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I have over 10 years of volleyball experience at the college, high school and middle school levels View all coaching experience

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Initial Evaluation Session
In-Person Training for a single athlete

THIS CAN ONLY BE USED ONCE. Evaluation for a single athlete 1 session package with Coach Coleman's Coaching Team. This includes a 30 minute length session to assess athlete's skill level and athletic ability. This package ... See More

Session Length: 30 minutes

$35 1 session + applicable fees

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Starter In-Person Training
In-Person Training for a single athlete

If you have a young player who isn’t sure they want to make volleyball a lifetime sport and just wants to try it out we can do 2 sessions rate. It’s meant to be fun and go over the various skills while at the same time kee... See More

Session Length: 50 minutes

$100 2 sessions ($50/ea) + applicable fees

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Volleyball - Light Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

Light Package- During these training sessions the player is introduced to basic volleyball training. Conditioning and ball control drills. Additionally, in this training emphasis is put on technical skills

Session Length: 50 minutes

$135 3 sessions ($45/ea) + applicable fees

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Volleyball- Standard Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

Standard Package - will cover stretches, warm ups, exercises, and volleyball drills for single players. Also teaching and fine tuning mechanics and body positioning.

Session Length: 50 minutes

$165 3 sessions ($55/ea) + applicable fees

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Volleyball - Pro Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

Pro Package - This type of lesson will focus on in-game situations, and gives the player a chance to work on correct technique – like ball drop anticipation. Reading opponents positioning in order to attack in spaces. Thi... See More

Session Length: 1 hour

$180 3 sessions ($60/ea) + applicable fees

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Volleyball Training Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 training session 50-minute session length

Session Length: 50 minutes

$60 1 session + applicable fees

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Serving Training
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 training session for 30-minutes.... work with player on strength and overhand serving

Session Length: 1 minute

$43 1 session + applicable fees

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  • Concordia University (OR)

  • 10 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Setter, Outside Hitter, Opposite, Middle Blocker, Libero

  • Spiking, Setting, Serving, Serve Receive, Jumping, Hitting, Digging, Blocking


  • Concordia University (OR)

  • 10 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Setter, Outside Hitter, Opposite, Middle Blocker, Libero

  • Spiking, Setting, Serving, Serve Receive, Jumping, Hitting, Digging, Blocking

More About Coach Keith

I have over 10 years of volleyball experience at the college, high school and middle school levels. When coaching many of my students had never played the sport of volleyball so my approach to coaching them had to be different from my previous coaching jobs. I focused more on skilled development, making sure they had a great volleyball foundation. As I moved up in the athletic leadership roles I have hired volleyball coaches at the high school and college level. I feel the time I spent as an athletic director enhanced my coaching skills. I was able to see the game from a different perspective and gained a better appreciation for the sport.

My high school teams have gone on to Texas State tournaments and done very well. I still work with great young coaches to assist with my volleyball program.
We typically work with middle school and high school girls and boys, but have no problem working with younger age groups as well.

During a workout session I would focus on skill foundation and then build on their skills from there. This is especially important if the athlete is new to the sport. It also helps to reinforce technique with the advanced players; all advanced skills are based on those basic skills and movements. If the athlete is in their season I would ask if there was anything their coach felt they needed to improve on. For example if serving is the skill that needs improvement we would begin with some serving warm-ups. One that I particularly like is down ball hitting at the 10-foot line. As the athlete became more comfortable we would take 3 steps back and continue hitting down-balls over the net. Focusing on arm position, the toss and foot placement. Once we reached full court and the athlete was experiencing success (10 served balls over and in the court), I would take and quick break and discuss the next drill. We would continue serving and add in moving into defense. This would make it feel more game like. I would let the athlete serve a few in then add in passing a down ball and free-ball. I want the drill to be as close to a game like situation as possible. I would end the drill by having the athlete successfully serve and pass 5 points. A point would be the result of a serve over the net and in and a passed ball to the target or setter. If there was time I would also add in hitting a ball back over the net. The athlete would serve the ball, pass it to the setter then hit a down-ball over the net. Before ending the session I would want to talk about what we worked on and ask the athlete how they felt.
If the athlete was not in season I would first ask what the athlete’s goals were, what they expected to achieve from the session(s). I would then do some quick drills that would allow me to assess each of their skills. The first drill would be down-ball hitting at 10-foot line and slowly step back to the end line of the court. This would give me an idea of their hitting ability and serving ability while also warming them up. Next would be a serve receive drill. I would toss a ball over the net and watch how they pass, move their feet and react to the ball. Next we would do some hitting. I would toss or set a few balls to different areas on the court (front row and back) so that I could watch their approach and arm swing. Lastly I would want to see how they transition from offense to defense. To do this I would have them stand at the net, block then pull off the net, pass and hit. We would do this from every position on the court. Once the session was complete I would discuss with them the skill I felt they needed to focus future sessions on.

