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Azusa HS 05 SDSU 09. Mentorship and Skill Development Training. Family Ties: Nike, Mamba League, LA Sparks (Jr. Sparks), and PeacePlayers. Passion Purpose Patience View all coaching experience

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  • San Diego State University (CA)

  • 9 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Guard

  • Rebounding, Pick and Roll, Moving Without the Ball, Defense, Ball Handling, Agility, Reading the Floor, Footwork, Attacking the Rim, Shooting, Passing


  • San Diego State University (CA)

  • 9 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Guard

  • Rebounding, Pick and Roll, Moving Without the Ball, Defense, Ball Handling, Agility, Reading the Floor, Footwork, Attacking the Rim, Shooting, Passing

More About Coach LaSandra

LaSandra “San” Dixon was born in LA and grew up in Azusa, Ca. She earned a full basketball scholarship to San Diego State in 2005 where she graduated with her bachelors in 2009. In 2012, she founded Defend Your Legacy Basketball and made it her mission to use basketball as a tool to inspire, motivate, and develop players one bounce at a time.

Since 2014, Coach San has served as the lead female trainer for an array of events under the Nike Los Angeles umbrella, such as: Kobe Bryant’s Mamba League, Jr. Drew, NBA All Star Weekend, Paul George Homecoming, Vidcon x Nike, and much more. In February 2019, she was selected by Nike LA as one of “Just Do It Women’s 25 Core Coaches of Los Angeles”.

In 2016, she was hired by the Los Angeles Sparks as the Jr. Sparks Clinic Director and Youth Basketball Summer Camp Director. Her passion and enthusiasm helped her earn the LA Sparks Jr. NBA Coach of the Year Semifinalist, where she was voted into the top 8. She is the Youth Sports recipient and a finalist for the #WeAreWomen Campaign. During the 2019 WNBA season, she was offered a position by Derek Fisher to assist the Los Angeles Sparks with Skill Development.

Training that started with club members of South Central LA’s very own Challengers Boys and Girls Club, has grown to be the most sought out training by a female trainer in LA County. San is deeply rooted in giving back to her community, as she has worked for the Brotherhood Crusade as a Champions for Change Adult Ally. She currently serves as the Watts Program Coordinator with PeacePlayers International, a peace building nonprofit organization that uses sport as a vehicle to unite, educate, and inspire young people living in divided communities.

My senior year in high school I was named the San Gabriel Valley Player of the year and was inducted into the Azusa High School Hall of Fame. I earned a full basketball scholarship to play basketball at San Diego State University. I currently compete on the semi-pro level in the Womens Drew League, Los Angeles, CA.

San Diego State University
Full scholarship earned
2006-07 Most Improved Player
2007-08 Most Improved Player; Most Improved Student-Athlete
2008-09 Team Captain;
Surf & Slam Tourney Champion; Mountain West Conference Tourney Champions;
Mountain West Conference Champion;
NCAA 2nd Round Appearance

Founder & Head Trainer
Defend Your Legacy Basketball
Youth Basketball Program
Est. 2011
Next Level
T-Ware Women’s Drew League
2012 All Drew League Team
Next Level
T-Ware Women’s Drew League
2013 Most Inspirational Player
2013 32nd Annual National Pro Am Champion
Summer Night Lights
2013 Champions
Gardena Women’s League
2013 Champions

Fast Action Basketball
Winter 2014 Champs
Winter 2014 Most Valuable Player

A typical workout will start with enthusiastic, high energy, an dynamic warmup.

Love Good Energy and working on mastering your craft?

My workouts inspire, motivate, and challenge players.

All Sessions include 3 main focuses:
Ball handling
Game Shots
Game Play

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Client Reviews

Coach San is one of the best basketball coaches around. I have watched a lot of them, but she combines a very strong knowledge of the game with positive energy and patience. That's a rare combination. She will make your player better, but in a way in which they understand the fundamentals. It's not just drills, or cardio. The time and money are well spent.

My daughter really enjoyed her first session. She learned new techniques, was given guidance on how to execute different moves and received great feedback. Hoping these sessions with Coach San will give her the technique and confidence she needs when playing basketball.

We had a fantastic practice with Coach LaSandra! She worked on exactly what we were hoping she would. She is a true professional and great with kids. We look forward to practicing with her again very soon.

