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Using the ProCoach platform I help individuals transform how they look at food, create better awareness, and develop long-lasting nutritional habits. View all coaching experience

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Using the ProCoach platform we help develop good habits and teach mindful nutritional practices.

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  • University of Missouri (MO)

  • 15 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Sports Performance


  • University of Missouri (MO)

  • 15 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Sports Performance

More About Coach Phil

With an undergraduate degree in Nutrition & Fitness as well as continuing education through Precision Nutrition, I have been providing athletes nutritional advice and coaching for 15 years. As a collegiate track & field coach I directly counsel athletes regarding sound nutritional principles and habits. In my role as a strength and conditioning coach I advise athletes of all ages and sports on how to implement optimal nutritional strategies.

I played football and competed in track and field where I earned multiple All-Conference Honors and Conference Championships. However, I consider my greatest accomplishment to be giving back to the sports that I love.

I utilize ProCoach to guide individuals through progressive, sequential nutritional habit assessment and change. By developing awareness and a systematic approach to nutritional principles we are able to have long-lasting results. There are daily informational assignments as well as habit assignments to help get you moving in the right direction.

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Client Reviews

Coach Phil is extremely knowledgeable and great to work with. My son improved his speed and running mechanics in just a few sessions.

Coach Phil has been awesome to work with. Since our first session with Coach Phil, he has helped our son make changes to his technique and footwork and therefore has achieved a new PR in each track meet he has competed in!

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(no details provided)

Phil has been great with our daughter. She is learning the spin, and Phil has broken down each step. Now, we’re putting it together. It’s been a work in progress, but he has been patient. She’s learned so much!

Phil is great! He walks through the steps, gives exercises, and encourages.

As a former thrower, I was hesitant to reach out for coaching for my teenager as I thought it would take a lot of trial & error to find the right fit (in my eyes). With Coach Phil, it took all of one session to know he was a high-quality coach and someone from which my son could learn. His qualifications and successful protoges are impressive, but I focused more on his methodology of transferring all of that to a young athlete. He was immanently positive, finding something to compliment and work on with every throw. My son was working with him independently within a session and I really liked listening to them work out issues on technique. Great coach, great guy, truly passionate for the sport and genuinely cares about his athletes and their enjoyment of the sport...and that obviously includes their success. My son's improvement while working with Phil was huge, over a 10m PR from last year and still improving.

My daughter had a great first session with Coach Phil to improve in her hurdle events. He was extremely knowledgeable and encouraging. You can tell he has a true passion for coaching. We look forward to future sessions with him.

Coach Phil was very helpful and gave us some good drills to work on. We have already scheduled more sessions.

Coach Phil is very knowledgeable and my son loves working with him. He’s learning a lot and is improving daily by utilizing what he is learning from coach Phil.

Coach Phil is an excellent throws coach! My son is learning so much in a super positive environment!

Izzy is super pumped after 1 session. She can’t wait to get back!

Coach Phil is great at communicating for booking sessons. He is extremely knowledgeable and works so well with my kiddo. I would highly recommend him.

Phil is communicating so effectively with my female teen athlete. They set attainable goals, use their time to pursue her dreams and to ultimately gain better form and outcomes every session. We appreciate his positivity and ability to share knowledge when training our athlete to be better. Watching our daughter’s progression with Phil’s lessons has been so very exciting. We plan to support our athlete to compete at the highest level that she can with Phil’s coaching support. Highly recommend Phil.

My son, Gavin, is getting a lot out of his sessions with Coach Phil

Been doing good work with my son

(no details provided)

First session with coach Phil went great for my 10 year old son. We liked it so went ahead with the elite package to get 9 more sessions with him!

My son really enjoyed his first session with Coach Phil and is really excited to get to the next session

(no details provided)

Phil has been awesome to work with coaching my daughter in discus. I look forward to future workouts with Phil and all 3 of my kids!!

Had one visit so far but it went great! I have a very young athlete on my hands and coach Phil gave him activities that were challenging but not deterring. He even showed some of the moves to his teammates at practice today and they used it as a warmup. Excited to see what’s next!

Coach Phil was assume he definitely made my daughter fill confident and aware of how to make adjustments.
He worked with her on high jump and hurdles and although she is a senior she wants to continue working with him on her technique and approach as she goes into districts.

