball. Ryan has spent time one to one with her full court and half court explaining Jackie what she should do at different times. In one game Jackie was able to be the point guard from the High School and because of Ryan lessons, Jackie was able to dribble the ball and win the State Championship for her High School. Without Ryan Jackie would never be able to do that in very short period of time. Ryan technique is very efficient since he talks very clear in the concept of basketball and so efficient communicating it in the right way where it can be understood right away. When my daughter Jackie is doing something wrong because she was not paying attention. Ryan would go back to that problem and explain it to her until she is cleared about how to approached it.
Also, Ryan has told about shooting the ball more efficiently from 3 points as well as 2 points, also how to use her body, to make turns with the ball, do 360, rebounding the ball, faking with the ball, jabbing with the ball, reading the defense where she had the most problem, Ryan with his calm has taught her how to read the defense by working with Jackie practice after practice. Jackie has improved her game tremendously since she started with Ryan. Ryan has taught Jackie to be a complete player. Ryan knows how to listen to everything I have asked him and delivered the product beyond my expectation. He is the best trainer I have seen ever. I have played basketball since I was 10 years old, even I don't play anymore, I can tell who knows basketball and who does not. I use to be top player in basketball at one time. I am trying to be as honest as I can about Ryan.
Ryan know his basketball and He does not mind sharing with other.
I have been with other instructor that all they care is about getting pay for the lesson, and they careless if the trainee learn what they needed. With Ryan he would be there making sure the person get the concept correctly 100.00%
And he is always available to help with my daughter anytime I have a problem with her. I feel that in 3 month practicing with Ryan my daughter is 100 percent ready
to play basketball. My daughter is 6 feet 3 inches. and she can do it all.
From dribbling the ball, defending, driving in to the basket, playing forward, power forward, guard and center. Because of Ryan I feel she will be one of the best player in the country in 2 years from now. Since she is in 10 grade. And this year She was able to win State Championship in PA 6A. and in that game she played all 5 different position well. Since then she got better, because Ryan has taught her how to read the defense something I notice after the state championship she was having problem with, but since then Ryan has cleaned that up.
please feel free to call me anytime. I can go and go and go telling you about Ryan since he is the best trainer I have dealt with.

thank you to Ryan, I feel my daughter has a chance to make it in Division 1 basketball.

My 15 year old has worked with Ryan for a few sessions. I have found him to be very professional and easy to work with. My son has enjoyed his sessions and his confidence has increased on the court. I will update my review as we go along.

I was waiting until after our second session with coach Ryan to write a review. We finished that second session this afternoon and my 12 y/o son has really gotten a lot out of both session. I’ve noticed confidence in his ball handling and improvements in his fundamental shot sequence. Coach Ryan is the real deal!!

I had a great workout session with Coach Ryan. Coach Ryan was very positive. A slight adjustment was made to my shooting which helped with adding distance to my shot.

Ryan has not only excellent technical skills but equally important, is an incredible motivator and understands the uniqueness of each child. Would highly recommend him to anyone.

My 14-year old son had his first lesson with coach Ryan yesterday. My son is looking to fine tune his ball handling, shooting, and overall basketball stamina. Coach Ryan broke my son's shot down, showing how and where to position the ball in his hands, the proper shot elevation and shot follow through. Coach next worked on strengthening his ball handling and dribbling using both hands. The workout had a nice pace and my son felt it afterward. We can't wait until the next workout. I recommend coach Ryan to any parent or player who is looking to sharpen his/her basketball skills.

My son, Evan, is having an excellent experience with coach Ryan. He pushes Evan during every drill and will stop to point out adjustments or give him tips. He recognizes the things Evan needs to work on and delivers solid and clear instruction on how to fix it. He's positive and encouraging, but will also give Evan candid feedback, which is important. We look forward to working with coach Ryan!

(no details provided)

We just started working with Coach Ryan, and it has been great! He is obviously knowledgeable, and it is clear that he is able to be both encouraging, but also commands the respect a coach deserves. My son has already been motivated to practice the techniques and strategies Coach Ryan has taught him. We really appreciate his efforts!

Coach Ryan is a great coach! After one session my son feels like a whole new athlete. His training and techniques are like non other I've seen before - definitely top notch. I would recommend Coach Ryan to anyone.

Our son looks forward to his sessions with Coach Ryan as much as he does his games. In only a few sessions, his ball handling has improved and he is focused on what he needs to do to improve his shots. Ryan uses a helpful blend of fitness, technical coaching, strategy, and gameplay - enhancing the whole basketball package. He has been wonderful to schedule and communicate with and has an evident love of the game and of working with kids.

