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Google "TheFifaTrainer" you will find me. I am the host of a popular soccer channel that has helped me teach over 5 million players in over 165+ countries in the world. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
  • Southern Polytechnic State University (GA)

  • 8 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Forward, Goalkeeper, Midfield, Defense

  • Corner Kicks, Free Kicks, Passing, Crossing, Throw-Ins, Penalty Kicks, Heading, Dribbling, Goal Kicks, Shooting, First Touch, One-on-Ones, Agility, One-Touch


  • Southern Polytechnic State University (GA)

  • 8 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Forward, Goalkeeper, Midfield, Defense

  • Corner Kicks, Free Kicks, Passing, Crossing, Throw-Ins, Penalty Kicks, Heading, Dribbling, Goal Kicks, Shooting, First Touch, One-on-Ones, Agility, One-Touch

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-----Current Head Coach of Concorde Fire U14s-----
I presently hold a coaching license with the USSF (United States Soccer Federation). My coaching style is very unique considering I've traveled to 14 different countries in all corners of the globe. I've picked up certain techniques from different areas of the world and put them together to create my own brand of teaching. I have privately coached hundreds of children, teenagers and adults. Nothing feels better then watching them improve from week to week, and game to game.

I have been playing soccer for over 20 years at all levels of competition. I've played travel soccer, PDL (pro development league), in high school/college(1st team all-star selection for my region), and am still participating in professional tryouts. I've also played internationally in Sweden, Finland, Holland, and Tunisia(Espérance de Tunis). I also speak other then English; Finnish fluently and basic Spanish and Arabic.

My sessions start off with agility/footwork training, then progress to balance/coordination movements. Then juggling and passing the soccer ball to warm up the player's technical ability. After, evaluating the player's skill level and specific needs I will work with them on a variety of drills to improve there weaknesses so they can become the player's strengths. Examples include, strengthening a player's weak foot, demonstrating proper shooting technique, getting a player into match fitness, and improving there first touch on the ball. I will end every session with a proper cool down/stretching to ensure flexibility and to increase my player's resistance to injury. Most importantly, I will get the player hungry and motivated to want to improve themselves. I pride myself on removing bad habits and instilling a strong work ethic on my players. They should leave every training session not just feeling as a better player but also a better person.

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Client Reviews

Coach Rami was very patient. He was able to explain the drills to my daughter in a way she could understand. For example, when moving the ball to one side during a drill it was because, “a defender is on your right so fake right, step left.” She understood why she was doing each drill. He tailored it to her and her needs as a striker, as opposed to just working on footwork & getting a physical workout in. He is young enough to relate to the kids but old enough to show patience and kindness.

Great job of translating drills to in-game situations, helping my son incorporate what he is learning/repping in training sessions into his games.

Coach Rami was very patient with my 4 year old. It was my son’s first Soccer training in life and we wanted him to feel comfortable with the trainer so that he continues his interest in Soccer in future. Coach Rami showed him the different types of kicks and as it was an online session, Alex would sometimes go outside from the camera view and Coach Rami patiently waited for him and asked him to repeat the moves that he couldn’t see...and encouraged him even for the tiny bit of right kicks that he showed...Coach Rami was wonderful !

Coach Rami is awesome coach. he is very patient with kids. My son looks forward for each session. he enjoys it . I have seen a lot of improvements in my son's soccer. Thank you Coach Rami


Coach Rami is a great coach with my boys. He is very knowledgeable and knows how to talk to my boys to get the best out of them. During these covid times, he also takes precautions to keep social distancing and still coach them properly.

Rami is great. Very knowledgeable. Highly recommend

Coach Rami uses innovative techniques and modern training aids to keep his sessions fresh and interesting. He's great at adapting his training strategies to the abilities of the athlete with which he's working. He's also adept at explaining how the skills needed to perform a drill relate to a game situation. My son has benefitted significantly from working with Coach Rami, and I would have no trouble recommending him to anyone.

