Mark C., Elk Grove, CA Soccer Coach

Mark C.

CSF Soccercise & Highest Level



Ex-Pro, UCLA, US Olympic Program, High School All-American. Now, dedicated to helping students of the game reach their athletic goals and personal aspirations. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
  • University of California--Los Angeles (CA)

  • 30 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Midfield, Goalkeeper, Forward, Defense

  • Throw-Ins, Shooting, Penalty Kicks, Passing, One-on-Ones, One-Touch, Heading, Goal Kicks, Free Kicks, First Touch, Dribbling, Crossing, Corner Kicks, Agility


  • University of California--Los Angeles (CA)

  • 30 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Midfield, Goalkeeper, Forward, Defense

  • Throw-Ins, Shooting, Penalty Kicks, Passing, One-on-Ones, One-Touch, Heading, Goal Kicks, Free Kicks, First Touch, Dribbling, Crossing, Corner Kicks, Agility

More About Coach Mark

I have worked as a Coach/Trainer for over 35 Years. I began volunteering for AYSO and CYSA when I was in High School. From that point I graduated from high School and began doing clinics at the University level. Began working professionally after College with CSF (Creative Sports & Fitness). I have coached ages 2 yrs to 30 adult. From recreational players to professional. Have worked domestically and International. US Soccer D License level Coach and hold a Red Cross CPR and Advanced Life Support Certificate.

CYSA North State Cup Winner and MVP of Championship Game 1973. Numerous CYSA North District and State Select Teams from 1974-1980. Various High School Awards including MVP in Soccer and Football. Played JV as Freshman in Soccer and Football. Played Varsity as a Sophmore in Soccer and Football. 1981 Parade Magazine High School All American.Soccer Team. .I began training with Olympic Development Program and was selected into the US National and Olympic Programs. Won a full ride scholarship to UCLA in 1981. My class of 85' won the first National Title for UCLA in 1985. I was one of 88 player finalists to the 1984 Olympics and about the same for the 1986 World cup. Played a couple of years of Pro Soccer in the APSL (It's successor is the MLS).

1) Pre-training discussion: Quick but thorough briefing tying last session (or last couple) into this one. Pros, cons, injuries, issues.
2) Q & A: Answer any questions player(s) may have in this regard.
3) Warm up: Stage 1; A general warm up of larger muscle groups Stage 2; Focusing specifically on areas that will be utilized now.
4) The Meat and Potatoes: Exercises, drills, shorts sessions, technical considerations, tactical perceptions, scrimmages incorporating all or most of the areas, attempting to tie it all together
5) Warm down
6) Debriefing
7) Q & A

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Client Reviews

Really helped my son with some fundamentals!

Wonderful session, my daughter made huge strides just from one session. Technical, respectful,and genuine. Took his time and was very thoughtful and professional. Thank you Mark we will be returning!

My son had a great first training session with Coach Mark. He was able to point out a few technical issues with his striking that immediately gave my son more power and accuracy when kicking. My son seemed comfortable with Coach right off the bat and they had a good rapport throughout the lesson. Pushing him hard enough while also making the session fun. We will definitely be signing up for more sessions with Coach Mark.

Coach Mark is a wonderful soccer coach /teacher. My 13 year old son is learning so much from him and really enjoying his lessons. The second he finishes with a lesson, the next second he is asking for his next lesson. As a parent I love that he is learning and having a blast. We have booked 11 lessons with coach Mark and find it money well spent. Coach Mark has alot of knowledge and experience to give to the kids and it shows. We love coach Mark 👍

Coach Mark is great on the first session he corrected my son's goal kicks and had him crushing the ball. He has brought more confidence to my son's game

Coach Mark was able to correct my 11yr old daughters striking placement on the first session. Not just the how but also the why. He was able to continue to build trust and confidence with her over each one on one session allowing him to push her to a higher level. He paired her with a competitive player of the same skillset for joint training and that allowed for some different passing and shooting drills. Coach makes it fun so they learn without knowing it.
Neil & Sammy

Coach Mark was fantastic!!! My 10 year old son was set to have tryouts for his comp soccer team in one week and he was nervous that he may not make the team. Mark performed some last minute magic and fit in three trading sessions. To my surprise my son showed obvious improvement in his abilities in that short amount of time. My son was more confident and self assured and ready for the tryouts. Mark has a great ability to connect with kids and communicates In understandable ways, making sure that all instruction and information is clear. Both my son and I look forward to future training sessions with Coach Mark.

