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Maury B.

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Former Collegiate Basketball player, BA degree in Kinesiology, College Scout; developing basketball players of all talent levels starting from youth to professionals. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
  • Whittier College (CA)

  • 2 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Center, Forward, Guard

  • Agility, Attacking the Rim, Ball Handling, Defense, Footwork, Moving Without the Ball, Passing, Pick and Roll, Post Moves, Reading the Floor, Rebounding, Shooting


  • Whittier College (CA)

  • 2 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Center, Forward, Guard

  • Agility, Attacking the Rim, Ball Handling, Defense, Footwork, Moving Without the Ball, Passing, Pick and Roll, Post Moves, Reading the Floor, Rebounding, Shooting

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More About Coach Maury

Experience: Volunteering at Arcadia High School basketball camps for 4 years (2006-2010), worked the NBA All-Star Jam session (2011), volunteered at Pasadena Bruins kids camp, coached Whittier College basketball camp (2014). Wilson High School Basketball Coach, USA BASKETBALL certified (2016). Coachup Captain, 3rd RANKED COACHUP (Basketball) Coach/Trainer in CALIFORNIA, 8th RANKED in AMERICA

I have trained 100+ players total, all college level and younger. I am currently training a good amount of kids on a weekly basis and am looking to train more that want to get better. I am experienced in coaching individualized and/or group sessions, individual sessions are more geared towards fundamentals and skill work whereas group sessions also add a competitive edge to the workout. I am willing to work with all talent levels and to help those that want it get to the next level. Looking for consistent trainees that are hungry and ready to get their game to the next level! Players that are serious about getting their game to he next level should be training at least 2-3 times per week with their given schedule (outside of practice or games) in the offseason and 1-2 times per week during the season.

I am also a verified ATHLETES USA scout with connections to over 20,000 college and professional coaches. Everyday myself and our team are helping student athletes with athletic scholarships to the top NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA, and CCCAA colleges as well as High School prep schools in the country. We also assist college prospects in getting professional contracts to continue their dreams of playing professionally after college.

Played high school basketball and college basketball at the Division 2 and Division 3 level. I played high school basketball at Arcadia High School, then played at Pasadena City College, Holy Names University, and also at Whittier College. Played in the Nike Say-No-Classic as well as the Drew League.

The session depends on what the player wants to improve on. Individual sessions are more geared towards fundamentals and skill work whereas group sessions also add a competitive edge to the workout. Typically a workout session would start with ball-handling, defense, footwork and transition into shooting and offensive drills. The focus would be to strengthen weaknesses and master strengths to make for a good to great overall player. Conditioning and shooting are also a part of the plan, workouts are tailored to fit and match into each trainee's game. Expect lots of shooting, ball-handling, defense, and IQ strengthening during these sessions.

Check out @GameChangersBasketball (Instagram) to view a typical session/workout.

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Client Reviews

Coach Maury trained my 16-year old son twice while he was visiting California for a week. He put him through the paces and gave him a challenging workout. We were very happy with the level of teaching and the aggressive pace.

My daughter had her first basketball training session with Maury, and I was very impressed. He is very knowledgeable about basketball and was able to see right away the areas of which she needed improvement. My daughter is very shy so I knew it was going to be hard to find a private coach for her, but Maury made her feel comfortable. She really enjoyed it and we will be booking more sessions with him. If you’re looking for a private basketball coach to take your game to the next level, I would definitely recommend Maury.

Coach Maury is professional and his drive, passion for the game and winning attitude are infectious. From beginning to end he game my kids a top tier workout.

Coach Maury is a great coach!
He is very motivational. You get your money’s worth.
Rios family.

From the first time contacting Coach Maury, he was very quick in responding to my messages with a direct answer. I was very impressed with how professional he runs his program. I've sat in on a couple of practices and seen that Coach Maury pushes his students at a pace that keeps them moving and getting in a good sweat but doesn't outwork them. What I like is that Coach Maury's training sessions are strictly business! No periods of joking around, no paying attention to a cellphone during training, or trying to find out what to do next. Everything is like clockwork. Coach Maury runs repetitive drills while at the same time incorporating new drills. I've noticed that my son is going through ball handling movements as he walks around the house now meaning he is gaining that confidence we've been looking for. I look forward to my son continuously working with Coach Maury and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to better their or their child's game.

