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Training Locations
Training Locations
  1. 50 Lisbon St, San Rafael, CA

Coach is willing to travel up to 10 miles

  • 10 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • 10 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


More About Coach Jon

Head Coach - Boys JV basketball at Marin Catholic High School 2010-current 8 years
Head Coach - Boys Varsity at Marin School 2016-current 1 year
Assistant coach Men's Varsity at Marin Academy 2008-09 1 year
Assistant coach Men's JV basketball at Marin Catholic 2009-10 1 year
Head Coach - 7th grade A team CYO St. Hilary's 2 years
Head coach of various AAU teams. Work for NBBA and still do. 8 years
Have coached an under 16 team, A fourth grade team, Four 7th grade teams, five 8th grade team's.
Join Men's Varsity basketball staff as an assistant after the JV season concludes for play-offs.

High School Varsity player at Tamalpais High School in Marin County for 2 years.
Junior year Honorable mention, Senior year 1st team all-league.

Player specific work, covering all aspects of basketball that will help them have success on the court.
Some of the topics covered:


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Client Reviews

My son really enjoyed his first lesson with Jon. He was extremely knowledgeable and has a really nice way of connecting. My son came home very motivated for his next lesson.

Great first session for my daughter with Coach Jon. He put her at ease and got her engaged right away. He's a natural teacher with a ton of experience that comes through immediately. He brings a focus on fundamentals that has been lacking in her team ball experiences so far. First session was generally assessment of her skill levels through active drills. ending with recommendations for where to focus further efforts. It was fun and constructive. She will be back for more sessions!

(no details provided)

He quickly found what I was doing wrong and found ways to correct them.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Jon, is an excellent coach with great understanding of the game, my son is learning and he is getting challenge to get better and to understand the importance of playing and finishing with both hands, to work on fundamentals shooting, footwork, and dribbling drills to develop good habits.
I feel like I have been learning as much as my son by just watching the drills and understanding his approach to the game

My 11 year old son had his first session with Coach Jon today. My son can be a little shy, but Jon connected with him immediately and made him feel completely comfortable. Jon has great energy, naturally connects with kids, and has incredible passion for basketball. The training session was both productive and fun! Jon chose the right drills for my son's development. He really focuses on technique and explains why each element is important...making sure the kids retain the information. We've already scheduled future sessions and I am confident working with Jon will have a large impact on my son's game.

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(no details provided)

Coach Jon is a terrific coach. He got to particulars that are immediately helping my son with form and function. He knows a ton about the game, the mechanics, and is an all around incredible teacher (a perfect combination). My son really enjoys his coaching sessions and best of all, my son "gets" what Coach Jon is trying to explain. Can't recommend him highly enough.

Coach Jon Kay was very knowledgeable and made an immediate impact on my sons basketball. Everything he talked about made sense and provided my son with many things to work on to become a better basketball player.

Thanks Jon! Some great drills and workout for Milo. He had fun and learned some nice one-on-one moves and decision making skills. Thanks again!

Coach Jon met all expectations set by previous reviews. He was great with my 8 year old son, engaging him even though he is very easily distracted. My son is not usually into structured lessons, but now he always asks when the next session is. I was also able to pick up some shooting tips from Jon that made an amazing difference. I highly recommend Coach Jon for both kids and "big kids" looking to improve their game.

(no details provided)

Today was the first time we met Coach Jon.
From Matthew's dad: Although he usually works with high schoolers, Coach Kay did a great job making the session accessible to our eleven year old. He used a mix of games, drills and exercises to keep it interesting. Coach Kay emphasizes both the skills our son wanted to work on as well as core skills in defense, rebounding and passing. Coach Kay is a strong communicator and demonstrates the exercises and drills repeatedly until it fully sinks in.
He is energetic, while being upbeat and positive.
From my son: Coach Jon was very nice and taught me stuff I didn't know before until now.

Took my 9-year-old to Coach Jon this Saturday. He really knows how to work with kids. Great attitude and enthusiasm. My son had a good time but also worked hard through the whole session and learned a lot. Would recommend Coach Jon to anyone with kids who want to improve their skill and become more effective basketball players.

