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Certified personal trainer with 14 years of basketball coaching experience. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
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  1. Hammond, IN

Coach is willing to travel up to 50 miles


Trial Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package with Coach Jay. 90 minute session length

Session Length: 90 minutes

$30 1 session + one-time fee

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Light Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

10 session package with Coach Jay. 90 minute session length

Session Length: 90 minutes

$270 10 sessions ($27/ea) + one-time fee

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Standard Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

11 session package with Coach Jay. 90 minute session length

Session Length: 90 minutes

$286 11 sessions ($26/ea) + one-time fee

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Elite Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

12 session package with Coach Jay. 90 minute session length

Session Length: 90 minutes

$312 12 sessions ($26/ea) + one-time fee

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  • Qualified Private Coach


  • Qualified Private Coach


More About Coach Jay

Results oriented Personal Training Professional with a passion for designing exercise and nutrition programs that maximize workout efficiency, improve fitness, increase stamina and develop an overall sense of well being.

 Trained in Personal Training/Health and Fitness.
 Possess exceptional interpersonal communication skills and the ability to interpret and define client needs through interviewing and information gathering processes.
 Develop and present personalized training agendas and motivate clientele to achieve goals, giving clear and concise explanations for relevant recommendations.
 Create complete and individualized programs based on time and resources available which include weight goals, diet specifications and menus, physical training and exercise, and lifestyle changes.
 Knowledgeable in Anatomy & Physiology and Exercise Science

Allied Health Institute- North Lauderdale, FL 2012
Personal Trainer Diploma

School City of Hammond-Hammond, IN 2004-Present
Basketball Coach
• Adjust coaching techniques, based on the strengths and weaknesses of athletes.
• Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of opposing teams to develop game strategies.
• Arrange and conduct sports-related activities, such as training camps, skill-improvement courses, clinics, and pre-season try-outs.
• Contact the parents of players to provide information and answer questions.

Jay R. has not provided a session plan.

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Client Reviews

This was my first session and I really enjoyed it. I am excited to keep working with Coach Jay. He kept me feeling good, while telling me what I need to work on. Would Recommend for anyone trying to work on their game.

Very professional, experienced and patient. I look forward to working with you again!

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