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I have been a coach and trainer for over 30 years, having worked with athletes of all levels from the professional ranks to the weekend warrior. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
  1. Columbia, MD

Coach is willing to travel up to 25 miles


Light Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package with Coach Dr. Tim. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$60 1 session + applicable fees

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Standard Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

3 session package with Coach Dr. Tim. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$180 3 sessions ($60/ea) + applicable fees

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Pro Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

5 session package with Coach Dr. Tim. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$300 5 sessions ($60/ea) + applicable fees

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Elite Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

10 session package with Coach Dr. Tim. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$600 10 sessions ($60/ea) + applicable fees

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Group Training Session (2-4 athletes)
In-Person Training for up to 4 athletes

Have fun training with friends and family!

Session Length: 1 hour

$100 1 session + applicable fees

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Group Training Sessions (2-4)
In-Person Training for up to 4 athletes

Have fun training with friends and family!

Session Length: 1 hour

$500 5 sessions ($100/ea) + applicable fees

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Online Training Plan
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package with Coach Dr. Tim. I will answer any question you might have about your current training routine, and then design an individualized program for you based on your personal goals. Knowledge is power, an... See More

Session Length: 1 hour

$75 1 session + applicable fees

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  • University of Maryland--College Park (MD)

  • 30 years

  • Qualified Private Coach

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Cycling, Running, Swimming

  • Transitions, Injury Prevention


  • University of Maryland--College Park (MD)

  • 30 years

  • Qualified Private Coach


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Cycling, Running, Swimming

  • Transitions, Injury Prevention

More About Coach Dr. Tim

I have been a coach and trainer for over 30 years, having trained athletes of all levels from the professional ranks to the weekend warrior. Along the way I have worked with individuals in a wide range of sports including football, basketball, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, track and field, as well as triathlon, running, and cycling, among numerous others.

I served as the first strength coach for the University of Maryland Men's Lacrosse, and assisted with training the ACC Championship football team. In addition, I also coached both men's and women's track at Maryland, including numerous school record holders, an All American, as well as ACC and IC4A Champions in the decathlon and heptathlon.

I have a Master's in exercise physiology, and a Doctorate in Health Education both from Maryland. I am Gold certified as a personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise, and attained the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. I also have the Level II Track and Field Coaching Certification (Sprints and Hurdles) through U. S. A. Track and Field, as well as being one of an elite few in the country who are a Master Certified Health Education Specialist.

On the professional level, I set up the first strength and conditioning program for the Washington Bullets of the NBA, served as a strength coach of the Washington Warthogs indoor soccer team, as well as the Los Angeles Avengers of the Arena Football League. In addition, I have acted as a sports performance specialist with the team doctors for the Bullets and Capitals of the NHL. I also worked in a similar capacity with the world famous Kerlan-Jobe Orthopedic Clinic in Los Angeles, and served as the Director of Program Development for the National Hospital for Orthopedics and Rehabilitation in Arlington, Virginia.

As an athlete, I have participated in two of the toughest events in sports including competing in the decathlon while at the University of Maryland, as well as having qualified for the USA Triathlon National Championships later in his life.

My articles on health and fitness have been published in such diverse publications as Fitness magazine, and the scientific journal The Physician and Sportsmedicine. I have also worked on books for top publishing houses such as Simon & Schuster and Human Kinetics. Features on my work as a fitness expert have appeared in People magazine and USA Today, as well as on television's Nightline and Good Morning America. Plus I have served as the on-air health and fitness correspondent for the CBS affiliate in Washington, D.C., helping produce segments for Broadcast House Live, an hour long lifestyle show. In addition, my Ask Dr. Tim Internet column has been seen by millions each month on Weider Publications’

Along the way I have served on the Personal Trainer Exam Committee for the American Council on Exercise, as a judge for the National Aerobic Championships, as a Fitness Editor for Shape magazine, as a member of the Advisory Board for the American Running and Fitness Association, and as a consultant to companies such as Reebok and Polar Electro heart rate monitors, as well as appearing in national ad campaigns for manufacturers like Nordic Track. Finally, for my extensive contributions to the health and fitness industry I was honored by being named to the Millennium Edition of the prestigious Who’s Who in the World.

