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Need 1-on-1 attention? Former gymnast now coaching competitive Gymnastics with 12+ years of elite & specialized knowledge. Improve your skills to reach highest competitive levels. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
  1. Marietta, GA

Coach is willing to travel up to 10 miles


Initial Consult: Get to Know You
Online Training for a single athlete

For the first lesson, I meet with the parent and athlete together so that we can get to know each other. This will last anywhere up to 30 minutes. This time will include hearing from both the athlete and parent on what you... See More

Session Length: 30 minutes

$15 1 session + applicable fees

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30 Min Session
Online Training for a single athlete

30 Minute live online training session with Coach Rose

Session Length: 30 minutes

$35 1 session + applicable fees

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60 Min Session
Online Training for a single athlete

60 Minute live online training session with Coach Rose

Session Length: 1 hour

$60 1 session + applicable fees

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Video Analysis Program
Online Training for a single athlete

Need one on one attention? Need to catch the small details of your skills and perfect them? Join the monthly club! Receive assigned skills and drills from me and also receive 15-20 video reviews on your skills over a 1 mon... See More

Session Length: 4 weeks

$150 1 session + applicable fees

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  • Georgia State University (GA)

  • 6 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Kids

  • Vault, Uneven Bars, Floor Exercise, Balance Beam

  • Tumbling, Straddle, Roll, Pike, Mount, Layout, Kip, Frontflip, Front handspring, Flight series, Dismount, Cartwheel, Balance, Backflip, Back Handspring


  • Georgia State University (GA)

  • 6 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Kids

  • Vault, Uneven Bars, Floor Exercise, Balance Beam

  • Tumbling, Straddle, Roll, Pike, Mount, Layout, Kip, Frontflip, Front handspring, Flight series, Dismount, Cartwheel, Balance, Backflip, Back Handspring

More About Coach Rose

Do you need one-on-one attention? Do you need help with your skill development to catch the small details of your skills and perfect them? I specialize in online gymnastics training. Send me a message so we can set up a consultation!

I coach live online sessions for gymnasts and conduct video analyses to help them improve their skill development and gain a new awareness of their form and technique.

Specialize in Coaching Competitive Levels ( JO Levels 1-5) and the Xcel Program (Bronze, Silver, and Gold)

Additional Information:

Bachelor's in Kinesiology and Exercise Science at Augusta University (GRU)

Current Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD)

CPR/AED/FIRST AID certified via the National CPR Foundation

Certified Crisis Counselor for Crisis Text Line - (If you feel you need support and confidential crisis intervention please text "HOME" to 741741 to connect with a certified Crisis Counselor- Crisis Text Line is a free service and offers 24/7 support.)

Coach Rose Video as a Gymnast & Track Athlete: http://bit.ly/rfactionvideo

Prior Elite Gymnastics Competitor for the Gymnastics Academy of Atlanta (GAA)

2006 Level 9 Eastern Vault Champion in Gymnastics

2006 USA Easterns Floor 3rd place finisher

2006 USA Easterns Uneven Bars 6th place finisher

Prior Division I Track & Field Collegiate Athlete at the University of Iowa

Elite Emerging New Balance Indoor National Champion in Long Jump for Track and Field

Elite New Balance Indoor National Runner Up in 60 dash for Track and Field

Top 5 Long Jumpers and 100m Hurdlers in GA through years 2010-2012

I coach live online sessions for gymnasts and conduct video analyses for them. For more information, message me to set up a consult!

Not sure how video analysis could benefit you?
You will discover top-notch insight on your skills & visually understand what you are aiming for in the gym. You will develop a new awareness of your form and technique.

I believe in developing and instilling confidence in young athletes as they advance in their skills to help them evolve into bold poised and fearless athletes.

The focus is on you (the athlete) and what your specific goals are. Whether that's learning a back handspring or aiming to qualify for the next gymnastics level. We adjust lessons to fit how you learn best and personally challenge you to get you to your goal. Our overall goal together, as coach and athlete, is to continually progress to new goals as you crush the goal you originally set! :)

*Strength and Conditioning are always incorporated into lessons as that is the foundation of any athlete

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Client Reviews

Coach Roses video analysis feedback was incredibly helpful for my daughter who wasn’t placing as high in her competitions as she would have liked. Coach Rose was able to see right away what my daughter was missing in her routines and what to correct to make her movements more powerful. My daughter also said coach Rose seems super nice and she really likes talking to her :)

Amazing coach

(no details provided)

We love Coach Rose! We started with CoachUp to help my daughter perfect some gymnastics skills. Coach Rose has really helped her become a better gymnast!
I also recommend trying the video analysis. You upload a video for review and she gives you feedback on an entire routine or just one skill. I have done both and her feedback on the videos have helped to
improve my daughter's scores at her meets.

Leah's "getting to know you section was terrific. Coach Rose asked insightful questions, was very encouraging when Leah demonstrated skills she wanted to master and helped Leah set goals for her sessions. She was professional, kind, and her passion for gymnastics inspired Leah.

My 8 year old daughter had our first session with Rose yesterday. We really liked her, she made my daughter and I feel very comfortable! It was obvious she was very knowledgeable about gymnastics. We are excited to see how things continue to go with Rose!

(no details provided)

Coach Rose determined that my 5-year-old grand daughter wasn't a good fit after having an on-line consultation. Nevertheless, Coach Rose was professional and responded to all communications promptly.

Coach Rose is amazing! My daughter is excited and ready to learn more.