Great Communicator, works great with kids on shooting and fundamentals

Great 1st session!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

My son really enjoyed the session with Coach Ryan. He is looking forward to many more!

Coach Ryan ran a great session for my son! It was a combination of individual skill development where he gave specific and meaningful feedback and three x three play with real-time coaching. His coaching style is high-energy, focused, and supportive and my son left having learned multiple new things. Loved the group session, which might not be for everyone, but, given my son's immediate goals, it was perfect! Will is really looking forward to the next session!

(no details provided)

Ryan is awesome. He's pushing my daughter to be her best and she really enjoys the time spent. Ryan is a smart coach and has excellent training drills. I'm 100% satisfied.

Coach Ryan has been great in identifying my weaknesses and working on eliminating them, and he has motivated me to push past my limits. He's also a very caring person, I would recommend him to anyone looking to train

(no details provided)

Coach Ryan started working immediately. He is very observant. He quickly noticed my son's elbow was in too far and corrected his shot. He moved from drill to drill but kept coming back to the foul line to help memorize the shooting adjustment. It was non-stop work for the full hour. We will continue to use Coach Ryan in the preseason to continually improve shooting and ball handling skills. Coach Ryan was easy to talk to, work with and schedule.

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(no details provided)

This was my daughter's first session with coach Ryan and she loved it. The time was packed with great drills and exercises that she has already used in practice. She is looking forward to her next session.

Thank you for introducing the new techniques to my son. Jeremiah really enjoyed the session. We will continue to practice the new form. He is excited about another session.

My daughter had her first training session with Coach Ryan and she loved it. As we were walking out she asked when she could come back. He was very good at explaining things to her and showing her correct techniques. He made her work and she learned a lot. We will be booking more sessions with Coach Ryan!

Ryan was awesome! He is very knowledgeable of the game and was very professional with our daughter. Excellent drills to enhance her skills. Knows exactly what needs to be corrected just from watching and in one session fixed a few bad habits. Can't wait to see the changes after a few more sessions. I would recommend him to anyone at any level.

Provides great feedback and what to improve on every session, great trainer!

Coach Ryan was excellent. My two sons had their first session with him yesterday and one of my sons said he noticed improvement in his ability to get his shot off quicker by the end of the session. He helped my other son by finding things he could work on to improve his shot overall. On the same day following the session, Coach Ryan emailed me with an overall impression of the session and what he would work on with them moving forward. He also took video, which he said he would edit and send for the boys to study. My husband, who watched the session, felt it was money well-spent and my sons are excited to get back into the gym with Coach Ryan.

June 2017-My sons have continued their training with Coach Ryan and his level of support and responsiveness has been invaluable. He provides timely feedback after each session and highlights those things on which he wants them to work to improve their game. We are more and more pleased and impressed with each session.

Coach Ryan has the perfect temperament for young athletes, love his enthusiasm and focus on fundamentals. We'll continue to work with Coach Ryan....Looking forward to seeing results on the court....Ballislife🏀🏀🏀

(no details provided)

David absolutely loved his first training session with Coach Ryan. He is intelligent and respectful while coaching. He has recognized bad habits while encouraging the good. Coach Ryan is great to work with and I can see Davids game improving immensely in the near future working with Coach Ryan

Coach Ryan is a excellent coach for my son,he studies the details to help my son get to the next level and tries to push him to reach his maximum potential,also his follow up review after practice helps me better understand what he's thinking and plan of attack for my son...I would definitely recommend his skill and knowledge of the game to anybody that wants to achieve greatness.

Ryan has done an excellent job working with my boys. After a few sessions my 9 and 13 year old are playing basketball with more confidence and control. They're now participating in a basketball clinic, also facilitated by Ryan. I highly recommend this coach for athletes of all skill levels.

It's clear that coach Ryan loves coaching basketball. Coach Ryan is very knowledgeable and is able to communicate and demonstrate clearly. My son has learned more in a few sessions with coach Ryan than he learned in a whole basketball season. I would recommend coach Ryan to anyone at any level.

Coach Ryan is an amazing coach, he focuses on what I need and what I need to improve on. He is extremely friendly, knows what he is doing and actually cares about your personal needs. I am currently taking lessons and they are helping me improve by a lot, especially with his dedication due to personal needs. I would recommend him to anyone that needs help improving their basketball skills in any way, because coach Ryan can help you with anything that you need, and be a great coach at the same time.

I have been working with Coach Ryan a few months . I have improved on my shot and ball handling.
He always makes it fun and challenging.