Former Division I athlete and coach, certified strength coach and personal trainer. Has trained All Americans, All Pros, and World Champions, as well as the weekend warrior to personal records.

Competed in cross country and hurdles at Parkdale High School in Riverdale, Maryland (Setting a school record in the 60 hurdles).

Competed in the decathlon and javelin at the University of Maryland, and won the Virginia AAU Championship.

Attained Atlantic Coast Conference Honor Roll status.

Competed in numerous swimming, cycling, and running events in the Mid- Atlantic region.

TRI-FED/USA National Amateur Triathlon Championship Qualifier.
United States Triathlon Series National Championship Qualifier.

In-Season Training
Finally, to bring you to a "peak", your interval work must be done at a pace slightly quicker than what you would be doing during the race. Which means that your interval sessions will become shorter, faster and harder (90 percent of your maximum heart rate and above). Also during this time, it is important to reduce the number of miles/meters that you are doing a week, to help with the peaking process and prevent burn out. One final tip to follow during this phase is that rest is almost as important as training, maybe more. So, allow enough recovery time after your hard workouts to achieve your best performances.

BIKE; Sprints (speed/anaerobic training)- Warm-up 10 miles, 2 sets of 3 to 5 repeats of 20 seconds all out (no heart rate). Active rest of 3 minutes spinning between repeats, and at least 5 minutes between sets at a heart rate of below 65% of maximum. Cool-down 10 miles

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Client Reviews

Tim is very interested in helping with all things running. He spent a lot of time with me discussing my background and injuries to better understand how he might help me. Although I only (do date) have seen Tim two times, I look forward to working with him in the future.

Great coach

Dr Tim is an amazing coach! He has worked with my daughter, who is a runner, and he is unbelievably knowledgeable about the mechanics of running and how to help an athlete to improve their performance. One of the things we like most about him is that he works with his athletes both on and off the field. After a session with Dr Tim he never fails to follow up with a helpful message or link to a video that reviews the points he worked on with the athlete. He is excellent at motivating athletes and always has a positive attitude! If you want the best for your athlete, look no further than Dr Tim!

Coach Tim is an exception wealth of triathlon knowledge and expertise. In a few sessions, I went from panic mode after my 70.3 to feeling confident about completing a full Ironman - all in 6 weeks.

When I reached out to Tim, my primary concern was swimming. I (thought) I was sufficiently strong in cycling and running and wanted to focus my coaching sessions exclusively on swimming. After two sessions, not only did Tim alleviate my concerns on swimming, but he actually adjusted our sessions to focus primarily on running. This adjustment is something I would not have realized or understood had I not signed up for individualized sessions, which likely would have made my full Ironman race more challenging and frustrating. Tim's intuition on my areas of improvement were also spot-on, as I found the marathon portion of the Ironman to be the most challenging to complete.

I also appreciated Tim's approach to coaching as it respects athletic ability at all levels. The philosophy remains the same no matter what objectives are, which speaks volumes to its effectiveness. Tim has also taught me that the true value of a coach comes not from having your concerns be validated, but receiving a new perspective that you could not have identified yourself. For me, that was understanding the improvements to my cycling and running since I was hyper-focused on swimming. This can sometimes be challenging for triathlon training since balancing three distinct disciplines can sometimes create challenges on where time is spent providing the greatest returns on race day.

I look forward to continuing to work with Tim in my next journey in triathlon!

Coach Dr. Tim is a great coach! He has improved my son's form and techniques from the very first session. He is definitely extremely knowledgeable and encouraging. I would recommend Coach Dr. Tim to anyone.

Dr. Tim is extremely knowledgable about running. He takes things to a scientific level that goes beyond most coaches understanding. I was excited after our first meeting of the adjustments he made to my form after observing my stride. It literally took 15 seconds off of my threshold pace after my first run! I look forward to working more with Dr. Tim in helping me to get back to Boston!

My 9-year old son has seen large improvements in his running form after 2 sessions. Dr Tim takes the time to break things down so that my son grasps the concepts and understands why, what and how to work on his form. We will continue to work with Dr Tim!