My daughter had 3 coaching sessions with Coach Rami and said that they were all beneficial and that she felt she got better with each one! I love that he focuses on what the student needs help with the most and helps make that weakness become a strength. For her 3rd session, she brought a teammate (from the advice of Coach Rami) and she said it was her BEST session ever! We wouldn't hesitate to book him again!

Coach Rami's class is fun, really focusing on ball mastery and foot work.

Rami was great with my 06 daughter! We just booked more sessions.

Great first session. We are booking with Rami again.

Excellent coaching. Does a great job of identifying strengths and weaknesses and subsequently addresses them accordingly with a balance of technique, footwork, balance and conditioning drills. Highly recommend.

My son had his first session with Rami and I was really impressed. He assessed and worked on many footwork skills using challenges he had not seen. Rami taught my son tactics to improve his defense in a game as well as shooting goals. He even discussed the mechanics of the game. We will book again!

My son and his friend found the first training session to be pleasant, professional, intense and helpful. Coach Rami not only set up drills, he took time to correct proper technique and didn’t move from one drill to the other until they had a good grasp and were comfortable with the skills he was teaching. I would highly recommend coach, we have since booked 4 sessions, we also set a weekly session cadence for the boys. We truly believe he will take our boys game to the next level in due time.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

My son just had his first session with Coach Rami and he absolutely loved it. Coach Rami asks questions to determine what your child needs to and wants to work on and then creates a very organized training session focusing on those areas. We look forward to another session soon!

Great coach. My son learned a lot from these sessions.

Highly recommend Coach Rami! He was very patient and his drills were well-structured.

Coach Rami did great with my 7-year-old daughter. He was very patient and encouraged her to stay focused. I would definitely recommend him for coaching.

Coach Rami was great! We were visiting from out of town and he was extremely flexible in scheduling daily last minute sessions for a week for my son and niece and nephew. They were excited to go back every day!

My son had his first lesson with coach Rami and we are definitely coming back for more. Rami is very knowledgeable, patient and skillful. Whether you or your child are just starting out playing or have done it for , you will be very impressed and pleased with this coach.

(no details provided)

My son has really enjoyed the sessions with Coach Rami. It has helped build his skills as well as his confidence on the field. Highly recommend!

My daughter loved practicing with Coach Rami. She was especially happy with the drills. He was patient and explained the importance of each drills. From a parent's view I must commend him. I had to reschedule the first practice and he was very accommodating. I will definitely be making more appointments.

(no details provided)

Coach Rami is very knowledgeable and walks our son step by step through the drills. We are very pleased with the lessons so far.

Great coach!

(no details provided)

My son started working with Coach Rami over the summer. We are seeing great improvement in his soccer skills. My son's high school coach has definitely noticed the difference. He commented on what a great soccer player my son is becoming!

(no details provided)

Kids enjoyed there session working on fundamentals. Looking forward to moving forward with a regular schedule for training for my children

I would recommend Coach Rami to anyone looking to increase their child’s soccer skills and passion for the game. Coach Rami’s professionalism and patience have impressed us from the outset, along with his ability to instill enthusiasm in his trainees. Our seven year old started just a month ago with the intent to just take a few classes, but he will now be staying even after the season begins, as he is eager to continue to grow his skill set under Coach Rami’s guidance. Thank you

(no details provided)

Excellent coach. Great instruction - very patient. Would absolutely contact again in the future.

Coach Rami was instantly able to assess my U14 daughter’s strengths and weaknesses in their first session as well as run incremental drills to prepare her for State Cup finals. We will be using him on a regular basis through the summer to prepare for Fall season. Very happy. J


Coach Rami was very impressive as our shy son took to him right from the start. His overview and assessment was on target. As they worked on ball skills, Coach Rami was patient and provided additional support to complete the task.
Our son worked hard to do his best as Coach Rami made a impact, where I could not.
Extremely knowledgeable and patient with our 8 year old.