(no details provided)

My daughter had her 1st training with coach Mark and she loved it. By the time she was done with her training she was exhausted and said she had not felt that way for a while now and she enjoyed every bit of it. She can’t wait to train with coach Mark again.

Coach Mark has been training my daughter and I do have to say we are very happy. Having coached many sports I have trained athletes myself as well as paid for outside training and I have been impressed with how coach Mark utilizes his training time. I have seen Trainers who waste 10-15 minutes of every session going through their preferred warm up even though it has nothing to do with what your athlete is there to get trained on. My daughter believes Coach Mark is easy to work with while pushing her at the same time. Having a Football background I am really big on film and coach Mark will record what he see's the athlete doing wrong and then show them the video and help them correct it. I've also noticed my daughter has had more confidence with some of the drills her coach puts her through at her club team practices. My only regret is not finding Coach Mark sooner. Thank you for all of your hard work and attention to detail Coach!

Coach Mark is a great coach. He is honest, but kind. You can tell he is really vested in the progress of his students and pushes them to reach their potential. Looking forward to working with him more. I would definitely recommend him as a personal coach/trainer.

Coach Mark provide such a phenomenal assessment for my daughter which has allowed him to build a custom training program. We are in the beginning of the training session but can already she a difference in her skill set. Together we are working to increase strengthen, knowledge of the game and skill confidence. Coach Mark level of experience in the field of soccer is vast. I look forward to his expertise in regards to my daughter advancement in the game.

Mark is knowledgeable and a great teacher. He broke his instruction down into clear steps, used video for support and made sure my daughter understood the soccer terms he was using. He gave positive feedback along the way. Looking forward to more sessions!

(no details provided)

Coach Mark did an exceptional job working with my 13 year old daughter. Within 1 hour he was able to help her correct her kick. Encouraging her throughout the training session. I would highly recommend coach Mark.

(no details provided)

Great coach, but an even better person. In just one session he was able to instill confidence in my daughter which resulted in great play over the weekend. My daughter is looking forward to more sessions with Coach Mark. Thank you!

Coach Mark is great! I emailed to inquire about his services for myself, a 37 year old guy who hasn't touched a soccer ball since I was about 7 years old. I really wanted to join a league but was quite nervous about my lack of skills, and Coach Mark has been an incredible help! I've been sore for days, but not at him, only because of him. I feel much more confident, and plan to continue his services for quite a while. Highly recommend!

Coach Mark is an outstanding Coach! He tailored my son's training to meet his specific goals and needs and focuses on conditioning, technical skills, and all aspects of game play. He expects hard work, attention, and focus from his players and it pays off!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Mark is an extraordinary coach and trainer. What I love most is he truly cares about my son's progress, and that my son is an impact player. Mark has come out to watch 2 of Adam's games to evaluate his strengths and weaknesses, and then customized a training program specific for my son. On more than one occasion, he's called while we were still in the car on our drive home because he remembered some advice that he wanted to give Adam for an upcoming game, or to let him know what he did right in a game, and what they will work on next. He truly cares about his players, and is always thinking of ways to help them peak perform.
My son plays Premier Division, and it's super competitive. Training with Coach Mark is giving my son a competitive advantage, confidence, and the skills and development that will help continue to be an impact player on his team.
Mark's knowledge and expertise were immediately noticeable to me, and quite honestly, indisputable.
My son loves training with Coach Mark, looks forward to their trainings, and is inspired to perform his best because he knows Coach Mark will ask for a report on how he played.
We have now made training with Coach Mark a regular part of Adam's weekly training regimen.
Yes, I highly recommend Coach Mark!

Great first session! My son is excited to put what he learned into practice and is looking forward to the next session.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Very motivational and tough.
Really enjoyed my one session with Mark.
Great guy!