Dr. Tim is pretty awesome! He does a full assessment of you as an athlete and your goal, and gives you his honest professional opinion. He refers you out to other professionals if there’s an issue that can’t be addressed in training (medical etc) which is much appreciated. He also doesn’t use negative reinforcement unlike other coaches and gives you the support you need to reach your goal. I went from a 10 min mile to a 7:30 min mile with medical issues in a matter of months. Dr. Tim was really good at working with and around my medical issues. He also gives you your money’s worth for each session and gives out homework for progress outside of the sessions. No regrets hiring Dr. Tim!

My son had a great opening session with Dr. Tim. He has clear expertise in the field and a ton of experience. We learned a lot about how to prepare for the season - even in one session. He was able to diagnose running form issues immediately that will help my son improve his times significantly in his next race. We will be signing up for more sessions with Dr. Tim!

We had a great first session with Dr. Tim. He is extremely knowledgeable in what the proper running form should look like and he was able to immediatelty diagnose and offer some corrective exercises. More importantly, he took the time to work with my son to make sure he was understanding the technique he was trying to implement. I am confident that working with Dr. Tim will make my son a better runner.

Context: I’m a 52 year old female, recreational runner for the past 12 years, coming back from a back injury. I’ve never had a coach myself before ... everything I know about running I learned from listening to my kids’ xc Coach and what I’ve read myself. Coming off the injury I wanted to work with a coach to improve my form and guide my training to maximize my running longevity; I honestly don’t care about speed so much as doing it without injury and maintaining my ability to keep doing it long term.

I’ve only been working with Dr. Tim for a few weeks but the drills he’s given me to practice have already made my form much better - no discomfort during runs or workouts... and faster at a given level of effort. He had me do a long interval workout and I ran faster than I ever have in my life. He is a font of great information, he provides patient direct instruction, corrections, and encouragement, and his approach of train smarter not harder, acknowledging that sometimes less is better, is a great fit for my overall goals. And I’m learning there may be some PRs left in my tank yet to be uncovered. Excited to see what’s next!

Dr. Tim spent a great deal of time in my son's first session getting to know him and his activities, and understand his goals and expectations. I thought this was great and it showed me that his work w my son will be totally customized around that, along with correcting specific technical issues. It sounds trite, but in that one session, my son already learned a couple of things that he has put to use to improve his form and speed. We are both looking forward to the relationship with Dr. Tim.

Great first session! Looking forward to future sessions!

Dr. Tim is great coach! After one session I feel prepared to run better than I ever have in my life!!!!

My daughter just had her first session with Coach Dr. Tim, and we are very excited to work with him. He took the time to learn all about her and her goals. After he got some baseline information from watching her run, he began to provide instruction. By the end of the very first session, he already was able to improve her speed. It was hard to believe but I saw it with my own eyes. We can not wait to see how far he can take her !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have only had my initial meeting with Dr. Tim, however, I am already extremely happy with my experiences with Dr. Tim and his coaching. I was in search of a coach to help develop a customized running plan for a person with zero experience. In short: Dr. Tim has been amazing. He is incredibly responsive, knowledgeable and thoughtful. Whenever I have questions, he is quick to respond outlining the pros/cons of a particular issue. I am excited and looking forward to future sessions and about becoming a stronger runner.

I just completed my first session with Dr. Tim. Tim has a plethora of experience and was able to quickly identify a number of areas for improvement with my running form. Within an hour, Tim was able to take me through a series a drills, resulting in some quick fixes to my form, lots of room for continuous improvement, and an increased desire to seriously consider a marathon or triathlon .

(no details provided)

My kids LOVED their first session with Dr. Tim. He was very engaging, and it is clear he has a deep knowledge of the mechanics of running. He immediately identified areas to improve their running forms, and he was able to convey the changes in a way they could quickly comprehend.

Dr. Tim is a very engaged coach that is interested in explaining the finer details when it comes to running. Dr. Tim's experience shows in his conversation and training philosophy. I am excited to continue working with Dr. Tim as we work toward reaching my goals.

I got a coaching session with Dr. Tim for my very athletic husband for his birthday. I could tell from his profile that he has a great coaching background. From the moment I sent Dr. Tim an email, he was responsive, engaging, and patient as I planned to surprise my husband. When my husband came home from his training session he was so happy. He talked about how Dr. Tim was so knowledgeable and immediately improved his running technique in just one session. I couldn't recommend Dr. Tim more! It has been a great experience.

