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Levar S.

7 years of coaching experience.


Carrollton, TX





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Qualified_coach_badge Qualified Private Coach

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Adults, Kids, Teenagers


Guard, Shooting guard, Point guard



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Yes; up to 3 athletes


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75 minutes

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Not Included

More About Me

I have over 7 years of coaching experience with youth of various ages.

I have coached middle school basketball, taught basketball classes at recreation centers, and I helped teach basketball skills camps at various locations. I've volunteered for the American Heart Association by teaching basketball skills to middle school students as a part of Hoops for Heart. I also have experience working one-on-one with individuals looking to play college basketball.

I'm currently a middle school PE teacher and basketball coach at a charter school in Dallas.

I have over 20 years playing experience. I played high school basketball, was the starting point guard, and made 2nd Team All-City. I was also Newcomer of the Year in the district. I played college basketball at Dallas Christian College and Texas Lutheran University. I played both the point guard and shooting guard position.

I like to talk to the athlete to find out what areas they feel need improvement and create a workout session that is tailored to their specific needs. I really enjoy teaching and talking about the game of basketball to athletes I train. I feel like it helps a lot with understanding the game and developing their skills.

A typical session always has some warm-up drills, some basic basketball drills, and lots of drills specifically tailored to help the athlete improve in the areas they feel need the most help.

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Client Review Basketball

Levar was great with my son! He really worked on helping him on some problem areas of his game and gave him tips he can remember and use. He also made it enjoyable and fun. I asked my son what rating he would give him on a scale of 1 to 10 and he gave him a 10. I highly recommend Levar. Not only is he a good coach but he seemed to be a very genuine person and a great young man.

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