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Providing one-on-one skill development focusing on fundamentals of ball-handling, shooting, defense, speed & quickness, and footwork to help athletes gain confidence in their game. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
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  • Illinois State University (IL)

  • 16 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Guard, Forward, Center

  • Shooting, Rebounding, Reading the Floor, Post Moves, Pick and Roll, Passing, Moving Without the Ball, Footwork, Defense, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim, Agility


  • Illinois State University (IL)

  • 16 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Guard, Forward, Center

  • Shooting, Rebounding, Reading the Floor, Post Moves, Pick and Roll, Passing, Moving Without the Ball, Footwork, Defense, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim, Agility

More About Coach Kellie

I have been a college coach for 16 years at the Division I, NAIA, and Junior College levels. I have focused on individual training for over 10 years, working with an age group that spans from 5 to 23 years old. While attending graduate school I was given the opportunity to work as a student coach in our women's basketball program at Illinois State. Not only could I continue to pursue my passion for the game of basketball, I was simultaneously granted a whole new appreciation and perspective for the game. Welcoming the transition from player to coach, I have been honored with the ability to work with children, young adults, high school athletes and college athletes. If your child has the desire to improve their skill set, I will take them as far as they're willing to go. What has inspired me the most over the years is to coach individual skills and watch each athlete's confidence grow and flourish in themselves and their game.

It is an honor and privilege to have the opportunity to work with young people and I take my responsibility as a coach, mentor and leader very seriously. Balancing both the physical and mental aspects of the game of basketball not only gives me the chance to watch each player develop their skills on the court, but to watch it transition into a betterment off the court on a daily basis. Please message me with any and all questions, and I will be happy to correspond with you and look forward to building a fantastic future relationship.

2015 Induction into the Butte, Montana Sports Hall of Fame
2015 Selected to attend the Women's Leadership Conference at West Point, NY

College Career
* Named All-Missouri Valley Conference Honorable Mention in 2000
* Illinois State top ten all-time in offensive rebounds in career
* Illinois State top ten all-time in offensive rebounds in a single game

High School Career
-All-Conference Selection 4 years
-All-State Selection 3 years

Montana High School Sports Basketball Record Book Holder (top 10 in each category below)

-Career points scored 2098
-Points per season 638
-Points per game in career 21.9
-Points in a single season 25.8 ---Three-point field goal career percentage 50.0
-Most free throws in a career 584 -Most free throws made 434
-Free throws made per game 5.9
-Free throw career average 74.3%
- #1 in rebounds in a career 1342
-Rebounds in a single season 342
-Rebounds in a single game 27
-Rebounds per game 16.0
-Assists in a career 387
-Assists in a single game 16
-Career steals 299, a single game 12

My athletes will get a dose of both the offensive and defensive mechanics specializing in footwork. In the game of basketball, there's almost nothing more important than footwork because it's used in every aspect of the game. Learning to change direction and speeds with and without the ball, fundamental footwork for shooting long range, mid-range and short-range jumpers and layups, defensive footwork staying on the balls of the feet and not falling back on the heals, along with teaching the importance of strength and balance in every fundamental aspect. I specialize in motivating, inspiring and instilling confidence in each player to help build their skill sets and believe in themselves.

**If you are unable to make your scheduled lesson, please notify me 24hrs prior to your workout or you will be charged for the full lesson.

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Client Reviews

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Coach Kellie is awesome! She truly cares and loves to coach and you can see it with her interactions with the players.

Coach Kellie really listens to parents and especially the players.

Thank you so much for all the support Coach Kellie!

The sessions my daughter does with Coach Kellie are infinitely better than anything she does with her school or club team. The one-on-one coaching is critical in order to identify and work on skills that in team play get overlooked or simply pointed out "hey, work on that".
Coach Kellie is super enthusiastic and spot on with her instruction.

Great experience for my daughter. Positive experience all the way around. Looking forward to future sessions. Coach Kellie is an outstanding teacher.

My 3 daughters have worked with Coach Kellie for 3 sessions now--she is fantastic with all of them, even though their abilities are a bit different. She quickly was able to identify areas of improvement and was able to fashion skills training that not only targeted their weaknesses, but was also was enjoyable for them to do. She has helped them to become excited about the game of basketball again! I have already seen the techniques employed in real life games (much to the consternation of their opponents). Coach Kellie is fabulous!

(no details provided)

Great first lesson. Our daughter loved the skills she learned from Kellie and can’t stop practicing them!

Gabriel thouroughly enjoyed his sessions with coach Kellie. She was assertive, knowledgeable and positive. She teaches with enthusiasm and creates confidence in her students. We appreciated her professionalism and encouragement!

Very impressed with our training session with Kellie. We weren't even out the gym door when my son said he definitely wanted to book some more lessons. She was very thorough and quickly identified where he needed correction.