My son has gone to Coach Maury for about two months. He enjoys the sessions even though they are hard. He is put in game like situations as opposed to mindless drills. His confidence has grown because of this. He says Coach Maury analyzes his flaws and corrects them during workouts.

Great coach

Great coach, very passionate in things he teaches and very accommodating.

Great trainer. Workouts are intense and well planned. Coach Maury will really elevate your game to the next level

Coach Maury was there on time, gave my daughter drills that kids have in high school basketball teams. Very detailed and will definitely refer him to others. I will book more sessions with him.

Great coach my daughter can’t wait for her next workout.

Good facilities, personable coach, effective motivator. Highly recommended.

My first time training with him was great! Definitely would recommend if you're trying to advance your game to a higher level.

(no details provided)

Coach Maury has the ability to train any athlete to improve tremendously no matter what their level. He provides an awesome workout. Over time, you can definitely see a great improvement in strength, agility, and skill.

My son had his first session with Coach Maury and he was really happy because his training and techniques are very effective. My son already noticed an improvement in ball handling. He is looking forward to having more sessions with him. I would highly recommend Coach Maury to everyone.

I sat and watch Coach Maury drill my son for an hour. He was very patient and had a lot to offer to condition my son's fitness. He was friendly and showed a lot of interest in helping my son smarten up his ball skills.

I've worked out with Maury 3 times and I can say he's one of the better trainers out there. If you are in the area you need to work out with Maury. He's knowledgeable, cares about all of his players, and his workouts push you mentally and physically. My legs feel like jello after every workout so far! I feel like if I continue to work with Maury I will gain the edge I need to succeed.

9/10. Really makes me work my hardest
and provides me with helpful drills so I can translate it to the game easier.

Maury has already took my game to another level with only working with him for 2 months. I trust him with my game and I know he can take me to the next level.

Coach Maury has a very effective and engaging way to engage with young athletes that inspires them to give their best. His understanding of the game fundamentals and what the individual player needs to focus on are top notch. Overall very high quality training and I would highly recommend Coach Maury!

Great coach! Focuses on areas that you need as a player. Really emphasizes college-like basketball and doesn't use fancy unnecessary moves. Sessions work the players hard but are fun too!

Great training today Coach Maury! Thanks for working my upper body strength and basketball skills. I'm doing my push-ups and pull-ups. See you again in a few days!!

(no details provided)

Coach Maury really knows his stuff. Works hard and pushes you to be more than good enough. He wants you to be great and asks nothing less from you. Can't wait to get in the gym with him again

Coach Maury is a great coach and trainer! He's really helped me to become a better basketball player and athlete both mentally and physically.

(no details provided)

Great knowledge of the game, Maury has been to the place my son wants to be, he knows how it takes to get there. Great trainer.

Great workouts and a great trainer who really cares about the development of his athletes.

Great coach

Great workouts! Excellent hands on instructions.

(no details provided)

My two boys, 14 and 11, had their first session with Coach Maury and they both liked him a lot. He was very knowledgeable, personable, and had some great drills. They're looking forward to more sessions with him. I'd definitely recommend him!

My son had his first session with Coach Maury today. Coach Maury provided great coaching. His knowledge of the game and ability to communicate it to my son was excellent. Great location (indoor gym) for the session and great drills. I recommend to Coach Maury for anyone seeking to improve their game.

Coach Maury was excellent, very knowledgeable and hands on, most importantly my son like him and we both felt this was some next level training. Highly recommended.

First was hard but was worth it. Coach Maury is will work you hard but will get you where you wanna be. 👍🏽

My son plays at bishop Amat he loved the work out ! Signed him up for more sessions

Positive mind set...great mentor

My boys had a first training with Coach Maury last Saturday. Coach Maury did a good job by coaching my boys different drills: to finish, to shoot not just wide open shots but also contested, and euro steps.

Coach Maury is awesome! Huang-Yi really enjoy having lessons with Coach Maury, thank you!

Coach maury definitely elavated my game to a different level. My new skill set is powerful beyond measure.

(no details provided)

My son had a great experience with his training. He's looking forward to more

Coach Maury B is a knowledgeable
and experienced coach and it shows.

I'm hoping his training for my son Cam will benefit & improve his game to get more play time .

Coach Maury B is utilizing a well disciplined & structured training method to train Cameron .

Nice Job Coach Maury

Best coach I ever met

Great coach! Boys enjoyed doing drills.