Our son learned so much on his first coaching appt w/ Phil. He’s had 2 so far and comes away with so much knowledge for his shot & discus. He enjoys every minute of it!

Awesome coach, very knowledgeable and patient. My son loves working with him and has already shown a lot of progress.

Coach Phil really motivates my daughter and knows what he’s talking about! Can’t wait for more sessions!

Coach Phil is a great coach! Has helped progress my throwing abilities a lot and look forward to continued improvement. Highly recommend!

Coach Phil has been a great help in getting my young son back on track! Phil knows his stuff and his delivery is super effective.

(no details provided)

Excellent coach. From warmup, to initial assessment, to developing routines, to giving insights and at the end review and practice recommendations. Checks on how the athlete is feeling, believes in quality over quantity, easy going. Noticed improvement on my daughters routine already. Wld definitely recommend. Try him!

(no details provided)

Phil is the perfect type of coach for my Shot and Discus throwing Granddaughter. Very patient, thoughtful, and logical. His knowledge of throwing is great. She has a good chance of qualifying for MO State Championship this year and already has signed NLI with UCM.

Coach Phil really helped our son with his javelin technique in his first lesson, and he really connected well with Coach Phil. We were both really impressed with Coach Phil's demeanor and coaching. I would definitely recommend Coach Phil for javelin throwers looking to improve their technique and grow in the sport.

Coach Phil is the best! Have worked with him for years in a number of different events for track and field. He does a fantastic job explaining things in a way that makes sense to my son and then in a different way to help me as the parent understand so I can support.

Coach Phil does an excellent job of observing keyvasoects of the throw an adapting feedback and drills thatwiääbbest help the particular athlete

Our boys both throw the javelin and needed a lot of help with technique. Coach Phil has been a huge help!! They've learned a lot and really enjoy their sessions.

Good coach

Coach Phil was very helpful with our son's throwing session. Gave him some valuable pointers on technique. What I especially appreciated was his desire to know our son and what his thought process was to help his mental edge. Thanks Coach Phil! We will be scheduling another session.

Coach G was excellent in his evaluation of my Daughter , Coach G was very respectful and professional in every aspect of this practice with my Daughter . We will definitely work with Coach G again .

Coach Groves relates to the athlete and what they are trying to accomplish. He has already helped us in the first few sessions get better.

Coach Phil is a great coach—very knowledgeable and has great experience coaching! He is kind, understanding, and works great with teens.

Knows what he’s talking about - positive

My daughter got the basics down and felt more confident after the lesson. We’ll be back for more.

(no details provided)

He was great. He gave my son some great pointers that will help improve his game immediately! My son can’t wait for his next session!

Coach Phil is an outstanding Coach who truly understands what his athletes need. He has all the tools and is very professional. I trust Coach Phil and will be working with him for the rest of my career!

Very good session. He communicates his knowledge to athletes so it is easy to follow and understand.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Very happy with the information shared with my daughter and the workout she did. Coach Phil listened and gave great advice to help improve her running mechanics. We will be back for more sessions!

Coach Phil did a marvelous job working with my daughter on some technical points with the weight throw. He listened to what she wanted to focus on and was able to give her some great coaching points and drills to work with. I've known Coach Phil for years and he is passionate about track and field and it comes through in his coaching and caring for the athlete.

Coach Phil was great. He covered a lot the first visit and already started improving my daughter's form. Can't wait to see her grow with his coaching!

Awesome coach!

Coach Phil is absolutely the best. He is not only sound in teaching the skills and mechanics needed for throwing, he always has the athlete's best interest in mind and teaches them to be smart with their bodies and actions while off the track. His patience and ability to connect with anyone is priceless and instrumental in the success he has with the athletes who train with him. My daughter has grown so much in her javelin throwing abilities just in the few sessions she has had with Phil. I would highly recommend him to any athlete of any level.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Phil definitely knows his stuff when it come track and field. Works well with athletes.

(no details provided)

Coach Phil helped our grandson so much on his first visit we booked a second visit and then signed up for 3 more. Coach Phil watched him and then showed him some techniques that helped him. Our first track meet is this week and I can't wait to see how he does then.

Coach Phil is an excellent coach. All of the time spent in the sessions is quality time. He has provided our daughter with a lot of good coaching as well as helping her become more confident. We would highly recommend Coach Phil!

Coach Phil made me work hard, but he taught me a lot and is helping me trainer smarter and stronger. Thanks Coach Phil!