She’s so professional and amazing at what she does!

(no details provided)

Coach Rose is an amazing coach! She works well with young gymnasts and has a very solid program that she executes well. We use her for online coaching since our regional gyms are closed during the pandemic and our local online classes from our gym are pretty terrible - coaches aren’t familiar with the medium and the classes shift and close and open endlessly. Coach rose has created stability for my daughter and in doing so also brought her incredible talents as a coach adapted well to the online medium. I highly recommend her!

(no details provided)

We are so grateful we found Coach Rose! Our daughter, age 5, had just begun her journey into gymnastics at age 4 and it came to a sudden stop due to the pandemic and gym closure. Since she has begun with Coach Rose she has made so much progress and is enjoying every minute. The online sessions are just what we needed during this time. Even once everything gets back to normal, we hope to continue with Coach Rose. I definitely recommend Coach Rose.

We struggled with the decision to pull my 8-year-old daughter out of in-person team gymnastics due to health concerns. But we feel incredibly fortunate to have found Coach Rose! She brings a wonderful combination of patience, precision, challenge, and support and encouragement. This afternoon I saw my girl glow with pride—the happiest she's been in weeks. (And I see real improvement in her technique too.) At a tough and isolating time, coaching with Coach Rose is a big bright spot in our lives.

The video-based feedback from Coach Rose has been incredibly helpful. After a gymnastics meet, there is at least one score (and sometimes several) that my daughter doesn’t understand, and I don’t know enough to give definitive answers. (Even if I think I know, neither of us really trusts my judgment because I’m not an expert.) Coach Rose is able to demystify all the finer details that matter to the judges and point them out clearly, with drawn-in annotation so we see exactly what positioning was off and what the ideal positioning would be. She also explains why each detail matters (for instance, the impact of position on momentum and balance) and describes exactly what to do to make improvements. And of course, she does all this with her incredibly kind, supportive, and encouraging style—pointing out what was great as well as what could improve, and providing positive motivation for the future.
The video analysis that Coach Rose uses on Famer with Lineup Athletics has been truly amazing. My daughter is currently a level 2 gymnast and really struggled with certain skills during her competitive season. Coach Rose sends her workouts each week which I then record and send back to Coach Rose. Coach Rose then watches the video, analyzes it and sends it back to us. We are able to watch the video with Coach Rose's voice-over with annotations and corrections. My daughter is a hands-on visual learner so this has been a game changer. Coach Rose catches things that her in-person coaches have missed and has greatly improved my daughter's performance. Just one example is the position of her front leg during her handstands which was changing the entire handstand. My daughter gets so excited to do the workouts and even more excited to see the correction videos. I would wholeheartedly recommend this system to any gymnast who is looking for one on one online coaching. It has been a wonderful experience.
The video analysis has been very helpful for my daughter. It is very helpful for her to be able to see a playback of her skills and then be able to hear feedback from Coach Rose on what very specifically she needed to do differently, not only from the video but also from the diagram drawings she was able to add to the videos.
Rose is a terrific teacher! She hits that great balance between demanding and supportive. Her lessons are fun and well thought out. She gives clear instructions and watches closely, making necessary and helpful corrections. She seems genuinely thrilled when my daughter makes progress and gives great praise. Overall, we have been very happy working with Rose and highly recommend her!
Rose has been a gem of a gymnastics coach. She is organized, supportive, and genuinely cares. She is very patient and works with her pupil to reach their goals. She is always punctual and responsive to any questions.
Ms. Rose has a warm personality and is an excellent teacher. She gives clear instructions and feedback as my 7 yo girl works remotely with her. Very happy that we found her!
We love Coach Rose! We are lucky to have found her to keep my daughter’s skills up during the pandemic. Rose is so kind and patient with my not always focused 6 year old. She has also mastered the art of virtual coaching. We’d recommend her to anyone looking for a talented and kick-butt coach!
I can truly attest to Rose's excellent rapport with people of all ages. She is very knowledgeable, and passionate. Her communication skills (both written and verbal) allow her to connect with all kinds of people. Displays the best motivation by being the biggest supporter, cheerleader, all while challenging you to reach new heights. I highly recommend, Rose!
Rose is an inspiring and motivated role model. Her dedication and ability to overcome challenges in the sports world has enabled her to develop a driving force of "can do" attitude. All encompassed in a warm-hearted and loving personality. She is dedicated and finds joy in helping others achieve their goals.
Rose is an extremely patient and energetic teacher. Her expertise shines, and she is truly a joy to work with! Her coaching style is smart, and I feel that my child's skill needs are always met! Can't recommend her enough!
Rose is not only experienced in the sport but also a dedicated coach with a great caring personality. She is committed, trustworthy, and dedicated to her tasks and will, and in my opinion, gives the best personalized lesson one can get. I am thrilled and honored to recommend Rose.
Coach Rose is AWESOME! She is great with my daughter that is 7 years old and is learning skills for Level 3. Rose is really creative on her way to teach the skills, she focuses on every detail. She quickly understood what areas my daughter needs work in and she goes right through that! Every class is different and she uses all you have in hand in your house to help with the daily routines. My daughter is really happy, she is learning and improving a lot. Rose is great not only with the skills but with conditioning and strength! I'm really happy to have found her and totally recommend her!
Rose is absolutely amazing! She instantly was able to bond and relate with my child. In addition, she researched and planned drills, activities that met her needs. She was able to identify areas for improvement and teach her how. I would highly recommend her for any needs.
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