Coach Maury is the type of coach who understands the game of basketball really well, was able to fix a couple of Jerad's bad habits on the court. Highly recommend!!

As an experienced basketball player, it can sometimes be hard to listen to a coach who is close in age to yourself. However, it didn't take long for me to see that Coach Maury really knows his stuff. You can't put an age on good coaching! He pays attention to the little things that the players of today don't think too much about - footwork, hand-eye coordination, and all of the essentials in between. If you are looking for a trainer to take you to that next level, I recommend choosing Coach Maury to get you there.

It's really great coach, He taught me many useful basketball skills, Fortunately I met him, thank u coach Maury.

Maury is a great coach. From the first day he started training my daughter. Her self esteem and confidence and vision for the game has really improved. I will continue to take her to coach Maury until she gets to the next level.

Coach Maury is an awesome coach! My son is 8 years old and he was very patient with him. He is very knowledgeable and has great coaching techniques. Coach Maury takes pride in his coaching. We are looking forward to our upcoming sessions and I will definitely be booking more sessions in the future. Thanks coach Maury!!

Initially I had Informal chat with Coach Maury to gather information about what will work best for my son. I didn't feel pressured into doing anything. I wanted a coach that was proactive and involved. Someone who was patient and understanding, Finding a location to provide coaching is always challenging, I was very pleased and satisfied that he had a place convenient for us. This is what you will get from Coach Maury. He is a great listener and has the skills to provide the right common sense advice. My son had no hesitation at all about having Coach Maury as his coach. He enjoyed his session with him and is looking forward to more.

Good coach

gotta say this is a great coach. He's pacient and responsible. Training with him is reallly amazing. You guys should try him😁

Train with coach Maury ! He will get you right ! Great training with him it's always different and he gets the best out of you in each of the training session

Coach Maury can immediately spot the holes in my son's game, and he starts to tailor the training to his needs. I believe my son will be playing highschool varsity level in no time!

Coach Maury was great at motivating me through the workout to keep my focus. I would recommend Maury to others.

(no details provided)

Coach Maury is pretty good. He has beautiful dunk. He teach me lots of things. I want rebook it. I think Coach Maury will help me improve my basketball skills.

I had an awesome session with Coach Maury. He was attentive to what I wanted to train and provided good drills to my needs. He paid close attention to details during our session and provided great feedback what I could improve on. I would recommend Coach Maury to anyone.

Coach Maury was a great Coach! My first session on CoachUp was very productive and eye-opening thanks to him. He didnt rush anything and worked with my pace and skill-level to maximize the workout. After just one hour, I feel motivated and ready to keep working harder!

Maury is a good coach. He taught me many things and I have learned some skills. In the future, we can have a good communication. I will be better and better. I will recommend Maury to my friends.

(no details provided)

With only one training session, I have already seen big improvement in my boys game. Thank you coach Maury for your dedication and effort.

As a parent, my first impression of Coach Maury is that he is very knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. The kids respects and looks up to him. My son very much enjoyed his first couple sessions and I can tell Coach Maury is someone he will continue to train with for a long time. His training plans and workouts are impressive and definitely challenged my son. He also keeps it fun. His priority is to get my son to his goals and be successful.

(no details provided)

My 9 year-old son greatly enjoyed his training session with Coach Maury. When asked how his session went, he said, "Coach Maury helps point out corrections, so I can do better. He is encouraging and tells me to keep trying. I want to have more sessions with him." As a parent, I am pleased with Coach Maury and will be continuing sessions for my son.

My son's session with Coach Maury was spectacular! My son has had numerous coaches and not one has taken the time to evaluate and tell my son what he was doing wrong and how to correct his bad habits to become a better shooter. He has been yelled at and kicked off the court. But, not once was he ever taught what he needed to correct to become a play better. I really appreciated Coach Maury's eye. My son wants to learn how to handle the ball like him. I also liked the way Coach Maury trained my son how to play defensively. I have never seen his technique used before. My son and I were very impressed and most of all my son enjoyed his session. We plan on more sessions.

He is very knowledgable in basketball and in general. He can and will teach you all the skill necessary to succeed. Would highly recommend him.

this week me and my buddy had the privilege of being guests to coach Maury a very knowledgeable coach and trainer. i highly recommend Mr Maury B he pushed us to work hard and made sure we left that gym feeling great about ourselves. for anybody out there trying to work hard and get better on there game contact coach Maury B enough said come join us on a session so we can push each other and grow as players!!!

