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Varsity level school and AAU experience as well as coaching youth sports. I have successfully helped athletes get better and know I can help you achieve your goals as well. View all coaching experience

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  • Kentucky Christian University (KY)

  • 3 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Center, Guard, Forward

  • Post Moves, Shooting, Rebounding, Reading the Floor, Pick and Roll, Passing, Moving Without the Ball, Footwork, Defense, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim, Agility


  • Kentucky Christian University (KY)

  • 3 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Center, Guard, Forward

  • Post Moves, Shooting, Rebounding, Reading the Floor, Pick and Roll, Passing, Moving Without the Ball, Footwork, Defense, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim, Agility

More About Coach Matt

I currently operate my own AAU organization, Ohio Gold Basketball, in which I coach a team through. I also coach numerous athletes on a weekly basis year round, both individually and in small groups.
I have coached youth through high school age groups. I have coached at the high school level at Lake Center. I have put together numerous sessions to help athletes improve their game.
Varsity Assistant at Lake Center, Hartville, OH. 2014-15 season
Head JV Coach at Lake Center, Hartville, OH. 2015-17 seasons.
Head Varsity Interim Coach @ Lake Center, Hartville, OH. End of 2016-17 season

I played in high school at Heritage Christian and in college at Kentucky Christian. I have won mvp and defensive player of the year awards in high school.
High School - Heritage Christian, Canton, OH. 2001-2005. I won awards such as MVP, defensive player of the year, most improved and coaches award. I played point guard, shooting guard and forward, but mostly shooting guard. I always defended the opponents best player. My career highlight was nearly posting a triple double one game my senior year. I finished that game with 28 points, 9 rebounds and 8 assists.
College - Kentucky Christian, Grayson, KY. 2005-2009. I played point guard, shooting guard and forward, but mostly shooting guard. The highlight of my college career was making back to back NCCAA final four appearances.

During a typical session we will hit all areas of basketball. The session will be broken down into defense as well as offense. Defense will be broken down into footwork, stance, length and rebounding. Offense will be broken down into dribbling, passing and shooting drills. Shooting session will be comprised of a variety of shot types, split up with free throws.
Typical speed workout - A skips, B skips, one arm wall run, drop acceleration, resisted attack the ground, attack the ground and go, heel flick skip, resisted knee drive with assisted attack the ground, sweeps, modified suitcase walk with arm and knee drive, sprint and releases.
Example agility workout - mini hurdles, skater hop lateral runs, forward backward hop with rotational vertical jump, lateral quickstep change of direction, lateral jump hip turn, explosive knee crossover run, ball rip vertical jump.
Example of a shooting session - 32, 21, 5 spot shooting, celtic shooting, duck shooting, W shooting, 50 point, Big Shot, hedge fade curl series, RIP, quick 6, spot up, off variety of screen and a mixture of free throws throughout.

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Client Reviews

My 12 year old son really enjoyed his first session with Coach Matt. After his game a few days later, my son commented that he had learned some specific techniques from Matt that helped him improve his playing and shooting. He played noticeably better this game and seemed much more confident! Coach Matt did a great job targeting the specific areas we asked him to work on. I felt like he really filled the hour with a lot of instruction. It was a great first experience.

(no details provided)

Coach Matt was great with my 10 year old son. We had our first lesson tonight. He kept the session interesting and moving at a good pace. My son definitely would like to work with him again!

Matt certainly has some great skills. First session with my son was the best we ever had. Matt is very knowledgeable and I highly recommend him.

(no details provided)

Coach Matt did a great job with Kamron and his dribbling and footwork have improved due to the training.

Coach Matt did an excellent job with my 14yr old daughter. It was non-stop action for the whole hr. Looking forward to our next session with him.

Coach Matt is an awesome coach. He’s very patient and very knowledgeable about basketball. I highly recommend coach Matt!
He has the skills to help you get better at the game.

My 11yr old daughter just had her first lesson, and she loved it! She is excited for the next one. She learned as much in one session with Matt, then she did in 8 months with other coaches!

(no details provided)

This was our first experience with a personal coach and trying to find someone to work with our son. Coach Matt was very friendly and accommodating to our son and in just one practice saw some fundamentals to work on and we are looking forward to continuing with coach Matt. Coach has knowledge and gave great advice. Would highly recommend.

He’s an excellent coach. He knows how to make a kid feel better with the skills and talent they have. He doesn’t make them feel insecure. He encourages them to work hard to improve on whatever skills needs improvement(ball handling, foot work, shooting). I would highly recommend him.

Coach Matt has been very patient and great to work with on teaching my daughter the fundamentals after her first season this past fall.

I would definitely recommend.

I was completely impressed with Coach Matt during my son's first session The session was jam-packed with active instruction! Coach Matt is exactly what my son needs to improve and to take his basketball skills to the next level! I can already see my son's self confidence growing.

I was on the fence on whether to have my son play AAU or spend the time and money on being coach 1 on 1. After the first session I know that I made the right choice. Coach Matt is well organized and I know he will help get my son to the next level.

