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I am a former Professional and Golf Coach at MIT. I utilize all that science and technology have to offer to make your game better. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
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  • Qualified Private Coach

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Driving, Grip, Putting, Mechanics, Short Game, Ball Flight, Iron Play, Bunker Play


  • Qualified Private Coach


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Driving, Grip, Putting, Mechanics, Short Game, Ball Flight, Iron Play, Bunker Play

More About Coach Jesse

The game of golf is a skill of both the mind and body. Although the sport can often be confusing and overwhelming, I feel an instructor’s job is to communicate these mechanics and motions with simple English and rigorous drills. Through communication and an uncommon insight, I can assist players of all levels and skill sets to achieve their unique goals. Along with traditional and modern golf philosophies, I utilize the most effective technology in the industry to help players achieve their own personal greatness. As a former professional, I provide my students with time tested and tour proven insight to raise the level of his or her game. In my studio I utilize Three high speed, High Definition Cameras to capture every aspect of your motion. Ball flight analysis via Doppler Launch Monitor to track ball speed, launch angles, carry distance, and much more. 3-D golf club tracking with animation and views from any angle. The best and only technologically advanced teaching center in greater Boston.

I am a former playing professional and now coach the MIT Golf Team. I have been featured in Wall St Journal and the Best of Boston 2013.

In the first session we will go through a very thorough analysis of your swing. we will track your body motion via the KVest. Weight shift via the BodiTrak. HD Video playback, launch monitor and 3D Swing Analysis. Expect the most comprehensive session you have ever had.

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Client Reviews

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Took away a lot just from the first lesson. Great guy who will be seeing a lot of me in the near future!

Jesse is personable, his instructions are clear, his technology setup is impressive. Recommended.

(no details provided)

Coach Jesse was incredibly professional and helpful. It was a very comfortable environment to really break down my game. Jesse asked me to warm up and then got my swings on video. From there, he used side-by-side video comparisons to show my form vs. any number of pros form and what I need to work on. I will definitely be going back for more sessons!

Jesse was amazing! The technology he used and techniques he taught have already greatly improved my son's game! Thank you for a fantastic lesson!

Jesse was a truly great coach. Uses great technology, is able to articulate his tips well to any age, and I recommend him to all. Will definitely be back for another lesson

Coach Jesse is a great coach. After 2 sessions, I finally am understanding the body movement that I have been told about many times by other coaches, but never in a way that could become part of my swing. The video playback is first-rate. I highly recommend Jesse.

Jesse is terrific! In one session he identified a glitch in my swing and fixed it (yeah, I will have to practice). The tech side is great and Jesse knows how to interpret the output measures so you get the data and what it means to your golf game. I would highly recommend him - I'm going back for more.

(no details provided)

My first session with Jesse went extremely well. We worked on identifying a few major changes I need to make, which he picked up on right away and explained to me very clearly. Above all, the technology he uses is second to none -- I now have an excellent visual to work off of. Thanks Jesse!

Jesse is a fantastic coach with a great facility. He is very good at focusing in on the key flaws and using technology and his own insights to provide detailed feedback and direction. He also takes the time to create videos of key swings which he emails to you with a voiceover explaining what looks good and bad - he also compares your swing with a pro golfer so you see what the proper swing is supposed to look like. It is totally worth driving to MIT as he has a great indoor training space and there's no better way to work on your game during a Boston winter. He is also very responsive.

Coach Jesse is an amazing coach! He really took the time to determine my goals, and then worked with me to develop strategies in which I could achieve them. Not only was he thorough in his feedback at the session, but he also left me with things to work on in between sessions. I’ve already noticed improvements in my swing! He also worked with my girlfriend, who had very limited experience playing golf before the lesson, and she has already improved tremendously based off of his feedback. He really knows how to connect with athletes and to break the stroke down simply so even beginners can learn the proper technique quickly and efficiently. We’re definitely looking forward to working with Jesse again!