(no details provided)

My son had a great experience with coach Maury. Coach Maury was very knowledgeable and pushed my son. My son had. Good workout with him n enjoyed it. I will definitely be booking another session with him. Very motivating n passionate about teaching kids.

Great Workouts!

He's a great young willing teacher who puts you first and is really willing to help other a really kind person and his basketball skills and knowledge of the game are very high he will really help you get to that next level

Coach Maury is a great coach he really pushed me to my limits and made me put all i had into it. After my first session i have felt like I'm better and i will continue to make sessions with him, he's a great trainer.

If you want to get better than Coach Maury is the right trainer for you. I have been training with coach Maury for a while and I have seen a good change in my game!!

Coach Maury provided my two sons with actual methods to improve. Moreover, left my sons motivated for more!

Coach Maury was absolutely great. After that first session I felt great and already felt like I got better. He pushes me to new limits. Great coach and great trainer.

I am very pleased with my decision to sign my son up to train with Coach Maury. He is very passionate about the sport and he knows how to make sure that you challenge your ability to grow and learn as a athlete. My son was confident and excited to use some of the new skills and techniques Coach Maury showed him. We are looking forward to more sessions. He is very approachable and my son wasnt afraid to ask questions. He is thorough and it was fun working with a highly experienced athlete. I recommend him to train you or your kids if you want to excel in the sport of basketball.

Top notch professional and innovative trainer !
My son is only 7 years and very skilled for his age so he gets bored with basic drills, coach Maury put him through challenging drills that simulated the exact game situations that my son needed to work on and most importantly he showed my son the importance of working hard and being disciplined all the while making sure my son was having fun playing basketball !!

5 stars isn't enough for the wonderful experience that my son had. We will definitely be comeimf back to coach Maury for all our training needs !

(no details provided)

My son had his 1st session with coach Maury and he enjoyed it. He is talented, skillful and patience which motivated my son a lot. I highly recommend coach Maury if anyone looks for a basketball coach.

My son's goal is to take his high school game to the next level. Coach Maury had an immediate impact on his abilities in just one session. Coach Maury really put him through the paces. Everything he did was to benefit my son's game time impact. Shooting off the curl, shooting off the dribble, finishing at the rim, a variety of dribbling techniques... Coach Maury utilized them all to help extend and further enhance the skills my son already has. Coach Maury has current, elite level drills to take you where you need to go. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Coach Maury really a wonderful trainer. He shows great spirit as well as a friendly attitude that will attract any new student. He was great with my son and now he wants more sessions with him.

Coach Maury was great! He is very knowledgeable. He worked with my son and gave him excellent drills that will help my son improve his game. I also liked the way he gave my son overall tips to help him become a better player. Keep up the great work, coach! Thanks, The Adams Family

Coach Maury was really good.
Thank you. I will continue to request him for my sons basketball.

Coach MAURY worked with my son at Whittier College for the 1st time. I wanted him to focus on improving my son's dribbling and BOY did he work him. When my son struggled on a drill, he was able to redirect my son with another drill to help get him through the drill he was struggling with. I appreciate the patience he had with my 9 yr old son! Great coach!!!

Good overall practice and great tips. Looking forward to next practice.

excellent coach ! he has a lot of talent, he is the one i have been looking for to increase my sons confidence and skills. I recommend him to everyone that wants their children to move to the next level!

Coach Maury did a great job with my son. Maury is a soft spoken young man who showed patients with my son while still coaching with high expectations. During our first hour with him, my son showed a noticeable improvement. Will definitely be booking more time with him soon.

My three children had the first session with coach Maury today. Coach Maury is exactly what I've been looking for in a trainer for my children. He is patient and excellent! My children like the session very much and they're looking forward to the next session! Thank you!

I had a great first session with Coach Maury and he is definitely someone that you would want to workout and train with. I'm looking forward to more training sessions with him. Thank you Coach.

Today was my sons first private session with Coach Maury and it was great! Coach Maury gave my son multiple drills to address his goals: dribbling, shooting as well as offensive and defensive moves. He gave great feedback and made adjustments when necessary. We're extremely happy with our first session and plan a weekly session with him during the high school season. Thanks Coach!

Great coach. He knows the game and explains step by step till understood. I would definitely recommend him.