Fantastic knowledge and experience in this space. Great connecting with kids as well to keep them motivated and interested.

I've had two sessions with Dr. Tim. He is working to correct my bad form and set me up with a great physical therapist to work on some injuries that are aiding in my bad form. I just wanted to run safely without pain, but with Dr. Tim's help, I know I'm going to end up running faster as well! He has already filled my head with so much information - some that I knew and needed to have reinforced and some that is new. He is the type of coach I need - one who explains WHY I'm doing something. It's going to take time to retrain years of bad form, but I'm super optimistic. I'd highly recommend him!

My first session with Coach Tim was wonderfully overwhelming.

He is a fountain of knowledge and made me very comfortable with his knowledge and plan that he is putting together for me to achieve my goals.

Can’t wait to continue training.

(no details provided)

Dr. Tim was a tremendous help in correcting my technique as well as helping me learn how to pace myself better while running longer distances. I would recommend him to anybody that wants to become a better runner or get in shape

(no details provided)

Dr. Tim is exactly what I was looking for in a running coach. He is strongly committed to using proven methods to make you a more complete runner. It is evident when you meet with him that he cares about your progress and wants you to succeed. He is quick to respond to emails and it very flexible when meeting for running sessions. I definitely recommend him when looking for a coach.

(no details provided)

Dr. Tim was amazing! In just 1 session I learned a great deal of information. I’m excited to keep it going!

Great coach who really helped me feel the difference in mechanics. Excited to learn more and work with him

I went through a recent marathon training cycle with Coach Tim. He had a significant impact on my running form and overall performance. I look forward to another training cycle to continue to advance my speed and endurance.

I am a military member, and running training for us typically consists of just doing more of it, with little or no focus or thought given to the technique. Coach Dr. Tim has been a tremendous help with learning the proper technique and form for running, which had been missing in my previous training.

Dr. Tim is great. He is passionate about technique and form and he has provided me with a wealth of info to help me better understand why good technique and form works for improved running. I have been running for years and Dr. Tim's knowledge and expertise is priceless to me for breaking through plateaus and setting PRs. He is also very positive, motivating and encouraging, even when the training has been tough. I highly recommend him, he has exceeded my expectations and I look forward to reaching my goals with him.

Dr. Tim Moore is an excellent coach / personal trainer. Coach Tim works holistically to train me to reach my target goals. I would highly recommend Coach Tim to anyone who needs assistance in achieving their physical fitness goals.

Dr. Tim took the time to assess my son's situation, and was very honest in his recommendations. I appreciate his candor and suggestions for the future. I appreciate him making your experience available to those looking to improve. Thank you!

My daughter had her first session with Coach Tim last week. We were so impressed with his love and knowledge of running! She is excited to work with him this Fall and she what she can do this XC season.

My daughter loves working with Coach Tim! He is passionate about running and it translates in his sessions. His knowledge and experience will help her crush her run times when she gets back to school!

Dr Tim is an awesome coach. The wealth of knowledge and experience he provides is tremendous. His workouts are personalized and his coaching sessions are very involved and helpful. I came looking primarily for help with running form, and the sessions I’ve had with him have been fruitful. He also focuses on breathing and “peak experiences” during the sessions. I’m excited for where this coaching will take me. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to become a better runner.

Dr. Tim is extremely knowledgeable and very personable. I've improved in every run session that I've had with him and look forward to training for my first 5k in a very long time. I'm more confident and have way better running form due training with Dr. Tim.

I've only done 2 sessions with him but I'm excited to see where this goes and I'm ready to get better at running. Dr. Tim was running with me and ensuring my breathing stayed in pace and I really liked the fact he did that for me.

(no details provided)

Great first session!

Coach Dr. Tim has a wonderful coaching demeanor and is very easy to communicate with. His teaching methods are easy to follow. After the first session with my daughter, we both were impressed and excited about working more with Dr. Tim.

(no details provided)

Very good at working with you on running form.

My first session with Dr. Tim was great. He took the time to cover everything as far as the training plan and what I should expect. He covered everything thoroughly and was able to address all my questions and concerns. Dr. Tim is very knowledgeable and has a great deal experience. In the first session alone, I learned a great deal and I am confident that I am going to be able to reach my goals in no time. I am happy with my decision to work with Dr. Tim and I am definitely looking forward to more sessions.