Great Coach

Ryan is very knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. I already feel like a better player after one session. He gave me plenty of drills to work on and helped me with my form, shooting arc, and release. If you want to become a better basketball player I would go see coach Ryan.

ryan is great. he is an excellent teacher of all facets of offense: proper shooting technique, footwork, penetration/moves, etc. and he has a good disposition and has fun along with his student all while making them a better player.

(no details provided)

My son couldn't wait to give praise for Coach Ryan's workout. The workout consisted of multiple drills and practices to help the young athlete grow in various areas of his game.

We did our first training session with Ryan. He did an incredible job. We've already seen improvement after the first session. He even gave us some skill training we could practice at home.

Coach Ryan was a wonderful coach! Booked the session for my 9 year old grandson- thought he was "awesome"! Learned a lot and was able to implement those skills playing on his team. Planning on booking another session!

Coach Ryan did an excellent job working with my twin eleven year old sons. He worked them hard but also made sure they had fun and learned in the process.

(no details provided)

Ryan is an exceptional coach. He was able to connect with my son quickly and within only a couple of sessions my son was sinking his foul shots consistently. I attribute it to Ryan not only fixing my son's mechanics, but changing the way my son reacted to missed shots and opportunities.

I highly recommend Ryan as a coach.

B. Kull

Coach Ryan was a great coach! Within an hour, I made huge improvements in my shooting form and dribbling. He knew exactly what my weaknesses were, and didn't wait to fix it.

I learned a lot in just the first session

Coach Ryan did a great job. And I look forward to having more sessions with coach Ryan.

(no details provided)

Ryan is a great motivator and knows exactly how to keep the session going the entire hour. My kids love going and the fundamentals he is teaching them will stay with them forever.

Ryan is a wonderful coach. My son just finished his second session and I already see improvements in his game. Ryan knows the game well and interacts with my son very well.

Ryan is the best trainer I've had yet.... he understands the game very well and helps improve strengths as well as weaknesses too
I would recommend!!

Coach Ryan has been awesome with my son as he prepares for HS tryouts. Ryan is not only improving his shooting, ball handling and defensive skills but has also been working on instilling into my son the little things that will help him standout from the crowd at tryouts. Both my son and I would highly recommend Ryan. Great job, Ryan! Thank you.

Coach Ryan is amazing! My son is asking every day when is his next session. Ryan makes the session very interesting and engaging .

I highly recommend Coach Ryan anyone who wants a better understanding of the game of basketball and to work with a coach who takes the time to learn his students strengths and weaknesses, and build a program tailored to each player. We could not be happier with the training my 12 year old son is getting from Ryan. 5 stars!

(no details provided)

Great ability to communicate with our 9 year old son and teach great technique to improve results very quickly!

Coach Ryan is such an excellent coach. A good teacher always inspires their student for the better, that is exactly what you have accomplised. After every session my daughter felt that she has learned more tricks and techniques. She was excited to attend every session.Thank you Ryan. I am sure you can help many more passionate and budding players out there. Keep up your good work! Thanks again. Vivian

Ryan is currently training my son, who is returning to basketball after being out for some time due to a medical condition and subsequent Achilles' tendon surgery. My son was out of practice, and feeling down on himself. A few coaches came up as matches for me; but I choose Ryan based upon his experience, responsiveness, communicative and personal nature. I was nervous about my son getting back into the groove, and knew he needed someone who would help build not only his skills, but his self esteem. So far, so good with Ryan. My son loves his lessons and he's been inspired to get in shape, having taken up running after his first session with Ryan. We are very happy with Ryan!

Coach Ryan is really good. I observed him work on various aspects of my sons game as he creates a method of understanding what to work on. My son thoroughly enjoyed his lesson and is looking forward to the next one. Down to earth and personable. Very knowledgeable about the game of basketball.

Ryan was a coach of our Ulster Elks U18 women's team that remained unbeaten in the 2014/15 season winning the U18 Northern Ireland league and cup titles as well as the Irish National U18 Women's Sheild. Ryan's particular expertise lies in skill development. He is highly professional in his approach and makes every effort to tailor training and practice activities to suit player stage of development, position and interests. He is highly motivated and wants to make his players better. Ryan worked with our players who ranged in ability with some being Irish International Junior players and others simply club level. He had the ability to challenge and motivate both. I would highly recommend Ryan as a coach and would add that his ability to coach the fundamentals at his stage of development is excellent.
Ryan is such a talented person but what separates him from the crowd is that he is determined and persistent and he will get the job done well no matter what challenges and obstacles there may be.
Ryan is a fantastic coach. He has a way of motivating athletes and getting the most out of them, as he did in his own playing career. He is organized and invests time before he begins a session to ensure that he is maximizing the athletes time on the court.
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