We are signing up for more lessons.

Don’t miss out on this gem.

Very patient with the kids. Great drills to learn fundamentals.

In one session, Rami really helped my son with new skills and was a great coach! Very effective and helpful with great coaching. look forward to future coaching sessions.

Coach Rami has been amazing for our 10 year old daughter! After just one session, she already started making corrections to her technique on the field during the game. Each week, we see improvements in her technical skills and confidence. Rami is professional and timely. He has a great demeanor, and incredible patience working with younger athletes. I would highly recommend him if you want to take your child to the next level or simply improve their technical ability.

Coach Rami is a knowledgeable and patient coach. My daughter is older but pretty inexperienced in the game. She did just 5 lessons with Coach Rami in the fall and improved so much. Her regular soccer coach noticed improvement after 3 lessons with Rami and we didn’t even tell him she was doing additional training! She loves the 1 on 1 training and Coach Rami covers several skills and techniques in each session. We’re really happy we chose him to work with her.

We’ll definitely be back for lessons in the spring!

Rami ran a fantastic training session. We look forward to future sessions. Duane

My daughters had a great training session today with Rami. He was positive and helped them with finishing today. We’ll definitely book additional sessions!!!

(no details provided)

Stella enjoyed her first session with Rami. She said it gave her tips on how be better prepared to score when the opportunity arises. She also likes the drills Rami asked her to work on.

Coach Rami is excellent and my son enjoys it as well.

(no details provided)

Great job with my daughter. Her confidence and skills have improved with each session.

My son (11 years) had his first session with Coach Rami and it went extremely well. Coach Rami was knowledgeable and personable, and my son is excited to start working with him weekly, specifically on his goalkeeping skills. The session format was organized, and they covered a lot of different things. Plus Coach Rami made sure that they took plenty of quick water breaks (it was about 90 degrees).

Great session today with Coach Rami. Rami was very flexible about doing a group ( 2 player) lesson - even though their skills are different. Their goal is to improve and and add new training methods. Loved the way he incorporated balance, agility work with technical instruction. This was our first session - my boys really learned alot - we will be booking more

We have had 7 sessions with Coach Rami so far and each has been unique and challenging for my 6 year old son. I like Coach Ramis style and he gets the respect of my son. He is patient and is teaching appropriate skills and pushing him in the right directions. Coach is a good communicator and quickly evaluated my son's strengths and weaknesses. Coach understands how to focus on all aspects of the game thus far, and thinks and teaches about both the mental amd physical part of the game. We have signed up for more sessions with Coach and are looking forward to developing the relationship further.

Coach Rami is very professional and it was very easy to schedule a session with him. We had a group session and he did a great job keeping both girls engaged. Already booked another session.

Well structured drills

Great session today with Coach Rami. Loved the way he incorporated some light agility work with technical instruction. This was our first session but the other players in our group will be back. Thanks Coach Rami.

I am very pleased with the session we booked with Coach Rami. I am so pleased, that I will be booking him for the entire summer to prepare my daughter for the fall season. My daughter plays club soccer, and in one session he was able to make a clear outline of how to improve her skills. My daughter said this was the most productive one hour she has experienced with a coach, and she is already looking forward to the next session. I recommend Coach Rami, especially if you need someone to take your skills from good to great. He is professional, organized, detailed, and very knowledgeable. I wish we would have found him years ago!!!

Ava's first session with Rami was great, she learned a lot. He is encouraging and patient and was able to customize the session to fit the skills she needed to work on. 5 star Coach. We are excited to book again!

Coach Rami has been great with my daughter. Although she has played soccer since she was quite young she felt that she needed help with improving her game skills prior to Select tryouts. Coach Rami has been able to help her improve her ball handling abilities and her foot work. And most definitely her confidence. Coach Rami is calm and patient with her and has taught her fundementals of the game of soccer. She is looking forward to continuing to work with Coach Rami and improving her game further. Definitely worth the investment.