I only met Tim one time so far, however he was very knowledgeable and has the credibility to help tackle all of my needs. I decided to move forward with more meetings and am looking forward to partnering with Tim on helping me achieve my goals and objectives.

I just had my first session with Coach Dr. Tim, and could not be more impressed and excited to work with him on my run, bike, and swim. He took the time to learn my athletic and health history in detail, and to understand my goals for 2019. He immediately identified aspects of training that I had ignored, but could really help me improve, like weight-training and plyometrics. I can't wait to start on them! He watched me run a couple of laps around the track, and diagnosed a few form flaws that are holding me back--and increasing my risk of injury. He took me through some drills to help me correct them. All of this in just 1 session! I'm going into 2019 inspired to re-vamp my training with Coach Dr. Tim, and recommend him most highly.

Coach Dr Time is a great coach! He is very knowledgeable and passionate about fitness. He had a quick response time and a very flexible schedule. 10/10 would recommend!

Dr. Tim has drastically improved my son's technique in a short amount of time. He has a fantastic rapport with student athletes and is able to communicate with them so they understand what they need to change and how to go about making that change permanent. We look forward to continuing our work with him and have recommended him to our varsity team. Great coach!

Met with Dr Tom for an initial evaluation and discussion about current training and making adjustments to mybrunning form. I found him to be very knowledgeable and helpful.

Coach Dr. Tim provided great advice and simple techniques for my son in preparation of the upcoming XC season.

I have learned so much from Dr. Tim, even within the first few meetings I've had with him. He has helped me refine my running form and come up with a plan for my future training. I would highly recommend working with him!

I saw drastic improvements in my running after only a few sessions. Dr. Tim is extremely encouraging and I love that he treats his runners as a team! He has also been amazing at working with my constantly changing work schedule, he is the most flexible trainer I have worked with. Looking forward to training with him over the next year!

(no details provided)

Dr. Tim is an amazing coach. I have never been good at running and I get very anxious whenever I need to run. As a larger person, I have never been comfortable running, even during sports I enjoy. A couple years ago I injured myself with poor, haphazard training. Dr. Tim is technical, methodical, and motivational in his approach. Dr. Tim has me up and running without injuring myself all over again. If you have goals, that's the coach you want helping you achieve them.

Dr. Tim is great. Very knowledgeable, personable and encouraging. Even though I am not a fast runner and with only two sessions with Dr. Tim, I already feel I am improved in running form, speed and overall outlook regarding running. Dr. Tim emphasizes on running with quality not quantity/mileage. He is an expert in injury prevention and advocates running mixed with cross-training. He takes a personalized approach with his clients/athletes.

Very encouraging!

I have had a wonderful experience working with Dr.Tim. He has not only helped me create a workout plan, he has also helped me develop as a runner. I have learned to have a healthy balance of strength training, workouts, active recovery, and self care time. I no longer pile on milage with few results. Working with Dr.Tim has taught me to focus on the quality of each run as opposed to the high volume/junk milage. The new training that I am receiving with Dr. Tim has helped me avoid injury, increase my strength, and increase my confidence as a runner overall. Dr. Tim has the knowledge, experience, and passion to help his athletes improve. I look forward to each session scheduled with Dr.Tim because I know that I will have a blast! And leave feeling empowered and ready for my next race.

(no details provided)

I'm so lucky to know Dr. Tim! Early this year, I was a swimmer and wanted to do triathlon, but both running and biking were new to me. I also had an ACL reconstruction surgery on my knee 2 years ago, so I was really worried about potential injuries which could be caused by running. I have worked with Dr. Tim for more than 10 sessions in the past 4 months. Dr. Tim has changed my running postures so that I could run longer, faster and more efficiently. My 5K run time has been reduced by more than 3 minutes from 25 to under 22 minutes in 3 months. Dr. Tim also helped fit me into my bike nicely and I finished recent triathlon races with good rankings. Couldn't do all of these without Dr. Tim! I'm also a full-time working mom with 2 young kids. I find it very easy to schedule time with Dr. Tim, as he understands my needs, and always tries to accommodate my schedule. Highly recommend Dr. Tim!!