(no details provided)

My 8 year old daughter absolutely loved coach Mark. Coach has a real gift in analyzing an athlete and developing a program that best fits that individual. My daughter left her first lesson saying, "Dad, I love coach Mark." I would recommend coach Mark to anyone looking to further enhance their skills and knowledge.

Coach Mark is fantastic! I took my daughter, niece, and their teammate to get help with goalie, striking, and shooting skills. He corrected some of their bad habits and helped improve some other skills. They all 3 enjoyed there session and are excited to continue with him.

Mark was fantastic. He was able to break kicking mechanics into easy steps for my daughter to follow-up and the results are already showing. Looking forward to the next session.

Coach Mark is awesome! He's thorough, consistent, knowledgeable and most of all positive. He wants to work with the player and see them improve. Thanks again Coach Mark!

After our first session with Mark my 2 kids came running back to the car saying, "That was awesome!" We signed up for another 2 months! Can already see improvement and they are committed to continuing the work at home.

Coach Mark is very motivating, he is there to help you and definitely knows what he is talking about. I definitely improved because of my time working with him.

(no details provided)

Coach Mark is great with my daughter. She was lacking confidence on the field and he has really helped her mental AND techincal game!

(no details provided)

Coach Mark is an inspirational coach who motivates my daughter to improve. The time and energy he puts into the training sessions ensure that my daughter will gain something towards improving both the physical and mental aspect of her game. Thank you Coach Mark for all the time you put into your training sessions.

Coach mark was great after the first session I can already see a difference. I will continue to have my daughters work with him

It is a privilege to have Mr Clay coach our son Andre. Andre is a goal keeper in his team . Andre has been with Mr Clay for a few weeks and we can see such big improvements . Mr Clay works with Andre's weaknesses as a goalie. Andre gets skills and techniques not learned with his own soccer team. Andre learns different skills with his 1:1 coaching with Mr. Clay. We will continue to work with Mr Clay and learn more skills , techniques . We are delighted with his passion to teach, coach young kids so that they will succeed in their aspirations as competitive soccer players ---whether they want to play high school or college . Andre is inspired at this time to work harder and become the best goalie he can be . We want to thank Mr Clay for motivating our Andre to become more competitive and more disciplined.-----Mardion and Arlene

Coach Mark is a great and very efficient coach. We can see the significant improvement on our daughter's play on the field after the training with coach Mark. We would recommend him to anyone.

Coach Mark is an excellent coach. During the first evaluation session I explained how I wanted my daughter to work on goalie kicks. He was video taping her kicks and giving her instruction during the session. I notice a improvement that first session. The second session was even better. Her kicks are much better and more consistent. He is very technical and knows how to get the best out of my daughter

We like coach Mark coaching style. He sees more than just touching the ball and control. He teaches about the next move and how to think when you have the ball under control. Our son Jesse is learning defense and we have seen a huge improvement the first 7 lessons with coach Mark. We are ready to get more training sessions.

Before even taking to the pitch to begin working out, Coach Mark had previously asked me a series of astutely probing questions respecting the level, integrity, challenges, and aspirations of my seven year old's relation with soccer.

Coach Mark provided strategies--well explained, and where needed, modeled--that keenly addressed my son's wanting to take his "forward" game to the next level.

Coach Mark did a fantastic job of inquiring about my son's strengths and needs before our session. We prioritized and personalized training that would best benefit my son's game. When meeting for our session, Coach Mark was prompt, really took the time to get to know my son, and used incentives to motivate him. He quickly evaluated what foundations my son had mastered before challenging him with new skills. I really appreciated that he didn't just work on speed and strength, but focused on the rules and dynamics of the game. After our session, he provided feedback offering next steps for skill development. Coach Mark really works to build the true ideals of athletics- communicating with teammates, anticipating your opponent's next move, and never giving up. Thanks, Coach Mark!

(no details provided)

Coach Mark is the most thorough and dynamic coach that I have ever hired and had to work with my son Jonnah (and I have hired and worked with many coaches before him). With his well researched approach and his up front and matter-a-fact style, he always comes through and gets the job done - perfectly and completely.
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