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Client Reviews

Very good coach so excited that we found someone with the knowledge and experience to help my daughter not only learn the fundamentals but excel in the game of basketball. She looks forward to each practice with Coach Coleman. We look forward to working with him from now until she makes it to college. We Can’t thank him enough.

Shamyra had an awesome evaluation and was challenged and really love working with Coach Coleman. I also the parent enjoyed the evaluation we can't wait to start training

Coach Keith is the truth. My daughter had her evaluation with him and she said it first she likes coach because he’s real and I piggybacked off of her. First impression is everything. I’m so excited we were referred to him and can’t wait to see where he takes my daughter with her volleyball skills

Our son has had several sessions with Coach Keith, and we are coming back for many more in the off season. Coach Keith focuses on many different aspects of the game that will help our son become a better basketball player and teammate, and also better at life. Coach Keith has a comfortable yet demanding demeanor that encourages our son to push himself to improve specific basketball skills as well as his physical condition, all while learning more about the game. Thank you, Coach Keith!

Coach Keith is an excellent coach. After three sessions with him my twins daughters have already seen some improvement. I absolutely love his trainings and techniques. He is very patient and kind. I would definitely recommend Coach Keith to anyone.

Coach Coleman is AMAZING!! He is encouraging,knowledgeable and he motivates my daughter to want to work harder and be a better player! I was an athlete when I was younger and my daughter has played sports for years and Coach Coleman is by far the BEST coach we have ever encountered! I really wish we could have found him sooner!!

Coach Coleman has been amazing with my daughter! He has evaluated her and has specialized training sessions just for her to help her get better.

Coach Coleman is not just a coach, but a teacher who teaches the kids the why and how to improve their game and knowledge of basketball. We are blessed to have found him.

(no details provided)

Challenging, encouraging, and fun. Have seen large gains in a relatively short period of time.

I wish we would have found Coach Coleman a long time again! After just 3 sessions we have seen a HUGE improvement in our son who just recently decided he wants to start playing basketball. His confidence is already boosted and he’s looking forward to more sessions with him. My daughter who plays was also impressed and now she’s asking us to set up sessions with him too.

Very nice and talented Coach.

Keith , is focused on the player and proper technique!!! A skill missing from many trainers/coaches

Coach/trainer Keith Coleman is not only as phenomenal coach but a wonderful person & mentor to my son, Chandler Wilburn. Constructive yet positive guidance! Thank you, Coach for all you've taught him thus far. Looking forward to the long haul with you!

Coach Coleman is doing a GREAT job working with my two middle-school boys. He demands respect and the boys give it! They love Training days with Coach Coleman! Looking forward to see what kind edge they'll have over their teammates this coming season. I highly recommend!

(no details provided)

Coach Coleman has been GREAT with our daughter! She is responding so well to his coaching. She has already shown a ton of improvement and growth since starting her lessons. We’d def recommend Coach Coleman.

Coach Keith knows his stuff! I'm excited every time I visit because I know he will push me and give me the right pointers.

Coach Coleman has already made a positive impact on my children in a short time frame. He’s relatable, fun, and knows basketball inside out.

We were impressed by Coach Coleman’s approach and interaction with our son.


Excellent teacher and patient with kids. Looking forward to more progress!