(no details provided)

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!

Coach Kellie is great. She is very enthusiastic and encouraging. My son is a more confident and his technique has improved tremendously after training with her.

Coach Kellie is an excellent coach. With just our first 60 minute session she corrected my daughter's shooting form and had her performing ball handling drills that increased her confidence. I immediately booked another session with her and look forward to a long term coaching/development partnership between her and my daughter. I wholeheartedly recommend Coach Kellie for anyone looking to improve their overall game.

Coach Kellie is an amazing coach. Kellie has the ability to make a student feel comfortable within minutes. My daughter had a great time, learned amazing skills she is still practicing at home and is making wonderful progress. I would without hesitation sign up for more sessions with Coach Kellie. We look forward to the next time. Thank you Kellie --

(no details provided)

Coach Kellie is an amazing coach! My son, Bryden, absolutely loves his sessions with her. She knows exactly how to work with his competitive nature, and turns drills and skill-building into fun challenges. She definitely brings out the best in him. We wish that she lived closer and could work with him more often!

(no details provided)

Thanks from both Mya and myself (Mom Emily) She really has been enthusiastic about doing skills/drills at home after. You are very appreciated - look forward to hopefully seeing you next year!

Coach Kellie listened to what we were needing and she went above and behind to deliver results. She is very quick to assess and train techniques that correct the problems. She is a very positive coach and can really bring your skills up. We strongly recommend her.
Tore and Anna Hill

(no details provided)

Kellie is a great instructor! My son loved working with her and can't wait to go back! She knew how to help him in so many ways and was so positive.

Addie had a great time and learned a lot!! She really enjoyed the fast pace, easy directions and positive feedback (during correction and coaching Kellie was positive). Honestly best instruction for the money. One on one is way more affective than group camps when it comes to learning skills.

Coach Kellie is not only knowledgeable but actually ENCOURAGES and gives my daughter confidence on the court! She is too notch!!

(no details provided)

Great coach. Did a wonderful job with our son. Already booked another session.

My daughter loves working with coach Kellie! She has patience and is very positive in attitude! My daughter has gotten better form on her shot and is more positive since their first session!

Love the way she patiently explained her expectations to my granddaughters and her emphasis on the details & her terminology are similar to my own!! Will definitely book more sessions when my granddaughters and I return from the women's final four next week!! Thnx

(no details provided)

Coach Kelly is fantastic! After 2 sessions, I feel more confident and have learned new techniques for shooting hoops and improving my game.

(no details provided)

I would recommend Coach Kellie to everyone! She takes what your child's strengths and weaknesses are and tweaks or enhances it to help your child reach their goals. Very knowledgeable on basketball and encourages your child to give 100% effort. I wish my child could go to her everyday! Thanks for believing in our kids!

I watched coach Kellie in the first session with my son and knew immediately that she was a great choice. She's patient, clear with her expectations, flexible, very knowledgeable and you can tell she's got game. My son really enjoys his time with her. I would recommend Coach Kellie to anyone with confidence.

Kellie is amazing. My daughter, Catie, took to her immediately. I could see improvement in Catie's skills after the very first session. I highly recommend Kellie to anyone who wants to improve. Thanks Kellie for everything you do.

Coach Kellie was great. My daughter was apprehensive and afraid to go to first session. After working with Kellie, she became more comfortable. Kellie was very positive and brought out a lot of good qualities in my daughter. After one session, my daughter's skill improved. She is no longer whining to go to training. Coach Kellie is very attentive to my child's needs, and works with her to get the best possible results. I am so glad we found her.

Coach Kellie is fantastic! After one session my 10 year old daughter was feeling more confident and she was excited to work on what Coach taught her. Coach Kellie is very personable and my daughter thought that her session was the fastest hour ever! I am excited to see how my daughter incorporates what she has tought her into her playing. Thank you Coach!

Coach Kellie is awesome. I knew within a few minutes of her training with my son that she is experienced and passionate about what she does. We look forward to the next session. I highly recommend Coach Kellie.

Highly recommend kellie! We've used her for some time now and she is an excellent coach and the kids (8-9 years old) love her. Great focus on skill development while keeping it fun/engaging.
Total motivator, great communicator, she'll push you to be the best and will bring out the best in you. Her passion for coaching is evident in her work ethic and her love for the game.
Great teammate and works well with children.
Kellie is so positive and dedicated to her players and staff. Her commitment to her work goes above and beyond. I think that we can all say that it is a true blessing having Kellie in our lives both personally and professionally. Keep up the great work Coach.
Kellie is positive, knowledgeable, professional and likable. She is one of the rare coaches who motivates and inspires those she works with to want to do their best for themselves and for her. She has been a gift in our daughter, Kassady's life and basketball career. Kass' skills and confidence are always improved after working with Kellie! So blessed to know her! : )
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