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John T.

Currently an instructor for the national junior tennis and learning program of the usta.


Los Angeles, CA





My Credentials

Coaching Experience

13 years

CoachUp Accreditations

Qualified_coach_badge Qualified Private Coach
Coach_course_badge Passed Coach Course

My Coaching


Adults, Kids, Teenagers


Volley, Slice, Serve, Groundstrokes, Footwork

My Details

Group Sessions

Yes; up to 2 athletes


Up to 25 miles

Session Duration

60 minutes

Facility Costs


More About Me

. I currently teach tennis in Los Angeles. I do 1-on-1sessions as well as group sessions. I work with all ages and skill levels. I also work for the National Junior Tennis and Learning program(NJTL ) which gives kids,ages 5-17 the opportunity to learn tennis at an affordable rate in a group setting.

I played junior college tennis. Team captain on championship winning team. I continued o play individual tournaments while in school. Won a handful of tournaments. Though I primary teach now,I try to play at least 3 tournaments a year. Whether single or doubles. Depending on time to train. I still enjoy competing.

I first warm the athlete up with cardio and stretching. Next,I discuss lesson plan for the day with student. Stroke warm up,start of lesson of the day. After completion of drill I have question and answer with student. This way I can help student not only mentally,but also I can see what student really wants from tennis.

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Client Review Tennis

Really an incredible coach. He makes sure that I pay attention to every detail of the game but also allows me to be relaxed


I thought I knew how to play tennis...until I started taking lessons from John. I realized my techniques were flawed which caused me physical pain. He corrected my form and provided instruction that was simple and effective. I am gaining confidence in my skills because of his efficient and straight forward instruction. John has intuitive insight with his students' abilities to learn. I highly recommend him to all ages and skill levels.


Coach John gave me many insights from his teaching. I am able to understand his specific lessons so that I can perform properly. I find him funny but I still learn much from him.


I tried teaching my 9 year-old boy to play tennis but I did not have the knowledge nor patience to do so. I've watched Coach John teach his NJTL class and witnessed his interaction with the children and how they responded to his teaching. He mixes information with humor and the two combined proves successful. His students gravitate to him. I decided to have my son take private lessons with him. I see him improving with each lesson.

* This testimonial provided by John.

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