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Former Nepal National Team Volleyball member and current volleyball coach with extensive volleyball coaching experience View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
  1. Fullers Park, 3499 Robinson Rd, Marietta, GA

Coach is willing to travel up to 50 miles


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1 session package with Coach Prem. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$100 1 session + one-time fee

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  • Kathmandu Vishwavidalaya

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Setter, Outside Hitter, Opposite, Middle Blocker, Libero

  • Spiking, Setting, Serving, Serve Receive, Jumping, Hitting, Digging, Blocking


  • Kathmandu Vishwavidalaya

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Setter, Outside Hitter, Opposite, Middle Blocker, Libero

  • Spiking, Setting, Serving, Serve Receive, Jumping, Hitting, Digging, Blocking

More About Coach Prem

I have been coaching volleyball with the Nepal Army team for 2 years and Brispati High School for 2 years. I was main open spiker for the team. I have traveled to 14 Asian Countries. I have been in the U.S. for 25 years. I can coach any position in volleyball.
I am a AVCA member also ,
I was coaching woman volleyball team for state of Lumbini for 2 years ,in Nepal

I love volleyball and I've played enough to know about volleyball and the skills required to be great in volleyball. I started playing volleyball when I was 9 years old and I started coaching the Nepal Army Team when I was 15 yrs old.

I played volleyball for the Nepal National Volleyball team from 1984 -1992.i played for High school 1979-1982 and had 4 times Best Player Award and 4 times Gold Medal for Team ,

I always start with warming up and a few laps of jogging. Then, I will put more time with a volleyball and teach athletes to play with fingers and proper digging technique. After, I will lined up the athlete and show them how to serve the ball as service is main component of the game. I can teach them about floating service and jump service. Finally, I emphasize defense.

I will tailor the training regimen to the needs of the athlete.

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Client Reviews

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It was a great session today. Coach was able to identify the technical skills my daughter needed to improve her serving. This is the first time my daughter has had a coach that actually focused on the technical skills she needs to improve her serves.

We went to Coach Prem to prepare our son for volleyball tryouts. Coach Prem was very knowledgeable with the sport and techniques to improve our son's skills. He can assess weaknesses quickly to help to improve the athlete. I recommend using him!! You will see improvement immediately. My son was very excited and upbeat when leaving the lesson!

I did not know what to expect having my daughter work with Coach Prem. I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised at the instruction, energy, and seriousness of his training sessions. As a paying client I appreciate a coach that takes his job seriously and does not sugarcoat what his players really need to work on. He's firm with the girls but also knows how to boost their confidence and have fun. I would recommend Coach Prem to any players that want to get a different perspective or training style that they currently get from their club.

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(no details provided)

Coach Prem is an AWESOME coach! After working with our granddaughter for 5 minutes he was able to tell exactly what she needed to focus on to improve and started working with her immediately! I would definitely recommend him and use him again!!

First session with Coach Prem and we are happy with what our daughter has learned

Excellent coach, and my daughter found his insight to be invaluable.

Coach Prem was able to identify my daughters strength and weaknesses and began working on her weaknesses immediately. His coaching style is amazing and we will definitely continue to work with coach Prem.

Great session with Coach Prem! He quickly identified areas to work on, and recognized a few subtle things to adjust that already have made a positive impact on the court. Perhaps most importantly, Coach Prem kept the session fun. Great drills, great feedback, a good workout, and even some laughter - not much more you can hope for out of a training session. We will be back!

I am really impressed with Prem's coaching style. My daughter had already improved by the end of her first session.

Coach Prem was GREAT!!! Very knowledgeable... Looking forward to training with him again soon.

The session was great. Coach Prem provided a breakdown of key volleyball fundamentals. He took time to demonstrate the proper techniques and my daughter was able to get hands-on training. He was honest about her weaknesses but was optimistic about her ability to improve. Just as some of the other parents have expressed, I too feel like my daughter learned more in one session than she did the entire season.