Jon is an excellent coach! My teenaged son values and looks forward to his sessions with Jon. Jon challenges him and pushes him beyond his perceived limits. Jon is professional, friendly and radiates positive energy. I highly recommend Coach Jon.

Coach Jon really knows how to connect with kids. His easy, comfortable manner made my 13 year-old son feel at ease and therefore he was able to open himself up to what Jon had to teach him, which was a lot! Within the first two sessions, Coach Jon totally changed (improved) my son's shot and helped him in general change some things about his posture during certain exercises. Overall my son has seen tremendous improvement in many aspects of his game, not only his shooting position but in dribbling and defensive stances as well. I cannot recommend Coach Jon highly enough.

(no details provided)

Let me begin by saying coach Jon got right into it I was impressed the first five minutes he had her trying things that she never did and it was really great to see how he communicated with her the whole workout and pushed get at the same time and she loved it and can't wait to go back

My son just finished his first training sessions with Jon, and he couldn't have been happier. He is a wonderful balance of positivity, encouragement, enthusiasm, and at the same time really challenged my son to improve his game. By the end of this first session, my son was already finding improvement of his shooting skills, and was inspired to practice other skills that he learned from Jon. We look forward to more training sessions with Jon!

My son and I would highly recommend Coach Jon for basketball. My 13 year son has never had formal coaching but loves the game. He really enjoys working with Coach Jon. Coach Jon breaks down all the skills needed in a way that is easy to understand. He has high standards but is patient and encouraging at the same time.

(no details provided)

Jon was really great with my 11-year-old son. He covered a lot, had really effective advice and suggestions, and ran my son through some very innovative drills. I appreciate that, at my request, Jon focused a little more on shooting but also went through a lot of great defensive strategies. I saw that my son's shot improved immediately. I also appreciate that when my son got a little bit frustrated (due to his own abilities, not with Jon's coaching), Jon stuck with it and let him work through it but kept him on track. He remained positive and gave my son the little push he needed without being overwhelming or overbearing. He had a great sense of where my son was mentally with the game. My son really enjoyed the session, and I would say it was absolutely worth it! Highly recommended!

(no details provided)

Coach Jon is terrific! My daughter is 12 and fairly new to basketball. She really enjoyed her first lesson and looks forward to the next time. He gave us feedback on what to work on for next time, very helpful! Strongly recommend him.

My son saw improvement in his game after just one session and had greater confidence too. Jon taught great fundamentals and technique using a positive, friendly and supportive coaching style. He really connects with his player, pushing them to excel while enjoying the experience. Very refreshing and motivating for my son!

I highly recommend Coach Jon.
His coaching style & genuine desire to see his players reach their potential is pretty fantastic.

Great first session with Jon for my 15 year old daughter! He really worked on lots of areas with her and made it fun. She is looking forward to the next one

Coach Jon is a great find. I was slightly apprehensive going into our sessions, wondered if he would be able to relate to my son, etc. totally happy on all fronts! We will keep working with him and watch my sons skills and confidence grow. Coach up nailed the match and thanks Coach Jon!

(no details provided)

Coach Jon has started working with my 15 year old and from the first session my son has connected with Coach Jon. Jon is a great teacher of what my son has to learn to play at the next level. He has helped my son learn the importance of thinking on the court whether on offense or defense. He questions my son so he can understand why he should do this when on defense or look for that when he is on offense.
Coach Jon has a high level of energy and he is very positive. Being a high school coach, he knows how to relate to my son as to what he has to develop to play high school basketball.
My son is looking forward to working with Coach Jon.

My 11 year old son has had several sessions with Coach Jon and it has been invaluable. Coach Jon makes the sessions both informative and fun with a variety of shooting skills training, defensive work, rebounding work, pick and rolls and pick and pops, etc. Perhaps even more important is Coach Jon is always positive and relates well to my son as they chat about all facets of basketball. My son thinks the world of him and Coach has contributed strongly to my son's developing love of basketball.

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