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Coach Carter is all about empowering a healthier lifestyle and committed to providing the most effective, positive, respectful, and fair work environment. #ChangingLives View all coaching experience

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  • Harding University (AR)

  • 3 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Weight Loss, Powerlifting, HIIT, Cross Training, Conditioning, Boot Camp, Bodybuilding

  • Upper Body Strength, Trx, Thera-Band, Speed/ Agility, Snatch, Rehabilitation, Power Clean, Medicine Ball Workouts, Lower body strength, Front Squat, Flexibility, Explosiveness, Deadlift, Core Conditioning, Clean and Jerk, Bench Press, Balance, Back Squat


  • Harding University (AR)

  • 3 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Weight Loss, Powerlifting, HIIT, Cross Training, Conditioning, Boot Camp, Bodybuilding

  • Upper Body Strength, Trx, Thera-Band, Speed/ Agility, Snatch, Rehabilitation, Power Clean, Medicine Ball Workouts, Lower body strength, Front Squat, Flexibility, Explosiveness, Deadlift, Core Conditioning, Clean and Jerk, Bench Press, Balance, Back Squat

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More About Coach Devon

I have over four years in personal training and physical training instruction. In my past experience I have helped clients reach their goals by setting the standard high. Now that does mean everyone will be at the same level or pace but I will demand 100 percent effort and will always hold you accountable for your actions. I have trained ages 6 through 70 years of age and I am willing and able to train anyone who truly wants to change their lifestyles. I am a Certified Fitness Trainer through ISSA or International Sports Science's Association's and I am dedicated to serving others.

I graduated from Harding University were I also played football and contributed to back-to-back winning seasons and playoff appearances. I was voted team captain in 2014 season and was named comeback player of the year in the same season.

Anytime I meet with a new client it’s an opportunity to help someone change their life. Whether it’s to lose weight, tone up or add muscle it’s my pleasure to assess client’s needs. My duty to all clients is to first seek to understand them before I make any recommendations. After listening to clients I will gain great insight about their life situation and proceed with a variety of fitness tests and match your results with a compatible fitness plan to reach clients GOALS.

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Client Reviews

Excellent coach..Great mentor...Thanks,Josiah

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(no details provided)

We had our first session with Coach Carter yesterday and my son absolutely loved it! The energy and effort Coach Carter put in to making sure not only that the technique but also that his form was correct was outstanding. We definitely will be having another session with Coach Carter and we look forward to the journey!

Coach was great, my son loved it and can’t wait to have another session!

Devon is a great coach.

Very professional and attentive with who he is training. My son enjoyed being challenged and is looking forward to improvements.

As an Adult Semi pro baller, most coaches don't know specific training for positions like center and guard. Coach Devon really knows his stuff! His experience and knowledge was never taught to me by anyone else. If i learn one new thing, i am good, but at his session, i must have learned at least 10 new things - feet placement, hand placement, stance, etc.

Coach Carter is a great coach that pays attention to who you are and what you need to do to meet your goals. Great to be back in training with you coach.

After my son’s first session with Coach Carter, he said Coach was honest and pushed him to his limit. My son realized his potential and appreciated that Coach set the bar high. Coach Carter was good about making the expectations clear and my son came home with a drive to do more to improve his knowledge of football. Thank you Coach Carter

(no details provided)

My son really enjoyed our first session with Coach Devon. As a former athlete, I understand the importance of the MENTAL side of being an successful—and Coach Devon goes above and beyond to make that a principal point during his session(s) with my son. He is a huge believer in executing the fundamentals of the game in order to build a strong foundation to excel in more advanced techniques for young athletes!

He is the kind of coach who will ultimately help athletes grow on and off the field! Definitely recommend his training style!!

(no details provided)

Great session. He helped me get ready for high school football and the world. He taught me about the mind and how to be tough for football and to be beast and push through. He pushed me hard and we worked on some drills that will help me be the best I can be.

Great coach. We received great positive feedback on our son. Can’t wait for the new season. We are excited for future sessions :)

Coach Devon was awesome . He took his time explaining every detail of the work out to my son . You can tell he is very seasoned when it comes to drills and inspiring . Coach Devon was on point to making the work out happen despite my busy schedule he was very accommodating. I look forward to more training sessions as well as my son keeps asking me about when is the next training session going to be so I can tell he really enjoyed it .

Coach Devon is a great coach. My 14 year old son really liked training with him. Coach Devon really care about improving my son's skills. I will definitely be booking more sessions with him.

First session was great and I’m motivated to get stronger and prove my skills and the help with Coach Devon he can get me to the right direction I’m going and He’s a great trainer and person and i appreciate the help and look forward to train with him more and highly recommend him to achieve your goals!

Amazing motivator and an even better coach, really knowledgeable about the game.