My 9-year-old daughter just had her first session with Coach San, and wow am I impressed. All the kids were really motivated by Coach's positivity and energy and skill. Session was very, very organized and high energy. She walks them through the exercises/drills a couple of times, asks them if they have questions, and then lets them go, correcting and encouraging as they go along. You can tell that she is teaching the kids to have high expectations of themselves and earning their respect in the process. We'll be back next Saturday! If you're looking for a great coach, I cannot recommend Coach San highly enough.

(no details provided)

Thank you Coach San for working with Kaden and Daren. They look forward to learning from you. Coach San has patience and discipline for these two young athletes. Nothing but the best. We’ve followed her from JR sparks to this day. Thanks again

(no details provided)

This was my daughter’s first time and Coach LaSandra was very patient but at the same time kept my daughter focused and motivated. LaSandra is a great coach.

Coach San was real great couldn't ask for more. Great warm up drills, great overall drills from dribbling to lay ups to free-throws. Liked how Coach San motivated and push my daughter for more, explain the reasons for every skill, and most of all great positive attitude. Can't said enough besides looking forward to our next session. Thank you coach San!!!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach San made a big impression on my daughter in the very first session. She started working out much harder when practicing on her own. She was more confident and more successful in her game after the second session. Coach San gives great feedback and puts in a lot of time to teach my daughter how to make herself into a successful athlete.

Coach La Sandra is a total professional!!! I noticed more confindence in my son after one session!!! I will continue to have her teach him basketball skills.

(no details provided)

Instant overall improvement after my child's 1st and 2nd sessions (she did the homework/practice given by Coach San)! 10 STARS!!!! I am more than pleased with the results of the Training... looking forward to the next session!

My experience with the 1-on-1 training with my Child: Warm ups, footwork, dribbling, combo into shooting - She will not baby you but will coach you up out of your mistakes and motivate you into a better game state of mind! She explained how each skill translates into the game and how nutrition, stretching, and a team/positive attitude makes the player.
I can't say enough good things about Coach. If you want a to invest She is a must! Can't wait until my kids next season of Basketball!

Coach San was great working with our daughter. Her knowledge and skill was easily seen, but her coaching style was special. A lot of skilled people don't have that special ability to teach. Coach San seemed like it was second nature to her. Worked really well with our daughter and very focused. Looking forward to booking more training.

(no details provided)

Coach San is amazing, for the little few sessions that my child has had with her she has motivated her to be better and you can tell the difference. We already booked more sessions can't wait to continue with the training and seeing more improvement. Love her patients and how she motivates the kids not to get discouraged and pushed them to be better.

Coach San has worked with my daughter, her friend, and my 10 year-old son. Her session was really organized and well-planned, she wasted no time! From conditioning to dribbling, shootings to defense, she managed to teach them in very detail level and ensured they followed through. She also explained the reason behind - enhancing basketball IQ. Her passion for teaching basketball is amazing! We will definitely continue training with Coach San! Thank you!!

My 11-year old daughter started taking lessons with coach LaSandra 5 weeks ago and she's loving every minute of it. The training is intense but coach LaSandra makes it fun. My daughter's dribbling, shooting and court IQ have improved dramatically. Coach LaSandra is committed to seeing an athlete succeed. I highly recommend her as a basketball coach/trainer and would encourage everyone to sign-up for multiple lessons. We signed up for 10 lessons and definitely will book more. It makes economical sense and you will not regret it.

One of the best basketball trainers in los angeles. She teaches, encourages, and motivates the kids to be the best they can be. She has helped elevate my son's game tremendously..

Coach San is a super trainer and coach! Her skills are top notch but even more than that, she is a great motivator and life coach too. She can bring out that extra "something" in her students to take them over the hump from good athlete to great athlete. We are so lucky we met Coach San!

I had my first session with Coach San and it was just so much fun! I have a new perspective on basketball and feel like I can go far with Coach. I really enjoyed the intense workout that I want to do it everyday!!! -Hanna Tag

Hey San, just thought I'd let you know that I'll be playing with UC San Diego the next four years 😊 I love and appreciate everything you used to do for us at the club. ✊🏽 you have definitely been a blessing in my life and just thought you should know that my hard work has paid off. ❤️
Dear San, You Rock! Thanks so much for being such a Bomb Coach to our kids. We Love You.
Coach San You Got the JUICE!!!
San Thank you for all the support you have offered to coaches this season. We hope that we have truly helped you in making a difference. We look forward to many seasons to come!!!
Many thanks to you for your kindness.A little token to say thanks for the dedication and hard work you put into your basketball camp... and allowing Zarel to be apart
I really really thank you for being here for the Boys and especially mines for getting involved and caring thanks!
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