We are glad to find coach Maury! After 2 sessions, I can feel my son is quite happy after each session, and seeing him progress in the basketball he likes is wonderful. We start with dribbling skill and basic shooting, which coach Maury's training is very helpful, highly recommend!

Coach Maury is a great coach, he knows about teaching.

Excellent coach. Very helpful. Keeping encourage me. Great coach to train with

Coach Maury is energetic, positive, and knowledgeable. He taught my son new drills and has already begun to help improve my son basketball technique. We will definitely be using him long term.

Coach Maury was very helpful, patient and gave a lot of advice on how to improve. I already feel like a whole new athlete and I would definitely book a lot more sessions with coach Maury. He is very professional and has specific drills on stuff that you want and need to work on.

(no details provided)

Coach Maury is a great coach .He knows what you need to improve .He is very knowledgable, patient and
encouraging.After practice he sent me an email pointing out what I needed to work on .I would definitely recommend Maury B. to everyone

We had two sessions with Coach maury for our son and so far so good. He has elevated my son's level of play and has given him tips and drills that will help him get to the next level. His coaching style is tough such that he forces you to build that stamina needed to get up and down the court, get you in shape and develop confidence. Caoch Maury is a great match. Thank you.

Not knowing what to expect, we are happy to say the training session my son had with Coach Maury was great. He is very knowledgable and cares about specific needs to help my son improve as a player. He asks questions and communicates throughout the training, which I believe is very important. We will definitely book more sessions.

Excellent coaching skills, just what my kids needed to continue developing their basketball skills to the next level. My kids are thrilled and can't wait for their next session with Coach Maury. Me as a parent, I'm just glad my kids feel comfortable with the one on one training and expertise that Coach Maury brings to the court. Thanks.

Maury was a great coach! He has helped me reach my goals and has great drills for me to keep improving my skills. He is knowledgable about the game and is passionate about getting his players better with a whatever it takes mentality. His individual sessions are great and his group sessions are competitive and just as great! If you need a coach/trainer, he is the one for you!

After first session, Coach Maury is patient, direct & excellent with my son. I'm sure he will help me build his confidence & skills. I would really recommended him.

Coach Maury is great to train with also has great drills for conditioning and skill work ! Hoping to reach my goal with him. And leaving it all on the court!

Coach Maury was quick and was able to see where my son needed improvement on the first practice and was completely present watching his form. His ease talking to a young kid was amazing. My son responded to his advice and said he's excited to work with Coach Maury again. Great way to be introduced to this service.

Coach Maury is exactly what I've been looking for in a trainer for my son! My son got a lot out of his very first session with him and I can't wait to see his progress in the weeks to come. There takes a special person to care about getting through to a young athlete, and Coach Maury is one of those people. My son is lucky to have him as a trainer.

Coach Maury is the best ever. Not only does he have the experience, he lives the experience. His athletic lifestyle and training is who he is. Take one look at him and you know he practices what he teaches. He is very patient and teaches the techniques needed to stay fit and active for a lifetime. I can't wait to book with him again. Maury is amazing.

(no details provided)

Very pleased with the practice, will be signing my son up for more sessions!

Awesome session!! Maury really did a great job. My son worked hard, but had fun. he cant wait for the next meeting.

(no details provided)

Coach Maury was awesome !!!!😎 My son that's 12 years old enjoyed his session🏀🏀🏀Im going to hired him for more sessions. I Totally recommend him if your child wants to improve his skills ....Thank you !

Great coach, makes you work hard

Coach Maury was great! I had a really good workout with him today. He teaches you the moves and skills you need to have to be good at your position and he really pushes you to be better. He teaches you all aspects of the game and I can't wait to have more sessions with him!

Coach Maury is great. He is passionate and very knowledgeable in his sport. He motivates his athletes to achieve their potential through hard work and dedication. His training and techniques are excellent. He covers all aspects of the game. We were looking for someone who understood the challenges a high school center faces and teach him the skills and moves that would bring his game to the next level. Coach Maury absolutely surpassed our expectations. After only a few sessions with Coach Maury, my grandson has improved his game considerably and gained a vast amount of confidence. I highly recommend Coach Maury to anyone interested in improving their game. We will definitely use this talented coach in the future.

I would love to share my experience working with Maury. He is a professional and an incredible athlete. His charisma and very positive attitude is very contagious! Because of him, my son's game has improved overnight. He has taken my son to the next level! I highly recommend him, he is worth every penny!!
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