(no details provided)

Coach Rami is focusing on Ethan's areas in real need of improvement which not only will benefit him as a more rounded player but are intended to help him achieve proper recognition should he decide to take it to another level. Rami takes the time to make sure Ethan understands purpose of each skill set for practical application in a game. All above are what he needs to ascend at a critical time and Rami is spot on with helping his growth in this regard.

Coach Rami is an excellent coach who would benefit athletes on all levels. After one session, Rami quickly identified the weaknesses and offered drills and techniques to address the areas of improvement. Rami arrived early and was well prepared for our training session. We will definitely be scheduling future session with Coach Rami.

Excellent! Recognized what areas my daughter needed improve. Not only worked on improving the skill, but the confidence building mentally to get there. Shared areas of the game where her position can strategically advance outside of skill (other options).
Thank you Rami!

Let's start with the little things; coach Rami was punctual and prepared. He made the session effective, practical, and most of all, fun, for my 8 year old son. My son currently plays soccer at the travel, tryout level for his age group, and Coach Rami's session was a great compliment to his current weekly practice schedule. Coach Rami quickly assessed his skills, and created drills to develop upon his existing base. He touched upon the one-on-one development skills that get lost in daily team practices. I look forward to the next training session with coach Rami, and more importantly so does my son!

I booked Coach Rami after viewing his YouTube channel, TheFIFATrainer. He was great with my two boys, ages 9 and 11. They both play Academy soccer and I feel like Coach Rami's session is a great compliment to their normal training. They both got more touches in the one hour session than they would in multiple days of training with their club. He is very professional and well prepared-- and fun too! I'll update after we have had a few more sessions, but my boys are very excited to be working with Coach Rami.


Is great!!!! We're in our second year of using him and my son is making better teams and becoming one of the more valuable players on his team. He makes learning soccer fun and he's just a good coach and a nice person. Our 4 players that train with him highly recommend him and so do the parents.

Rami is awesome! Our 10
year old son says he's makes learning FUN. Rami has taught him several useful skills already which he
has already applied to his game. We look forward to continued training with him.

Coach Rami is a true professional with an obvious passion to participate in and teach others the game of soccer. My son really enjoyed his approach and ability to connect. I highly recommend him!

(no details provided)

Great session. Looking forward to see my kids get better at Soccer! Impressive work!

We signed our 17 year old daughter as she is trying to make the soccer team next spring. Ally had a great time at her first couple lessons and we are signing her up for more for sure. Rami walks her through basics, challenges her, teaches footwork and kicking accuracy. We like the way he teaches! We recommend him.

My son had a great session with coach Rami yesterday. He really enjoyed his training and is looking forward to his next session.

Coach Rami really connected with my son. He worked him hard and gave him several things to work on individually before his next session. It was the best investment we have ever made in his game. Last night my son said "I can't wait until tomorrow's session." I highly recommend Coach Rami. He is excellent.

He's got great understanding of the sport and customizes the drills of the session based on your current skill sets.
Waiting to book my next session.

Also, it's a bonus that he's got a YouTube channel with videos covering almost all aspects of the game

(no details provided)

Coach Rami is a great coach for Trainning. He knows all aspects of the game and he works many different drills to make you a better player and athelete. I highly recommend Coach Rami for Trainning.

My son really enjoyed his session with Rami and he worked harder as a result during the session. Rami had the full hour planned out, with great structure and activities. I would highly recommend Rami if you're looking to take your child's game to the next level.

Coach Rami is great with the kids and patient with his instruction. He presents the drills in an easy to learn way.

(no details provided)

More of the same for Rami. Very organized and he provides specific, detailed instruction on drills, skills, etc. We will be getting more sessions with him.

My son really enjoy's his lessons with Coach Rami. He understands that club coaches don't teach all the concepts of the game and is very good at making fun sessions that do teach new and important concepts.
Rami has a great deal of knowledge about the game and has improved my 12 year old son's footwork and finishing tremendously.
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