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CEO of Determined Athletes LLC. A Basketball Performance Coach focusing on Skill development and Strength&Conditioning. Helping players maximize their potential. God 1st View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
  • 8 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Center, Forward, Guard

  • Reading the Floor, Moving Without the Ball, Rebounding, Shooting, Ball Handling, Defense, Footwork, Agility, Attacking the Rim, Pick and Roll, Passing, Post Moves


  • 8 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Center, Forward, Guard

  • Reading the Floor, Moving Without the Ball, Rebounding, Shooting, Ball Handling, Defense, Footwork, Agility, Attacking the Rim, Pick and Roll, Passing, Post Moves

More About Coach Devin

I have been training student athletes in PA, NJ and Delaware the past 6 years and love my profession. I am the CEO of Determined Athletes a Basketball Player Development Program training student athletes to maximize their potential. I am a High School Basketball coach in South Philadelphia.
I work with multiple skill levels and ages ranging from 10 and up. I spend the majority of my time training junior high school and high school players and college level athletes and enjoy every minute.
I Specialize in player development focusing on ball handling, shooting, one on one moves, and drills. I also Specialize in Strength and Conditioning. This allows me to address muscle imbalances, strength in all planes, flexibility, stability, agility, lateral movement an overall basketball explosiveness.
My mission is to help girls and boys maximize their potential and hopefully I will have the honor of working with you.

Working with student athletes who are going to graduating High School and College is why love training. The gym is my classroom. I love watching basketball help student athletes stay driven, academically motivated, and focused on self improvement as a person and basketball player.
Many kids are now competing and playing in college because of the implementation of my program and these success stories are my Basketball Accomplishments.

A typical 1-on-1 coaching session will consist of player development training, Strength and conditioning or a combination of both training methods while first assessing their strengths and weaknesses physically and with skill.
1. Dynamic Stretch- the new and effective way to warmup and add flexibility and range in your basketball movements.
2. Bosu warmup- ankle flexion, stability, full body warmup and strength session focusing on proprioception and core.
3. Jump training- explosiveness exercises and jump training program while address ing Lateral movement( moving side to side)
4. Creative ball handling drills
5. Effective Shooting Drills and form shooting

Cant give all my secrets away. Ha

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Client Reviews

From the second we arrived, Coach Devin was very accommodating and personable. When we couldn’t find the entrance to the school, he was in constant contact and even met us outside to walk us in. Coach Devin began the session by asking my 12 year old son, Carter, what his strengths and weaknesses were, his basketball experience and what his goals were. Immediately after, they started on a bunch of different drills; ball handling, agility, coordination, shooting/layup with dynamic stretching sprinkled in. Coach Devin did an excellent job of bringing out the best in my son, he challenged him when it was necessary but was also encouraging when it was needed. Afterwards, he sat down with us and gave us an overview of the training session. He also suggested a few drills to practice on during the week. Overall, we highly recommend booking with Coach Devin, he’s an amazing trainer who will bring out the best in your child. We’re looking forward to the next session! Thanks again!

Within the first ten seconds of our session with coach Dev, me and my wife knew we found the right guy. immediately you could see the confidence in my boys growing from the minute he put a ball in their hands, and showed them they could do it. It immediately showed in their very next game, they were playing with a level of confidence I had never seen in them. Not only did he leave a lasting impression on my boys, but also with me and my wife. He went out of his way prior to our session to establish clear and open lines of communication, he is very professional, and courteous.
I strongly suggest him to anyone and everyone.
My boys cannot wait for their next session, thank you coach Dev

My son’s first sessions was great ! Coach Devin made him feel comfortable and he had a blast while learning some great techniques. I would definitely recommend him to anyone !! Cannot wait until our next session :)

My son's first session with Coach Devin was great! He made him feel comfortable and he appreciated how Coach Devin patiently walked him through the fundamentals of shooting and dribbling. He really enjoyed this session and can't wait to see how he progress in future sessions.

I have only been working with him for a couple of sessions and already feel a lot more confident when I’m playing.

I was extremely impressed with Coach Devin's style of working with young players and his overall knowledge of the game. Before running any drills he took the time to sit down with my 10 year old daughter to get an understanding of her goals for the session. He immediately diagnosed areas and techniques he would focus on and talk them through with me to ensure we were on the same page. We signed up for 10 additional sessions and would recommend him to anyone without hesitation!