Coach Prem was very detailed and worked immediately on fundamentals. After only 1 session, he was able to connect with my daughter and she applied techniques immediately. He seemed genuinely interested in helping her improve her game! Thanks Coach Prem!

Coach Prem did not disappoint.
We tried him based on the reviews. I was pleased with his technical approach and the way evaluated my daughter's strengths and areas that needed improvement. My daughter learned more technique and form in one lesson than she's received all season at her coach. Very pleased. Will definitely be back.

Coach Prem was great! He assessed our daughter's skill level and has developed a plan to help her improve. Even though she is still a novice at the sport, we believe Coach Prem will help make her fundamentally sound so that her natural athleticism can help her flourish as a player. Thanks Coach Prem! We look forward to weekly sessions with you for the foreseeable future!

Coach Prem is really hands on and drives each player to build new skills and extend upon existing strengths. My daughter has grown tremendously from his coaching and he's flexible with time and effort to ensure each session to include a we'll rounded instruction, execution and strategy. Time is managed well, but if the time has exceeded he is generous to the players so nothing is left unfinished.

Just had our first session with Coach Prem...he immediately assessed my daughter's weaknesses and targeted ways to improve. Definitely focuses on the fundamentals and focuses on the individual player and what she needs to work on. Booked 5 more sessions today! thanks coach!

Coach Prem K is a very knowledgeable coach when it comes to volleyball. After my daughter's first lesson, she greatly improved in serving and I could tell her confidence in herself was getting better by seeing her smile. He knows quickly what to work on to instantly improve ones game. We will be returning for more lessons for sure.

Coach Prem is a very valuable asset to the Volleyball community. In just one session, my athlete gained so much knowledge about technique and in my opinion improved already. Will definitely book more sessions. If you want to take your game to another level, Prem comes highly recommended! A++++

Our first training session with coach Prem was great! He identified my daughter's weaknesses and came up with a strategy to improve them as he didn't want to waste my money and time on her strengths. Also, he has assistants to simulate game type situations to really improve her game and build confidence as well. Can't wait til the next session.

Prem and Tek were awesome with our daughter in our first session. They identified her strengths and areas for improvement quickly, with sound advice and a plan for the latter. We look forward to many more sessions with Prem!!

Coach Prem helped my daughter change her hitting in just one session. She can't wait until her next training. He is so knowledgeable in this sport. I would recommend him highly for hitters, setters and passers. Can't wait to see what he brings next time!

He definitely knows his stuff. After one day of a 2hr workout with him, my daughters bumps were a million times better. The practice reflected in the game. His price is reasonable, especially for the knowledge he possess. I have 5 sessions and I plan on getting more.

my daughter is a leftie and i was giving up on her volleyball however coach has placed that confident back in her and we see great improvement. it was well worth it and we will be coming back! it was an hour drive to him and was well worth it.

Caoch Prem was easy to work with. He readily assessed my daughter's skill level and was able to hone in on what needed attention. We plan to use him again.

We really liked our first session with Coach Prem......will definitely sign up for more!

Coach Prem is a great coach! My daughters technique improved with each session. Would highly recommend coach Prem.

My daughter just had her first private lesson with Coach Prem, and let me just say quite simply that it was awesome! He is an extremely nice, knowledgable coach. After a few minutes of watching her hit some balls, he knew EXACTLY what to work on her with, and in just this one session she left hitting the ball better, and with knowing what she needs to work on. We HIGHLY recommend Coach Prem, and have even already scheduled future sessions with him.

My daughter had her first lesson with Coach Prem and I was immensely impressed! He worked on several volleyball skill and immediately detected her areas of weakness, and made corrections. This personalized lesson was soo much more than she could ever obtain from open gyms or her varisty & club practice because the focus was strictly on improving HER individual skills. We are excited about working with Coach Prem on a continuos basis and letting him take her volleyball skills to the next level because he is quite frankly the best volleyball coach that she's ever had!

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