Coach Coleman is very knowledgeable of the game and patient. We appreciate Coach Coleman’s attention to detail on fundamentals. He is a great motivator for our son to continue improving his game. He’s always asking questions and explaining his process. We’ve seen an improvement in our sons game. Also, his assistant Mary makes scheduling sessions very easy..

Coach Coleman is a fantastic Coach! He is patient, and he has a phenomenal ability to break things down to basic skills. He has a professional ability to see the most intricate thing that may need work. We appreciate his efforts and we are really excited to continue to work with him.

Easiest way to describe coach Keith he is a basketball wizard. Look no further this is your guy!

Perfect coach my boys is to happy

Great session

Excellent communicator, very positive in his approach and extremely knowledgeable about helping athletes mechanically improve.

It is said that coaching is the process of assisting a player to improve performance. Yet, Coach Keith Coleman is doing that and so much more for our 13-year-old twin boys. They went from barely knowing how to dribble a basketball to making the team at their Jr. High after just a few lessons! We absolutely love his coaching styles! He’s experienced, personable, inspiring, and has a great sense of humor. Even though they're twins, he tailors his training to their individual skillsets and personalities. He’s teaching our sons the skills to play the game, sportsmanship, and many valuable life lessons. We cannot say enough wonderful things about The Coach. The best way we know how to show our appreciation for Coach Coleman’s help is to continue our sons’ lessons for the unforeseeable future.

Enjoyed our 1st meeting. Great initial assessment of my son, with plans for building him up. Real 1:1 coaching. My son's looking forward to additional sessions.

Coach Coleman is a great coach. His training is intense but fun.

Coach Coleman is very knowledgeable! My husband and I were both very impressed with how he evaluated our son and his attention to detail. We are booking more lessons and know our son with become a much better basketball player with Coach Coleman’s assistance.

Very advanced coach. Great for players who are wanting to play collegiate ball.

I’ve done a lot of different training sessions but nothing like what Coach Keith offers. If you really want to grow and really learn the game he’s the one to teach you!

Coach Coleman is very positive and extremely patient. I recommend him highly.

For my son he’s exelente he pushes him to work hard and he is very happy with each training. I absolutely recommend to everyone:)

Coach Keith evaluated my son’s basketball skills. He was very thorough and developed at plan to help build my son’s skills and confidence in his game. My son left the lesson enthusiastic and ready to get started!

He did an amazing job realizing my son’s skill level and what he needed to improve. He took the time to not only assess my son, but also mentor him. What Coach Keith offered, was well above my expectations.

Our daughter really enjoyed the session with Coach Coleman. She was evaluated and we discussed her strengths and weaknesses and areas that need improvement.

Coach Coleman is a very professional & knowledgeable person! My son has learned so much in just a few weeks! He loves the training!

Coach Keith did an excellent job - very knowledgeable, detailed, and professional. He has a very thorough approach to teaching, and helped our daughter in several areas in just a short amount of time. We look forward to more training with him, and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a great basketball trainer.

I took my 13 year old son for a evaluation. He was great with him and learned a lot of new things that have to be evaluated to be a great player. My son is very excited to go and start training with him.

Coach Coleman is by far the best coach I've ever seen. Top notch, a great inspiring person. I personally learned a lot from taking practices and sessions. As a post player like myself, I've learned moves that I never seen before. I recommend Coach Coleman without a doubt to everyone!

(no details provided)

Coach Keith really understands the need to TEACH the fundamentals of the game - with & without the basketball!

Coach Coleman is very knowledgeable and passionate about basketball. I really appreciate the technical aspects of his training methods.

Excellent private coaching. The attention and detail given during practice is phenomenal.

Coach Keith is a great coach and trainer! Recommend to anyone looking to improve their game!

Coach Keith is a true profesional, he made us understand all the areas where my son needs to improve and how it would affect his game during our assessment today. From the physical fitness and coordination to the basketball IQ. Looking forward to working on all the fundamentals the right way with Coach Kieth.

Coach Keith is a unique combination of serious training and humor. Both my son and I thoroughly enjoyed our first session and are looking forward to many more to come.