Dr. Tim has been very helpful with diagnosing and correcting some running/form issues for my daughter that had accumulated due to over-training in one sport. He listens, adjusts training due to her goals, draws from a wealth of knowledge & experience, and also knows a great PT if needed.

(no details provided)

Coach time spent time to listen to my athletic background, understand where I was, and help me come up with strategies for improvement. He's very patient and will take the time to not just give advice, but to listen.

Although I've had only one session with Dr. Tim so far, he's already made a huge change in my running! I feel lighter in my strides and a lot of my running pain has decreased. He's also introduce me to a wonderful PT, who's also made a world of difference!

Coach Tim is wonderful! He's working with HS son address form issues and technique - my kid raves after every session how he can feel the difference. Highly recommend Coach Tim!

Dr. Tim is professional and has a vast array of knowledge and expertise. After just one session, I noticed a remarkable difference in my running and form based on his coaching. This allowed me to increase my speed and decrease my time to be more effective! I would highly recommend him.

Dr. Tim is a great coach and very knowledgeable! I would definitely recommend him to anyone starting out running and trying to learn better form.

Our first session with Dr. Tim was great! He obviously has a lot to teach and we look forward to learning.

(no details provided)

Dr. Tim is a knowledgeable and patient coach! He breaks down running into individual fundamental mechanics that you can practice separately before putting them together.

From the very first session, Tim Moore helped my daughter, entering high school, to better understand the physics of running and how to improve her speed and athletic performance. The individualized attention he provided has had a meaningful impact on my daughter's understanding of herself as an athlete and her potential to excel in competition.

Coach Tim is awesome. Beyond the fact that he, in just a few sessions, has transformed my running form and improved my running times, he takes the time to explain the intricacies of running and training. I've worked with trainers before, and oftentimes they do a decent job but do the bare minimum necessary, giving off the impression that they really don't have a vested interest in your well-being.

With Tim, he not only helps you become a better runner, but become a better person. By this I mean he focuses a lot on physiological AND mental techniques that reduce your stress levels. Moreover, Tim is about smarter training, not harder training. Before working with him, I was working much harder but with far less results. Now, I feel stronger and also happier because I'm not working to exhaustion every day.

You will not regret signing up with Tim. He will make you a better athlete and give you the added self-confidence one needs to reach another level.

Dr. Tim was punctual, positive and helpful during my first session. He is experienced, knowledgeable and addresses the problem quickly.

Coach Dr. Tim has worked with my son for two sessions and he has enjoyed both times. Dr. Tim provides a lot of helpful information and insight. My son is looking forward to the next session and improving his running time and technique.

Wow. All I can say is how amazing it is to work with Dr. Tim. The entire group has seem tremendous results in our form, speed and enjoyment. Looking forward to more sessions.

The following is the review crafted by my daughter who Dr. Tim trained over the Christmas holidays. "I highly recommend Dr. Tim! I have had two ACL injuries through college lacrosse and had my eyes set on getting back into the sprinting/running phase during my time with him - and he helped me get there plus further than I would have ever imagined. I have the confidence going back into preseason as well as the physical ability needed to play up to the D1 level!"

I had my first meeting with Dr. Tim. My first impression is that he is very zen and has a calming presence. He has a lot of knowledge and experience with coaching many athletes and I'm looking forward to having Dr. Tim help me achieve my racing goals for 2017. I'm excited to start this journey and become a better overall runner and athlete. Hope to improve my form, speed, and strength to tackle a fast and furious 26.2. Looking forward to training.

Dr. Tim is beyond amazing at what he does. With his vast amout of experience and knowledge, he can help anyone...yes I mean anyone...achieve their fitness/health and athletic goals. Your success is his primary mission. Thanks Dr. Tim!!!!

Dr. Tim is an excellent trainer. He was able to break down aspects of distance running. He evaluated my son and provided techniques to help him work smarter not harder when running. I would highly recommend Dr. Tim because of his experience, working with athletes.

(no details provided)

Dr. Tim is extremely helpful and informed. From our initial meeting, I was amazed at how well he understood the body and how it functions. Not to mention, I love his commitment to overall health and wellness. His methodology is something I plan to incorporate into my daily life. I would highly recommend Dr. Tim for any athlete and/or person who desires to take their health and wellness to a higher level.

