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Ex-pro soccer player, active F.C. Barcelona Summer Camp Coach with 28 years of experience working with all ages and skill levels, ranging from recreational to professional. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
  1. Centerville, GA
  2. Perry, GA
  3. Byron, GA

Coach is willing to travel up to 50 miles


Trial Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package with Coach Enrique. 50 minute session length

Session Length: 45 minutes

$60 1 session + one-time fee

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Light Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

3 session package with Coach Enrique. 50 minute session length

Session Length: 45 minutes

$165 3 sessions ($55/ea) + one-time fee

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Standard Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

5 session package with Coach Enrique. 50 minute session length

Session Length: 45 minutes

$270 5 sessions ($54/ea) + one-time fee

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Elite Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

10 session package with Coach Enrique. 50 minute session length

Session Length: 45 minutes

$530 10 sessions ($53/ea) + one-time fee

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  • Middle Georgia State College (GA)

  • 5 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Midfield, Goalkeeper, Forward, Defense

  • Throw-Ins, Shooting, Penalty Kicks, Passing, One-on-Ones, One-Touch, Heading, Goal Kicks, Free Kicks, First Touch, Dribbling, Crossing, Corner Kicks, Agility


  • Middle Georgia State College (GA)

  • 5 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Midfield, Goalkeeper, Forward, Defense

  • Throw-Ins, Shooting, Penalty Kicks, Passing, One-on-Ones, One-Touch, Heading, Goal Kicks, Free Kicks, First Touch, Dribbling, Crossing, Corner Kicks, Agility

More About Coach Enrique

I am an active private contractor Coach for F.C. Barcelona Soccer Camps and Real Madrid Foundation. My coaching experience goes from Recreational to Professional. I have worked with all ages pretty much; however, I usually coach ages 2 to 30 years old. I am GHSA certified and U.S. soccer certified. I was selected as the assistant coach for Warner Robins High School from 2015-2020 for a total of 6 seasons; Currently I am the Head Coach for HoCo High School. I was selected as one of Seven Coaches in the entire nation to Coach a FC. Barcelona youth team in the FCB Escola International Tournament that was held in Barcelona Spain from April 6th to April 14th of 2017

I played professional Soccer at the age of 15 for the Mexico based team NECAXA. I was selected as an assistant Coach at F.C. Barcelona Camps for the Summer Season 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018. I also was selected as an Assistant Coach for Real Madrid Foundation for the 2019 Summer Season. I was the Head Coach for two summer soccer camps at two local churches and I am currently coaching at Legion FC. I am the type of person that believes attitude is everything !

I have to evaluate the player before I can set up a training plan. But my training session focuses in three important aspects of the game, Mind, Spirit, and Technique. I always like to find out what position is the best fit for the player. Once we figure that out, I will focus on bringing all the attributes of the player to that specific position. The best of all is that my training sessions are fun!

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Client Reviews

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In just a matter of a few training sessions with coach Enrique, my sons confidence has grown exponentially. He enjoyed soccer before but now he has a drive in him that I have not seen before. As soon as a training session is over, he is scheduling another lesson. Coach Enrique has taught my son so much and I am excited to watch my sons skill level increase over the next few years. I would highly recommend contacting coach Enrique if your child is serious about raising the level of their game!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Coach Enrique. He is very knowledgeable and a great coach!

My 15 year old son plays club and high school soccer. His dream is to play at the collegiate level, and we decided to use a personal trainer to help with his preparation. We were very fortunate to find Coach Enrique. He is an outstanding coach, and my son absolutely loves training with him. One of the things that really impresses me is how Enrique tailors the training sessions to meet the specific needs and desires of the athlete; he does not use a “one size fits all” approach. Enrique does not stand around watching his player during the drills; rather, he is directly involved in each exercise. Another great aspect of the training is the speed of the drills, as they simulate the actual speed of the game. At the end of each session, Enrique solicits feedback from the player and uses the information to continually improve the quality of the lessons. Coach Enrique is without a doubt the best soccer coach we have ever been associated with, and we truly see him as a partner in my son’s quest to play college soccer. I highly recommend Coach Enrique to players and parents seeking to take their game to a higher level. - Greg

Update May 20, 2020:
My son has now trained with Coach Enrique for approximately one year, and I wanted to provide a brief update to my initial review. We are extremely pleased with the quality of training, and my son's skills have advanced significantly since working with Enrique. We are continuing toward our goal of playing at the college level, and Enrique is playing an important role as a partner in the process. I can share an example of his dedication to his players. I recently made a mistake and brought my son to a training session a day earlier than planned. Fortunately, Enrique was still on site having just finished two prior training sessions. Knowing that we had just driven 70 miles to attend training, Enrique kindly changed his plans and stayed to conduct the session for my son. What a great example of service and support! As I mentioned in my prior review, I highly recommend Coach Enrique. - Greg

My 10 year old son ADORES Enrique. He has been talking about his lesson to everyone. He is very assertive and genuinely wants improvement in your child. We are VERY happy and SO glad we have him!! #grateful

Grateful to have found coach up and Enrique. Today was my daughters first session and she really enjoyed it. I can’t wait to schedule another session to see what is in store for her.