Devin is a great coach. He worked with me on my specific areas of weakness (ball handling and shooting) and helped break down improvements to my technique.

Coach Devin is very connected and involved in each session.

Coach Dev is very professional even when he didn’t need to be. What I loved most about our first session is that he made my daughter feel extremely comfortable and confident. Most of all, He was on time for our session. I would recommend him without a doubt.

My son just turned 13 and he is small for his size. He has some ability and a ton of heart, but I wasn't sure how to help him continue his growth as a player. Luckily, I found Coach Devin. I have been so impressed with his communication and desire to help my son. My son learned more in one of their one hour sessions than he learned in most of his middle school season. On top of that, Coach Devin followed up his last session by encouraging my son, reviewing what they covered during the session, and he has continued to send encouraging messages to my son in between sessions.

Our experience with Coach Devin has been nothing short of incredible. He has my son doing things that I didn't realize he could do. When I watched him doing the two-ball drills, I was amazed at how Coach Devin perfectly balanced pushing my son past his comfort zone, while also encouraging him. We are in the early stages of working with Coach Devin, but we are so excited to see just how far this training will take him. If you are looking for someone who knows hoops and will push your child in an encouraging way, consider Coach Devin!

I was looking for someone to teach my 7 year old son the basics the right way. From start to finish, my son worked and learned some simple basics. Coach Devin was able to not only teach him but survey his skills in the process. When my son grew tired he motivated him with different fun drills and helped him push through. I would recommend Coach Devin to anyone looking not only to learn but enhance their basketball skills.

Our first session was very organized and dynamic, focusing on key fundamental skills. Coach Devin effectively communicates goals and objectives with both player and parent. We look forward to more sessions.

The first day was great! I highly recommend him, because he taught my daughter a lot in the first day.

Really humble and a true coach looking forward always for the better 💪100

(no details provided)

Coach Devin exudes what coaching should look like! Professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and engaged! We need more coaches like Devin. Keep it up coach! My son, Levi had a ball working with you. Thank you so much!

(no details provided)

One of the best decisions I have ever made. In the past year, I have enrolled my son in a few basketball skills camps, even though he improved on some of his skills, he wasn't totally into it because of the number of other kids in the camp (20 in total). So I decided to go for the personal 1-on-1 training approach and boy did I make the right decision when choosing Coach Devin. Even though he only had 1 session so far, I was very impressed with what I was seeing while he was training. It was a very demanding session but my son enjoyed every minute of it. During one of the breaks in the session, my son came up to me and asked if he could come everyday. After the session was over, Coach Devin, the next day provided me with a detailed overview of the session of how he thought my son did and laid out a very detailed training regiment of what he plan on having my son go through and where he expects my son to be in the end/ graduate to the next level.
So far, I am very impressed with Coach Devin and very happy that I found him using the CoachUp website.

Coach Devin totally delivered to my expectation and then some!! He was very friendly and my son Jack took to him as well as his instructions right off the bat and can't wait to come back for another session. I am very happy with the choice of hiring coach Devin and look forward to watching him help Jack grow his confidence as well as his game in the future. Great job many thanks!!!

Coach Devin has great teaching skills and enthusiasm to match! After only an hour session, my boys (13 and 15) found him the best basketball coach they ever worked with. We can't wait to continue our training with him.Thanks Coach!

Really Good Session . Already Looking Forward To A Potential 2nd Package and Our Next Couple Sessions.

Coach Devin is great! He is really nice and very organized. He put together a great session with good information, feedback and a bunch of different activities. My son really enjoyed the session and got a lot out of it.

Coach Devin was really good during my son's first session. My son felt really comfortable working with him, and he was really excited as well to go back and work with him. Thanx Coach Devin - we appreciate the love!

Our review of Coach Devin is as follows: Coach Devin was very punctual with his appointment time. The meet and greet felt welcoming and friendly. Coach Devin was amazing with our son and his assessment, and our son was very comfortable with him as well . The level of professionalism and knowledge that he has for the sport, techniques, drills, athleticism, and clients personal attributes was above our expectations. We were impressed and instantly knew the connection and partnership would be a perfect fit. He is very accommodating to scheduling per the needs of the family and himself.