Jesse is a great golf coach. He has a great set up in his studio and made me feel very comfortable instantly. I am not very good at golf, but he had me seeing results in just one session. I can imagine that if I continue to book Jesse, I will be a solid golfer in time to come. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for golf instruction in the area.

My girlfriend and I did a group lesson...And her is her review -

"Our first lesson with Jesse was great and we will definitely be returning for more! As a novice golfer, it's been hard for me to figure out why my brain thinks its doing one thing, but then my body does another. Jesse has some great technology that allows him to record your swing so you can see it in action- and he's then able to slow it down and show you what you're doing right and what you're doing wrong. He was then able to recommend some drills that can help you fix those things that are wrong in a way that helps you get out of your own head. Can't wait for our next lesson!"

As an intermediate golfer I also has a great experience with Jesse. We have already booked another three sessions!!! Going to be crushing the links in no time!!

Absolutely the best golf lesson I have every taken. Jesse made it simple to understand and his video analysis was really helpful. Signing up for more.

(no details provided)

Coach Jesse was great! Jesse is very detail-oriented, leverages a lot of tools to properly analyze your swing and suggest improvements, and provides a detailed training regimen to improve your golf game. I highly recommend Jesse to anyone who is interested in becoming a better golfer.

Awesome coach! Great for players of all levels. Will show you videos of yourself and critique in real time so you can see where you need to make adjustments! Highly recommend!

Jesse was great.

Having not played golf much in the past four years, I really did not know what to expect going into my session. In just one hour Jesse completely rebuilt my swing, and gave me multiple great tips to take with me this spring as begin to play more. He has some very cool technology in his swing studio that allowed us to review my swing on the spot, and compare my tendencies to pros.

I would highly recommend booking Jesse, no matter how experienced you are.

Jesse Struebing's swing instruction has improved my golf game beyond words. I had played previously, but badly, and he was able to help me improve right away. Jesse is thoughtful, informative, and always entertaining when showing you the right way to do things. I guarantee Jesse will make you a better golfer even after only one lesson Whether you are an experienced golfer or just starting out, Jesse is the instructor for you. I have and will continue to recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their golf game. A+++ instructor!
5.0 star rating 3/11/2013 First to Review This place is awesome! I came here for a golf lesson and I had a great experience. The facility is immaculate and the room is really well organized. They have state of the art technology mixed with top notch instruction. What a great place to practice and get lessons during the winter. They seemed to have gutted an old squash or racket ball court to put in AstroTurf and huge curtains to hit your shots into. I like it because it's a big enough room to see the initial ball flight, unlike most other indoor training facilities. The director of instruction, Jesse Struebing, knows a lot about the golf swing and can help anyone get better. He has worked with beginners just learning the game, recreational players that have plateaued looking to break through, and advanced low single digit, scratch, and plus handicappers that are trying to make some serious changes for the better. The plethora of technology at Jesse Struebing Golf allows you to work on every aspect of your game all the way down to putting. I love looking at my full swing on the video system and then going to the driving range to work on my flaws. I can't wait to get back in there to work with him. The website is nice and Jesse has some great video tips on there. All in all, this place is great and I highly recommend checking it out.
Taking lessons from Jesse over the past six months has been a positive experience and substantially improved my golf game. After hacking at golf balls for the past several years, I decided to take a more deliberate and methodical approach to improving my golf game by doing a lesson package with Jesse. Jesse is a patient and thoughtful instructor, and he does a great job of utilizing video recordings, launch monitors, and swing plane sensors at the indoor MIT range to diagnose issues and teach students how to improve their game in a customized fashion. His instruction has enabled me to methodically work through a number of bad habits in my golf swing, and it's been well worth the money. In addition to rebuilding my swing (consistently inside-out now) and significantly improving my golf game, these lessons taught me a great deal about proper swing mechanics and have provided a toolkit of drills that I can run on my own out at the driving range and on the course to continue improving my golf swing for years to come.
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