My son's first session with Coach Enrique was great. My son enjoyed getting back into soccer after taking a break from the sport. Coach Enrique had my son do great drills..We cannot wait until our next session!

I am so glad that we found Coach Enrique. My son had basic skills, but my husband and I do not know enough about soccer to help him progress. With Every training session I see improvement. It’s building his confidence and we can’t wait to see him play in the upcoming season.

My son has raw talent as a keeper but never really had any formal one on one goalie trainer until he met with Enrique. He challenged my son, and raised his confidence. Enrique is gifted with incorporating techniques into his program that shine through when it's time for my son to perform. I highly recommend him for any budding athlete with true aspirations to perfect their skills.

I am so grateful that I found CoachUp.. and especially so to find Enrique!!! My son is 8 and needs some extra 1 on 1 fielding, footwork, etc to make it farther in soccer. After just 2 sessions.. my son is ALREADY running faster at regular soccer practices and using skills Enrique has taught him. He is so helpful, positive, and unbelievably encouraging to my son!!! Midway through the first trial practice I booked 3 more sessions! Wonderful and very skilled coach!

I highly recommend Coach Enrique as a soccer trainer. Enrique is currently training my 14 and 11 year old sons who play competitive soccer in Georgia. My 14 year old first started working with Coach Enrique in the Fall of 2017 when he was having trouble competing in school soccer. My son was having trouble with three things: 1) losing the ball, 2) making poor passes, and 3) making bad decisions on the field. It was amazing to see that after only 3 sessions with Coach Enrique my son went from second team to begin a starter on his school team. Immediately after working with this coach, I saw a drastic improvement in my son's soccer skills, game play and decision making on the field. It was like I was watching a different player, which was a welcome change. It is hard to find a good soccer trainer who has a good soccer back ground and really cares about helping a player improve their game. Coach Enrique even took time out to go to 2 of my son's soccer games to watch him play and see what he needed to work on to improve his game play. I really like his style of coaching, he finds out what problems the player is having then trains the player to help them play better soccer. After seeing the success that my older son had working with Coach Enrique, I had my 11 year old son start training with him. Coach Enrique is a great trainer and great soccer resource.

Coach Enrique was great with my 8 year old. She learned very helpful techniques and is eager to train again. Thank you.

No one better! He connects with the athlete and gets the best out of them!! A+++

(no details provided)

My daughter enjoyed her coaching! Enrique did great with her!

Just two sessions and you have made a great improvement, more than what our son has learned over the years. He has more confidence. Your knowledge and techniques will help him be a better athlete, you're a super... excellent coach. Thank you!

(no details provided)

Coach Enrique is great! He definitely had the right temperament for providing hand on training and instruction. My son's skill and confidence has definitely improved since training with Coach Enrique.

Brock very much enjoyed his session with you yesterday. He said the techniques you showed him will definitely help to improve his game. He is looking forward to more one-on-one sessions with you in the future.

I would definitely recommend Mr. Fuentes to anyone looking for a personable, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic coach.

Coach Enrique is a great coach! He is very patient and has a great attitude. He encouraged me to keep going on every drill and constantly told me good job which made me happy. I definitely picked the right coach and would recommend him to anyone.

Coach Enrique is a great coach he very was focused on teaching my skills and taking his time with me and being very patient . I would recommend him to any athlete he's really dedicated to his work you won't regret working with him .

Look nowhere else Coach Enrique is amazing. My boys can't stop talking about him. It was an honor to have the opportunity to have work with my boys. Looking forward to the future training sessions.


Coach Enrique has a great attitude and is eager to help his athletes feel successful while having fun at the same time! Very much looking forward to our next session.

Coach Enrique's session was great. He provides the hands on training that i need to succeed in my soccer goals. Looking forward to our next session.

It is amazing how Coach Kike can connect with the players, a lot of skill and technique in each session !
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