(no details provided)

Coach Devin is such a great coach and mentor. From the scheduling process to the initial session, he has been very pleasant, encouraging and professional to work with. My 16 year old son is so excited about training! He is a great kid, somewhat on the shy side. Coach Dev has made him feel comfortable, showing great patience and dedication, while working to improve DJ's confidence along with his basketball skills.

He's teaching him that not only is being a better ball player important, but that education earning good grades are an important factor as well! I have already seen more confidence, which makes any mom happy.

I will definitely recommend Coach Dev to family and friends. Thanks Coach Dev, for all the help and support! We look forward to more sessions really soon :)

My 12 year old son has his first session with coach Devin today. By the end of the session I couldn't believe the improvement with his shooting performance. More importantly he felt so much more confidence. Can't wait to see his future progress!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Devin has helped me explore my weaknesses and made them my strengths. He pushed me when I didn't even know I could go further. He is one of the best coaches I know who can explain and show you how you can be better at your position, and he can help you perfect your jump shot. Also, your ball handling will be at its best when he's done working with you. That's if you want to stop .

Coach Devin is absolutely awesome, passionate and an exceptional leader. This is only our sons second session, but we can already see improvement. Coach Devin keeps him engaged and pushes him with confidence and patience. We look forward to continuing to work with him!!

Coach Devin is an outstanding coach. My son Wanya has learned so much with the first three sessions. Continue doing great things Coach!

Coach Dev is a very organized, motivated and an excellent coach. I enjoyed every training drills he made me do and this will help me improve in my basketball skills.

Today was my son first session with coach Devin and it was amazing. He took his time making sure my son Understood every drill and explain every drill step by step. Today he took time to find out what my son needed to improve on, and evaluated his strength and weakness. He gave us a great plan for our next work outs. After the work out was over my son was so excited about training with coach Devin. We are looking forward to our next session!!!!!!

Today was my first day training with coach Devin. It was both a fun and learning experience. He was very encouraging and makes me believe I will move on to the next level. I'm already excited for the next session.

Our session with Coach Devin was great. He really took time with our daughter provided great feedback. My daughter enjoyed the session and can't wait to sing up for her next session.

Coach Devin is an amazing coach, he had me doing things I have never done and pushing me to the limit. I would recommend him as a coach, I can't wait for the next session!

(no details provided)

My son has had a couple of sessions with Coach Devin. Right away you could tell that Coach Devin is a natural coach and great with kids. He seems to genuinely care not only about my son’s progress with basketball but his general well-being, which is a rare quality in a coach. The first sessions were based on fundamentals and assessing skills levels. He is an excellent motivator and my son is very much looking forward to continued sessions and more advanced exercises. Thanks Coach Devin!

Today my daughter had her first lesson with Coach Devin. He is great with kids. He had her dribbling with 2 hands at the same time. She learned a lot in just an hour and she really liked him. On our way home I asked her how she liked it and she said " awesome" with a big smile on her face. Needless to say we scheduled our 2nd lesson. Coach Devin is great!

(no details provided)

My Grandson Nathan first session with Coach Devin went great. He had Nathan do dribbling and shooting drills to evaluate his strengths and weakness,(left hand dribbling). Nathan is looking forward to his next session.

It was a great workout!

Coach Devin is a great coach. He encouraged me to challenge myself but he didn't put too much pressure on me. I haven't played basketball for 2 years. Now, I felt that I will be better than before with Coach Devin. Coach Devin corrected my moving and shooting posture. I really had good time training with Coach Devin. I will stick with Coach Devin for more training sessions.

My son had his first session with Devin and he really enjoyed it a lot. Coach Devin was quickly able to determine the skill sets he needs to improve on (dribbling, agility, etc) to become a better ball player. He was very happy with the way he was able to get immediate feedback on what he was doing wrong and the changes he needed to make to help him improve and boost his confidence a lot. My son is actually looking forward to his next session with him. Thank you very much coach!

My name is Kenyuana . Today was our first meeting with Coach Devin. I have a 15 year old sophomore who wants to improve his game. Coach Devin was awesome, he assessed his strengths and weaknesses in a nano second, it was great

The training is great and fun. I found a way to improve my dribble and to perfect my shooting form. Hope I can get improve more next training.

Thanks so much working very diligent with my Son Chalimar because he is learning so much from his training with u!!! He feels like he is a better athlete when training with you.

