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Teaching the game to achieve greatness on and off the court. Building skills that you can use!! View all coaching experience

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2 Player Session
In-Person Training for up to 2 athletes

2 Player session TAILOR MADE workout package with Coach Dennis. 60 minute session length.

Session Length: 1 hour

$120 1 session + applicable fees

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1 on 1 training Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package with Coach Dennis. 60 minute session length. Coach will evaluate the clients skill and goals to make a tailor made workout program for future session

Session Length: 1 hour

$75 1 session + applicable fees

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  • Eastern New Mexico University (NM)

  • 6 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Guard, Forward, Center

  • Shooting, Rebounding, Reading the Floor, Post Moves, Pick and Roll, Passing, Moving Without the Ball, Footwork, Defense, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim, Agility


  • Eastern New Mexico University (NM)

  • 6 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Guard, Forward, Center

  • Shooting, Rebounding, Reading the Floor, Post Moves, Pick and Roll, Passing, Moving Without the Ball, Footwork, Defense, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim, Agility

More About Coach Dennis

Basketball skills trainer. I specialize in all aspects of the game, from building a strong basketball foundation through the teaching of fundamentals, all the way up to honing in advanced skills and techniques. I also have programs that focus in on speed, vertical jump, strength, and conditioning. But I believe in more than just teaching physical skills, I focus on the mental aspect of the game as well. Learning about preparation, attitude, how to think the game, etc... are all vital to becoming a geat all around basketball player. have been coaching at the high school level for the past 6 years from the frosh/soph level all the way up to varsity at Carson High School. I also handle the strength and conditioning at the school as well. Recently I just joined an amazing company called "Hoop Prodigy". They have an amazing philosophy and culture that centers around "TEACHING the game, attention to detail, and having fun. On top of that we offer a great facility with an amazing weight room and equipment to service your basketball needs.

Ig: @coachdennis_hp
Ig: @hoopprodigy

I have competed in high level varsity basketball at Carson High School
4x team mvp
3x all marine leauge
3x all south bay
2x all city

I then went on to Los Angeles Harbor College
2x all conference player
1x all state
Led team to 1st conference title in 40 years
Reached elite 8

From Harbor college I recieved a full basketball scholarship to the university of eastern new mexico.

4x defensive player of the week
1x lsc 1st team all defensive

Each training session is tailor made for each individual athlete. I evaluate the athletes skill and age , and also take account what it is that my client wants to offer. For example," if I have a 13 year old with moderate shooting that wants to be an elite shooter. I would then create a workout tailored just for him or her to take them to the next level. I combine drills with teaching and a fun competive atmosphere to get thr most out of each session.

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Client Reviews

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My son enjoyed training with Dennis. I look forward to seeing future progress.

Coach Dennis is so great. My son loves attending his practical trainings, that really help my son’s dribbling and shooting skills, and my son can apply what he learned in games.

Great First session for my son looking forward to meeting on Saturday mornings

Coach Dennis was a very satisfying teacher. He was full of wit and manners that would make even our unfamiliar children fall in love. The one-hour class was very full to observe the children well in terms of skills and to quickly find out which parts need teaching. This is a teacher I would like to meet again in the future. Thank you, Coach Dennis!

Coach Dennis was an amazing coach. He was able to adapt to both my kids and created a great session. He is able to understand what kind of lesson you want as a parent for your kid(s) and is able to do what is asked from him. All in all he was an awesome coach and we will be booking him again. Highly recommend!

First time, my daughter really liked her Coach. He explained & corrected her mistakes IMMEDIaTELY. With the one - hour we were there today, based on my daughter she said she has learned A LOT. At The end of her session she was very happy and look forward to the next session.
Coach Dennis cares is passionate for what he does & also cares about his athletes. No regrets, worth every minute every penny.

(no details provided)

Great first training! We booked more!!

Our boys have improved so much with Dennis and love learning from him. He keeps it challenging yet fun every lesson. Thank you, Dennis!!

(no details provided)

Coach Dennis is professional, responsive, friendly, caring and passionate! We are 2 sessions in and so far my Nephew LOVES the time he spends with Coach Dennis!

Coach Dennis knows his stuff! He did a great job training my 16 year old son to improve his quickness and explosiveness. My son is a starting guard with Long Beach Poly Varsity basketball, and I am sure that with Coach Dennis's help, increasing my son's vertical leap, he will be dunking soon. I highly recommend Coach Dennis for speed and agility training.

He was amazing!!! He helped me out a lot!

Coach Dennis is an excellent coach! He is patient and able to communicate by providing clear, logical examples and scenarios that helped my daughter immensely after one session. She has come away with some really good techniques and drills that she can work on at home to improve her game. We look forward to booking our next session and feel this is an excellent investment that should pay immediate dividends in her game. I highly recommend Coach Dennis!

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Coach Dennis has earned his keep already. After two classes, Leslie went to exercise/basketball class and threw a chest pass and made an assist with confidence.

Coach Dennis was great. He is an awesome teacher who knows the game. Worked with my son on ball handling skills and conditioning. I highly recommend, we look forward to training with him more in the future!

It was great. I really learned a lot and that was just the first session. Recommended coach. Really knows his stuff

Great Coach and understands the game. I think he knows what to do to get my son to the next level. I appreciate him and glad I allowed him to coach my son. We will be using him again.

Today was his First session and it went well. He worked with him on his speed, agility and shooting. My son came back to me red cheeked and super sweaty! ... perfect! They made really good use of their time. My son said he liked him and wants me to book another session with him.

Hired Coach Dennis as a shooting coach, now my son is the best shooter on his varsity team. I was so pleased I told Coach Dennis to train my son on all aspects of the game, Couldnt be more satisfied
My son is a 6'4 thirteen year old! With being so tall my son wasn't comfortable in his feet yet. Coach Dennis did a wonder for his footwork and coordination. My son went from barely making layups, to dribbling full court finishing in traffic, and dramatically improving his free throws. Our whole family is excited for what the future holds, big thanks to Coach Dennis
My son Carson has shown much improvement, since working with Coach Dennis. Not only are his skills improving, but he's more confident, and has a much better understanding of how to thrive in the sport. Coach Dennis is more than a trainer, he gives Carson exercises and drills to do at home, and so many mental tips to help Carson improve. Coach Dennis has been a joy to work with. TWO THUMBS UP!!!
Coach Dennis is a true student of the game. His attention to detail is elite. Has the patience to work with younger kids, but the intensity to deal with any level up to pros. Its been a joy to watch him grow as his former high school coach. He's been coaching by my side for the past 6 years. Coach has a true gift in getting the best out of players. His work will blow you away
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