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A very knowledgeable coach that will expose any level player to customized and top quality training typically available only to Academy, College and Professional athletes. View all coaching experience

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Try-Out Preparation
In-Person Training for a single athlete

3 Week program to prepare for a Try-Out. This will consist of 2 in person training sessions per week for a total of 6, 2 online Zoom sessions to review team formations and understanding of positions within the formations. ... See More

Session Length: 75 minutes

$695 6 sessions ($116/ea) + applicable fees

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Shared Session in a Small Group of 1 or more Players
In-Person Training for a single athlete

SCHEDULING BASED ON OTHER PLAYERS BEING AVAILABLE. COACH HENRY WILL COORDINATE ATTENDANCE OF OTHER PLAYERS 1. Warm up 2. Technical (Ball control, dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting) 3. Functional (Training for a spec... See More

Session Length: 75 minutes

$55 1 session + applicable fees

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Single Private Session
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 Single Private Session with Coach Henry. 75 minutes session length 1. Warm up 2. SAQ (speed, agility, quickness) 3. Technical (Ball control, dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting) 4. Video analysis review 5. Cool Do... See More

Session Length: 75 minutes

$95 1 session + applicable fees

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Single Private Session (3 Lesson Package)
In-Person Training for a single athlete

3 Single Private Sessions with Coach Henry. 75 minutes sessions length 1. Warm up 2. SAQ (speed, agility, quickness) 3. Technical (Ball control, dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting) 4. Video analysis review 5. Cool D... See More

Session Length: 75 minutes

$270 3 sessions ($90/ea) + applicable fees

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Virtual Online Training
Online Training for a single athlete

Technical (Ball Control, Dribbling, Wall Work) Functional (Position specific with Home Assignment Plan Development) Video Analysis Feedback

Session Length: 1 hour

$50 1 session + applicable fees

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GK Private Session (Goalkeeper)
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1. Warm Up Catching, Diving 2. Technique Diving, Distribution 3. Fitness Diving, Recovering 4. Tactical Breakaways

Session Length: 75 minutes

$95 1 session + applicable fees

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  • Northeastern University (MA)

  • 10 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Midfield, Goalkeeper, Forward, Defense

  • Throw-Ins, Shooting, Penalty Kicks, Passing, One-on-Ones, One-Touch, Heading, Goal Kicks, Free Kicks, First Touch, Dribbling, Crossing, Corner Kicks, Agility


  • Northeastern University (MA)

  • 10 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Midfield, Goalkeeper, Forward, Defense

  • Throw-Ins, Shooting, Penalty Kicks, Passing, One-on-Ones, One-Touch, Heading, Goal Kicks, Free Kicks, First Touch, Dribbling, Crossing, Corner Kicks, Agility

More About Coach Henry

USSF Certified National C, D & F Licenses, USSF Grassroots, 4v4, 9v9 and 11v11 Licenses,
NSCAA Goalkeeping Level 1
Sports Performance Data Analytics Level 2
Safesport certified, Head up Concussion Certified, CPR Certified
Specializes in skills development (Ages 5-13), college-level preparation (Ages 14-18) and professional training (Ages 19-30+)

Years Coaching: 10+ Years coaching experience of elite top division to grassroots teams:
Medford Youth Soccer age Director 2018-present
Malden Catholic High School Boys Soccer Head Coach 2019- Present
GPS MA Soccer Club head coach (Metro North Boys 2007 Elite and 2010 Elite teams) 2019- Present
Medford Youth Soccer head coach 2009-present (Massachusetts Youth Soccer Division 1)
2018 Middlesex Youth Soccer/Medford Coach of the Year

Private Coaching Experience: Have 7+ years private coaching youth athletes, whom have been or are aggressively recruited and have successfully made NPL - MA Elite, Olympic Development Program and high school varsity teams rosters. In working with clients, I can prepare a single session, 6 week session and 3 month session plan which include pre, mid and post evaluation period, supported by each session's documentation. Evaluation tests are applied outside of private training (If players are in off-season, I often invite players to attend pick up games with supervision from parents (2v2, 4v4, 8v8 and 11v11) with various skill levels to evaluate the progression of the player's developmental goal.