(no details provided)

What a great first session. We were impressed and pleased!

(no details provided)

Coach Phil is great! Only one session so far but he’s already taught me so much I never knew and have been throwing for 5 years. Can’t wait to learn more.

Awesome coach!

Coach Phil has been great for my son to learn more about the right form and approach for high jump!

(no details provided)

Always great a real professional

Sporadic scheduling and availability.

i’ve learned so much!! a great coach. my height increased insanely!! super kind!

Great coach, great with kids of all ages. I would highly recommend.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

We’re off to great start!

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(no details provided)

After the 1st and 2nd session, our son has learned a lot and has improved his technique. Coach Phil makes you feel comfortable and has a vast knowledge of everything you could possibly want to know. We have already purchased more sessions!

I visited Coach Phil several times to learn how to throw the javelin. He is very passionate and knowledgeable about throwing. I really enjoyed working with him.

Great overall coach ready to get more work.

We are so excited that we found Coach Phil. He was so informative on speed , technique, and body mechanics. He explained everything he did and we felt that the session with our son was very individualized. We look forward to our next session!

Phil is an excellent coach! My kids loved working with him from
Day 1. They learned so much and had a great time. The workouts were tough and they still loved it. Highly recommend Phil!

I would recommend coach Phil to everyone.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Worked with my daughter on LJ and TJ and she qualified for State her freshman year!

Great Coach. Very knowledgeable. Interesting in improving your athletic performance.

An awesome coach with a cool personality, gets very technical which is great!

(no details provided)

Coach Groves does an amazing job! After just one group session with him my daughter got her XC PR of the season two days later. He has a great rapport with the kids and makes the training sessions fun while teaching them valuable techniques. My daughter is looking forward to her next session!

Coach Phil exceeded my 15 yr. old son's expectations. He was able to diagnose some running form issues and put him on a path to correct these issues. Coach Phil systematically evaluated every aspect of his mechanics and flexibility. This was exactly what we were looking for. Coach Phil was very personable and related very well to my son. My son cannot wait until his next session. I would highly recommend coach Phil.

Amazing coach!!! Really gets to know the athlete and what will work best for them to achieve their fullest potential!

Rhys loved it and learned a lot already!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Very positive and encouraging for my daughter.

(no details provided)

Coach Groves has passion! Only 1 session in and my son had a great time. Cannot wait to continue on!

Coach Phil is awesome!! He explains everything so it's easy to understand and makes sense. He's passionate about what he does and his enthusiasm is contagious!

Coach Groves is doing an exceptional job with my son. He listens, watches, and has developed a personalized a program to help my son achieve PR's in all of his events. His coaching helped my son win a Regional Championship and a 2nd place finish. I would highly recommend his coaching services and will continue to use him for my son.

Coach Phil was excellent at introducing new techniques in manageable sections and in a logical sequence.

Coach Phil did an amazing job helping my daughter fine tune her high jump technique. Looking forward to working with him again.

Excellent session! Appreciation his passion.

(no details provided)

Coach Phil has coached me in ways I haven't been coached before. Every session I learn things no one has ever taught me before. He's a great all around coach and I'm excited for every opportunity to work with him!

- Augustine Morgan, Freshman, Staley High School, High Jump, Triple Jump and 400M /
2016 AAU All-American High Jump, 15/16yr

My son had his first session with Coach Phil. Coach and my son worked well together. Chantz had a lot of fun and learned a lot. Coach Phil is very knowledgeable with his instruction. We intend to schedule many more sessions with Coach Phil. This coach is what my son's track training has been missing. Thank you coach Phil for your help.

Very good teacher! Explains why to focus on what is needed in the drills.
Not just a workout- made the work fun and interesting for the boys

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Phil is the best coach we have had the pleasure of working with. His high energy and insightful ideas has and will change how my son will approach running and speed training going forward. After the first session, my son used what he learned the same day in football practice and looked great on the football field. I just wish we had found coach Phil years ago. I highly recommend Coach Phil and looking forward to our next session.

Coach Phil was awesome! The kids learned so much and are running faster now. Coach took the time each session to explain and teach each child properly. Will definitely recommend to others!

(no details provided)

coach Phil very observant to the needs of my son, excellent training so far !

Great sessions, learning how to be more explosive. Already can see and feel the difference.

