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Certified Coach, Trainer and Skill Developer that is disciplined, motivated and passionate to coach, train, and develop players to succeed on the court and in the classroom. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
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  1. Weehawken, NJ

Coach is willing to travel up to 5 miles

  • 11 years

  • Qualified Private Coach

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Center, Forward, Guard

  • Agility, Attacking the Rim, Ball Handling, Defense, Footwork, Moving Without the Ball, Passing, Pick and Roll, Post Moves, Reading the Floor, Rebounding, Shooting


  • 11 years

  • Qualified Private Coach


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Center, Forward, Guard

  • Agility, Attacking the Rim, Ball Handling, Defense, Footwork, Moving Without the Ball, Passing, Pick and Roll, Post Moves, Reading the Floor, Rebounding, Shooting

More About Coach Derrick

I have over 10 years of coaching and skill developing experience. In the north New Jersey area I have coached at the recreational level, grammar school, high school, and the AAU level as well. I have served as a Head Coach, Assistant Coach and Head Trainer (references available upon request.) I have my own company called D-Intelligent Basketball where we specialize in training, skill developing, and evaluating players potential, talent and commitment. We work with any age group male or female. Im a coach, trainer and skill developer that was certified by Ganon Baker Basketball and Elev 8 Sports Academy.

I played AAU Basketball throughout my high school career in Brooklyn NY and New Jersey. At the age of 20, I started coaching and training players to excel in playing competitive basketball and using basketball as a platform to better their education, lives, and families. I'm a certified Coach and Skills Trainer by one of the best trainers worldwide (Ganon Baker Basketball) and the fastest growing post graduate schools in the (United States Elev 8 Sports Institute).

Athletes should expect a tenacious work ethic, proper instruction and being equipped with the correct tools to take them to the next level. They should expect an Intense Skills Trainer and Coach that brings out the competitive spirit and best efforts out of our players to strive in an environment where excellence, education, and accountability become second nature.
We focus accordingly to the strengths, weaknesses, needs, expectations and abilities our players possess. We are in the business of expanding, improving and most importantly preparing players to play competitive basketball through drills, instruction and a vigorous training method and schedule.

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Client Reviews

Coach Derrick is an amazing coach who has a lot of knowledge about the game and how to be successful. In just one session he has witnessed my strengths and weaknesses and already started to correct them. I need someone who is going to take me to the next level and I am most confident coach Derrick can assist me. Will definitely be going back for another session!

Coach Derrick was great with my son at his first training session. He's attentive and patient. My son loved that he worked at his pace being that he is a beginner. Off to a good start and looking forward to future sessions.

I got coach Derrick to elevate my daughters game and we were not disappointed. He’s very knowledgeable in the game of basketball and has been giving her the attention to the flaws he spotted in her game.

Coach Derrick is a great coach. He possesses every quality you’d want in a great coach. He’s bright, motivational, and disciplined. My son, who is going into 6th grade loves basketball and would love to work on his skill and confidence. Coach Derrick is a perfect match because of his understanding and knowledge of basketball. My son was very comfortable and very receptive of his training and instructions. He is very excited and can’t wait for his next session. We will definitely be purchasing more!

Great session. Covered a lot in an hour and Derrick could tell exactly what I needed to work on

Paid for five sessions, dude ditched after one. Waste of time and money

My daughter just finished her first session with Coach Derrick and couldn't be happier, he took the time to access her strengths and weaknesses and worked from there. Broke everything down step by step,kept me informed the entire time. We have already booked future sessions,would recommend Coach Derrick.

I would definitely recommend Coach Derrick for improving your basic basketball skills like dribbling, shooting, attacking the basket and athleticism. Derrick made sure the practice was appropriate for me and provided useful guidance through the entire session and I got several key points which I did not realize I was doing wrong before.

Derrick was great! As a rare adult complete beginner, I wasn't sure if any coach would be prepared to work with me, but Derrick was completely on point with the session. He knew exactly what to work on from the start, taking me through the fundamentals. Very helpful for me and I plan to continue getting coached by him

I had an amazing session with Coach Derrick. He vastly improved my ball handling, rebounding, shooting, and awareness in only one session. He was extremely helpful in teaching me proper basketball fundamentals, and never got frustrated with me despite the fact that I frequently messed up. Coach Derrick stayed patient and kept me motivated throughout the entire 100 minutes we worked together. I will definitely schedule another session with him in the future.