Players working with me will learn ball control realistic to game-like situations, players will be able to control the ball quicker and place themselves in advantageous positions. Training will be customized to the players' desired positions because passing, shooting, dribbling, body positioning and movements vary based on the positions being played (EG: forwards/strikers need to learn to be comfortable playing with the defense at their back)

Feedback from past students include:
"I am able to play multiple positions on the field even though I initially was training to become a better defender"
" It seems the game is slower because I am able to control the ball faster and have more time to make a good decision"
"My high school coach said I have very good fundamentals when crossing, passing and shooting"
"Since working with coach Henry, my touches have made it easier for my teammates to receive a ball from me such as long balls, short balls, leading balls, etc."

I have a strong soccer pedigree, played high school top division in Miami, Florida (Miami Killian High School 1989-1991)
Chronic Renal Disease prevented any further athletic accomplishment which resulted in a full transplant in 2010, was slated to attend the Bundasliga's 1860 Football U19 Academy Team
Played college intramural and was always asked to attempt at becoming a walk-on at Northeastern University's NCAA division 1 team
Various competitive adult leagues 1998-2003
Father played in the 1974 FIFA world cup. I grew up in a locker room and had the privilege of learning all aspects of the game from highly qualified coaches and have been able to foresee and adapt to the game's various evolution. I am formally educated and certified through the U.S. Soccer Federation and hold a college degree as well.

Specializes in skills development (Ages 5-13), college-level preparation (Ages 14-18) and professional & recreational training (Ages 19-30+)

The goal of the customized training sessions is to improve each player's touch, dribbling, passing and athleticism so they can put themselves in the best position when making a soccer movement. My purpose is to get the player to understand the technique, why they are doing it and how this technique becomes a soccer skill while playing the game.

All sessions begin with a warm up that's both physical and mental, this will allow the player to dynamically warm up his/her muscles as well as his/her nervous system which provides the player with a routine allowing him/her to calm some anxieties and adjust to that session's climate and field conditions. Players will typically gravitate towards a specific routine which they find themselves executing subconsciously throughout their playing career, all high level athletes and good soccer players have one.

Technical training always include drills which simulate game like situations and engage muscle memory. I use a combination of my own rebounding boards and pop-up defenders which prepares the players to face typical game and team-training situations (bouncing balls, high balls, low balls, driven balls, obstacles the have the same foot print as a human defender, cones mostly serve as playing-space markers)

Training session also include a video analysis component to review and address fundamental techniques, it's important for the players to view themselves in slow motion executing and repeating the technique properly, it is counter productive to training incorrectly as the body and mind tend to remember bad habits faster than good ones. The players' video is compared to a database of athlete executing that technique correctly.

Players will be provided with training assignment for working alone, and those techniques will be evaluated at the next session through both easier and more challenging drills and tests to determine the progression level.

Every drill include a ball control, decision making, endurance and SAQ (speed, agility and quickness) component, this is important as I want each session to be as productive as possible.

Every training session will include a "take home skills" assignment for the player to work on prior to the next session. In addition, the session will be followed up with a written evaluation documenting the session, which will be emailed within 1 day after the session. Parent's of players will have the ability to access any session's video analysis which will include my commentary and technical evaluation, as well as side by side comparison to a database of athlete executing that drill correctly. I use Hudl Technique.

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Client Reviews

Excellent coach. Really understands how to teach the development of skills.

Coach Henry is an outstanding coach and person. He knows how to challenge players and make the most of each training session. My son feels lucky to train with someone of his experience.

Coach Henry is such a great coach who is very nice and fun to be around he has also helped me grow as a soccer player in many ways. He has been a big part in helping me return from a nearly year long ACL recovery, and has been kind and pushing me all the way through. Coach Henry has also given me many opportunities such as playing with other really good players which helped me grow and learn a lot. Overall I would definitely recommend training with Henry it is definitely worth it.


Fantastic individual and team coach.
My son made significant progress under the coaching of Henri.
He will push your players hard

Henry was very skilled, positive and firm and clearly knows how to motivate kids. I could see my son improving during the lesson. You will work hard but learn a lot. Highly recommend Coach Henry!

Coach Henry has been amazing with my 13 yr old son. We have had a few sessions now, and my son has commented that each session gets harder, but he loves it and really feels like he is learning the skills he needs. I highly recommend Coach Henry!

Coach Henry is an expert in his field! He is kind, helpful, and we were fortunate that he was available.

