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Wrestling coach at NYU, Evolution Muay Thai and Unity BJJ. Success is 90% mental, learn what it takes to think like a champ. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
  • New York University (NY)

  • 7 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Collegiate, Freestyle, Greco-Roman

  • Arm snaps, Back Arch, Balance, Fakes, Forward rolls, Freestyle, Go behinds, Grips, Head snaps, Holds, Lifting, Motion, Overhooks, Penetration, Put downs, Re-shots, Sprawling, Throw, Underhooks


  • New York University (NY)

  • 7 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Collegiate, Freestyle, Greco-Roman

  • Arm snaps, Back Arch, Balance, Fakes, Forward rolls, Freestyle, Go behinds, Grips, Head snaps, Holds, Lifting, Motion, Overhooks, Penetration, Put downs, Re-shots, Sprawling, Throw, Underhooks

More About Coach Gene

Gene Kobilansky is in his third season as an assistant coach of the New York University Wrestling Team. He works mainly with the team’s middleweights.

In his first two season with the program, Kobilansky helped NYU capture its third and fourth consecutive University Athletic Association (UAA) Championship. For their efforts, Head Coach Bruce Haberli, along with Kobilansky and the other assistants were selected UAA Coaching Staff of the Year both years.

In his second year, NYU had their best season of all time, with a 12th place finish at the NCAAs, 3 All Americans, 4 National Qualifiers,t he most dual wins in team history (21) and captured the Centennial Conference Regular Season Championship and the UAA Championship, and was NCAA East Regional Runner-Up.

Prior to that, Kobilansky was a volunteer coach at NYU and a mentor coach for Beat The Street NYC (mentor coaches help develop the coaching skills of those new to the organization).

In the summer of 2014, Kobilansky co-organized and ran the Gotham City Wrestling Experience - a full week commuter wrestling camp for New York City middle schoolers. We received very positive feedback from the parents.

He's also the wrestling coach to MMA fighters and competitive grapplers at Evolution Muay Thai in Manhattan.

Finally, Gene’s is the founder of Flow Athletics, with the mission of helping athletes improve their mental game. Follow his writing on Nutrition, Mindset, Technique and Supplements on the Flow Athletics blog.

Red Cross First Aid and CPR certified.

Gene Kobilansky is one of New York University’s most decorated wrestlers. A 2007 NYU graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in finance, Kobilansky was a four-year member of the wrestling team. He compiled 118 career victories, the third-highest total in program history. Kobilansky recorded 64 wins at 141 pounds, the most ever by an NYU grappler in that weight class, while his 48 victories at 149 pounds remain the second most.

During his NYU career, Kobilansky earned UAA Rookie of the Year honors and then UAA Most Outstanding Wrestler accolades as a senior. He was a three-time National Wrestling Coaches’ Association Scholar All-American and UAA All-Academic honoree, an 11-time UAA Athlete of the Week selection and was the only three-time NCAA Championships qualifier in NYU program history.

Kobilansky, who also earned a certification in management consulting from Yale University in 2007, went on to win a silver medal in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the Pan Am Games in 2012. He also currently does private instruction with aspiring Mixed Martial Arts ( MMA ) fighters.

Each session is individual tailored based on your previous experience, learning goals and our past workouts.

Expect a hard session, focused on mastering basic positions and movements and technical perfection in a few key areas. Depth over breadth is my goal and proper body mechanics are emphasized when teaching and correcting techniques.

It's important that my students understand the why, not just the how, of any techniques, skills or drills they learn and practice.

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Client Reviews

Great coach. Will book again once I get more free time.

Coach Gene is without a doubt the top coach around. Aside from his amazing skill and detail when explaining techniques, Gene is incredibly patient and always manages to give me the best workout possible, pushing me a little further each and every time we train together. In just a few sessions, I find that Gene has improved my wrestling and overall grappling game to a new level. It's simple, you wanna be the best, you gotta train with the best, train with Gene.

My son was home for a week on break from school where he is trying wrestling for the first time. he had 3 sessions with Coach Gene to work some preliminary take-down techniques and proper body movement. he worked hard and loved the sessions. Coach was instructive and reliable. Highly recommended. CDG, NYC

(no details provided)

I highly recommend Gene as a wrestling coach. Over the past year, Gene has instructed my sons, 17 and 15, who wrestle in high school. I was very impressed with how Gene was able to quickly identify strengths and weaknesses and develop individual plans for both boys, who were at very different levels. Gene has an easy going coaching style, and is very patient, making sure my sons understood each move before going to the next. Gene utilizes the entire session from minute one to the last minute, always giving my sons a great work out. I was also impressed with how Gene teaches moves. Not only does Gene explain each move and the rationale behind the move, but he uses repetition and live wrestling to help my sons understand and master each move. After each session, Gene sends feedback, detailing the improvements, as well as what needs to be worked on next. Gene is a very thorough, knowledgeable, and committed coach. Again, I highly recommend Gene, and know that he has made a very positive impact on my sons wrestling skills.

Coach Gene is absolutely excellent and I could not recommend him more highly. He worked with my two children (ages 8 and 10) who had never wrestled previously and was very quickly able to get them to execute the key skills well. Coach Gene has a pleasant but firm manner and dry sense of humor that was exceptionally effective in keeping the kids focused on learning and improving while also making the sessions fun and productive. The kids really enjoyed it. Moreover, his ability to impart his knowledge is unparalleled- I wish I had a wrestling coach like him when I was in high school. He is particularly good at breaking down new skills into simple parts, explaining them and then progressively increasing the complexity until the full technique is mastered. He also is highly attentive to detail and was very good at providing feedback and making corrections to their execution as the kids were practicing. We have had private coaches for a variety of sports for our children over the past years and Coach Gene is in my view one of the very best by a huge margin. He puts his full effort into making sure his trainees learn and still makes it engaging and fun. I think for adults or older children he would be able to add even more value as it was clear that he has a very good sense of what techniques to focus on to make a difference in competition and a strong ability to optimize an athlete's performance.

He was back on the mat for the first time since you worked with him. His coach said his first pin of the season came against a kid that everyone thought was unbeatable!! Thanks for the excellent work!!
Coach Kobilansky has played an instrumental role in my development as a wrestler since I've been at NYU not only because of his ability to breakdown technique and provide technical insight, but also because of his mental approach to the sport. He has helped to push me to the next level in my mental game, which has proved to be a key asset at all three national championships. I recommend private work with Gene to anybody. From the beginner looking to get started with wrestling all the way to the college wrestler looking to take his wrestling to new levels
When I started wrestling with Gene, I had recently started Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu again after taking two years off. I took wrestling to improve my physical conditioning and overall grappling skills. Gene was very patient in teaching us from scratch. Not only did he teach us the techniques well, he got our bodies and minds prepared for the demands through various drills. He is also quick to adjust his teachings whenever he notices any of his students are not picking up on something. In a short time, I felt confident with my takedowns (I used to just butt scoot/pull guard all the time). These results also showed in my BJJ practice where I felt more physically and mentally prepared to grapple than before I took my two year break. Based on my own experience, Gene's instruction is excellent for fighters/martial artists who have never wrestled and want to add wrestling to their repertoire. I have also heard great things from complete beginners and experienced wrestlers regarding Gene's instruction, but I'll leave that to their testimonials
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