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Current professional goalkeeper. Played in Europe (Sweden, Denmark and N. Ireland) for 2+ years. Helping, guiding, and pushing you to become the best you can be! View all coaching experience

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Trial session
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session with Coach John. 60 minute session length. After this 1-on-1 session we will discuss if we're a good fit to continue working together. Advice based on my experience as a current pro goalkeeper with professional... See More

Session Length: 1 hour

$110 1 session + applicable fees

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light package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

Five 1-on-1 sessions with current pro goalkeeper, John Hollinger. Based on your goals we will make a plan to help you achieve them and help set you up for success!

Session Length: 1 hour

$500 5 sessions ($100/ea) + applicable fees

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Online consulting / video analysis
Online Training for a single athlete

-Advice for any questions - Video review option to over any video and give advice

Session Length: 45 minutes

$75 1 session + applicable fees

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  • Palm Beach Atlantic University (FL)

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Goalkeeper

  • Penalty Kicks, Shooting, Passing, One-on-Ones, One-Touch, Goal Kicks, Free Kicks, First Touch, Crossing, Agility


  • Palm Beach Atlantic University (FL)

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Goalkeeper

  • Penalty Kicks, Shooting, Passing, One-on-Ones, One-Touch, Goal Kicks, Free Kicks, First Touch, Crossing, Agility

More About Coach John

-Specialize in individual and group goalkeeper training.
- Helped coach alongside US Men's National Team Goalkeeper Tim Howard and other MLS goalkeepers at Tim Howard's goalkeeper camps.
- I've learned from coaches from all over the world from my experience playing in college, overseas in Sweden, Denmark, Northern Ireland and also at the professional level in the US (MLS and USL trials, NISA - 3rd div contract)
- I've worked with varying levels -- from absolutely beginner to top MLS Academy, Bundesliga, and La Liga youth goalkeepers.
- Connections and contacts with European clubs, coaches and scouts.
- Can recommend top plalyers to contacts in Europe for further development and scouting (Ireland, Northern Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and more).

- Maryland Bobcats (3rd division professional league) (2022-23)
-2+ years playing overseas.
- Starting GK for Lisburn Rangers (Northern Ireland) in 2020.
-Played in Malmö, Sweden for 2019 season as the starting GK for 20 League matches + Swedish Cup Qualification (2019)
-Played in Sweden with IFK Åmål - helping the club earn promotion after winning the League as the starting GK (2018)
- NCAA D2 Palm Beach Atlantic University as goalkeeper (2017)
-NCAA D1 Canisius College in Buffalo, NY (2013-16)
-Trained at the professional level (MLS - Minnesota United, USL, and abroad)
- Michigan Stars, 2021 (3rd div professional)

We will discuss your goals and create a plan to help you get there. Many different elements to goalkeeping.

3 things I ask from my players that I apply to my game:

1.). Work hard

2.) listen and be a sponge (life-long learner).

3.) Enjoy / have fun

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Client Reviews

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Our son has really enjoyed working with Coach Hollinger, and he has seen significant improvement in his technique. Coach is patient and flexible and extremely knowledgeable. We would highly recommend him.

Allan enjoyed his session with John. He is definitely relatable with the kid! His simulations of actual soccer manoeuvres are top notch.

Coach John was great for my son's first session! My son is returning to soccer after a few years' "hiatus" and Coach John was very patient yet thorough. He's setting the bar high for my son to ensure he grows his skills. Coach John's communication skills are great, as well. We'll be hanging out with Coach John for a while! Thank you!

My son did one session with couch John. From my experience as a former soccer player, I can say that he is very skilled in his work and experienced in helping any goalkeeper to reach the highest levels. Training with couch John is an opportunity that should not be missed for anyone who wants to raise his goalkeeper abilities. I highly recommend him.

Coach John was wonderful with my 8 and 11 year old boys. He adapted the training to their beginner level and kept them challenged and engaged in a supportive, and kind way. The boys had a blast and we are excited for future sessions!