My daughter has really been enjoying sessions with Coach Henry. Every time she walks off the field she tells me so got so much out of the session. He works her hard but in a good way. So happy we found him.

Improved my style of play tremendously. Taught me how to play composed in the midfield.

(no details provided)

Exceptional coach. He cares about my son development and well being. He Improved my son son's soccer skills and understanding of the game by 10 fold.

Coach Henry is absolutely amazing! From improving technical skills to helping with on-field communication, building physical stamina and mental fortitude, Coach Henry helped to improve my son’s game tremendously. Highly recommend working with him. Absolutely the best Coach we have ever worked with!

Outstanding coaching technique.

Coach Henry conducted a great agility and soccer skills session with my 10 yr old daughter and 6 yr old son. My kids and I enjoyed Henry’s friendly yet no nonsense approach and I immediately signed them up for more sessions.

Always the best. Super helpful and encouraging

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

One of the best private coaches my daughter worked with. He tried to simplify the game a lot! His session has great pace with simple yet effective drills. Though it was tiring, my daughter was really enjoying it.

My son loves coach Henry, he said, he is very nice and made learning soccer very fun

Henry was awesome! Super professional and attuned to my son. He made the session fun and productive and Leo came away saying “that was the most positive soccer experience I’ve ever had.” We are looking forward to the next session!

Immediately understood my daughters strengths and weaknesses and is building the sessions around this. Fabulously personable as well.

Henry is an excellent coach with tons of soccer knowledge and experience and just as importantly knows how to motivate and encourage athletes. We are grateful to have found him!

Our first experience with coach Henry was great. His knowledge of the sport and coaching was obvious . We were impressed with his technicals skills and drills he did with our daughter . And most importantly, she gravitates towards him and willing to out on the effort . Highly recommended .

Coach Henry is an excellent coach he knows how to train and he is very knowledgeable. I had a great session with him, I had learned a lot. I am looking forward to my next session with Coach Henry.

So far so good. He ready and punctual.

Coach Henry is a great coach. He puts your needs first as an athlete, and is very encouraging and willing to help. I trained with him for three weeks before walking on to my college team and I made it.

I had a great session with Henry working on fundamentals and focusing on position-based drills. Definitely noticing a change in my processing speed and body movement after our sessions.

Henry is a great coach, highly professional and motivated to make you a better player. Every session is different and is individually prepared just for you. He makes you work hard, be prepared for a great workout. My son is in high school, playing for JV team. He loves these training sessions. We initially signed up for one session but after 5-10 minutes watching them practice I realized the value. We now booked more sessions and plan to keep practicing on a regular bases.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Henry provides valuable hands on coaching that has materially improved my daughters capabilities.

Coach Henry was quick to jump in and help point out areas for improvement and keep the positivity. A great coach!

Henry is a wonderful coach who always makes practicing soccer super fun. He is incredibly passionate about the sport and super encouraging to the players. I look forward to every training session, they are always super effective, fun and never boring. I have gotten much better in the time I have spent training with him and I have enjoyed the game even more. I very highly recommend him. -Marlene

(no details provided)

Awesome really exceeded my expectations ready to work hard and go again!

My daughter has had a few sessions with Coach Henry. She says, “he works us hard and makes it fun.” She already notices improvement in her skills. Coach Henry is knowledgeable, skilled, encouraging and great with kids. I would recommend Coach Henry to other families.

Excellent coach, great skills and fantastic communication with our 8 year old.

Henry was great. Really enjoyed the session. Worked hard, had fun and learned a lot. Thanks!

Very cool Coach!

Unbelievable is an understatement! Best coach around for soccer. Highly recommend.

Coach Henry is an amazing instructor and guide. Both my kids (ages 13 and 10) left the session wanting more and excited about the training / instruction they went through with Coach Henry. He simplifies the game and most importantly clearly provides the the 'why' and the 'benefits' of each drill. The follow up training plan was also an added plus which we were thankful to have gotten. If you are looking for a someone that will simplify the game and is great with young players he is your person! We'll definitely be working with Coach Henry in the future.

Coach Henry is great with my 11-year-old daughter. After just a few sessions, he’s helped her take herself more seriously as an athlete. She’s not only becoming a better player, she’s also enjoying it more. He brings both fun and focus to each session.

My 13-year-old son had a phenomenal private session with Coach Henry. It was intense, with a great combination of skills and speed work designed to help shake off some COVID cobwebs and build back some confidence! We are definitely following up with more sessions.