Coach Tim has been very encouraging and my daughter is looking forward to improving her triathlon, especially her running! Coach Tim gives my daughter the appropriate feedback so that she can improve her technique to further drop time.

Dr. Tim is an amazing coach and is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to running and injury prevention. Since meeting with Dr. Tim I've seen amazing improvement in my run times and overall fitness. Looking forward to reaching more fitness goals with Dr. Tim!

Coach Tim is working with my daughter who is a DIvision 1 lacrosse player, helping her to get in shape for her season. He is excellent! He is so knowledgeable and encouraging! She is confident that he will help her achieve her goals.

Coach Dr. Tim is great! He is beyond knowledgable in regards to running, nutrition, and injury prevention. My daughter has learned a great deal with Coach Dr. Tim in a few sessions and with a few minor technique changes, she is running at a new level. She is very anxious for her upcoming races to see the transformation on the track. We highly recommend Coach Dr. Tim and will continue to have him work with our daughter. A review can not explain how knowledgable and great he is, Coach Dr. Tim cares about the athletes he is working with and only wants to see them reach beyond their personal goals.

After my first training session with Dr. Tim, I am confident I made the right decision to invest time and money in a running coach. I can see the difference a professional coach's experience and expertise makes in training. Looking forward to the next sessions!

Awesome with kids!

Dr. Tim Moore provides a very holistic approach to coaching. While I've been running for a long time I had never availed myself to a coach. Coming very highly rated from friends I began meeting with Dr. Tim a few weeks prior to a 1/2 marathon. He provides insight into the psychology and physiology of running in addition to technique and form. With his guidance, I'm becoming a much more confident and capable runner. I look forward to future sessions with Dr. Tim as I prepare for two more 1/2 marathons this year.

I'm having an awesome experience with Dr. Tim. In preparing for our first half marathon, he's provided us with running and cross-training plans, along with guidance on technique, sprints, and nutrition and more. He's also reviewing our race course to help us completely prepare. Thanks for everything Dr. Tim!

Even before I had officially hired him, Coach Tim was giving me great recommendations. I think the thing I appreciated the most was his honesty. He told me I was not in shape to start running the way I wanted to. He followed that up with a but...he could help me get there. He's given me a complete program to help get me to a point where I can safely achieve my goal. I am looking forward to working with him and meeting my goal together.

Coach Tim has been great. Very accommodating regarding timing and place for coaching sessions. Very knowledgeable and relays information in a way that's understandable and can be implemented. I can already tell the difference in running stride and capacity after only a few sessions. I highly recommend Coach Tim and plan to continue with him as he helps me improve both my running and overall fitness.

(no details provided)

I met with Dr. Tim, to assess how to take my cycling to the next level. From the second I met with him, I knew that he had my best interest at heart. As a professional cyclist, I've come to realize that, just riding a bike can only take you so far in the sport. Therefore, utilizing Dr. Tim and all of his knowledge will be a huge step in the right direction in achieving my 2016 goals. By using Dr. Tim's experience with high end athletes, and being a cyclist (triathlete) himself; I have full faith he will no doubt help bring me to the next level.

Dr. Tim is an amazing coach. He genuinely wants you to succeed and goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that you'll meet your goals. He works with you to create a detailed training program that works with your lifestyle and what you want to accomplish. He is also a wealth of knowledge and obviously knows what he's doing. I would recommend Dr. Tim to anyone who is looking to improve in areas of fitness, as well as their general well-being!

Dr. Tim knows everything there is to know about running - from techniques and exercises to science and nutrition. He is a great trainer for anyone and tailors his sessions to your goals and abilities. I have worked with a number of personal trainers over the years and my one complaint is that they never had a plan - it was "let's do whatever." Tim always has a plan for each session. I will continue to train with Tim and look forward to becoming a better marathoner.

I need training for endurance and strength for a timed mile run I have to take for a physical agility test for a police department. I have never been a runner and have always hated it, so I just keep scraping by and barely making the times. I want that to change and after meeting with dr.tim, I learned a lot about running and drills that help me track my pace. Also had me on breathing exercises, which have helped.

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