Matt was awesome my boys really enjoyed the session. He was able to take some basketball concepts that can be confusing and make them more sensible to them....

Coach Matt is patient, organized and knows how to encourage my daughter. We are very pleased with his help. Highly recommend.

Our daughter said she can definitely learn from Matt. She’s looking forward to more lessons.

Coach Matt is absolutely fantastic! He strives to instill confidence in the players he works with. He is encouraging, dedicated and a great teacher. My son learned more than I expected he would in an hour session, he already has five new moves!

Matt is very organized and gets the most out of each session. My son enjoys working with Matt and is improving each session.

Coach Matt was great. Never played basketball but he showed me a lot within the hour. He was very patient and encouraging. I will definitely do another session with him

Matt did an excellent job with my son and was well prepared for his session.

Coach Matt does an excellent job! His training is great. He taught my son some fantastic techniques that will help improve his game. His teaching style is on target and he has a high level of knowledge of basketball. I highly recommend him!

What a great experience, right away coach was able to see what my son needed to work on! I really liked how whenever my son made a mistake coach Matt would repeat next play lettingmy son know it was ok and to move on. Coach Matt seems to be a great motivator and would highly recommend! Comming form a long time baseball and football coach this guy is good!

I found Coach Fritz by chance, so I didn’t know what to expect. He was a great find! Coach Fritz is very knowledgeable and professional. What I appreciated most was the patience and encouragement he gave to my son. If he missed a shot, Coach would tell him to forget about it, and focus on the next one. He is very good at analyzing both strengths and weaknesses, and breaking it down for you to understand. I would encourage anyone looking for a personal basketball coach to contact Coach Fritz. You will not regret it!

Discipline =Freedom

Really good coach. Does drills that help you improve on all the little things. If you mess up he will show you how to do it correctly. He always finds stuff to improve on. Definitely would recommend!!

First session was way more than I expected. Coach Matt was well prepared. My son really enjoyed the workout. The entire session involved really working on things my son needs to improve his game. Great job coach!

Coach Matt got straight to work with Thomas. It was Thomas' first session and first time meeting with Coach Matt. After a few questions for myself and Thomas, he started with drills to see where Thomas was at as a player. The session seemed to be well thought out and moved very smoothly. Thomas loved every minute of it and even though he was tired and sweaty after the session he said he loved every minute of it and wished that it was longer. We look forward to continuing sessions with Coach Matt.

It was a very good lesson I learned a lot

Coach Matt is organized, professional, and prepared. He is very knowledgeable and was able to quickly identify areas of improvement in my son’s game. He has a calm, encouraging approach, and provides clear directions. My son is looking forward to continuing to work with him!

Coach Matt is a real professional and knows what he's doing, period.

Coach Matt was a Great !!! My son really enjoyed working with him,his training and techniques are excellent definitely top notch, after just one session my 11 year old son scored for the first time in a game!! I would recommend coach Matt to anyone!!

My son (age 13) has had only one session with coach Matt. Matt presents himself very well. I felt secure allowing him to instruct, he was very professional, clean cut & looks like his picture here. If you are looking for someone that knows how to teach basketball skills - he clearly does this. The session seemed to be well planned out. He explained the concepts and introduced new techniques and skills.

Coach Matt planned an awesome first session that was packed from start to finish. Not only is he able to explain the concepts but he can also demonstrate and break them down into slower or smaller movements. I will definitely schedule future sessions and look forward to building on what I know and learning new techniques and skills.

Matt did a great job with my boys! He was able to teach them some basic skills during the session, and they really enjoyed the time they spent with him.

Matt worked really well with my son. I definitely recommend !

Coach Matt is awesome! I really appreciate how flexible he was with us! The boys talked about how great the session was all the way home!

(no details provided)

I am very impressed with Matt. It was clear when he gave my daughter her first lesson that he is very knowledgeable about basketball. He was very organized and had planned the session before we arrived. He ran her through many drills and made good suggestions how to improve her game. He was very supportive of my daughter, encouraged her, and told her not to worry about making mistakes. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to take basketball to the next level.

My son said he learned a lot just in his first session and is really excited to see his anticipated progress!

My son really enjoyed his session with coach Matt! He is looking forward to his next one! Coach Matt is ver knowledgeable about basketball as well as kind and patient! Looking forward to seeing my boy grow in basketball!

Coach Matt is thorough and don't waste time, our daughter enjoyed working with Coach Matt, Looking forward to working with Coach, He came on time, easy to work with, flexible schedule.

Coach Matt was very organized and very knowledgeable we were very pleased on what his session consisted of. Ethan can not wait to work with him again

Coach Matt had a very good first session with my 14 year old son. Matt was very organized and he came prepared with a written plan that he followed. My son is a post player and Matt incorporated a series of post moves into the session. There was no wasted time and the full hour was utilized. Matt communicated well and provided both positive and constructive feedback. I am looking forward to having Matt continue to improve my son's game prior to the upcoming season. I definitely recommend Matt for personal basketball instruction.

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