Coach Henry is a terrific coach. I learned a lot from the time we spent together and improved my fitness and technique significantly just from the first couple of training sessions. Would highly recommend!

Coach Henry has been instrumental in making my daughter feel confident about her skills and improve them every time she sees him.

I saw Coach Henry instructing another child and was impressed by his professionalism and interaction with that child. I asked for his contact information and am so glad I did. He has been responsive, knowledgeable, motivational professional and respectful to my daughters.

If you are looking for someone to help improve your soccer knowledge and ability, he is fantastic.

Fantastic teacher and coach! My 12 year old daughter has played club soccer now for 3 years. However, she doesn’t really get much individual coaching in club. Every aspiring player needs that individual attention to help learn and grow. Henry has stepped in and customized an individual learning program that has challenged and inspired my daughter. She goes in our backyard every day now practicing drills she learned from Henry. Her confidence and foot skills are growing every day thanks to Henry.

When you bundle great knowledge, a great personality, and the ability to communicate well, you get great teacher and coach. Thank you, Henry. We look forward to many more sessions.

Best Regards,
Stffan Z.

His coaching session is exactly what I need. Very well prepared coaching session with emphasis on game realistic drills.

Excellen first meeting

Coach Henry is amazing! Very professional, punctual, well-prepared, provides high-quality instruction easy to understand and follow by my tween. Improvement in skill was visible after only one session and kept getting better after each consecutive session. Highly recommend him!

My teenage son is new to the sport. Coach Henry quickly read the situation and connected with him at his level, getting him engaged and confident from the start. He introduced him to many new concepts and techniques in a way that my son enjoyed and could catch on to quickly with Coach Henry's reassurance and feedback. Looking forward to more sessions with Coach Henry!

(no details provided)

Excellent. Thomas feels he is getting the direction he needs to maximize his effort and ability. I don’t think I would change anything.

Awesome awesome awesome. Coach Henry comes prepared to make your kid a better soccer player with a very positive and encouraging approach. My 10 year old daughter has done a couple of sessions with him and we plan to do more over the winter and spring. Henry is great at teaching new skills that are challenging and that would frustrate my kid if I tried myself. He also brings technology and tools I've never seen before that help gamify the practice and also are better at helping the fundamentals. Coach Henry's sessions are a perfect complement to team practices. He also has insights into the youth soccer scene that I had never heard before. Highly recommended.

(no details provided)

I highly recommend Coach Henry. I was a little nervous booking someone online but it has been a great experience. He is knowledgeable and experienced, punctual and reliable. He is a father of two soccer athletes. He has made our soccer experience fun - his drills are fun and interesting. He is great with younger kids too - for us, it is a group of seven and eight year old boys and they eagerly look forward to their time with him every week.

Henry gave a very concrete evaluation and had a good lesson plan for our 9 year old daughter who had limited experience. He made an intense workout fun and engaging so she could stick with the plan the entire time. I would recommend him for athletes at all levels.

Henry was great! After the first session both my kids said “I never learned so much in just 1 hour”....strongly recommend!

Coach Henry and I had a great session. He asked me what I wanted to work on and put together the training plan to work on those specific skills. Very intelligent soccer mind, knows what it takes to play at the next level. I am a DII soccer player and he challenged me throughout the session. Extremely happy to be working with Coach Henry.

(no details provided)

Henry was very knowledgeable and well prepared for our session. I'm an older recreational league player and he was able to adapt well to my ability level.

Coach Henry was excellent! Very easy to work with and accommodating as we set up the training! My son who took the training felt like he improved and said Henry is a great teacher!

My son had his first session with Coach Henry, and we couldn't be more pleased. Coach Henry is experienced, extremely knowledgeable and a true professional. He is also very kind and accommodating. My son was very impressed and we plan to book many more sessions. Thank you Coach Henry!

We've had 5 sessions with Henry so far and have seen a big improvement in our son's play. You can tell that Henry takes time to think about the lesson plan to make sure it is appropriate, builds on prior lessons and pushes the player just enough out of their comfort zone. He is building the fundamentals needed to keep progressing forward - no shortcuts. After the first session with Henry our son said "I think I learned more in that hour than I've learned on all of my teams ever - combined". Most importantly, even though the practices are hard, our son really enjoys them. Henry is great at keeping it relaxed while filling every minute of the session with new things to learn.