(no details provided)

Coach Groves is more than an excellent coach. His ability to teach and reach the mind and heart of an athlete is why we will continue to have our sons train with him. Thank you, Coach Groves!

(no details provided)

Coach Phil is a great coach! He relates well to my athlete and knows how to motive her. His training and techniques are excellent. I would recommend Coach Phil to any thrower.

Our son Cole is in 8th grade and has been working with Phil for a year now. Phil has been teaching Cole how to throw the Shot, Disc and Hammer. He has taught Cole such great TECHNIQUE that when he goes to a track meet we have many parents asking us who taught him how to throw? (He has great form) The Answer is always Coach Phil at JCCC. If you have a child interested in throwing get ahold of Phil he is the coach for a athlete of any age and any level. The one on one lessons Cole did really help him Coach Phil could touch up his Techniques that he had gotten lazy on during middle school track and Coach Phil had him back on track. Phil is a 5 Stars in our eyes.
Thank you
Mike Sample

Coach Phil was fantastic. Our 13 year old daughter is just starting in track and after an hour you could see improvement in her technique. We live out of the KC area and he equipped her with drills to practice daily at our home track.We will definitely be scheduling more lessons! Well worth the drive. Thx, Coach!

(no details provided)

Coach Phil is the real deal. In just two sessions(and daily homework) I can tell a difference in my daughter's athleticism, explosion and form. What he is training her for translates to so many different sports. His knowledge of how the body works is going to really help her with explosiveness, quickness and overall speed. I will update this review in 6-10 weeks to let you know how this translates to her sport.

Our son truly loves working with Coach Phil! His knowledge, enthusiasm and love for track and field are truly contagious. Couldn't be more thrilled to have him as our coach!

My son is a sophomore in HS and was looking for a coach that could help him take his jumping to the next level. Coach Groves was great at explaining the mechanics of the long and triple jumps and helping my son really understand the sport. We will be scheduling more sessions and would definitely recommend other athletes to Coach Groves.

Coach Phil did an excellent job of evaluation and identification of habits to improve upon. He explained everything very well to my son and showed him how to train in order to make adjustments. We were both very pleased with his insight and his ability to communicate the "why" in suggested changes. Coach Phil is excellent!

Coach Groves worked great with my 16 yr old. Both of us learned a lot today to assist her with her form of the hurdles. Wonderful day!! Can't wait until next session!

You would not likely find a better coach for your thrower than Coach Groves. His teaching principals break technique down to a level that even my seventh grade "never threw an implement in his life" can even understand. 5 stars! Your middle school thrower is not going to get instruction like this from his school coaches, I guarantee you that. Been there done that.

I thought my son's initial session with Coach Phil was great. He took my son through the basics to see what he knew and then applied some improvement ideas to help with his javelin technique. We'll definitely book another session and additional sessions over the winter as track season approaches.

Coach Phil put me to ease after my first session and first experience with a trainer. I recently got on to play for a women's tackle football team and he got me right into the training and explained my position to me. Coach Phil is very knowledgeable and I am looking forward to the next session and highly recommend Coach Phil!

(no details provided)

Coach Phil has taught our boys a lot about the mechanics of running as well as how to apply these to their sport. He relates to the boys and makes working out a fun yet challenging experience. We have already seen results in the relatively short time we have been working with him. Recommend him highly!

Great teacher. Not just how to run, but the understanding of the mechanics.

Alex had a great experience working with Coach Phil for some prep for the Junior Olympics. He provides tons of advice and tips to make Alex a stronger athlete. He relates well to young athletes and Alex enjoys working with him.

Phil works great with my son. He has a very positive attitude, offers frequent feedback on ways to improve technique and provides encouragement when my son is performing well. He also shares information with us so my son can effectively practice and train on his own.

(no details provided)

We spent two years trying to figure out what type of a trainer my 15 year old needed to recover from a debilitating knee injury resulting in a complete muscle loss in his legs. Phil identifies the issue in 5 minutes and designed a workout to meet his needs. Just sorry it took so long to finnd the right help.

Coach Phil did an amazing job with my daughter! He had tons of new information and techniques to share. He had a fantastic approach to his coaching. She learned more in one session then she did in an entire season (or two) of track.

Coach Phil did such great job with my son Luke, we immediately booked another session! I was impressed with how well he coached to a 12 year old's level. After just one session Luke has doubled the distance of his discus throw.

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