I just had my 11 year old son have his first coaching session with Derrick. Derricj was really responsive and easy to communicate with when everything up and he took the time ti answer all my questions. He was on-time- even early- for our session. My son had a great time working on skills and various drills and Derrick seemed to get a good sense of where he needed to focus very quickly. It was a valuable session and my son enjoyed it a lot. We will likely book more visits.

Coach Derrick is fantastic, he got skills and knowledge of this sports. He customized your personal training based on your ability and your goal. In general, he is really helpful.

Couldn't have asked for a better initial lesson than the one Derrick put me through. Right off the bat, we did a drill and he immediately established where my biggest areas of need to improve were (correctly). The session was intense (which I view as a good thing) but he made it easier in the sense that he pushes you to try and elevate your game to places you didn't think possible. When you don't understand a concept or get the footwork down correctly for a drill, he is great at slowing it down and helping you through the steps one by one until it becomes clear. I had a great experience and both will be signing up for more as well as would highly recommend him to players of all skill levels.

Derrick has lots of patience and knows what he's doing. My nephew's confidence has improved in only two sessions with Derrick. Derrick is always on time and that's important to me. I would highly recommend him!

Coach Derrick was exactly what I was looking for. Great attitude and full of skills and tips.

Coach D Is An Amazing & Motivating Man. He Is A Man Of His Word. If He Knows You Can Do Better, He Is Going To Push You To A Limit You Wouldnt Even Imagine Yourself Reaching. I Recommend Him FOR ANYBODY ANY AGE. He Has Patientce & He Is Very Strict on his workouts. They Teach You Discipline.

I just had my first session with Coach Derrick yesterday, and all I can say is wow. I was amazed at how out of shape I was, considering that I have been playing basketball for awhile. He really breaks the concepts down and will WORK YOU OUT! So here's the rundown of what we did to give you all a better idea.

1. He cares about your growth potential. For example, he likes to get to know you better as a player and as an individual person. One of the best things about this, is that he gives you a regiment to do so you can maximize your learning/potential. He will give you articles to read to understand the basic concepts, or videos, etc. He will tell you that success isn't magic, and that you have to work for it, but he will give you the tools to become successful. AND I LOVE the fact he will patiently explain to you everything (I actually just spent almost 90 minutes on the phone with him, the next day after the session, just going over the articles he had sent me, and went step by step to understand it. Which coach would do that?!)

2. He is intense but caring: He is hard on you in terms of drills (HE DOES NOT PLAY! HE WILL WORK YOU), and he likes to emphasize foundations to progress on. I spent alot doing dribbling and ballhandling drills because he felt (and I agree) I needed to work on my conditioning and ballhandling (I'm a guard).

3. He is very details-based. I had to learn the proper footwork in all of my drills and I liked the way he taught me because he was very patient and encouraging. He has alot of knowledge in terms of Basketball and on that first session, you will find that out.

4. He wants you to be comfortable being uncomfortable. This means going outside your comfort zone to become more confident. He will push you.

**Honestly, I would recommend him. You won't be disappointed, and I'm already excited for my next session with him. In the future, I'll put up an update.

Coach Derrick is has taken my game to a level I never thought I would reach. He has taught me what it takes to play at the next level and everything I need to know from Dribbling, shooting, passing and cutting etc.. Not only has he taught me about basketball mentally and physically he has taught me that I can use basketball as a vehicle to better myself and things in my life, in education, and as a career. Coach Derrick is everything I've ever asked for, he pushes me to my limit and helps me set new bars for me to reach so I am constantly increasing in my life and on the court. Greatest Coach I've ever had!
I have known coach Derrick since I was a sophomore in high school. He is an amazing coach and friend. He has a good eye for talent and seeing what someone needs to improve their game to take who ever it is to the next level. With his help he has helped take my game to the next level .His honesty , passion , drive and knowledge of the game makes him a asset to any basketball program.
Derrick Amador is a truly dedicated basketball Mind. His knowledge and experience is unquestioned while he is constantly expanding his repetoire. He is an enthusuastic teacher of the game and is great at teaching the youth. Coach Amador not only excels in the x's and O's of the game, but is an outstanding Player Development Coach and Scout. Derrick has the true love of the game that it takes to succeed as a coach. His work ethic is tireless. Derrick would be an asset to any coaching staff. He has helped me become a better coach.
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