Coach Coleman was excellent with evaluating my twins’ skills in Basketball. They felt very comfortable and excited to begin their skills training. Coach Coleman really knows how to engage with young kids to break the ice. We look forward to future Basketball training.

Coach Keith is an amazing coach. My son wants to schedule as many lessons as possible with him. Thank you

Coach Keith was excellent. He kept my son,s attention the entire time while teaching him. Did not just talk basketball, he also incorporated everyday situations as examples of what discipline means to you as an athlete, student and child. Coach Keith sure, your are and “A+” coach and person in our book.

Coach Coleman has many years experience and that is easily seen after 5 mins into the first session. He has used his many years of experience to design a great training program.

(no details provided)

My son has been training with Coach Coleman for almost 3 months. Coach Coleman is very knowledgeable about the game and provides valuable advice to my son about reaching his goals. As a young player on an older team, my son struggled to find his identity on the team. Working with Coach Coleman has helped my son to improve his skill level, and he's starting to rebuild his confidence. I'd definitely recommend him, and we look forward to continuing to train with him!

Our initial session with Coach Keith was very informative and he really connected with our son. Looking forward to additional training with Coach Keith.

Great lesson! My son is super excited to learn more! Very impressed with Coach Coleman!

(no details provided)

Coach Coleman has an amazing talent at drawing out the full potential of the player. My son is learning so much and gaining in confidence and technique. It amazes me how much he gains every session.

On point!!🔥🔥🔥

(no details provided)

Coach Keith Coleman is awesome! After just a few sessions, I have noticed an improvement in my son’s knowledge of basketball fundamentals. Coach Coleman believes in my son’s potential and is dedicated to helping him improve as an athlete. He provides top notch coaching, pulling the best from every athlete. Our aim is to ultimately compete at the collegiate level. We believe Coach Keith Coleman can help get our son there.

Coach Keith is someone worthy of respect. His presence alone and command of the game makes you want to listen and learn. He has extensive experience in all levels of the game, including from the business side. He's a teacher, a mentor and a coach. Our son loved each lesson and came home & practiced each new move and skill he learned. Coach Keith is very motivational, not negative, but builds you up. He explains the "why's" behind each skill he is teaching. He also has great toys and tricks. As a parent watching from the side, I learned a lot too. There are some life lessons to be learned from Coach Keith as well, not just sports! We feel privileged to know him

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Keith was awesome! He really assessed our son in a unique way! I believe our son will really benefit from his style of training. He is very knowledgeable and personable with our son! We are looking for a long lasting relationship with our son and watching his skills grow in leaps and bounds. The Kearneys

(no details provided)

My son loves working with Coach Keith! He's very patient while still pushing him to work hard.

(no details provided)

I spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect fit for my daughter. I came across Coach Keith and to say his credentials were eye popping was an understatement. I thought to myself this is the Coach for my daughter and after one day removed from her 1st session I know he is. Yes his knowledge is obvious, but the way he interacted with my daughter was awesome. He was patient and very engaging the entire time. My expectations were blown away and I left very excited. More importantly my daughter was even more excited about the thought of working with Coach Keith going forward. We will definitely be booking another training session. If I could give Coach Keith 6 ⭐️ I would!!

Excellent coach!!!!

We had our first lesson with Coach Keith this weekend and I was very impressed with him. He really took the time evaluate my daughter's skill level - found her strengths and weaknesses and worked according to those. We (both my daughter and I) are very excited to work with him going forward! Thanks Coach!

Coach Keith was a great coach! My daughter is very new to basketball and he was very patient, fun and motivating. We look forward to more sessions!

Excellent coach. He commanded the stage and attracted the boys's attention in that one hour. He showed them the techniques that they never had an opportunity to learn. He is a class above. Thank you coach for your help!