(no details provided)

Had our 1st CouchUp session with coach Henry. We wanted to try it for our aspiring 7yo player and we were very satisfied with coach Henry's professionalism and approach to the session as well as his knowledge and training style. Our son was engaged and enjoyed the session. We hope to book coach Henry again soon.

Coach Henry was fantastic! He was super responsive in terms of booking the session. He showed up on time and was so good with our son. He understands how to keep it fun even when pushing them to develop their skills. I have very limited soccer knowledge, but I do know as soon as he left our son said "I like him A LOT" and then asked if he could train with Coach Henry every day! And our son said he learned a lot, which is something he never says. He can do a whole week of camp and claim he didn't learn a thing, but with an hour and fifteen minutes with Coach Henry he learned MANY things. Our son can't wait to train with Coach Henry again. I would definitely recommend him!

***UPDATED REVIEW - Our original review still stands - our son LOVED working with Coach Henry but we wanted to add that after our sons first game back since working with Henry there was noticeable improvement in his skills and ability to make things happen on the field and it was very clear it had everything to do with what Henry taught him.

Henry is a very good coach. He was very kind to me and my children who were not good at English.

(no details provided)

My son Alex and Coach Henry had a great first session and my son came home excited and motivated about soccer again, which is great in these uncertain times. We were impressed with his knowledge, attitude, and positive approach, as well as the high energy pace. We are booking for several more.

My two boys (8 and 12) have been training with Henry for a few weeks now. Henry is very responsive, attentive, always on time, and most importantly, a great coach! He has a clear plan for each training session, he makes good assessments of both boys and identifies areas where they need to improve individually. The boys are already making significant improvements in a short period of time!

After only 1 session I'm sold on having my daughter work with Coach Henry as much as we can moving forward. He clearly knows the game well and how to coach kids. He challenged my daughter to work hard but made the session fun. She can't wait to go back. I highly recommend Coach Henry.

Over all very good coach. Coach Henry has a ton of knowledge on the game and helps players of all skill levels progress in the sport. Even if you play at high level you can always sharpen your skills and I think that coach Henry does amazing at helping me and other progress.

Thank you Coach Henri for the high quality of your training sessions. They are demanding and they help me pushing the limits to improve each time we meet. I really enjoy the time spent with you and I appreciate all your feedback.

Great first session. Field was great. Set up was safe. The girls were pushed in a positive way.
Henry was wonderful and enthusiastic.
Our daughter is looking forward to booking more sessions.

I highly recommend Coach Henry. He is very knowledgeable about the game and does an outstanding job with the athletes! To see how much my son has learned and improved over the course of his training is simply amazing! Thank you!!!

Coach Henry is a fantastic coach. He takes the time to discuss the primary points of each position, evaluate, discuss. He's an effective teacher who truly understands the mechanics of soccer and the importance of how each position needs to work together as a team. His evaluations and commitment to improving your skills are real.

Coach Henry was great to work with. He took the time to explain things to me during our session and I appreciate that very much! Looking forward to our next session!

Coach Henry was excellent. My 13 year old boy, and 10 year old had scheduled a session together, and my daughter was hiding out in the car and didn’t want to play and coach Henry came out to the car and convinced her to be his”assistant” after 4 minutes she was also playing. He worked on their foot skills through dribbling, shooting, passing. He also helped them with their form and he ended off with a fun game of soccer Golf :) my daughter got there trying to make a deal to play only half the time but coach Henry’s interaction and patience had her playing the whole time. We will be booking again.

Henry has well prepared the boys for high school, the players have strong technical and tactical foundations
thank you so much, this fall, I made my high school JV team as a freshman, scored 13 goals during the season and made the ODP roster, 1 of the best 25 is amazing, I would not be able to do so without working with you this summer
I was lucky enough to catch this game and all I can say is WOW. What a great team! The teamwork was excellent! It was a really good game, well played and well coached. The best thing was even after going a goal down they worked so so hard. Well done players, coaches and parents. You should all be so proud.
Yesterday, we took Oliver for a tryout at Boston SC - Seacoast United. It was a one-on-one tryout with their coaching director, and it went very well" " Many thanks, in advance, Leroy
Just want to say thank you so much as always for your dedication to our boy (and all the boys). Ellis has grown so much on the field and off and we are very grateful
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