Coach John has been working with my son for 6 or 7 sessions now. In my son’s words, “Coach John is the best coach I’ve ever had and that was the most fun I’ve had playing soccer yet”. I’d have to agree with him. Coach John was very communicative around what I thought the needs were, which is simply to give a better skill set to have a greater chances of personal victories on the field, to feel better about himself and his contribution. Coach John was even kind enough to go out of his way to come to a game to see my sons ability in the game, thus giving him a visual reference to then Taylor the training. Their sessions have been very effective as a result of that effort. Coaches communication has always be thorough and timely. I would hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to put in the hard work to get better. Coach is a professional soccer player, so I I only recommend him if you and/or your child is serious about being a
Better soccer player and has a good attitude. We’ll be continuing our sessions for sure. Thanks John.

Coach John is great. He helps my daughter to understand goal keeping well. She never tried goalkeeper before so I am happy that Coach John is the one who is helping her get better. I am so excited to see her progress with him.

Flexible and helpful. We’re looking forward to seeing our daughter’s improvements working with Coach John.

(no details provided)

We truly enjoyed Julio's 1st session with Coach John! We showed up a bit early, as did John so Julio was able to start right on time! Worrked on a lot of different drills and Julio said he learned a lot!

My son looks forward to his GK sessions with John. We initially sought out John to prepare for tryouts. My son found him so helpful he wanted to continue with 8 more sessions over the summer. My son feels John has really helped him to improve.

Coach John has been great with my 8 year old beginner keeper! Very patient and constructive.

John has coached my son Adam, an elite U16 player, for over a year. His knowledge of the game and the position of goalkeeper are outstanding. He got to know Adam's skill level and adapted his training to challenge him and make him a better player. John also instilled confidence in Adam with his positive and calm demeanor, and it shows in Adam's play in games. I highly recommend John for any level of player.

John is an outstanding goalkeeper coach who has worked with my stepson. He knows the game very well and tailors his training to a player's skill level while pushing him to improve. I highly recommend John for players from beginner to elite and college level. He's that good!

Coach John is fantastic! He brings a positive, calm demeanor and patiently works with our 11 yr. old goalie to develop and improve his keeper (and general soccer) skills. Highly recommended to anyone looking to improve their game!

Coach John was fantastic with our 15 year old, Division 1 goalkeeper. Not only is he a professional goalkeeper, but he is an excellent teacher. He just got picked up to play more professional soccer in Europe but I highly recommend him if you ever have the chance!

(no details provided)

Good coach - works in areas you want to work. Knows his stuff, good communication.

Coach John consistent sessions have helped me improved with my goal keeping. The sessions have been flexible and he is able to come closer to my area to train or meet in the middle. I am looking forward to more training with Coach John.

John has been great with our son. He is paitent and works on the small details to ensure he gets the skills right. I would recommend him to any parent searching for goalkeeping training.

Great keeper coach, has great skills with the ball and an amazing attitude for teaching.

Thank, you coach John! Your ability to show each technique and then put into practice was very beneficial. Much success in your professional athlete career!

Fantastic! Responsive! Really knows his stuff and has been great to work with.

A FORMAL THANK YOU: Coach Johnny. Thanks for your focus on ball-touches. My footwork is light-years above from what it was just two and 1/2 weeks ago. And it's all from your training sessions. I'm adding more training sessions.
REVIEW: Coach John, who I like to refer to as Coach Johnny "Sweden" - because he just got done a season playing division 3 Pro Football in Sweden (for which his team went up to Division 2 now) - is a footwork specialist. He's a goalie on the team, and is a modern-day keeper because his footwork skills are freakin' strong. And so I'm improving (sometimes by just watching the accuracy which he demonstrates in his own ball-passes/cuts/receiving) so steadily, having only done 4 training sessions with him so far.

John has just started working with my son and so far he has been so engaging with him and has come up with multiple games and drills to improve his skills. My son has been very excited and enjoyed the experience thus far!

Stay as close as you can with John. He will give you his all.
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