(no details provided)

This will be a different review than most. I played football for over 20 years at multiple levels so needlessly to say I've been around lots of coaches in my lifetime. The moment I shook Coach Keith's hand I knew there was something different about this one. Well I was right. He served as an officer in the Marine Corp and is currently retired. While in the service he had the opportunity to work closely with Gen Colin Powell's Team. As a parent this speaks volumes to me as I'm constantly trying to show my son positive examples of male leadership in a world where quite frankly "Where have all the men gone?"
Coach Keith is a fantastic coach that really has the experience to coach kids to the next level of play and basketball intelligence. His basketball resume speaks for itself. He's got just enough of that old school coach in him that kids need these days!!! My son really responded well to him. We will definitely be back!!

(no details provided)

Coach Keith was professional, informative, and encouraging. He provided insight on what areas need to be worked on, as well as, what skills are already in place. His openness and knowledge is refreshing and my son is very excited about working and learning from him.

My son really enjoys working with Coach Keith. Coach is very knowledgeable and is invested in my son’s success.

I was truly impressed with my son'sfirst session. Coach Keith is very patient and understanding. My son had good things to say about the session. I feel he will get the proper traininghe needs.

(no details provided)

Coach Keith I would like to thank you for the first session you had with Aidan. He is so excited with your skill for the game and all the techniques you provided him when playing. I would highly recommend Coach Keith

Our son enjoyed his first of many sessions with Coach Keith. The session was well prepared and planned. Coach Keith gave our son clear instructions and explained each one while being positive and encouraging.

Our initial meeting with Coach Keith was beyond our expectations. He was very honest, knowledgeable, informative, and had developed a plan to help improve the skill level on the first visit. He took the time to answer the questions from both parent and player. We look forward to our future sessions with Coach Keith!

Coach Coleman has a special love for basketball that translates into a great teaching style. He can't help but pass his love for the game onto his students. My son has benefited greatly from his sessions with Coach Coleman.

Had an excellent first session with Coach Keith for my daughter. He had a great blend of drills, coaching and motivational tools that I believe will get the most out of young athletes. I will be scheduling more training sessions with Coach Keith.

Coach Keith was very professional and helpful. Look forward to see my son learning great basketball techniques and develop other skills. Thank You Coach Keith!

Absolutely LOVE him!!! Look forward to many more sessions for my daughter!

He really showed me the potential I have as a player and I really suggest coach Keith if you are looking for a good coach that won't give up on you.

(no details provided)

My 14 year old had his first of many future sessions with Coach C. Meaning to say I was very impressed with his evaluation assessment of what my son needs to help make him a star basketball player. He really knows my son's strengths and weaknesses and is very honest in letting you know what they are and what it will take to get him where he wants to be.

Overall I felt the session was very good. He pinpoints things that players need to become better players and that's what counts. I'd definitely recommend him to anyone who's wanting to better their athlete

The technical skills that coach Coleman is able to communicate and have kids understand is beyond praise. The steps seem so simple, it makes you wonder why every coach is not delivering these tools. The skills my child has learned in a few visits should have been taught years ago. The skill improvement and confidence is tremendous. My only recommendation is to do it earlier rather than later. Should you want more details I have given coach Coleman my approval to give out my number.

Great coach, knows the game and all aspects around it, on and off the court.

Coach Keith was awesome!! Taught all three of my boys.

Coach keith is timely, organized and has a great connection with his students. We can't wait until our next session!

(no details provided)

Absolutely fantastic lesson! My son really enjoyed Coach Keith! He really knows his stuff and has the skills to deliver this knowledge in a great way! We look forward to more lessons in the future!!!! We highly recommend him to anyone looking to learn the fundamentals of basketball! He has such a gift.

Great coach and even more amazing teacher for the game !!!

Our sessions with Coach Coleman were fabulous! Coach Coleman has a great with his students.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

My team had two sessions with Coach Keith. They all went well and we did learn a lot from the training. Coach Keith is very organized and patient. He was able to quickly figure out our current issues and correct them. I recommend Coach Keith to anyone who is willing to improve the basketball skills or work it out as a team.

Coach Coleman did an amazing job with my son. He does an exceptional job of really explaining the different activities. My son was excited to have worked with him.

Our daughter really enjoyed the session with Coach Coleman. She was very excited. We discussed her strengths and weaknesses and areas that need improvement.
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