Coach Devon is amazing. I have booked multiple sessions with him already and it he never gives up on my nephew. I always see him pushing him to do better and because of that, my nephew has succeeded. I can see big improvements and I definitely recommend him. He will make sure your child succeeds. Thank you!

Great experience fir both my son and myself. Coach Carter broke each drill down to make sure my son got it. Biggest thing was the continual talking and coaching throughout the session and wasn’t just watch me An do what I do. I will Highly recommend coach Carter to anyone that is looking for extra training for their athletes.

Today was the fist time we met Coach Devon and let me tell you he is legit. very knowledgeable and knows the sport but knows to make sure the game is fun and Very safe.

My 8 year old had his first session today with coach Devon and he exceeded our expectations and more! Right from the start he introduced himself to all of us and explained everything he was doing. Pushing my son more than he thought he was capable of doing, always keeping him motivated throughout and including us in. We look forward to many more sessions my son was more confident after one session! Can’t wait to see his progress❤️ Thank you!

(no details provided)

Coach Devon continues to be amazing with my 7yo son. Everything he teaches is applicable to not only the football field but in life. He is patient, engaging and motivating throughout the entire session. His knowledge and experience about the sport of football and working with athletes in general is exceptional.

(no details provided)

Today was my sons 2nd session with Coach Devon. Both training sessions has been good and I've been looking for something like this to keep my son in tune with new challenges to the game. Looking forward to the 3rd session.

(no details provided)

Coach Devon is a great 1on1 coach he pushes you to your limit! and helps bring out a person in you that you didn’t even know that you had in you , and has love for the game of football and will teach you both on & off the field on how to be a better player physically and mentally really great person & will help get you where you need to be even beyond your goals , really recommend this guy for any football athlete out there looking to better your game .

Coach Devon is a great coach. He knows exactly what to do to make great players. Very positive and pushes my son to do his best.

To accurately review coach Devon first off there needs to be more than 5 stars. My son has played football for several yrs from pop warner to now high school and has never had a coach actually get into the actual art of the game. Devon brakes down the ins and outs of the game from the mental parts then pushes you to get that physical aspect you need. He keeps the line of communication open with the parents and kids. If you are having difficulty in something he will go that extra mile to help you get up to speed. He'll get you to where you want to be in the sport, he's gonna push you to your limits then make you go an extra 2 yards cause "you're striving to be better than the best". He's super upbeat and always motivating not just the kids but the parents as well. Always happy if the parents want to join in the session. He is well beyond just a coach he is a motivator, cheerleader and all around AWESOME GUY. I'm glad I looked into CoachUp and 100% SUPER HAPPY I decided to go with Coach Devon.

Coach Carter is the best helping me train my 4 yr old he is the best thank you very much and see you next wee

Coach Devon is an excellent coach, he knew what he was doing and the right things to do his work out with my son was work the whole time and he was talking to him during the work out telling him everything he was teaching him what it meant and what it was used for I'm so glad I chosed coach Devon for my son he already can't wait for the next work out, I recommend coach Devon to any and everyone, trust me you can't go wrong with coach Devon, keep up the excellent work coach , Tarik R.

Coach Devon did a good job explaining what to expect from him and what he needed from my son in order for him get the results we needed. Good first session getting a complete evaluation and look forward to building on that.

Great motivator and leader, plus it doesn't hurt that he knows and understands from experience

After one workout with this coach after not being on the field in a long time I was already feeling amazing. He specialized in technique and just did every little thing right amazing coach.

Coach was great can't wait to see hI'm work with my son again

We can't say enough positive things about Coach Carter!! His coaching technique is the best. He has been so motivating for our son. Can't wait to see how his coaching will help on the game field this season!

Coach Carter is one of the best coaches I have ever worked with by far and I am looking forward to many future sessions.

Coach Devon, Is really making not only a physical difference but a mental difference. He pushes hard for me to never give up and to not settle for okay, but to push my way to the top!! Thank you Coach! get (great work out this week....)

Coach Carter was awesome !!! Greeted my son and I both in a very professional way. Took the time in between drills to explain them to me and my son why they were important. He stayed right by my sons side encouraging him and correcting as needed every step of the way. I cannot say enough good things about our first training. Can't wait to see how my boy improves as we continue on with Coach Carter. Thank you!!

My son has been training with Coach Devon for a few months now and his abilities have vastly improved. Meeting with Devon is a priority for my son as he enjoys the complex and tailor made workouts and training sessions. I'm so glad that we found Devon and look forward to continuing our sons training.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Devon is an outstanding coach. He has a great understanding of technique and has the communication skills to help players learn what's needed. Plus, he's got a great attitude -- very positive and supportive. My son has really grown as a player by working with Coach Devon. Highly recommended!!

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