Great first session with Coach Devin. His approach to coaching is refreshing. Plenty of positive reinforcements, mixed with teaching. I can't wait for the next session. Update.... two more sessions have passed and everything is going great. My son's confidence has started to increase, and it has shown in league games. Coach Devin works well with my son, and we are continuing to add sessions.

Coach Dev is great! From the beginning of the session he had me challenging my body to get familiar with different movements. He gave me great advice and helped me start to focus on how to correct some of my weaknesses. I can't wait to get more work in with him!

Coach Devin is the BEST!! The moment he introduced himself to my daughter and I ther was a great vibe! Coach Devin made my daughter feel like her session was all about her he made her feel comfortable and in return she wanted to give her all! He is very professional with me as a parent and he also interacts really well with my daughter and made it fun! We will definitely be one of Coach Devin's regular clients!

Coach Devin is an outstanding coach. He is very positive and leads the way with tons of encouragement! Within the first day I felt a huge difference in my game. Devin not only challenges me but, pushes me to become better with each workout!

He runs a good workout with great drills and makes you work hard.

Coach Devin was great he really connected with my child who is normally shy. What a great person and coach. Look forward to working with him.

Coach Dev is great trainer and knows what he's doing. He works on every part of your body, your game, and works you hard so you can play to your full potential. He is motivating and since training with him my confidence is sky high.

Coach Devin was very professional and encouraging. I am definitely going to book more sessions for my son.

My son had demonstrated an increase in his confidence and skill thanks to coach Devin. From the 1st session I was impressed with his strong work ethic and how he immediately began to encourage my son verbally. He pushes my son in a way that makes him want to power through each session knowing that he can achieve his goals through hard work and dedication. In just 3 sessions, so far, I can see my son becoming stronger, more agile and focused. He teaches my son through repetition, steady rhythms and form. My son and I are both pleased and will continue with coach Devin to assist him with reaching his long term goals.

Coach Devin is a great coach! I like to be challenged and he pushes me! I am learning new techniques each time we meet and I can see how much I have improved since I have been training with Coach Devin. He pushes me to make at least 300 shots each training session along with conditioning and everything else.The first time my family and I met him, we felt a connection. He is a very energetic and caring person. He not only trains you but instructs you in what to eat to get your maximum results.

Coach Devin is amazing. The moment my son stepped on the court, he made a difference. My son said himself that after his first session the Coach made him feel more secure about himself and his game. Not but a week later, his travel team saw the difference. Coach Devin analyses the players form including shooting, dribbling and triple threat, helps to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses, and enhances their skills from there. Coach Devin converses well, asks my son what he thinks he needs to work on, and also gives critique on what he thinks needs to be added to the list all while working. What I liked most was that when they conversed they made a plan, tried it, adjusted it, and succeeded. This is important lesson and practice beyond basketball, especially for a child at my son’s age. One other kudos is that the session is constantly moving and smooth, and all the drills tie together and my son could literally add it to his game the next day. My son said it made him feel like he wasn’t being blindly drilled, and more like he was being trained with a purpose. Thank you coach.

Devin Adams to me has been a coach, mentor and outstanding role model. On an off the court I learn something new from him everyday. since working with coach dev i have grown as a man, as a player and as a student. Although he is my coach over the years, I have grown to love him like an older brother thats always there to talk, workout or to feed knowledge on life. At this point in my life, I'm at the best I've ever been as a player. As a growing young man, I can honestly say if it wasn't for all the things coach has taught me, i wouldn't be the the person I am today.
While working with coach/mentor Devin Adams he has showed me not only me how to be a better athlete but also a better person.I have been pushed beyond my limits physically and mentally;this has allowed me to look at myself and challenges in a different way and become a more successful individual.Dev is more than just a coach the is a motivator and a great human being. He will give your anything to you need and will help in any way possible. Dev has prepared me for anything life can throw at me.
Coach Dev has been a blessing. He has really helped me improve on and off the court. During my three years of working with Coach Dev, I have improved in my overall performance on the court. I am a better shooter, dribbler, defender, and overall player due to the time Coach Dev has put in helping me. He has also helped me further understand the game of basketball, thus, improving my basketball IQ. Furthermore, I can always go to Coach Dev with any issues that may arrive in my life. I can always count on him to give me great advice and guidance. The world needs more men like Coach Dev.
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